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  1. Chris’s interview on Facebook was excellent, he accepts we’ll be losing a couple but people will be coming in who will add to the group. He’s very upbeat which is great.
  2. Cus will be good wherever you put him. He was playing against far bigger forwards this year and stood out.
  3. Good luck to Dec, I hope it’s a successful move for him, would loved him to stay but obviously it’s what he wanted to do. We’ll certainly miss his enthusiasm but he certainly went out on a high! UTT
  4. I agree with you there mate. Fitzy has had an incredible season playing 80 mins most weeks. He’s looked really good the couple of times he’s played second row, really hope we can keep him.
  5. Doesn’t always work though. With the players they brought in last year they should have walked league 1 but in the end were lucky to do it. Hopefully fighting for the holy grail of a top end of the table finish doesn’t come back to bite clubs.
  6. Unfortunately I think those clubs at the top who are desperate for sky money will already have made the decision that it will be 2 leagues of 10 and sod the rest. So even though we have made it to the championship we would have to have a great year to feature in that second 10. The signings being made by such as Halifax and Newcastle going full time shows clubs are going all out to finish in a position that guarantees them a place at the top table. My only hope is that the quality and excitement generated over the play offs will open the eyes of those in the rfl that this game is not just about the elite few. It is about having solid foundations in place, allowing players to progress from their community clubs to league 1 and, if good enough, then move up the ladder. Losing 1 club due to any restructure would be 1 club too many but I fear that if these proposals get the go ahead more than 1 will disappear. To set out a restructure that would reduce the footprint of a sport, whether they are old established clubs or new expansion clubs is ridiculous and in my view would see the sport dying very quickly. I’ve followed the town for 56 years and if anything did happen to the club as a result of these proposed changes I would be lost to the sport and I don’t think I’d be on my own. Here’s hoping common sense prevails but that doesn’t seem to be something that those in charge of our game have much of.
  7. See times and star report says 2089, I thought probably 2500
  8. Fitzy was unbelievable, didn’t hear who got mom but it must have been him. I really like how young Bickerdike and Olstrum or playing on that left side showed maturity way beyond their age on a couple of occasions, Olstrum especially when he took a kick behind the line and evaded 4 or 5 Donny tacklers and made 10 yards. Augurs well for the future.
  9. Well we really saved the best till last! Some terrific performances from the boys both in attack and defence. I don’t think we wasted one last tackle kick either which made a huge difference. Congratulations to everyone at the club, let the hard work begin now. UTT
  10. Good luck to everybody associated with the club today. Whatever the outcome many thanks to the board for getting the club through a difficult 2 years, to all the volunteers without whom we probably wouldn’t have a club, to Chris and his staff for developing a team we can be proud of and to the players who have taken us to this point. It’s going to be difficult but give 110% and the crowd will be right behind you. Get stuck in lads. UTT
  11. Gone are the days when there was a reporter who covered the local rugby scene. I think it’s Newsquest who own the T & S and news and star and since they were involved the level of reporting is fairly poor. Oh for the days of a John Walsh or Tony Harrison. Anything that is printed in those papers now is just taken from the town social media pages with I suspect little or no interaction with the club.
  12. IanMac


    I think Jake was in for Keighley just wasn’t selected. Only change is Gabe in and Marwood out. Hopefully Gabe is fit.
  13. When we played them at home we just didn’t perform at all and we could have got a draw right at the end. It will be difficult for sure, they are a really big and strong team and will certainly have a size advantage but hopefully we don’t let them get a roll on and don’t give too many penalties away. I hope we’ve saved our best till the last game, you can do it boys!! UTT
  14. The quality of league 1 this season has been outstanding, it just shows how ridiculous the situation will be if there are major cuts in funding. Yes there are old heads plying there trade but there are many exciting youngsters starting out in the game who will no doubt move up the ladder and play at the top. To potentially cut the bottom of that ladder is ludicrous. Look forward to welcoming Donny fans to Derwent Park next week for what will hopefully be another great game.
  15. Well what a game that was. Keighley looked the better team all through but Donny never gave in. A shame really because Keighley would have brought far more fans.
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