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  1. From the rfl website “The impact on the community game has been severe and, sadly, there will be insufficient time to complete competitions once full contact Community Rugby League returns. Our focus now is on supporting clubs with localised friendly fixtures in the Autumn.”
  2. He also said Jackson Hastings was the Salford half back going to Leeds last season. How many times was he banned from this forum for calling referees integrity into question?
  3. Too late for Toronto to apply now for 2021 ?
  4. See link, the main point from it was; The Action Plan outlines a return of full-contact Community Rugby League no earlier than September – and subject to the full range of approvals from CAG and Government. https://www.rugby-league.com/article/56893/a-phased-return-to-contact-community-rugby-league
  5. Yes that is the Phil Johnson who is involved, I heard he has caused some unrest in the south west previously especially with cornish rebels
  6. Referees panel now announced Paul Stockman Match Officials Educator Tony Palacios Head Of Match Officials Phil Johnson Head Of Disciplinary Panel
  7. When it became known last season Leeds were signing a half back from Salford, Gledhill was telling everyone that it was Jackson Hastings moving, wrong again.
  8. No need to worry the average Welshman struggles with it also?
  9. I was referring to the Beach Boys song Help Me Rhonnda.
  10. Before it was taken down they claimed to have messages from a couple of clubs supporting what they were saying and were going to publish them on twitter today, very strange
  11. New club in Wales but looking at their twitter account not exactly making friends with Wales ceo Gareth Kear. Sorry do not know how to put a link on for this
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