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  1. I guess one of them is behind the spoof Our Golds twitter account
  2. There is no point comparing the amount with other sports, we do not know what they and the rfl asked for. Also if there is some of the first loan not been used the govt will be asking why do you need more when you haven't used the original amount.
  3. Sky wouldn't have it in France, they would need to transport all the equipment they need out there and everyone who went apart from the teams would need to isolate for 2 weeks on their return.
  4. Head to facebook for the negative comments, some are corkers.
  5. Not surprising in the current climate if that is the real reason, nothing about this though on the euro x111 facebook page or twitter feed. It is better for the clubs though to have a guaranteed number of games
  6. Gledhill recently stated, on the day before they announced their coach, that it was a well known fact in RL circles that Paul Rowley was going to be the Ottawa coach and was signing up players
  7. I was just thinking the same thing, no sign of a website that was mentioned as coming at the end of july or info on to players apply for the draft.
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