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  1. For 'Director', read 'Executive Volunteer'.
  2. I beg to differ. It's not Diskin's responsibility to sack himself.
  3. Looking at the remaining fixtures, anything other than a victory against Rochdale and we are in serious, serious trouble.
  4. Apologies. However, 9'oller had already summed up my thoughts in a very concise manner. One of the issues at Batley is that not enough people are prepared to either vote with their feet or be vocal when the product simply isn't value for hard-earned money. I tend to find that the fans reluctant to criticise are often those who have special privileges to lose; such as free tickets. Then there are some who simply suffer with Bottom-Kissing Syndrome. Suggesting disloyalty amongst fans who choose to miss games due to being rightly disillusioned and disappointed is actually very insulting; particularly when some of those fans have followed the club through thick and thin for decades. Describing the forum member concerned as a d*ckhead was, in my opinion, an acceptable response.
  5. Tony F


    Incorrect. Tommo arrived at Batley with a guy called Mike Krause; who played a few games but quickly departed. Mick Cameron arrived the season after.
  6. Not up to the job at this stage of his career, sadly. Maybe 'Hill' come back from Australia a better player?
  7. Way too complicated for our P.R. guru.
  8. Tony F

    2018 Squad.

    I think said committee member is also a forum member. Hope it's not a case of 'jobs for the boys'.
  9. Tony F

    2018 Squad.

    Danny Sowerby is the younger brother of a member of the BISSA committee.
  10. I honestly can't see what the point of this is??????
  11. There's an Aussie lad named Chad Fallins on that photo. Never played a game for us. His brother, Ty, played for Featherstone for a number of years.
  12. The quote from Paul Harrison provided by Colin Bottomley says different. So, is he ours for the season or is he going to end up back at the Giants as soon as they have a minor injury crisis?
  13. That says to me that the deal is basically dual registration. He can be called back if needed in the Huddersfield first team.
  14. A poor player. Very poor indeed.
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