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  1. That’s great news. Thought he had a good year last year his experience will be invaluable. Welcome back Danny.
  2. Which 5 of the 20 shown have left the club?
  3. Welcome back to the club Gabe. We are at least going to have options in the back line this year. Sounds like Chris is being true to his word and wanting versatility and options within the squad. He got 9 tries in 12 games last time, I’ll be happy if he can keep that strike rate up.
  4. Bit unfair on Charlo, we were promoted into championship in 2012 when 4 teams were promoted and got in the play offs in 2013 when there was relegation. He only lasted one game the following season when I think we again made the play offs.
  5. I really hope not. Showed at the back end of the season what he can really do, would be a big miss. He is contracted for next season but who knows.
  6. Looked useful last season, a full pre season under his belt should stand him in good stead for next year. Welcome back Calvin.
  7. Welcome to the club Elliot. Just watched his highlights of 2019 on you tube. He certainly knows where the try line is, has lots of pace and looked a really good defender. Anybody who scores 17 tries in 20 games, and some of them looked real belters, has something about them and will be really interesting to see how he progresses under Chris. Well done bod.
  8. Let’s be truthful 5 injuries, a suspension and a retirement due to knee clean op not improving Ollys knees didn’t help though did it.
  9. Can’t actually believe some of the comments on here. We have got, potentially, the best coach we have had since Walshy. However that was arrived at I’m not really bothered, he has committed to a full time 3 year contract, ceased to be involved with the RU club and shown his commitment to the club. In my view that’s a cracking bit of business by the directors and I’m looking forward to seeing what can be achieved over the next 3 years. UTT
  10. Don’t think Olly will ever recover from it
  11. Certainly did, last 17 fit players we had, but unfortunately 2 picked up injuries and 1 got suspended. 17 - 3 = 14, 1 of whom certainly shouldn’t have played but due to the circumstances put his hand up.
  12. If you class players recovering from cruciate operations, shoulder reconstructions, concussion, suspension, retirement and other injuries as going on a stag do then suppose your correct. But hey ho don’t let the truth get in the way of your comments.
  13. He’s contracted to end of 2020 so hope that info is wrong.
  14. Proud town fan today. Shouldn’t have happened like that but the effort from them guys was unbelievable. Pez outstanding but big wraps to all of them, hopefully won’t happen again.
  15. Hopefully the last time we see this with Chris getting a 3 year deal and no doubt not wanting to repeat this. Good luck today boys however many put the shirt on. UTT
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