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  1. I hope Fax finish 3rd. Take Fax any day. Yorkshire team. Plus, the matches, Fev vs Fax are exciting 😁. Hope we beat Toulouse to help Fax out.
  2. Quite simple really. We look at the calibre of players then go from there. On paper, the team we have should be top 2. We haven't really broken any pots this year, our rugby has been safe. Get in front then drop off has been the approach.
  3. It's true though, we haven't even hit form yet. If the team we have now, click properly, someone is going to get hammered.
  4. I blame Mozza for the false information. Twit. 😂
  5. Typical. Reeled in good and proper there. 😭 Had a funny feeling about that!
  6. Feast your eyes on this. We've been here before.
  7. John Duffy from Swinton. Now then. Discuss.
  8. We will find out our new coach tomorrow.
  9. Agar couldn't do anything with a Superleague team, what exactly will he do with us? 😭
  10. I hope to God this isn't true. Literally cannot be bothered paying to watch us go through a gelling stage for another year. 😣
  11. Attitude stinks. We did this last year. Make top 4, we're safe now so let's sit back and do nothing. I knew we we're going to get beat last week. Rotating team again though? Why? Why drop Knowles when he had a stormer last week? Bloody nicked!
  12. Fev and Fax for million pound game. This would be a great match.... If Fax don't cock up. I think both teams have that potential to finish well in the middle 8's.
  13. Well I was one of the people saying Walters doesn't break any pots but against Batley he showed up really well and made us some good yards.
  14. We need to resign him and Billy, offer another 2 year.
  15. John Davis purely for that tackle 😆. If anyone has a snippet of it, post it, i want to watch it again. 😂