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  1. Absolute disgrace. Bulls should be kicked out and made to start in championship 1 and not given special treatment after mismanagement (again) on an unbelievable scale. Bulls always thought they were better than other teams in the championship and despite trying to buy success failed miserably so they need to accept their failings, man up and take the consequences
  2. bkm - got to admire your obvious devotion to all things Town but your fanophobic attitude to any one who doesn't wholeheartedly agree with your every ( blinkered ) opinion out weighs your sometimes valid points. Yes it's a Town forum but it's also open to all fans who support the great game of RL, so accept their points of view and GROW UP.
  3. Thought PLD's tag line is the best I've read - " Rugby League must be a great game to survive the fools at the RFL who run it." - classic.
  4. Toronto's first home game in round 6 on May 6th against Oxford - play Haven in round 2 on March 12th
  5. All players at this level give up their time, many from their families, to play a sport they love for relatively small amounts of money and with a playing time span which can be very short. Whoever they play for I am sure they give their best endeavours and if for whatever reason they decide to move on then ANY r.l. supporter should wish them well. For Derwent to make the statement he has done is disrespectful to the players who have played for Town and moved on but illustrates how bitter and twisted he is over players leaving, probably for many reasons but mainly I suspect, because of the previous actions by certain member(s) of the board.
  6. Will have a few convinced you were in the know. Liked it and had a laugh even though I'm a Haven supporter.