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  1. Hunslet v South Wales

    64 - 7 very comfortable win for Hunslet. In such a one sided game, all of the team looked good but George Flanagan was again the pick of our players on the day. his performances for Hunslet have been excellent all season except for the odd time when he has lost the plot. Then again if he was as good as he is and really level headed, he would be playing in a division above us!! Providing they are no slip ups next week against Hemel, the fact that North Wales managed to lose to Coventry means that the game against London Scholars will decide whether the League 1 shield final is at their ground or ours. yesterday I watched Melbourne storm against Camberra Raiders on channel 95 and noticed they had two referees on the field. Any idea which referee makes the key decisions?
  2. HUnslet & North Wales

    Real disappointment yesterday. Really thought that on balance of play we should have won the game, just really poor finishing let Hunslet down. Three times we should have scored in the left corner, but each time we failed to ground the ball properly. Also thought our left side defence was too fragile. two of their tries came through this area. I still think we don't do enough to gain field position. Still taking tap penalties when we could gain another twenty yards with a kick for touch. Also not taking the points on offer. Funny enough with a tight game you don't see Castleford [best rugby league team by far at the moment] turn down an easy 2 pts with a penalty. They know how to play the game. Why don't we look at their game plan and see what we can learn from it? Later in first half, At 6 pts to 4 pts in the lead. Penalty in front of the posts take the two points and get the ball back. No we run the ball from a tap penalty loose the ball. North Wales then came back to score and take a 10 pts to 6 pts lead into the half time break. The offside penalty late on was the final straw. If we had kicked the penalty, we would still have been only one score down to get a draw. As it was the game was over once North Wales reached 20 points. Looking at the table. If we win all the rest of our games we are in the Shield Final, paying at home. If we lose to London, them we don't make the final and we can all go on holiday.
  3. Fixtures

    No write up on the Oxford game on the Hunslet web site, however the League express report did not look too impressive. the report said in a game of errors basically Hunslet made fewer that Oxford. The report says Sanderson kick 6 goals from 6 attempts. From seeing him in recent matches he is turning into a pretty good goal kicker and his open play is coming on as well. Did anyone go to the match @ Oxford? Now that they have confirmed the time and venue I will probably try to go to the North Wales Crusaders game @ Wrexham
  4. sssshhhhhh

    It has been a disappointing season but Hunslet have not ben totally uncompetitive. In the majority of the loses save for the York game we competed. Doncaster, Keighley, Whitehaven Barrow. and we should have had at least a draw against Oxford, when instead of kicking the penalty in front of the posts, we took a tap & lost. Now that Gary Thornton has committed himself to us for another season, I for one want to back him and let him use the shield competition to get the players he wants to play the way he wants. When the league splits Hunslet will have 4 home games and three away games no matter whether we win or lose to Newcastle on Sunday. I for one will not be deliberately staying away. I've been through a lot better times with Hunslet and also a lot worse. If I wanted to see top quality rugby league week in week out I would go to watch Castleford, but to me its about being a Hunslet supporter.
  5. Hunslet 56, Coventry 24

    Just my luck, when we manage to score 50+ points I wasn't able to be there at the match on sundae. Looking to the future, I don't think it really matters that much whether we finish in the top 8 or not. I would like to see Gary Thornton given a contract to the end of next season and to use the final seven games as an opportunity to develop and consolidate his coaching style with the players that he thinks will be able to give Hunslet a winning season next time.
  6. Today's game

    Like most fans I too was disappointed by the score but I don't see it as Hunslet being unfit. Having been held up over the line early on, Heads went down after conceding 2 tries. Both tries were the result of conceding field position. Once York were three scores in front then the York "show boating" stuff got underway. The difference between the two teams was that York's goal line defence was out standing. 5 times Hunslet were held up over the line and the young lad Liam Harris had a field day until Hunslet started tackling him a lot harder in the second half. Will Jubb and Keiron Moran also had good games, but so they should, all 3 are full time professional rugby league players., All three are highly rated by Hull KR and can expect to have first team appearance's before long. The only real York player that I thought was outstanding was Ash Robson. Unfortunate for the lad, he had a really promising career in front of him @ Castleford until he had a really serious injury I think in 2016. it was good to see him play so well even if he was for the opposition. The rest of the York side were no better than us. For my part I thought that Hunslet did a great deal better in the second half and in fact shaded it 20 - 18 and some of York's tries we a result of Hunslet trying to hard from too deep and giving the ball away. The key is Dual registration and who with. I'm not bothered either way. But without it Hunslet are extremely unlikely to be promoted in the near future. I enjoy watching Hunslet win, but I've seen a lot more dire performances than on Sunday in my time as a Hunslet supporter. I well remember the time we beat Huyton Home & away and drew with Batley giving us 5 points for the entire season I'm proud that our club belongs to the fans and that we do not have some one "owning our club as a toy to do with what they want" regardless of what the fans want. As long as I'm fit enough to go see hunslet play I will continue buy a season ticket
  7. Thats us down then....

    Yes yesterdays game was a big disappointment, I think we lost yesterday due to our players being over anxious at the start of the match and when Workington were clearly in trouble at the very end of the match. Without a doubt Sammut was the stand out player, but even he needed two very lucky ricochets off various legs to get two of their four try's. When it is not your day, it is not your day. AS far as the season goes I think we need to get this into perspective. When we were promoted, the team played out of their skins to beat Oldham by a golden point. Also 5 teams were relegated. In the previous season, when we were in the championship all five had a better league position than us even with dual registration players. So we were always favourites for relegation. That we have 10 points so far and are not bottom is actually an achievement. As far as dual registration goes, we would be worse off if we had not gone in with Leeds, but in the end I do feel that when we needed them to support us in the final super 8 games, they appear to have decided not to. I understand that from their point of view as they want to win it all. Challenge cup. Super 8 and Grand final, so they are afraid to send any of their players in case they get injured and thus deplete their squad. However this approach does Hunslet no favours. WE are almost certainly relegated, however does that affect my support for our club? Not at all. I started supporting Hunslet at the Dog Track and have been a season ticket holder for more years than I care to remember. I remember the great times, Wining the Grand final in 1999. Beating Hull KR @ Elland Road and then just missing out to Castleford in the Challenge cup [all most 14,000 people were at the game that day]. I also remember when we were in the old league 2 and we beat Hyton home and away and drew with Batley 5 points for a whole season. We were the 2nd worse team in professional rugby league. Yes we were that bad. No disrespect to either clubs or their loyal supporters but the equivalent this season would be London Skolars with only south wales scorpions below us. Do I think Barry Eaton is a poor coach? The question is almost irrelevant. If he goes, who do we get to replace him with his experience? Who would want to come? Also we are a members club so the club is ours. As far as I know the only other members club is Rochdale. Do we want to go down the road of York or Oldham were the people who own the club are running as they see fit to satisfy what they want and the fans are left totally in the dark? Go on their web sites and see what it is like. I am very happy that our Chairman and board are elected by us and do it because they love our club. I know that their hearts are in the right place, so I have no intension of criticising them. Personal I am happy if we stay a members club and we have wining seasons in League 2 with the occasional promotion and relegation. I will buy my season ticket next year no matter which league we are in.
  8. Hunslet 6, Bradford too many

    with this new format for the league, when we get to game 23 this is just the end of the preliminaries. No matter what happens, we will not be playing Leigh or Bradford in the 8's. For me I am glad that Jimmy Watson, Andy Kain & Jack Lee have not been selected for tomorrow nights game @ Leigh. Not sure we can beat Batley on their own pitch [especially after Sundays performance] but Doncaster away and Workington @ home are very winnable if the "right Hunslet team, with the right attitude" turn up. Our destiny next season is very much in our own hands. On the question of Leigh & Bradford to be promoted to super league. The middle 8's format is that super league 9 & 10 are ranked 1 & 2, championship 1 & 2 are ranked 3 & 4 super league 11 & 12 are ranked 5 & 6 and championship 3 & 4 are ranked 7 & 8. the top four ranked get 4 home games the bottom four ranked get three home games. Thus Leigh and Bradford do have a head start over Wakefield and say Salford. However once the 8'league is finished, there is still the £1.0m game between the teams who finish four and fifth. I have watched Leigh against Warrington on TV and I think they are a class act. My money would on them making the super league 12. Bradford I don't think will make it
  9. Hunslet 6, Bradford too many

    It has been along time since I went to a league game when we were so out classed as the Bradford game yesterday. If any one was in any doubt as the what Jimmy Watson is worth to our present Hunslet team, I would say 30 points !!!. Everything now depends on the final 3 league fixtures. Given that I can not see the final league places being decided on points difference in our favour [in that Batley and Whitehaven have much superior points difference], then I would hope that we sacrifice the Leigh game in the sense that we do not play Jimmy Watson, Andy Kain or Jack Lee. Also that if we play Simon Brown [just to get match sharp] then he should try not to risk getting injured. I too feel that it is going to be very close. To give ourselves the best chance, we need to be no lower that 10th in the present league placings going into to the 8s. It is times like this when I wish we had an "on field general" like David Marsh
  10. fev yesterday

    Considering the 8 league at end of season, Doncaster are 8 points behind Batley with just 4 games so it is very likely that they will be ranked 8th. The fight for places is between Whitehaven, us, Workington & Batley to get as high up the table as possible. Really important to do it as the main season league points carry over. Clearly ranked 4th is best as have 4 home games and 3 away games. Rank 5th gets home game with 2nd 6th & 7th. Rank 6th gets home games with 3rd, 7th & 8th. Ranked 7 gets home game with 1st 4th & 8th.
  11. fev yesterday

    At the start Featherstone were scoring @ 1 point per minute and I thought this could be a cricket score defeat for us. However the lads rallied and at half time the score of 24 - 12 to Fev was a real recovery. The second half was a real transformation. Having been comprehensively out played in the 1st Half, Hunslet turned the tables and were much the better team in the second half. Jimmy Watson for me again was the man of the match for Hunslet. Although Jack Lee had his best game of the season so far, not only with his two trys, but also his long passing. Ryan Backhouse and Kyle Trout also put in some hard yards and smart plays. Two key deciding moments? Fev not taking the tap restart from the middle. Yes it look like their runner was impeded, but surely that is a penalty not play on advantage? However clearly Hunslet needed to tackle the guy not stand and appeal to the Ref. Need to play what you see and ask questions later. Hunslet trying to hard with an off load in their own 22 which then gave rise to another Fev Try. In the close games against top 7 clubs conceding field position has proved crucial. Hunslet defence is good provided that we don't let our opponents start from our 40 yard line as these clubs generally have forwards that are much bigger than ours. What next in the season? Bradford & Leigh so could not be harder. However the crucial games are Doncaster, Batley and Workington. In my survive we really need to be 3rd from Bottom @ least, before we go into the 8 mini league that will finally decide who stays up and who is relegated. I would lie us to stay up as the games at this level are so much technically better even when we are on the wrong side of the scoreline. However relegation would not be a disaster. I've supported Hunslet through much darker days over the years
  12. No Hunslet on Sky

    Not able to be there on the day, but thoroughly enjoyed watching the game on the red button on sky. All in all I think we deserved the win, which would have been more emphatic if our final try had not been disallowed for a forward pass. This was a total joke when you compared it with Leigh's 1st try against Featherstone. We did however make hard work of it. Doncaster's forwards were big and strong, they could make 50 metres, but no way could they get within range starting from their own 10 metres line. Thus all their trys came from Hunslet giving them field position [i.e penalties or knock ons]. In contrast I always thought our back division could score from anywhere on the pitch. Andy Kain did well, but for me our man of the match was Jimmy Watson. His field positioning was fantastic, his returns were good and his try took real courage. He only made one mistake when he dropped a high spiralling kick and he himself recovered the ball from Doncaster to end their possession 3 metres from our line. This might be more controversial, but on the day, given the huge input from Keinhorst, Briscoe, Ward and Mulhern, I do not think we would have won the match without them on the pitch. Much as it goes against the grain with me, also for the season so far, without dual reg with Leeds, my view is that we would be in the position that Doncaster find themselves in today [i.e half way through the league fixtures and no wins].
  13. away win

    Great win @ Workington. One of those kind of wins that your heart says yes but your head says pretty unlikely. Just been looking @ the Workington forum. These lads are really passionate about their club. Good to see so many of them posting comments both before our game and even more after it. Trying not to get too carried away, but given that Dewsbury beat London on their own turf, is it too much to expect that we could beat London on Sunday on our pitch?
  14. Out Of The Cup

    I feel that this definitely one that got away. WE had as many good breaks as Dewsbury did, but Dewsbury's last gasp defence once we had broken the line was better than ours. I don't want to sound too one sided as in the end the team that takes there opportunities deserves the victory, but the forward pass to give Dewsbury the first half lead was ridiculous. Jimmy had the player and he just threw out an obvious way forward speculative pass. Positives? in the forwards Rob Mulhern, Charlie Martin, Liam Mackay & Michael Haley did not let us down. In the backs? Jimmy Watson was fantastic played his heart out. Negatives? both Jack Lee and George Flanagan had quiet days and even Simon Brown was not his usually self although his field kicking was still vital. Big Brad Brennan in defence was done a couple of times. Not all his fault. the guys either side of him need to take this into account and stand closer as the opposition is not running through Brad, just swerving past him. Also if he is involved in the a tackle, Big Brad should stay @ the play the ball. Can we beat Dewsbury on their home ground later in the season? I think if we play a bit sharper and smarter we can. Workington away is a big ask, but again doable. It will be interesting to see the side Hunslet put out on Sunday. Comments on the season so far? I feel that we are a stronger side that two seasons ago when we were last in the Championship and thus given a decent bounce of the ball, we could survive relegation. However we do miss that something that David Marsh brought to the team. That on the field leadership quality, although I accept that the pace and impact at this level would have been a season too far for him.
  15. Whitehaven

    Weather on Sunday as absolutely awful and thus not suited for open rugby. My fears were that it would become a total lottery. In the event, although our kicking game was good, I thought we played far too much in our own half with the wind at our backs. We really don't try enough 40 - 20s to give ourselves room on the outside if and when their wingers dropping back. I would have like to see one or two deep kicks by Brown straight from a scrum in side our 40. However Whitehaven were equally guilty in the second half. All in all I thought we were worthy winners. Whilst the disallowed 1st try in the corner looked 50 - 50, from the stand Keinhorst try looked like he got it down. For me Watson, Haley & Keinhorst looked the pick of the bunch, although no one let us down. The interchange between Lee & Flanagan works well, but I still wish we had the explosive pace and elusive running of Hoody from dummy half. Big Brad Brennan looks good on attack near the line, but in defence after a few carries looks vulnerable in that the opposition can easily evade him. For me I would prefer to have Keinhost at centre with Maun @ 2nd row rather than the other way round. Summing up 6 point from 9 games is OK. Anything league position above 11th & 12th Going into the 8s league divide would be good.