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  1. Where has it been said that there will not be any Police involvement in this
  2. If they are playing in the community game they should be eligible for the tour, Chris Siddons played a handful of games last season for york, would you not allow a player to tour if he has played 1 game as a pro ? Also a player could sign for semi for a semi pro team on a pay to play basis and not play a game so never got paid, would he be excluded?
  3. I see Fryston have now appeared in the Div 2 fixtures, maybe their ban has finished
  4. I don't think Mick Turner from Ravensport has had anything to do with Barla now or a couple of years
  5. Yes it was, I remember the guy on the PA was a bit of a comedian and Reg Bowden brought all the Fulham supporters a drink afterwards, all 12 of us
  6. Fulham vs Wigan 1980 GB Vs Aus Davies Try Huyton Vs Fulham Wigan Vs Cas Premiership Final Skerrett had his jaw broken Celtic Crusaders vs Fev Crusaders scored 2 tries in the last minute to win. David Hobbs went into the Crusaders dressing room when they were singing their song to tell them to shut up
  7. Not sure things are open and transparent, in Phil Hodgson's column it implies that Carl Morton is saying he hasn't been to jail. If he has and done his time no problem with that, why would he want to hide it ?
  8. Is this the same guy who was did some time in one Her Majesty's 'hotels' a few years ago?
  9. Egremont Vs Wath Brow on Saturday will get around 1000 watching
  10. I have seen all the fuss about the date for the AGM, didn't seem the best idea to have it the day after Wembley. Does anyone know if there are any people standing against Sue Taylor as Chair?
  11. It is play on, the same as is a penalty kick at goal misses and is caught in goal. A 20m restart is when the kick comes from general (normal) play.
  12. The RFL Enjoy the Game message not reached this low life yet https://www.rugby-league.com/article/54971/new-enjoy-the-game-materials-and-videos-for-community-clubs Hopefully he will have time to read it from a jail cell.
  13. Some do refuse to travel I agree but in the main they are often taken off games to referee games in other leagues, without that happening those games would have no refs. After seeing the appointments sent out this week the majority of games do not have TJs this week as it is the Leeds butlins weekend so a lot of guys who would TJ got there to referee
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