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  1. At this rate he'll be about 6'9" and 21 stone by the time the season starts.
  2. Probably more than current Fev. Surprised we didn't sign him. Finances?
  3. Out of interest MM which, if any, of the players that we had last season and don't currently, would you have liked to keep.
  4. Your views and involvement on this forum are, I think I'm safe saying, welcomed by all JC. Hopefully you will be running the popular MOM again this season.
  5. Got to say that I wasn't super impressed when I first heard about the Massey signing. However the more I consider it the happier I am. Rather than thinking about the signing in isolation I now look upon it as part of a package as the answer to replacing Locky. Every team needs a cornerstone / grafter and there can't be many players out there capable of filling Lockys boots but maybe Massey is one of them. I hope so.
  6. Completely agree. Eden is a v good winger at Championship level but he's susceptible to injury and in view of his age and the amount of wear and tear already I'd be surprised if he maintained fitness throughout the season. Signing Eden would also seem to fly in the face of what appears to be the Clubs policy of lowering the age of the squad as well as removing the perceived reasoning for releasing JD. Still can't understand the Luke Briscoe release though. Local lad still relatively young, 100%er, often one of the best performers and rarely injured. Don't get it tbh.
  7. Thanks MB that makes sense then. I'm guessing his contract terms might be above those which we can now properly afford. I dont think he cracked any pots last year and I would have expected Fev to let him go with the others but if he was signed on a 2 year deal with no cancellation if SL wasn't achieved we are where we are. I wonder if Fev are hoping he might get a gig elsewhere? The thing is money is now even tighter so he will most probably want his contract honouring. I hope I'm wrong about this theory but it does seem to fit the circumstances.
  8. Agree with these comments. Can't say he didn't try his best but with a decent pedigree you'd expect much more. As said can't remember him ever breaking the line. For the squad we put together he and Day offered nothing on the edges in the big game imo. We missed Hau big time for that match. I'm hoping Hankinson does more this season if he signs. It's a mystery to me why he's not released unless he'd signed a 2 year deal last season. Seems to have a lot of qualities but rarely makes any impact. Now Joey has gone Josh is by far our best centre. Just hoping he's made a good recovery and plays this next season.
  9. I know exactly what you said. Not everyone shares the same opinion LTS.
  10. Addy/Lacans can fill in but I'm hoping and thinking an ex Fev favourite might partner Connor Jones.
  11. Danny Addy I'd be ok with but never rated Massey and at 35 next summer I don't really get that. Much rather have kept Junior Moors even if he's a few years older.
  12. Thank you TPH. I defer to you on the reasoning.
  13. Not sure I'd completely agree. I'd definitely want Jack Bussey and Josh to stay but pretty ambivalent about the others apart from Longstaff who if he's got the right attitude ticks all the boxes. On the Briscoe/JD debate, my thoughts are: Very disappointed Briscoe isn't staying. He's been a top player at championship level for many years and given his age I'd expect that to continue for many more years. In my eyes his commitment has been up there with the best and more often than not his performances have been quality too. I've sensed though that whilst he has a big following some have been quick to criticise after a rare poor game when he's put down a couple of passes/kicks. Would have liked to see him stay but it might be Luke rather than the Club thats made the decision if contract terms were in issue? On JD like Luke he's been a top player for many years. Usually a top 3 if not winner just about every season. He probably embodies the Club. Unfashionable as a player but respected by players. Adored by the fans. With all that though at times like these even with the most well considered approach to retention it is hard to keep sentiment out of it. JD has been in my top 3 favourite players throughout his time at Fev but now seems the right time to part company. He's starting to look more like his age now and if the Club policy is to contract players in their early thirties at worst then it would explain the decision in part. It might be the case that he's been overlooked a bit this season but it might also be the case that he's not had the confidence of the coach to give him the same game time he'd previously experienced. He's still capable of causing wrecking ball style openings from 1st receiver, coming from the bench but you do wonder if this is lessening in impact and duration. Paradoxically its probably the right decision.
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