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  1. No pens,no mistakes,and no try to them just before half time please,and we will be o.k.
  2. I think they need a gardener at the wreck not a groundsman😂😂😂lets hope they didnt unearth any taties during todays game.
  3. Well done town.
  4. As long as were not their ##### .
  5. Mebbe better not to quote uncles brothers friends nieces ....etc.. If we could have an injury update from the club as the season unfolds that would be useful to us.
  6. Apart from that he cant pick a ball up from dummy half with out knocking on.
  7. Lets hope big Alex isnt two weeks away😣😣😂😂
  8. I am sure Gary would look into this for you if you ask him miaow.
  9. Pure comedy gold.
  10. I am pleased that we didnt keep him,he looks like he will take up the panto villain role when spongebob hangs up his shorts.
  11. You are right pal they should get fined for being so stupid.
  12. Here is an exclusive pic of the shavens medical kit,looks o.k to me
  13. Which master of mirth came up with those classics?