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  1. Thought he was bang average at best when he played with us before but he really seems to have progressed since then. In the matches I've seen him in more recent times he's looked much stronger and dynamic. Happy with this signing.
  2. This. The Summer Bash at Headingley would be like packing a picnic and having a day trip to Knottingley. I dont like places like Blackpool or Weston-super-Mare. They have been perfectly described above but as a venue for the Summer Bash it ticks every box. It's the only place the missus has been to watch Fev play and we've had a great time with the kids too. Blackpool like most other coastal resorts are fab for families in the right places at the right time ie not behind the central pier or tower after dark!
  3. Completely agree. Gutted this is not on the calendar. Whether with family or mates it's a great day out. No excitement for this type of game at Headingley.
  4. Strange and unusual to be renegotiated shorter? Its a moot point. What matters is that Chizzy is under contract for the coming season. Fantastic news.
  5. No damp squib for me. I'd guess we made an incorrect assumption about his contract length. He's a top quality player and could easily find another club if free to do so. To retain him is great news. Well done to those Involved. Bussey next. Please.
  6. I had hoped we might have tried to get him.
  7. Well done JC for managing this. Its been an interesting read through the season. Great work.
  8. Let's dust ourselves off and go again next season. Hope we resign Bussey and Fetgie. Save for their susceptibility to injury they are two passionate and destructive players as demonstrated today.
  9. 1. Halton 2. Hardcastle 3. Brown
  10. Thought Batley were bang average at best. Halifax were the best of the four and will take some beating. As long as we prepare correctly and take nothing for granted we should win. We have a number of top quality players at this level and far more than Halifax imo. We also have a couple of xfactor players such as Chizzy and Hall who should relish the big game but I don't see those type of players in the Fax squad.
  11. They have more momentum than anyone else outside the top two. I would be more fearful about playing them than anyone else in the semi. Fev v Haven in the final at Post Office Road anyone? Stranger things have happened.
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