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  1. Any idea if the recording of that match is in the public domain or is accessible?
  2. Good post TPH. It's the usual Fev Fax thriller. Fax have nibbled away at our early lead. Now it's anybody's.
  3. Thanks for the heads up.
  4. I don't remember the Townend touchline conversion. My only memory of Jeff Townsend was in a match against Cas at P.O.R. when seconds after the half time hooter had gone he kicked a drop goal (which didn't count) from about half way on the Bullock stand side. I guess it would have been in about '76 as I was young and impressionable. I remember him being a big but mobile prop who looked to have a big future. The earlier post may have lead to that prospect not materialising. Funny how some innocuous events stick but others like the touchline kick don't.
  5. 1. Parata 2. Bussey 3. Harrison Pushed close by Hall, Hardcastle, Blackmore and Albert.
  6. That's useful Sent off. Didn't fancy it with the forecast earlier in the week. Tempted now and would probably go with my lad but only if I could still get tickets through Fev do I felt I was giving some benefit to the club. Website says the tickets which provided 20% to club were only on sale until 2pm yesterday so selfishly (towards Fev) I will watch on Rovers TV later in the week. Maybe the club could keep open the ticket sales till noon or similar on match day in the future if economically viable?
  7. I remember this game well too but not well enough to identify it properly. It was freezing cold and I do remember the "why are we waiting" chants from the Bullock shed and slow hand clapping when the Saints were refusing to come out. It was definitely dark and to my recollection it was a midweek match. I thought Newy might have starred in the first half and also that Alex Murphy was the coach but they may be no more than romantic memories in that great rugby league era.
  8. Particularly after their coach blew over on the way down and then was hit by a falling tree on the way back.
  9. In a milling sense, if you unclutter the brain you are left with bran or yesterday it would be more apt to be left with rain. I will give you that one for free Colin.
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