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  1. As always, wise words in summarising the squad and its make up TPH. Well done MC and the team in putting this together. I'm hoping Ian Hardman can try with the management team to keep as much of this squad together as possible. I wasn't too enamoured with some late signings like Koppy and Moors but they have been colossal for us and not just literally. Hard core players such as Locky, Hardo and JD just keep churning out the performances giving everything each game. Can't ask for more than that. Our 2 hookers have been immense. Chizzy, Hall, Homes and Nu are quality.
  2. Just got back. Thanks Rovers. That was a privilege to be there and experience that. It might not have been the big one but after 38 years of hurt it felt like it. Proud Capper.
  3. Thats a really good summary. I'd agree with all that. The recent recruitment has been exceptional. You only have to compare with recruitment from past seasons to appreciate it. The Batley boys for example just weren't in the same league. Didn't one of them only get as far as selling the Golden Gamble tickets. Few exceptions though such as Thackery and particularly Misi. Best signing for me in recent times, Chizzy. We are losing a few now and just hope Ian Hardman and the team are working on keeping as much of the squad as is financially possible. Would love to see long deals re
  4. Would rather queue round the fev car park for an hour pay cash and get tickets in my hand any day.
  5. Great. That's a relief I'm in 118. After so much messing about I feared I might have left it on the default St Helens tickets tab being the reason I was finally successful. Many thanks TPH.
  6. Hard work that. Nearly gave up. Wouldn't allow me to get ant Fev tickets then only single adults despite wanting one for me and my under 16 yr old lad. Eventually I managed to get them just as I was about to give up. Terrible website. Just hoping that I clicked on the Fev tickets. I was getting desperate and not concentrating. Which sections/areas have we been allocated?
  7. My Dad and I loved to read the programme at home after the match. Whether it was 70s 80s 90s or 2000s it was always a good read. It was also a major disappointment if there was no seller in the usual spot. Then it involved a desperate sprint round the ground to try to find another. Sad to see it go.
  8. I think we all feel it's an issue if it goes too far. The point here is that generally it hasn't gone too far. People are all different and don't have to go to matches and stand in a group where the only song they sing is "Come by yar me Lord, come by yar..."
  9. Spot on again. The voice of reason.
  10. Robin and Smudger's comments are spot on. Its Fev not Utopia. To go there for the first time, let alone for over 40 years and expect politically correct behaviour is unrealistic. In my personal opinion the racist and homophobic abuse, which I would love to see an end to, has lessened over this time. A recent topic highlighted on here was the glorification of an opposing players injury. Again it's happened throughout the last 40 odd years. It's nothing new. The Death March tune of Der der, de der, Der, de der, de der, de der Ooh! was often sung on these occas
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