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  1. Is this the same guy who was did some time in one Her Majesty's 'hotels' a few years ago?
  2. Egremont Vs Wath Brow on Saturday will get around 1000 watching
  3. I have seen all the fuss about the date for the AGM, didn't seem the best idea to have it the day after Wembley. Does anyone know if there are any people standing against Sue Taylor as Chair?
  4. It is play on, the same as is a penalty kick at goal misses and is caught in goal. A 20m restart is when the kick comes from general (normal) play.
  5. The RFL Enjoy the Game message not reached this low life yet https://www.rugby-league.com/article/54971/new-enjoy-the-game-materials-and-videos-for-community-clubs Hopefully he will have time to read it from a jail cell.
  6. Some do refuse to travel I agree but in the main they are often taken off games to referee games in other leagues, without that happening those games would have no refs. After seeing the appointments sent out this week the majority of games do not have TJs this week as it is the Leeds butlins weekend so a lot of guys who would TJ got there to referee
  7. I thought the junior transfer rules were strictly enforced. You seem to making statements saying this and that is happening not backing up with any evidence and then saying that you are not really involved any more so i am confused.
  8. I thought there was a rule about how many transfers a team could have each season to stop super team building
  9. He said they played 33 games on one tour of Aus, that is amazing
  10. No it isn't much but better than nothing I guess if you do not like the league you are in or the costs involved you should find another competition to play in. From what I heard from the meeting they may be a rewards grant for clubs who have the Rhino shirt deal have arnold clark on their shirts or share the sponsors messages on social media for example.
  11. Maybe if the clubs in barow & west cumbria played in a league together instead of them player in the North west league they would spend less on travelling and wouldnt have clubs not travelling to them.
  12. I thought West Hull had asked to move the game but barla refused
  13. Ok I accept that he may have not been well enough to travel. Can you clarify what he has spent this large sum of money on?
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