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  1. Spiffing stuff. Losing one of our better players this season to a club only a few points above hs in the league. Well done to all concerned.
  2. Long gone are the days when we compete in pretty much every game and can hold our heads up high with pride. I guess we're ok plodding on for a few more years, hiding behind the 'punching above our weight' rhetoric we've been groomed into believing.
  3. Hopefully he'll continue to progress and develop into the player you're predicting he will become. I guess that one of the advantages of being Leeds' feeder club is that you get to see a lot of prospects and stars of the future.
  4. I've seen nothing whatsoever in Newman to suggest that he even comes close to Paul Newlove in terms of ability. Newlove was playing for Great Britain whilst still in his teens, and was an absolute Rolls Royce from a young age. Newman, to me, just looks like a lad with decent potential. Different strokes, different folks etc etc.
  5. Toulouse 66 Batley 6
  6. Careful Stevie, the forum Police will be knocking down your door in the middle of the night and dragging you out of bed again.
  7. Jouffret needs to p*ss off to Featherstone now, if that's going to be the standard of his performances up until the end of the season. On a more positive note, I've been reliably informed today that Diskin is staying for 2020. Time to break out the bubbly and the party poppers.
  8. Not surprised to read any of this. The man is an utter fraud and charlatan. I wouldn't want him coaching Thornhill under 10's.
  9. No, he played only four seasons in the top flight; with Leeds and Oldham. He had other spells in the lower divisions with Swinton, Rochdale (x 2), Wakefield and ourselves.
  10. Sorry to be pedantic, but Mike Kuiti played the vast majority of his career in the UK outside of the top flight. He was playing for a club in the same division as Batley when he signed for us. Tere Glassie never played in the top flight.
  11. Given that only 4-5 people reportedly applied for the job last time it became available (despite the fact we were flying as a club at the time), I'm not optimistic that we'll end up with a coach of proven quality if Diskin departs. For financial reasons, I don't think we'd look past Craig Lingard.
  12. Not worth anywhere near the money he is reputedly earning. Looks great against the other bottom half clubs but generally vanishes when up against decent opposition. However, is there anyone better we could possibly sign? Probably not, which is very concerning.
  13. Not for me. The last few years have demonstrated very clearly that a club with our resources requires an experienced coach with a decent track record who is able to maximise what's available to him.
  14. We wouldn't come close to meeting Sharp's financial demands. He'd do a good job though, no doubt.
  15. Sorry BD, I really like your posts, but.......Harrison?!?? I'd rather have that elderly woman with the specs who sells Golden Gamble tickets in charge; or one of the blokes who steward the car park on matchdays. I'm being deadly serious, by the way. My suggestion would be to bring in Alan Kilshaw and see how he goes for the remainder of the season. It wouldn't be pretty, but at least we'd be fired up and organised.
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