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  1. Cross Hills Cougar


    The rugby league needs to let Cougars sign players for this season asap, wonder which of S Spencer or M O'Neill they will approve.
  2. Cross Hills Cougar


    Takeover over bid in the offing
  3. Cross Hills Cougar

    Championship 1, Who will survive?

    Hoping Cougars make the start line. Then scrape into the play-offs, when our late start to pre-season should see us peaking about then.
  4. Cross Hills Cougar

    Does anybody in Keighley care?

    Hoping we'll make the start line in 2019 and that Cougar Park will actually be the place to be. York did it, we can.
  5. Cross Hills Cougar


    Steve Gill now gone - to Featherstone
  6. Cross Hills Cougar

    Great RL Photos

    When you come back and win the match with a last second try...
  7. Richard Moore started at Keighley Cougars in the mid 1990s under Daryl Powell.
  8. Cross Hills Cougar


    Keighley Cougars needs Steve Gill at the helm with a new board of directors of a new owning company & Keighley Cougars (2010) Ltd wound up pdq, points deduction or not.
  9. Cross Hills Cougar

    Last chance saloon for Keighley Cougars

    It's looking like all the Sky TV money will be retained by the top 20 clubs from 2020 season onwards. The rest of the clubs will get nothing and become amateur clubs. To avoid this fate, Keighley Cougars: 1. HAS to win promotion this season 2. HAS to meet the ground criteria for the Championship in 2019 (so A LOT of money is needed for serious stadium development) and 3. HAS to finish in the top half of the Championship in 2019 The stadium improvements required have gone nowhere in 5 years because the club cannot get the funding. Why? Because to get public funding, as well as making out a strong case, a club: 1. HAS to have no single individual owning more than 50% of the club 2. HAS to have a minimum of three properly appointed directors and 3. HAS to publish full, audited accounts every year. Keighley Cougars fails on all three counts. This has to be rectified FAST - or the club goes amateur in two years time. The coach, his staff, our players and the supporters and volunteers deserve the right off field backing now to avoid the worst happening. It's to be hoped the club has the right calibre of sponsor to make the right things happen.
  10. Not sure the Hearns are cut out to head the RFL. But I'd certainly give them the Magic Weekend to promote. Making it a nines rather than an extra round of league matches would straight away end the distortion of an odd number of league games. Tells the Hearns it has to be a 9 a side competition for 16 teams over the weekend. They have to guarantee £250,000 prize money for the winners, £125,000 for the runners-up and £100,000 for 3rd (winner of the semi final losers' match) and £50,000 for all the other 13 teams. That's £1.125 million they have to guarantee. Anything above that that they make (from TV rights, sponsorship, advertising, ticket sales etc) they keep. The prize money on offer would ensure clubs field their strongest teams. What would people think about inviting one guest RU team?
  11. Cross Hills Cougar

    Predictions for league 1

    1 Keighley Cougars 2 Whitehaven 3 Bfd Buls 4 Doncaster 5 Workington 6 York 7 Newcastle 8 Oldham 9 Hunslet 10 London Skolars 11 Coventry Bears 12 North Wales 13 Hemel Stags 14 West Wales
  12. Cross Hills Cougar

    Twp tonight

    Superficially, a move to BMO Field in Toronto would give the Wolfpack a more modern stadium. But sharing with a soccer club is not ideal. If Lamport could be made Wolfpack's true home and be upgraded gradually in conjunction with the City Council, it could become a real fortress. But to make it home, the first job would be to mark out the pitch with rugby league markings only to replace the current mish mash which does the visual image of the game no favors. Mark the field out like an Australian NRL pitch..
  13. Wayne Bennett will want a full back who is closest to being a Darius Boyd. Hardaker or Tomkins?
  14. Cross Hills Cougar

    2018 Season Tickets

    Is this a record? The owner of Keighley Cougars put discounted 2018 season tickets on sale in June this year with the deadline being a few days ago on 30 July. There is no word as to how many were sold or how much was raised but has any other club sold the next year's season tickets so early? Should Cougars supporters be concerned?
  15. Cross Hills Cougar

    Reserves competition - a disgrace all round.

    Should be compulsory for every Super League and Championship club to run a Reserves team and enter it in the Reserves League. Actually, it should be UNDER 21s (but with up to 6 over age players allowed in the match day 17). If Keighley Cougars can run an Academy and a Reserves on just £75k central funding, why not all other clubs?