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  1. If you went and tackled someone around the legs in the street and two mates helped push the person to the ground I'm sure the police would be involved also
  2. Not sure how the RFL have bottled it as an independent panel probably of two ex players lead by a high court judge made the judgement
  3. Rumour has it the testers went to training and they thought they saw him but come testing time he wasn't there and no one could remember seeing him hence the knock at the door. The BBC report doesn't do the story justice, the UKAD published findings give the full story including Barlow and his partner hiding in bed as they 'thought' burglars were at the door and then he sent her downstairs to check whilst he still stayed hidden
  4. Not at Sam Barlow's door Sam Barlow sentenced for anti-doping official assault - BBC News
  5. Barla are still collecting subs each year, not sure why they need to. They do not need it to run their cup comps. Other leagues are just as bad sitting on pots of money and not seem to be doing anything with it. Why not use the money to pay for coaching courses etc?
  6. Barla balance sheet shows £922,000 with £192,000 in 'cash' What are they doing with that money, why do they need it now?
  7. People don't attend the cup as they have to pay due to it not being part of their season ticket which is the same in the FA cup. What would you do to get fans into these games?
  8. What did BARLA do with all that money, use it for the good of the game or is it still in a bank account somewhere?
  9. The FA charge £10 for a DBS other sports charge more, it is free for RL. I assume some of the charge is to cover these costs and the clubs will save money as they will not have to pay insurance any more as it will come out of the subscription
  10. Where is the evidence/knowledge.? In your position in the game you should be letting The RFL or UKAD know about your evidence/knowledge so it can be investigated Plenty of rumours and no doubt there are players who are taking substances. The same testing regime is used in the Pro game and the community game, testers can can arrive at training or matches and check players.
  11. Looks like around £20 for kids and £30 for adults. If sport england funding is being cut then money needs to come from somewhere. Maybe some of those leagues, NCL yorkshire juniors, north west juniors etc with loads of money in the bank can help pay for this. Why are they not helping coaches pay for courses instead of sitting on the money they get from league fees or fines? Did I hear correctly that some junior leagues charge £75 per team, what do the teams get for that?
  12. Clubs do not pay for their DBS, they are free for volunteers unlike most other sports, the FA charge £10 per volunteer and with this scheme clubs will not have to pay for insurance, at my club the last bill was around £1200 for insurance so that is a big saving. My kids cycle as well as playing rugby and they pay a membership to British Cycling and to a club. In saying that I think there needs to be more benefits with the membership, maybe free access to games on our league
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