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  1. 1 - Turner 2 - Wildie 3 - Tagg
  2. 1 - Turner 2 - Wildie 3 - Griffin No disrespect to Hunslet but l enjoyed the fact that even when the game was over as a contest we kept the foot on the gas and kept going,let's show this ruthlessness in the forthcoming season and keep a big points difference,it's like having an extra point.Great strength and fitness,really good off season recruiting
  3. Very sad times for the Bulls,yes l feel for the players but hopefully they will all find clubs,some will easier than others,but l do feel for the fans,especially the ones who have purchased season tickets,let's hope somehow these fans will stick with what ever new club forms and keep travelling in numbers.The fans who stuck by them since their relegation have been a credit to the Bulls and themselves bringing great numbers and atmosphere
  4. 1 - Hardman 2 - Taulapapa 3 - Ellis
  5. Welcome to "the qualifiers" was the harsh reality of it,a massive 1st half effort took its toll early in the second half against a ruthless Leeds outfit and I think that will be the case against all the SL teams we come up against,the gulf will be there to see. A great occasion and event put on by the club for the game and some great feedback from the away support,well done Rovers,financially a big success to bolster the coffers
  6. Oh yes,being a Leeds lad born and bred this is the one that means a lot and for all the success the Rhinos have had in their recent history I wouldn't swap it for a gold pig. We love being the underdogs and the pressure is all on Leeds,I'm confident our lads will give us a performance to be proud about. C'mon Fev
  7. Robin,I agree with your sentiments both on the system being scrapped so no one could use it but also if it is not scrapped across the board on its continued use for next season,especially if it was with Leeds again as there looks to be a growing relationship of goodwill between the clubs.My attitude has changed over the season and I know occasionally our players have missed out on a spot in the squad but its given JS the armour to bring in quality players,also I don't think we've been leant on by Leeds at anytime to play the players who've come across to us as some feared at the announcement of the D/R arrangement.My main point though would be that when you look at the top 4 from last season and this years there is only Leigh who achieved it and that is the key to continued growth if we can continue to finish in the top 4
  8. Fair point,even if it wasn't my main point but it has undoubtedly got us into the position to achieve top 4 status and was down to our financial situation ahead of the 2016 season.So how about next season,would you be in favour of using the D/R system with our increased budget
  9. Setting aside what we as Fev fans think of the D/R system,the Leeds players who've represented us this season have played with a faultless attitude and as a club I'm sure we extend our thanks to them,I think with the lads they've let us have on loan until the season end I can't see them showing further benevelance by letting us have any under D/R for this one,it's one of them where all the graft from the squad this term has culminated in giving us this opportunity and the chance to go up against Leeds first off,no more incentive will be needed for any of them on the field this Saturday and I agree with Steve with regards to the on field battle in the halves and at hooker will be one our players will relish,I can't wait for this match to begin.Not going to give a score predication but I will be having a little wager with 24 start.
  10. 1 - Thackeray 2 - Davies 3 - Snitch
  11. Maureen ,with you on this one,it's like watching the spinning reels on a fruit machine at he moment trying to decide
  12. Great news on the loan signings,very smart business acumen for the business end of the season
  13. 1 - Hardman 2 - Taulapapa 3 - Ellis
  14. Game plan and game management executed brilliantly,a massive effort from every player,well done and let's keep that momentum going 1 - Thackeray 2 - Bostock 3 - Briggs
  15. 1 - Thackeray 2 - Spears 3 - Ellis