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  1. Same old story. Lingard's shown enough so far to indicate that he'd be a success if given the backing he needs. Although effort and heart can make you competitive against a good side for 40-60 minutes, it's not enough to win games.
  2. Suppose we can't complain. Horn, Flynn and Bowring will have blown the budget. On a serious note, was no-one remotely alarmed by us signing the three above players; all of whom were released by Championship 1 clubs at the end of last season? Really struggling to understand the logic of our recruitment policy. I really feel that Lingard could be reasonably successful if fully backed.
  3. Not sure what, aside from numbers, either of these lads will add to a squad which needs to be competitive at Championship level. Echoes of Danny Sowerby.
  4. Well at least the supporters know where they stand in the pecking order now.
  5. Reminds me of when Highfield used to turn up for games with their players all wearing mismatched shorts and socks. I realise that many will dismiss a photo shoot as being unimportant, but what's the club's explanation as to why one of our players is pictured at a season launch wearing a training top (in away colours) and England shorts and socks?
  6. Tony F


    The teams which reached both finals were packed with quality. No-one expects us to be continually paying out big bucks for ex-Super League stars, but adding players to the squad who wouldn't stand out in Championship 1 is an utterly pointless venture.
  7. Tony F


    Lunt aside, our recruitment is utterly appalling.
  8. Sounds to me like he doesn't have any real role whatsoever, then. I'll wager that the vast majority of coaches have a more experienced pal to whom they occasionally turn for advice. Looks like the whole Harrison thing was just a smokescreen.
  9. I'd like some clarification as to what role Karl is currently fulfilling at the club. His name has barely been mentioned in recent months; only reinforcing conspiracy theories that he was announced alongside Lingard in order to soften the blow of us having recruited another inexperienced coach.
  10. Seriously? Martin is absolutely gash.
  11. We desperately need two centres and a quality half back. We're very much lacking in both departments.
  12. Yates is a game lad and has some ability, that's not in question. However, a first choice player he isn't. If we start the season with him at 7, I'll be extremely surprised and a little disappointed. We know very little about Ben White; a player who couldn't make the Halifax first team last year and ended up at relegated Barrow. We need experience and creative ability at half-back.
  13. That's a terrific signing for a club punching above its weight. Credit where credit's due.
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