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    Most of their team are from Lanc's so travel was not an issue to them, the main thing they got out of the game was money on a shared gate.
  2. Hock

    Over the past couple of seasons high profile signings for us have turned out to be a waste of space costing us a fortune. Hock if he as not signed for a club in Lancs or York only suggests to me that he comes with a ? or baggage, and if as reported wants a £40k contract it would be a big risk.
  3. Away shirt

    "HATE" is a way bit strong, l work with some jambo's and they are no different in their support to their club as we are. Yes we take the ###### and taunt each other and laugh about it, but we are friends. If you hate all the jambo's for supporting Haven you must be a very sad individual. Do you include in your hate, Donald & Haven 13 who post regular on this forum, who appear to most of us decent blokes.
  4. Away shirt

    Gary as a representative of the club you should be careful that you are not condoning bigotry and ignorance, many of us have a pop at the jambo's. However Geordie Townie continuously portrays a very bitter and small mind, read his comments. If the jambo's are doing the same on their forum is this justification for you to make excuses for Geordie surely as Town supporters we don't need to sink to that level.
  5. Town website

    Callum quit the club before the end of the season, Dave Clark didn't want him in the team and was trying to off load him and Callum didn't rate Clark as a coach. It was a pity that the BoD didn't show some balls at the time and got shot of Clark and we would have had both Philips bros in our squad today.
  6. Town website

    Correct he did have a contract for how long I don't know, Sellafield jungle telegraph says that we paid compensation in order to rescind his contract £3k is being stated. Apparently the rumor is he was £12k a year contract and our coach thinks he could spend that money on signing better players, if this is true, well good on the coach I will go with that.
  7. Town website

    Thanks for the info at least you are consistent in your opinion, if nothing else.
  8. Town website

    Yes you are entitled to your opinion, however, according to your logic if Jason as shown no loyalty and moves to the jam, then does the same apply to players we sign. Example, Newton from the jam has shown no loyalty other than greed for gold, or does this not apply to players we sign ?
  9. Town website

    Get real these players are professional and in it for money, in return they turn up and train 2 - 3 nights per week also turn up on Saturday mornings for light training and play on Sundays, travel to away matches from early morning returning late at night. They have little or no family life and hardly seeing their families. They suffer injuries and miss work which puts their employment in jepardy and sometimes face disibilitating medical operations. Also they sometimes they get their wages reduced and cut when clubs cannot pay them, talk is cheap when it comes to loyalty, would you do the same for your employer ? We are all out for greed for gold
  10. Newcastle Thunder Academy in Cumbria

    Don't worry about it, he does it to almost everyone, he suffers from A.S or commonly known as asshole syndrome. If you don't respond he goes away looking for another unsuspecting victim to star an argument with, he can't help himself.
  11. Newcastle Thunder Academy in Cumbria

    There you go again looking to read into something that isn't there. you remind me of a banty cock rearing up looking for an argument with anyone who has a differing opinion to you. I did not state it was nonsense nor a lie, I was stating the RLF on their past dealings with Cumbrian matters cannot be trusted. Don't be so quick to be argumentative as I am not looking for an argument.
  12. Newcastle Thunder Academy in Cumbria

    The RFL would say it would be free or minimum cost involved, are they going stump up any money ? I think not. Investment would most certainly be required, and the RLFC have not got any credibility when it comes investing in Cumbrian R/L.
  13. Pre season gym

    Unfortunately like a minor few on this forum you tend to read more into post's on this forum and then when you are proven wrong instead apologizing you imply that they are a troll. Be a gentleman and apologize to the lady and move on.
  14. How many more?

    "Eh" ? please decipher.
  15. How many more?

    Majority of clubs in Champ1 do it, all of them are strapped for cash, otherwise they would not be in Champ 1 league.