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  1. CC draw is next Tuesday at 18.30 on Radio Manchester
  2. Getting the players to PTB correctly will have the effect of slowing the game down and reducing collosion speeds with the aim I presume of reducing concussions
  3. Hopefully they will play in SCL but if I was going to donate I would like to know what would happen to the money if the worst happens.
  4. What happend to the money raised if the team does not compete in SCL next season?
  5. Am I right in thinking some of Broncos overseas players couldnt to travel to Toulouse this season due to visa issues, if so will they be in the same position next weekend?
  6. In a union game it may be only time when they try to keep the ball in play instead of kicking away the ball and you think why havent they done that all game
  7. The same one as at the Wigan vs Saints academy game
  8. That will help the shortage of officials, coming on to a forum and slagging one off, did you not learn anything from what happened to Marcus Griffiths last week? Also how do you know with TJ's the decisions would have been any different?
  9. I was stood next to Stanley Gene when he was a coach, cannot remember which team, at Maesteg when Celtic Crusaders played there. He looked at the green hills all around and said it reminded me of home. I said I didnt remember Hull like this, he walked away
  10. If it were only the hub caps missing you took that as a win When I went there I parked my car and a local scally came up to me and said 'look after your car for a fiver mister'. I said 'thanks but Im leaving my dog in it he will make sure it is not touched.' As he walked away he said 'can the dog put out fires?'
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