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  1. Mark H

    M.O.M. Fev V Batley (H)

    1 - Holmes 2 - Robinson 3 - Wheeldon Really solid performance all round which made these choices difficult and expected a bit more from Batley,DR lads Peteru and Walters did the shirt proud and gave big shifts
  2. Mark H

    M.O.M fev v Toronto

    1 - Knowles 2 - Briscoe 3 - Cooper
  3. Mark H

    M.O.M. Fev V Batley (A)

    1 - Briscoe 2 - Hardcastle 3 - Carlile
  4. Mark H

    M.O.M. Fev V NW Crusaders (Cup)

    1 - Holmes 2 - Carlile 3 - Wildie
  5. Mark H


    It’s been said about how the fans would like Mitch Clark to sign for us on other topics on this forum and rightly so.l too hope this happens but for the time being I hope the lads enjoying his rugby and his time at Fev,after that,whatever will be will be.....
  6. Mark H

    M.O.M. Fev V Swinton (H)

    1 - Holmes 2 - Briscoe 3 - Mariano
  7. Mark H

    M.O.M. Fev V Sheffield

    1 - Briscoe 2 - Thackeray 3 - Clarke
  8. Mark H

    M.O.M. Fev V Halifax

    1 - Holmes 2 - Clark 3 - Briscoe
  9. Well with the majority of your games being Thursday or Fridays a trip over to Post Office Rd might be on the cards to the odd Sunday game,I’m sure you’d enjoy it and made to feel welcome How do you rate your season going ?
  10. My expectations are high and think top 2 is achievable,we’ve recruited really well,which could be complimented by our dr with your lads.It depends on how we go early season when the grounds are a bit heavy ( we all remember the defeat by Rochdale who played the conditions better than us last season ).A bit of luck on the injury front wouldn’t go a miss.We should be going in confident,3 out of 4 games on home turf at the start,and an arguably weaker side at London,see how the season pans out from there.....can’t wait tbh
  11. Mark H

    toront sack three

    Gary Rose wasn’t too shy when it came to a dust up either
  12. Mark H


    Think it’s a case of the club not loosing money,with the minimum print run on match day programmes the ones which didn’t sell were costing money which builds up over the course of a season.Theres nothing worse when running a business than working your pips off to bring revenue in then loosing money through another channel,don’t think there’s many wouldn’t agree the commercial side is on the ball at bringing in the deals at the moment
  13. Mark H


    I remember having a conversation in the Classroom bar in Toulouse on the Friday afternoon,it was about signing a right nasty ******* for next season and of course Gareth Hock was the natural choice as it’s part of his natural game,the general consensus was a good one.I think he’ll bring much more than that to us and this signing,albeit a much shorter term is a kin to signing Chris Burton back in the day,I’d have loved this forum to have been active for the debate on that one !! Another part of that conversation was Bez telling us how he pulled his handshake prank on our new funny if Hock remembers 😉 Welcome Gareth and do us proud in the Rovers shirt
  14. Mark H

    2018 Squad.

    Hi Colin,take a look on the Rovers website 😉 Hope that’s a bit of a pick up for you
  15. Mark H

    Darrell Griffin

    I get you now,sorry for seeming a bit thick,l thought because you had quoted me you were calling me the the green eyed monster....I thought how could l be jealous when l support the best club in the world As for Oxy boy..... he is an acquired taste at times when he’s trying to have a dig but entertaining nevertheless