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  1. Respect to the Club for the well chosen dignified words and respectful comments about those directly interested in the Challenge Cup such as sponsors including our own commercial partners. The official statement is admirable in its restraint but I bet behind it all our Chairman and all concerned are seething and rightly so.
  2. I said farcical earlier. It's worse. I guess SL will say it is an unfortunate and inevitable effect of Covid19 but to me it really highlights the discrimination in the sport between SL and The Rest.
  3. It's farcical. Can't see anything but those teams playing non Super League teams getting byes. The opposition teams can't just turn up without their overseas players and without any training or preparation. The likes of Cas (they play York) are just required to win two matches to get to Wembley.
  4. Any idea if the recording of that match is in the public domain or is accessible?
  5. Good post TPH. It's the usual Fev Fax thriller. Fax have nibbled away at our early lead. Now it's anybody's.
  6. Thanks for the heads up.
  7. I don't remember the Townend touchline conversion. My only memory of Jeff Townsend was in a match against Cas at P.O.R. when seconds after the half time hooter had gone he kicked a drop goal (which didn't count) from about half way on the Bullock stand side. I guess it would have been in about '76 as I was young and impressionable. I remember him being a big but mobile prop who looked to have a big future. The earlier post may have lead to that prospect not materialising. Funny how some innocuous events stick but others like the touchline kick don't.
  8. 1. Parata 2. Bussey 3. Harrison Pushed close by Hall, Hardcastle, Blackmore and Albert.
  9. That's useful Sent off. Didn't fancy it with the forecast earlier in the week. Tempted now and would probably go with my lad but only if I could still get tickets through Fev do I felt I was giving some benefit to the club. Website says the tickets which provided 20% to club were only on sale until 2pm yesterday so selfishly (towards Fev) I will watch on Rovers TV later in the week. Maybe the club could keep open the ticket sales till noon or similar on match day in the future if economically viable?
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