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  1. If this goes on for any length of time, which I think is likely, the face of some sports will be changed beyond belief. The next payment of money from nine and Fox to the nrl is apparently being stopped. Not sure how financially viable Australian rugby league is but overall those 2 companies put apparently 400 million dollars into the sport for broadcasting rights. That’s an awful lot of money and those broadcasters might just have the upper hand when they come to negotiate new contracts which just might be a lot less than they are now. Hopefully we’ll all still be about to watch the sport we love, whatever it’s form, when it’s all sorted. Stay safe everyone.
  2. Might have played in that game myself mate! Can remember playing up on the tops at bransty when town were in the Lancashire cup final in 78 coming off thinking they’d won only to be told Widnes had scored at the death. Didn’t stay for too many pints in Whitehaven that night.
  3. Same for me David, getting taken along by my dad at 6 year old to watch town v St. Helens has turned into 55 years of watching the Town. Many happy memories along the way as well as many struggles but the club have always survived with people pulling together. Even though everybody has there own worries and concerns now there still seems to be plenty of goodwill for the club, long may it last.
  4. Had a similar thought myself, I would have been going to both of the home games over the next couple of weeks and would quite happily still give my admission money to the club if it were to help. I’m also in the process of cancelling sky sports which could also be diverted to the club. I’m well aware that there will be plenty of people affected financially by this whole saga but anybody in a position to help I’m sure would be greatly appreciated.
  5. It will be seriously testing times for the club and hope the rfl put some contingency plans in place to assist any club that needs help. But should this carry on for any length of time I am really concerned that clubs may not be able to survive and potentially change the face of the game.
  6. I didn’t think Elliot looked right at Newcastle from fairly early in the first half. He just didn’t seem to be moving as he can. Hopefully gets it sorted and can come back fully fit. Marcus will be a huge miss if the season continues. Considering he is in his first year as a pro he has been outstanding.
  7. I would like to think so to, will be a good game, but I honestly think given how things are going it might be the last rugby we see for a while. Depending on how it pans out it could change the face of the game completely. I can’t see many teams in rugby league having the finances to survive should there be a long suspension. Just listened to Chris’s interview, we don’t have any luck with injuries, Elliot Miller has done his hamstring 6- 8 weeks out, Marcus might have done his ankle ligaments, he’s going for an X-ray, Hanley Dawson should be ok he has cuts to both eyelids!!
  8. Nice to win the second half. At least we showed plenty of spirit and kept going. It’s a bit of a shame that it takes the summariser on the radio to build up how well we did in the 2nd half, the radio Cumbria commentator sounded almost glum when we actually scored or made a break. Quite amazing.
  9. A lot better this half especially when you think o brien, Marwood and Dawson are all off injured.
  10. Hope hanley Dawson isn’t too badly injured.
  11. Too many penalties and too many mistakes. We’ve hardly had the ball because of those but when we have we’ve actually sounded quite dangerous, but unfortunately we need the ball more than 5 minutes.
  12. They’ve put on Twitter now that commentary is on.
  13. Is it? It isn’t listed on bbc sport website as one of the games with commentary and bbc Cumbria haven’t got anything on their twitter advertising the game as they normally do.
  14. Squads on website mate, same as last week. Good luck boys.
  15. IanMac


    A truly great servant of the club and fully deserving of the accolades. It is very rare these days to see someone retain loyalty for one club over such a period of time. A great kicker but also very under rated in his all round game, let’s hope he keeps adding to them this year.
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