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  1. Ok anyone wanting a good deal on beer on in Toulouse on Saturday ONLY,12 pm on wards 3 pint pitcher €12 or € 4 pint for premium draught lager at PUB St Pierre ,it's city side of pont St Pierre in Place St Pierre, promotion code ROVERS ,just say at the barL
  2. Miraculous,St Kyle maybe back ( not Jeremy's brother !! )....It's less than 2 hours away from Toulouse to Lourdes by car,maybe it's a sign...then again it's only an hour from Fev to Halifax,be careful what we wish for 😉 but l for one hope he plays
  3. Bonjour,in Toulouse and reporting for duty,just on the first of many drinks !! I'll keep an eye out for those making the trip
  4. It's ok bandying names of a wish list but realistically who's actually available,l think Danny McGuire would be a really good option,he's got a couple of seasons in him,fantastic kicking game,good game management his pedigree and experience speaks for itself
  5. Congratulations to everyone at the club,fantastic achievement,we're only one of three clubs to make the top four on two consecutive seasons since this formats inception ,the other two being full time clubs ,its key to the Featherstone Rovers finances and continual progression to build year on year. Onwards and upwards,lets go on to seal 3rd spot just to show where we are as a club,making it 2015 - 5th 2016 - 4th 2017 - 3rd ?? ( hopefully )
  6. 1 - Hardman 2 - Aston 3 - Hardcastle
  7. Despite putting ourselves on the back foot from the off I thought the effort was outstanding last night there's no disgrace in getting beat by a better team and the score line was irrelevant,as for the ref ( and l don't t like to criticise usually) it was blatant bias,think he needs to take a look at himself,fans invest a lot of emotion in their team and spend hard earned money for tickets and travel,all we ask for is a level playing field .
  8. Very good news,contract extensions like this one and Jason Walton's are better than new signings,they know what is expected of them and what the club ethos is and don't let us down
  9. Good signing if true,a big powerful versatile lad who's always been a danger against us,noticed he or Tangata weren't in Fax line up yesterday but they still had result and a half for them( sadly not for us )
  10. 1 - Hardcastle 2 - Ormandroyd 3 - Briggs
  11. My mistake Bulls would likely be 11 pts adrift after seeing Oldham and Rochdale fixtures but more interested in our result and secondary others
  12. Well if that's your thoughts against a team which we wouldn't catch up in the league then it makes next weeks round of games interesting,if we beat Bradford that's the 2 pts gained,that result would also mean that if Swinton ( at home ) beat Batley it leaves the Bulls 12 pts adrift with 6 games left,l don't think Fax will have it all there own way against Sheffield,personally l don't think a Sheffield win would still guarantee a top 4 spot but it would give us a bit more breathing space and also put Sheffield within a shout of Fax,hopefully that's the start of the decline as you predict Oxy for your beloved team,wouldn't mind seeing us strengthen with signing Tangata if we make the middle 8's and Fax finish in a lowly position.
  13. 1 - Taulapapa 2 - Walton 3 - Ormandroyd
  14. Couldn't make the game tonight due to work but caught it on sky (in a pub in Leeds) what a brilliant advert for Championship rugby,tough game tonight and no quarter given by both sides,played at pace,fantastic spectacle to watch,credit to the history of the challenge cup,well done Halifax you played a hard fought contest
  15. 1 - Aston 2 - Cooper 3 - Turner