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  1. 1 - Aston 2 - Cooper 3 - Turner
  2. 1 - Bostock 2 - Davies 3rd choice could be one of many but,this lad came to play and wanted to play,got a big future ahead of him 3 - Oledski
  3. Some scintillating attacking rugby,looking forward to seeing more from now on as the condition of the pitches improve but some unfamiliar defensive work on display,they cut through us a bit too easy at times,get the defence back to the usual and we've some happy times ahead this season
  4. 1 - Thackeray 2 - Walton 3 - Carlile
  5. 1 - Davies 2 - Thackeray 3 - Hardman
  6. Is it Brett Delaney or Brett Ferres ?
  7. I don't want to show any disrespect to Swinton but if we're going for it this year then these games are the ones we have to put to bed,it maybe a tough game on the day but it's the 2 pts that's crucial. As for the D/R situation,l agree with the points above both for and against Delaney,the pr side of this needs a bit more attention if that's how Radio Leeds put it out there but at the end of the day it's not our job to pick the match day squad it's JS's and it's also his job to manage the expectations of our squad players and the D/R players,his job revolves around results,so on that note who wouldn't put out the strongest available squad on the day,these are the headaches JS is paid for,we'll have to start calling him Anadin because he's doing a pretty good job of sorting them.
  8. Jason Walton is a top signing along with the other off season recruits the more we see that big beaming smile the better this season A few mates of mine who watch Trinity were a little perplexed that John Kear had let him go,unless the deal had been done before JKs arrival,anyway his Bradford days were short numbered and that's the path that brought him to Fev and is only to our advantage
  9. Good point this Robin,it's an abysmal rule which the RFL brings its own game into disrepute imo,l did notice that after Batley had done it shamefully ,they had further opportunity in the game to do it again but didn't,if the shout had gone out from their dugout to stop it then all credit to them,l hope we never take advantage of this rule during our games and hold our heads high,it's just not in the spirit of sport
  10. Mhmm,l thought I'd seen a post on this thread from a Batley fan quoting how Davies,Walton and Ulugia were going to get a certain welcome on their return to the mount,was l imagining this post or has it been removed !! can individuals remove their own posts,if so poor form just because of a result
  11. 1 - Davies 2 - Carlile 3 - Hardman
  12. C'mon Oxyboy,just look at how much we all miss you Mmm,Batley so much better than Fev hey,well we will know much better on Sunday at 5pm Maybe Oxyboy is a bit disillusioned with his own team and looking for a better one to support,l suggest Dewsbury Oxyboy
  13. It would be good to get a few injury hit players back in the squad to bolster the ranks,if it gives JS a selection headache then good,we need to be going there with a very strong match day squad ,l know it's only early season still but this is a big game and to achieve a really important good result we need a few back and maybe some D/R contingent ,really looking forward to the battle of the mount.
  14. I think you're right the more l watch these,l think when l quoted before l was missing my own point,which was I'm convinced Josh had scored,like I said academic now but in tight games you need every point ( hence a recognised goal kicker )
  15. Just been watching the highlights of the game,Josh Hardcastle must have been mighty close to scoring in that bottom right corner in the 1st half,at the point he crossed the line to his right elbow hitting the line seemed an eternity,with no defenders underneath or holding him up,l know it's academic now,maybe should have dived and slid in or transferred the ball to his right arm,oh well just an observation