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  1. The dark side were offered both Chaplehows 2 months ago on a season loans for a fee of £12,000 each but turned them down to expensive. So are we paying a similar fee for Chamberlain ?
  2. Salfords, Lewis Brown training with Haven tonight, cannot understand why did not sign him ?
  3. Brett & Callum may be waiting to see what and who the other members of our squad are going to be before they sign. Without other known players in our squad it may make them hesitate.
  4. I wish Townie 123 would come back in order to bring some interesting topics to discuss rather than being fixtated in what the jambo's are doing or not doing.
  5. Sorry unicorn106 I am only quoting what I have been told by 2 of our players, and they were not very happy bunnies.
  6. Was Carl sent off, put on report or even a penalaty given for the alledge offence ?
  7. Are all players contracts null & void if a team is relegated ?