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  1. You dont want much there marra,a full 40 would do for starters.
  2. Dont forget J.S.
  3. Good post mate.
  4. Hopefully we can hang on for a draw.
  5. Well thanks for the reply townie88 😂
  6. Has anyone any info on him ? Is he training ? This is where we miss troutys training updates.
  7. Good god you are unreal.
  8. Believe me you are tiresome to the point of being a complete annoyance. Any difference of opinion is regarded as kindergarten opinions. You need to look at yourself before calling others .
  9. Well if i am a doom monger you surely are the rose tinted spectacle wearer of seaton Prior to todays game you were saying we would win, i merely begged to differ from your superior opinion I predicted a win for Hunslet by 8 and was correct. No joy on my behalf at all. See you next week ,thats if you even bother to attend .
  10. Thats the joys of being a town fan David.
  11. We need a bit of mongrel about us to grind out results,in these tight games away from home you just cant see us winning.
  12. Youve changed your tune Mr Rugby League.
  13. Whos gloating? My prediction was correct,not the result i wanted by any means.
  14. Seems my prediction was about right.
  15. Can Gary enlighten us ?