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  1. Well we threw that away magnificently. Should have gone for 2 to make it 24-20. Going for 2 all match and then we decide not to, ruined it. Penalties again gifting them ground and two tries scored from actually gifts! Hull Kr should be slightly worried after that. I think Toulouse will beat them.
  2. 😂😂😂 2-3 matches for abusive language. Remember when Rangi only got 3 match ban for the purposeful jaw break? What a joke.
  3. What an officiating farce that was. How Crooks wasn't sent off along with Moore i will never know. What's wrong with Hardcastle like? Why aren't we playing him?
  4. 1. Davies 2. Thackeray 3. Aston
  5. If that performance is the best we have to offer, we'll lose more games than we did last year and the summer bash will be another embarrassment.
  6. Tackling turned off. Running back into ruck is pointless. Didn't rate the ref either. How many forward passes did he miss? Utterly disappointed.
  7. Who has the least fans and is the furthest away? That will be Fevs luck.
  8. Wouldn't be surprised. Don't get what's up with these clubs turning down good offers from Fev.
  9. Walton had a great game. Walton Bostock Davis
  10. Conditions leveled the playing field yet again. I wouldn't be too thrilled about winning a Bradford team who had 4 hookers on field and some were academy. We'll see how good we are next week when we play Toulouse. If the playing surface is dry, we should do well.
  11. We should beat Sheffield, however if we carry on from the Rochdale performance, we should struggle. We just proved to every club that we rely on duel reg.
  12. From an old pit mate, looking out for Gilly, I hope he's alright. (Sykey)
  13. Is he supposed to be back up for injuries or are we looking to upset our players?
  14. These penalties need to stop as well. We're our own worst enemy.
  15. Don't underestimate Swinton. They're a skillful attacking side. Hope our defence is as good as last weeks against Batley.