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  1. Have we signed Bickerdike or Steele?
  2. Brookie

    2020 Squad

    I'd have Gillam any day. And welcome home Fui
  3. Brookie

    Away shirt

    I like that. As someone said, it's the original colours I've no idea why they changed to blue and white
  4. Give the trialists a run out
  5. The try when Barrow were awarded a scrum for a supposedly knock on by Young beggered belief. Plus a coue more decisions
  6. Glastonbury could motor as well
  7. Until he he took a pop at Brian McTigue, and came off second best. But still a hard man, and a hell of a nice guy
  8. Read my comment at beginning of this post. I said he'd be biased in favour of Haven. And I was spot on
  9. What was the attendance today? The official one
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