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  1. I know when Hemel were based in Dewsbury they were paying some of their players £75 per game plus £75 win bonus
  2. By choosing 8 clubs to go into a prelim round you have seeded it and it isnt a 'proper draw'.
  3. I doubt they would have got invites as it looks like the NCL had 21 entries which would go to the top two divisions.
  4. Egremont haven't entered for a few years, according to the paper Wath Brow have said the 1st round is too early for them to play as they only start pre season training early in the new year. Not sure about Kells
  5. Didn't a couple of these 12 struggling clubs try to join the NCL recently which suggests they are doing ok?
  6. Kells, Wath Brow & Egremont turned down the invite to take part
  7. I did mean in previous seasons when they were playing Friday & Monday
  8. It was actually the clubs who wanted two games over Easter as they thought they could get bigger crowds in
  9. Where has it been said that there will not be any Police involvement in this
  10. If they are playing in the community game they should be eligible for the tour, Chris Siddons played a handful of games last season for york, would you not allow a player to tour if he has played 1 game as a pro ? Also a player could sign for semi for a semi pro team on a pay to play basis and not play a game so never got paid, would he be excluded?
  11. I see Fryston have now appeared in the Div 2 fixtures, maybe their ban has finished
  12. I don't think Mick Turner from Ravensport has had anything to do with Barla now or a couple of years
  13. Yes it was, I remember the guy on the PA was a bit of a comedian and Reg Bowden brought all the Fulham supporters a drink afterwards, all 12 of us
  14. Fulham vs Wigan 1980 GB Vs Aus Davies Try Huyton Vs Fulham Wigan Vs Cas Premiership Final Skerrett had his jaw broken Celtic Crusaders vs Fev Crusaders scored 2 tries in the last minute to win. David Hobbs went into the Crusaders dressing room when they were singing their song to tell them to shut up
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