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  1. Please feel free to point out where I've said that the club shouldn't have signed them; and should have predicted what has happened. Just seems to me that certain people on the forum feel compelled to defend the club at every opportunity, even when there's no need to. What I have pointed out is that Downs and Dean leaving the club seriously weakens our squad; which was already looking particularly thin in terms of quality.
  2. What's he trying to achieve? I think it's fairly obvious that he's expressing concern that two players (one of whom is our team workhorse) have left the club without a ball being passed in anger. Regardless of what they've left to do, it's a fact that they've gone; which leaves an already poor squad even looking even poorer. Lingard is quoted as saying in today's Press that "there's nothing close" in terms of strengthening in key areas. Still, we might as well pretend that everything is rosy in the garden. On a positive note, at least it's reassuring to know that the door is still open for Bravo.......
  3. Disaster really does loom this season. Our squad was weak enough to begin with. I heard on the grapevine that we were in talks with Ben Kaye, who would undoubtedly have improved us. However, he's apparently turned us down and is now likely to move to a club in Championship 1.
  4. We're in enormous trouble next season if we don't add some genuine attacking quality to our squad. Our 'points for' column was dire last season, and we've lost our top scorer; who was actually pretty mediocre. Where are the tries going to come from in 2020? Worrying stuff.
  5. Really pleasing to read in The Press that Danny Bravo has been retained. I was worried that he might be snared by one of our rivals.
  6. Well, he's probably spot on. Our recruitment thus far has been poor. Our attack last season was terrible, and we've lost our top try/points scorer.
  7. If I'm being fair, Thornton himself knew he was out of his depth. He offered his resignation on various occasions (before being persuaded to stay) prior to finally leaving in 2009.
  8. Careful Rob, you might upset some of the SNOWFLAKES amongst us.
  9. None of them. Hanging on to Dane Manning is quite pleasing.
  10. I always assumed that the primary remit of BISSA was to support the club in signing players who were slightly above budget? I hope we aren't paying this lad too much!
  11. It's become very clear over the last ten years that an experienced coach; with an ability to get the very best out of limited resources, is an absolutely must for our club. Despite this, we've replaced one novice with someone who has little over one season of experience as a head coach; and at a lower level. What was our recruitment process? How did the board decide that our new coach is the 'best man for the job'? We're now bringing in an assistant coach who has no previous experience in such a role, and appears to have been recruited as he is friends with the head coach. None of the above fills me with any confidence whatsoever.
  12. This really is a bargain basement operation, isn't it? FFS.
  13. I absolutely agree, Ernie. Thus far, on paper we look very, very poor.
  14. Not sure that a few tough stints on a rowing machine will cure his crippling lack of aggression. We can but hope.
  15. Didn't Dewsbury send him back to Wakefield last season following a disappointing spell?
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