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  1. Don't forget tonight's 30 seconds highlights on Border tonight at 6pm
  2. Thought he'd gone. Took their time with that. A good player though. Probably next years hooker
  3. Another great. Pity he didn't return to Town instead of down the road
  4. When a player comes on trial who decides whether to keep them. the coach, or the board?
  5. He played for them on the first week of his trial, and was MOM. He's a great la'al player. Gonna need a hooker next season as I think Penky will have gone
  6. Ok, obviously don't rate him, which is a shame
  7. No Marwood again. Why sign him on trial and not play him? Think he'll go back to Barrow Island. Or even the Jammies
  8. But Rooke is a finisher. Can't see why they dropped him
  9. Utterly crazy decision. I can't see the town getting another world cup or sporting event again.
  10. Didn't there used to be an Archer's Bakery on Vulcan's lane?
  11. Good solid player. RIP
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