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  1. Well done bod.
  2. Thanks for the update.
  3. As a so called die hard i am less than excited about the season ahead.I appreciate all the hard work and wouldnt knock anyone on here for their graft,but if were getting peeved off,i cant see a lot of new faces flocking back this term. Having said that i will be there,but its not going to be easy to resist other temptations on a Sunday afternoon.
  4. Has anyone seen or purchased any of the new merchandise?I have only seen photos of the stock but it looks really cheap and nasty.
  5. Is there any word on players this week?
  6. Is fifita still on the books.?
  7. Is fifita still on the books.?
  8. Mebbe ask Gary Mck?
  9. A good player for the haven r.i.p.
  10. You must be his financial advisor / agent.
  11. No doubting us die hards being there but the floating fans will be sat at yam .
  12. Gordon will be back in u.k next season,not at Town though.
  13. Best of luck to him always done his best for us.