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  1. What a load of gash, the main reason is that the lads are happy with what they are doing, they know it's a step up and a big commitment, they give up their sat nights, holidays with their mates, festivals tours etc etc and don't want to do that unless the rewards are big. It's down to personal choice, the bull about them thinking they are better than they are is rubbish. It's not every young mans dream to play for a local semi pro club
  2. Was about right, decent for a pre season
  3. If it was at whitehaven they'd declare the crowd as 67 like last time, I'd say about 1000 today
  4. Best hooker in the county is still playing amateur
  5. The community schools programme is for the amateur clubs to go in with the cumbria foundation to attract players to their clubs, Marnie has been doing a 50/50 split with Allerdale and Copeland. What people don't realise is that in the days when town and haven were better there was a lot more vibrant amateur game which the community foundation is aiming to encourage so who supports what doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things
  6. You should really compare both crowds at the same fixture which I believe whitehaven had 110 more people, but if you factor in the tickets were only a tenner at the Haven game town will have taken a lot more on the gate
  7. Holy cow this sounds like a nailed on massive investment! People will believe what they want when they are desperate it's like Michael knighton all over again, they sound like a couple of chancers
  8. To be fair we may have released him to free up cash for someone else
  9. We heard he was going to Haven last night at the Wally Lewis sportsmans dinner
  10. Gary I think the topic has inspired some good debate, and that 1 sentence quoted was the golden thread of the while message that was debated on that night. As for the question on youth development I, and many others, are working hard and have given many days worth of our time doing this. In addition I've coached on the workington scholarship and various pathways, gone into schools, coached at junior international level as have countless others. BUT many of us feel we are poorly supported by the RFL and other bodies and have been for a number of years. The only people that can change this is the rugby league people of West Cumbria as a whole, including the pro clubs come together with a philanthropic attitude towards West Cumbria and not be out to get what we can for "our" club. If we take the myopic view we will have very few local teams to play each other at both youth and open age level. The west cumbria foundation may take steps to improve access to schools eye bit we still need more volunteers to carry out these sessions. So there is no silver bullet solution and there is a lot of work to be done and I believe one of the first steps is to improve comms between the key parties and not operate in isolation. Soss
  11. Yep, I've seen evidence to the contrary from someone
  12. The class 3 academy is just a way for players to be engaged from 16-19 without affecting potential career choices. As for previous pathways I believe the old service area/regional system worked well, in fact Brad singleton was identified by Leeds when we played Yorkshire at Sheffield and it was a good place for our cumbria lads to get noticed. The academy that was set up and ran at lakes college was a disaster and took too many players away from their community clubs. The key area where we lose players is from mini mods to under 11s and from 16s to open age, there are hundreds of kids playing at junior school age we just cant keep them. A big part of that is that open age is a big step up for a 16 year old kid and also we have a lack of volunteers at amateur clubs because people are less likely to give up their own time as we live in a more selfish age
  13. I attended a meeting with the RFL last night regarding the future of the player pathway and youth Development in West Cumbria. It specifically tackled the subject of class 3 academies country wide. To basically summarise there are a number of class 3 academies countrywide attached to professional clubs for example Barrow are running one and Castelford run 1 in the Midlands etc. These are basically a route for 16 -19 year olds to study whichever subjects they like, and not just sports as was done previously so the kids don't lose out education wise and still get exposure to the pathway. However these academies need to be attached to a professional club. SL clubs have class 1 academies but some have class 3 academies in outlying areas. The RFL explained that these academies are more or less cost neutral to the club's involved, obviously they need people's time to support, but essentially free to the club's. In addition the rugby is played midweek during course time so the players can remain at their community clubs. Now here's the interesting bit. They want to set up a class 3 in West Cumbria and have contacted both clubs with little appetite being shown. (Just repeating what the RFL officials told us) So in the absence of interest from our local clubs Newcastle Thunder have asked if they could step in and the academy linked to them, obviously this would mean both clubs could see the better local youngsters going to the Thunder longer term. Any thoughts on this guys?
  14. Bull is energetic and knocks his pan in on the pitch and to the layman looks decent because he's does a lot of work but he misses at least a dozen tackles a match and does a lot of his running on the outside channels at he smaller players. A decent amateur but not good enough by a long way. Before people start with the look at how Stevie got better craic, Stevie was always a good player with the attitude to succeed and was a far better amateur than Bull. Ethan Kelly on the other hand has the potential to be another Stevie amd has a far better
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