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  1. To be perfectly honest, given the Facebook post today that the club put out with comments such as the short term future of the club is still not guaranteed, and if we get through this season, I’m not too fussed who the coach will be or which players are wearing the blue and white as long as there is still a club in existence next season. I think given the predicament the club are in, coupled with the likely structural changes after next year we are in for a decidedly rocky couple of years. Here’s hoping we come out of it with a club still to support. UTT
  2. Thought all 17 gave their all, and apart from a try in the 2nd half when a player broke through 2 attempted tacklers most of their tries were from superb rugby league and not half hearted defence. Had a good crack with Leigh fans as well and they were saying the rumour is that Blake Ferguson is on 10k a game, kind of puts into perspective what a lopsided league we are in. Anybody know the last time we were nilled in 3 consecutive home matches or is that a first?
  3. I would have thought when you’ve played 160 minutes of rugby and have conceded 104 points and scored none there’s a fair few awkward questions to be asked and faced up to. I knew it was going to be a tough ask in this league but supported the club with a season ticket, 200 club number and 1945 club membership. I don’t want a breakdown of everything going on in the club but if the club want supporters to continually support them there has to be a bit of soul searching and honest appraisal as to why we have reached this point. Why are we bringing in loan players, not playing them and then they sign for our neighbours? Why are we finding it so difficult to bring players in when every other club seems to manage it? Why are some of our better players, in my opinion, not being selected? Why have so many players left the club? Many more questions no doubt need answered but obviously we are viewed as keyboard warriors for raising these questions. My understanding of a keyboard warrior is keeping your anonymity, Ian McCullough is my full name and this is my last post for a while. I’ll still support the club and hope that we can dig ourselves out of the hole we are in, to help with that it would be better to take supporters with you rather than alienating them.UTT
  4. Don’t know when Keith. Think the board need to have a long hard look at what’s happening. Not sure they can do a lot though when there’s 2 1/2 years left on a contract but something needs to change or we’ll be a bottom of the table league 1 side next year. But if one of our better players is being told that, coupled with all the other players that’s left it makes you wonder what’s going on. Still, look on the bright side I’m away for the Widnes game
  5. No, I was replying about Matty Henson potentially going back to Egremont Keith. He was told that by the coach apparently, although just terrace talk, but it did seem to have some truth in it.
  6. Given that he’s been told there’s better players than him in his position in the squad it might not be far off the truth. Must be a bit demoralising when you see who’s getting selected. Difficult to believe really when he is one player who has a bit of X factor about him.
  7. And Davies in the 2nd row was, he’s having a laugh with that team selection.
  8. From what I heard Matty wasn’t unavailable!!
  9. Never left a game early before but that was dire. Not sure what’s going on but when Matty Henson doesn’t get picked before them Welsh guys something is wrong. Always been a big fan of Chris but things are going from bad to worse and I’m struggling to see how he’s going to improve things with more players leaving than coming in. Luckily I’m away for the Widnes game.
  10. Yes your right. That first half down there we just let them do what they wanted, led by Forster, and suffered the consequences. While I know Sammut and Miloudi weren’t playing we won the 2nd half 12-4 so hopefully we turn up for the full 80, get in their faces and give a wholehearted display. Given the difference in quality between the 2 squads I don’t think we can ask for much more.
  11. Good to see we’ve still got Will Tate in the squad
  12. Teare, Fitzy, Brown and Simons not in the squad for Sunday.
  13. It’s on our league as well if anybody fancies paying £4.95.
  14. Like I said, he has always said his door is open, go and ask him. I don’t think I said you can’t express your views, that’s what a forum is for, but no matter how many times you ask the questions only Chris or the board can answer them. I’m sure we all want what is best for the club as supporters, but at the end of the day it’s those who run it who make the decisions and we’ve got to hope that they to have the best interests of the club at heart, which I’m sure they do or they wouldn’t be committing the time and effort to it that they do.
  15. I don’t think Chris Thorman signed a 4 yr deal and uprooted his family to live over here to purposefully put a team on the park that is struggling to compete. I assume you know that he hasn’t tried to bring better players to the club and is quite satisfied getting beat every week. It certainly doesn’t do a lot for a young coaches cv and I would think he’ll be trying like hell to improve the team. Like most on here I’ve been surprised by some of the additions and would have preferred some different signings but are guys like that available? Historically it is very difficult to both stay in the championship after promotion and get top class players up here without paying over the odds. We’ve gone down that route many times in the past and suffered because of it. In his interviews Chris always says his door is open so instead of calling somebody on here why not go and have a crack with him.
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