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  1. Ike southward trophy

    Sandy Jambo - open to interpretation depending on what side of the Distington divide you reside in. Machinations- already stated no hidden agenda, plots or ploys but believe what you wish. As Silverfox stated, way off topic. Still chilled.
  2. Ike southward trophy

    Sandy No double bluff or Machiavellian plot here. You're correct I have in the past poked fun at some of Towns signings ( and will continue to do so where I think appropriate in the future ). However that is what it was - poking fun to get a response and a bit of non serious banter, I'm sure most people, and those it was directed at would see it as it was intended. Difference between myself and Simon ( in whatever guise he is at the moment ) is that I treat yours and any other forum for what it is - and not as a lead in for a response which invariably leads to general mud slinging then to vitriolic abuse of the individual. But Hay - Ho may be I'm a bit more chilled out.
  3. Ike southward trophy

    As a Haven fan I look at and enjoy the comments on the Town forum ( yes even Sandy in his wee but'n'ben out in the border bad lands ) as you take the proverbial out of Haven, Barrow, any other team, but also yourselves - all good banter as it should be. So an apology. Looks like simple Simon has made a comeback, abeit in a thinly disguised format, to fight the good fight on behalf of Haven (at least in his own deluded mind ), so a request, just ignore the pratt, don't rise to his nursery taunts and more importantly don't reply to his posts. .
  4. Today's game

    Callum gets targeted because he's a great player who creates, Dallimore gets targeted because he's a gobs5ite.
  5. Keighley reaction

    Fraid your current squad couldn't handle Jimmy's pace☺☺☺☺
  6. London Skolars, must win.

    Late in paying tax bill so tax people automatically issue a winding up order which seemingly can only be cancelled by the court.
  7. Hunslet V Town.

    Taking into account whatever today's scores, the most important thing that everyone who left home today got back in one piece -- after all it's only a game.
  8. Hunslet V Town.

    Maybe Simon 1984's dad under another guise ?????
  9. Haha ha ha

    Epicentre only according to the Sun -the font of all knowledge! ! Jamie D, couldn't get down to pick the ball up (may be because of the size of his gut ?) Silverwear - same old same old get a new script. Name doesn't have anything to do with a well known burger chain, however may be a good sponsor forr Town. Keep on posting in your wee bit But and Ben near the Scottish border and some day you might actually get back to attending a game instead of being a keyboard warrior.
  10. Haha ha ha

    Same old,, same old response - you obviously failed your 11 plus (15 plus in jam land ) so get yourself to night school for illiterates and learn a few more words of the English langu2.
  11. Haha ha ha

    Gordon Maudlin -- champion pie and pizza eater so no surprise he's signed for a second rate team beaten by the number 1 team in W. Cumbria.
  12. Money worries

    Wonky It's an IF at the moment whether the speculation about haven's financial situation is true or not (as a haven supporter, I 'm as much in the dark as you) but gloat on. Do you really think if it is true it benefits RL as a whole in W Cumbria? Put your hatredcd and look at the big picture.
  13. Town v haven reaction

    On both sides of the "Distington divide " we have a multitude of fans with differing ideas and points of view. Some are dyed in the wool club whatever happens, some look at both sides and some look at the bigger picture. We need them all if semi pro RL is to survive in W. Cumbria. Appreciate all of them and long live the banter. Up the Haven / up the a Town / up rugby.
  14. Town v haven reaction

    Got to agree ( even as a Haven fan ) whatever shirt he pulled he gave it his all and played through the pain barrier when he shouldn't have been on the pitch. He can only be good for the whole RL game by passing on his experience to the youngsters.
  15. RFL praised for giving Bradford a lifeline

    Absolute disgrace. Bulls should be kicked out and made to start in championship 1 and not given special treatment after mismanagement (again) on an unbelievable scale. Bulls always thought they were better than other teams in the championship and despite trying to buy success failed miserably so they need to accept their failings, man up and take the consequences