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  1. I’d much prefer to be turning up and watching the likes of Bradford and Widnes as opposed to West Wales and Coventry . Good luck to them , I hope we can join them
  2. Barrow have had terrible luck with injury’s . They would probably have stayed up otherwise
  3. Thoroughly enjoyable couple of hours , what a difference a decent crowd makes . Should have won , could easily have lost . Good result for both sides .
  4. I went to the Haven game today , was late so missed the first 20 mins . Heartbreaking to see Mossop tackling everything that came at him and Coward running it in like a 25 year old . Good atmosphere but I have a feeling Newcastle will pip them for the league on points difference
  5. Terrible words from our coach , I feel for him
  6. Dire performance , but the blame lies firmly at Leon’s door . Anyone with half a brain could see the squad was short and unbalanced and we are now paying for it .
  7. ###### . If your a genuine town diehard you stick with the club through thick and thin . Coaches and players come and go , Town will still remain .
  8. Why would the ladies committee disband . We are Workington Town supporters not Leon pryce supporters . Get a bloody grip and wind yer necks in FFS . Support your club
  9. Foster not exactly pulling up trees with a team he has put together. Local coach , local players with a couple of overseas to compliment the squad would be my preferred choice , coupled with a sustainable forward plan that is stuck to
  10. Play like yesterday and we have no chance , but banking on a reaction Town by 8
  11. Awful . Absolutely stuffed by a team that wanted to win .
  12. Big miss but can’t be rushed .
  13. I’m sure Maudling played at Haven , he was mentioned in the commentary ?
  14. No doubt we have been stitched up here . Swinton are a LG 1 side mid table at best . Great effort by all the team today .
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