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  1. Nowhere, but needs to shift a few pounds
  2. O'Brien should have been snapped up ages ago, plays 9 or 13
  3. I don't know if you realise, but Sam Dowsett is contracted to Whitehaven
  4. What position does he play?
  5. Brookie

    1895 cup

    It's a pity more clubs don't follow suit. It would send a message to the clowns who run the RL
  6. An outstanding achievent. However Corky was in winter on muddy pictures with a heavier ball. Still brilliant total
  7. A fit again Elliot would be like signing a new player
  8. Just been on the Barrow forum, and according to hate the rec Perry Singleton could be going to them. No mention on here
  9. Couldn't Lancaster have played on the wing?
  10. Do you think he was instrumental in the signing of Caine and Declan?
  11. I don't watch it anymore, no inderest in watching people galloping around on horses etc
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