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  1. I’ve never set foot in the wreck since I got spat on cos I was wearing a town shirt, and never will again, and that’s sad from a rugby league perspective. Followed the town all over and enjoyed banter and arguments but nothing as toxic as the wreck.
  2. Brilliant news. Look forward to seeing him develop as a player and to see the Marwood name on the team sheet again will be excellent. Welcome to the club and good luck in your professional career. Well done to the bod in getting him signed.
  3. Not the most perfect performance but the guts, determination, commitment and togetherness saw us through that. Hats off to the 15 who played. Some really good individual performances but none more so than Tyler Mellor who apart from one pass into touch in the first half was excellent in everything he did. A photo on the town twitter pages shows Jamie scoring his last try and the look of joy on Tyler’s face shows what it means to him. Not sure he’d fancy another 12 months travelling up here , because I’m sure there’ll be plenty of teams nearer home who will be interested in signing him but I would certainly be trying to sign him up. A young man who gives his all and has certainly shown his commitment to the team this year.
  4. Really strange we only name 18 in the squad, Blain was obviously training Wednesday going by the photos but isn’t named in the squad. Would have thought an ideal time to let him show what he can do even if it meant extending his trial or giving him a contract to the end of the season.
  5. I think Chris Thorman’s comments in the star tonight sum up where we are at the moment. If players don’t have the right attitude and desire then we are going nowhere. Let’s hope they try to prove him wrong this week.
  6. As if the defeat wasn’t enough sounds like Fieldhouse has a serious knee injury and Wilkes and wellington doubtful for this week. Although we never seem to do ourselves any favours the injury gods don’t seem to like us!
  7. In fairness to the club don’t think they mentioned injury, just unavailable on their squad news.
  8. I think the joint change of having Carl available and being able to use Penky in his natural position may have got us a result despite our performance. There were times when penky just looked out of sync at scrum half hence a lot of forced passes and almost getting in the way of support runners. Not knocking him because it can’t be easy trying to slot into a pivotal position he won’t have played for a long time. You then lose his sniping around dummy half which I think is really crucial in getting our forwards on the front foot. When you look at the game we were awful, losing the ball on 1st or 2nd tackle at least 7 times in the 20, but if Fieldhouse hadn’t had a complete brainstorm and just took the tackle, given the broken nature of oldhams defence I think a quick play the ball would have resulted in a score and the lead. It didn’t happen and I think missed opportunities like that will mean this season will end disappointedly. At the end of the day until we play to a consistent level week in week out we will get what we deserve. UTT
  9. A great initiative, let’s hope everybody gets behind it.
  10. Can’t comment on marwood, only saw the clip of his try last week, but I did think yesterday that Declan’s passing in the 2nd half was both quick and accurate. He is clearly enjoying his time here, giving his all and celebrating every score as though it really means something to him. Whether he’s from down the m62 or Seaton, a player who is putting 100% in for my club will do for me. Chris Thorman has worked with plenty of youth at Huddersfield to know whether Marwood has what it takes and I’m sure he will get his chance.
  11. Really enjoyed that today. Excellent being so close to the action and the pitch looked excellent. For parts of that we played a really good game with a lot more shape to our attack and some really intelligent kicking. Thought Jamie had his best game for a while and stevie was very good. Liked the look of Calvin Wellington as well he looks like he could be a good acquisition. If we keep improving every week we can hopefully be in the mix at the end because we certainly look like a well coached team now when we start to play.
  12. Going by report in news and star Barnes and Olstrum miss out with injuries. Caine could be missing for 4 weeks
  13. A great read. Only started watching the town mid 60’s so didn’t see the great town teams of the 50’s but in my time watching Ian Wright is probably the best centre I have seen in a town shirt. No doubt other fans will have their favourites but to see Ian in full flow was a magnificent sight and I’m sure whoever the winger was outside him knew they were going to have some spaces to run into and score tries. If he hadn’t had his injury problems I’m sure his try tally would have been much greater. How he only got an under 24 cap I don’t know, maybe if he hadn’t been so loyal to the town and had moved to a more fashionable club he would have got more international recognition. A true, loyal, town great.
  14. He’s obviously got the right attitude as Chris Thorman saying in his interview that he hasn’t missed a training session.That’s the kind of lad you want in the squad.
  15. Just like his dad, backing up to score a try. Only on the field a minute, let’s hope it’s first of many in town colours
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