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  1. Well said. Agree with all that. As an adopted Capper please feel free to give your clearly informed nominations.
  2. 1. Lockwood (rarely gets in my top three because he's not spectacular but always puts in a solid performance so in a M.O.M. table his position is probably deceiving of a very good season. He's raised his game as a captain and been inspiring to his team. Well done Ryan Carr for your foresight. 2. McLelland. 3. Walters
  3. 100% and no team has done that to him on the pitch. Hellboy!
  4. 1. Day 2. Golding 3. Chisholm
  5. Hopefully will arrive before Easter.
  6. Fabulous work as always TPH. Many thanks for sharing.
  7. Tying Day down on another contract is a fantastic piece of work by Davide Longo. He has been very good for us. A hat trick of great players signed in a week or so. All popular players with the fans. Love it.
  8. It's all water over the bridge now Robin.
  9. Fabulous news. Seems like a great bloke and team player. Hoping Longo will get Day signed on the same terms.
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