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  1. Seaton Rangers only 3 years ago they were the Carla champions and won 2 of the 3 major cups and had 2 teams. Lot of good people up there and its a real shame
  2. Just to add a little weight to the thread one of our oldest clubs in the Cumbria men's league has left the league before the season end
  3. Marauder, the addition of the Barrow clubs has strengthened the comp after losing kells when they joined the NCL but my opinion is the standard has dropped especially after the summer hols started and lack of commitment as well. We have never started the same 17 this year and we are relying on many players below the age of 20 and a few of the now defunct BRR players, a few week ago several games were cancelled due to a lack of referees!
  4. I've kept away from the summer league debate but I feel its time to put in my own view of things. Here in Cumbria we launched a new league this summer including teams from Barrow area for the first time. My club was the only club to vote to stay in winter but we went with the flow as if was hobsons choice. We fully embraced the concept and at giving it our best. At the start of the season the league went well but as the summer holidays have kicked in teams have been travelling with less than 17 players and that's first teams not A teams. A major name BRoughton red Rose folded last year and n
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