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  1. Might struggle to get that. In Chris Thorman interview after the game yesterday he wasn’t to hopeful dec would be playing because of the concussion protocols. Hopefully Wellington will be fit. Wright won’t be playing for Newcastle he’s got a grade D offence which has been referred to a tribunal, although given its the rfl they’ll probably hold the tribunal next week!
  2. If we were able to gain promotion from the position we are in I’d be extremely excited. Rather than slagging the club off for not being able to field 17 why not offer a bit of praise to those players who took to the field and to those at the club who have chosen to employ a top class coach for the next 3 years. A coach who addressed this very issue in his interview on Friday night and will no doubt bring a new level of professionalism to the club when he starts pre season. Let’s just enjoy, that once again, we’ve managed a victory when the odds were stacked against us. Like Chris Thorman has tweeted that he’s a very proud coach, I’m a very proud fan. UTT
  3. Bolton is a full back and Doran is a half back. Common sense to me.
  4. Listening to that interview and how well Chris spoke, I’m really excited for the next three years. As he said everybody will have to work together but he feels they are exciting times. I think the board deserve tremendous credit for securing his services for 3 years as it is obvious he had other offers. Whatever happens this weekend I’m looking forward to next season already and seeing how we progress.
  5. Brilliant news. Hopefully he can really put his stamp on the club. Good luck Chris.
  6. What sad news. A true town great that I enjoyed watching in them halcyon days of the 70’s. I can still see him striding through and producing a lovely off load. Rip Les.
  7. You would hope someone like young Marwood got at least a year when he signed. There’s a fair bit of recruitment to do so hopefully whoever is the coach is appointed in good time so that things can be done in good time.
  8. He did the warm up with the players today. Looked fit so presumably not picked. Would have thought as he is a full back would have been worthwhile putting him there leaving Jamie to operate in the half’s
  9. Wish I hadn’t bothered. One of the most abysmal performances I’ve had the unfortunate pleasure to witness. Don’t really know what to think about it because it was so bad, apart from a couple of players there was no pride, commitment or desire.
  10. IanMac


    Absolutely shocking half of rugby. Completion rate of about 10% I’d say. Need Doran in the half’s to at least try and spark something.
  11. IanMac


    I can honestly say it has been a pleasure seeing Olly pull on the blue and white. He was an inspirational leader and never took a backward step even when his body was probably telling him something different. An absolute professional who now deserves all the plaudits coming his way. Thanks for your time in the blue and white, congratulations on a wonderful career and good luck and good health in the future.
  12. I’ve never set foot in the wreck since I got spat on cos I was wearing a town shirt, and never will again, and that’s sad from a rugby league perspective. Followed the town all over and enjoyed banter and arguments but nothing as toxic as the wreck.
  13. Brilliant news. Look forward to seeing him develop as a player and to see the Marwood name on the team sheet again will be excellent. Welcome to the club and good luck in your professional career. Well done to the bod in getting him signed.
  14. Not the most perfect performance but the guts, determination, commitment and togetherness saw us through that. Hats off to the 15 who played. Some really good individual performances but none more so than Tyler Mellor who apart from one pass into touch in the first half was excellent in everything he did. A photo on the town twitter pages shows Jamie scoring his last try and the look of joy on Tyler’s face shows what it means to him. Not sure he’d fancy another 12 months travelling up here , because I’m sure there’ll be plenty of teams nearer home who will be interested in signing him but I would certainly be trying to sign him up. A young man who gives his all and has certainly shown his commitment to the team this year.
  15. Really strange we only name 18 in the squad, Blain was obviously training Wednesday going by the photos but isn’t named in the squad. Would have thought an ideal time to let him show what he can do even if it meant extending his trial or giving him a contract to the end of the season.
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