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  1. toront sack three

    Gary Rose wasn’t too shy when it came to a dust up either

    Think it’s a case of the club not loosing money,with the minimum print run on match day programmes the ones which didn’t sell were costing money which builds up over the course of a season.Theres nothing worse when running a business than working your pips off to bring revenue in then loosing money through another channel,don’t think there’s many wouldn’t agree the commercial side is on the ball at bringing in the deals at the moment
  3. Hock

    I remember having a conversation in the Classroom bar in Toulouse on the Friday afternoon,it was about signing a right nasty ******* for next season and of course Gareth Hock was the natural choice as it’s part of his natural game,the general consensus was a good one.I think he’ll bring much more than that to us and this signing,albeit a much shorter term is a kin to signing Chris Burton back in the day,I’d have loved this forum to have been active for the debate on that one !! Another part of that conversation was Bez telling us how he pulled his handshake prank on our new funny if Hock remembers 😉 Welcome Gareth and do us proud in the Rovers shirt
  4. 2018 Squad.

    Hi Colin,take a look on the Rovers website 😉 Hope that’s a bit of a pick up for you
  5. Darrell Griffin

    I get you now,sorry for seeming a bit thick,l thought because you had quoted me you were calling me the the green eyed monster....I thought how could l be jealous when l support the best club in the world As for Oxy boy..... he is an acquired taste at times when he’s trying to have a dig but entertaining nevertheless
  6. Darrell Griffin

    What .....Could you explain yourself on this comment as l don’t get it
  7. Darrell Griffin

    There’s one thing Oxy you consistently entertain us......can’t wait for how many points start and what bets you’re offering
  8. Darrell Griffin

    Well the lads a free agent now .... The one thing puzzling me is the lack of posts from Oxy boy on all this after sourcing those text messages, he usually gives us a running commentary on our situations
  9. Darrell Griffin

    I don’t think he would but don’t know what deal he signed for the year extension with us,guess it wouldn’t be too shabby,l was thinking more longevity of his career and what he would earn over the extra years playing union,just a shame he could have had one last hoorah season with us then moved to the other code
  10. Darrell Griffin

    Signing for Morley might be a good option,l think he had one final year at this level....he could go on for quite a few years at the other code at that level
  11. 2018 Squad.

    Exactly this ...... above is putting our club on the front foot,Tom Holmes and Martin Ridyard and other signings already indicate a statement of the clubs intent,now whether we go on to sign Greg McNally won't be determined by other clubs spectators gossiping about Mark Campbell spending a bit over the odds.By the way some players of his proven calibre are worth paying for,especially when we can afford to.
  12. 2018 Squad.

    After reading that article in the Sheffield Star ,l feel the distressing plight Mark Aston is faced with.....,infact l nearly got my violin out ......suck it up and deal with it,can't wait to see the crowd figures,good luck Toulouse
  13. Briggs

    I've spoke to Kyle a few times in the last couple of months ,great lad and one of my favourite team members,got some fantastic memories of him,hope whatever the future brings Kyle just do it like you've done us .....with pride and commitment

    Hey Oxy Boy l don't to get involved too much on here these days but take a bit of a back seat,l sort of agree with Robin these days that your good for us on here.....I like most of your posts as l too like you take them tongue in cheek,thanks for the great season,l have to really admire Fax this year and do you know what Richard Marshall did out stay Jon Sharp in the's to 2018 😉
  15. Singing the blues

    Up the Owls