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  1. This is the first time that i have seen the nines version and I have been enjoying it so far. There is more space for players to show their flair and speed without it being all about just having the fastest players like in sevens. I'm not sure about changing magic to a nines competition but there should be one over here.
  2. Some nice tries from England in the first half. I was impressed with the womens team as well, they produced some good stuff.
  3. How many Saints players would Holbrook consider to be good enough for the NRL? Roby, Walmsley and Thompson immediately spring to mind but Roby has had more than one chance to go, Walmsley will be starting enter the final few years of his career when his current contract expires and I all I have read about Thompson is him saying that he is happy at Saints.
  4. Pure new wool with perfect stitches not the kind of jumper that makes you itches
  5. The crowd would either have never heard of them or it would have been 20 years since they last had any relevance to them so no wonder they didn't really grab the crowds attention. I appreciate that Super League doesn't have much money to throw around so can't afford a really big name but surely there would have been someone more modern out there who could have been available who the crowd would appreciate more. Hopefully they will take a different approach with regards to next years musical act instead of a band who hasn't released anything since the 90's, unless it is Sultans Of Ping because having the Old Trafford crowd bouncing to Where's Me Jumper? would get the whole stadium buzzing before the teams come out.
  6. Salford had a dig but Saints were just quicker in everything, driving forward, PTBs, defensive line speed etc. Salford had a go and did finish the first half the stronger but that was the only time that they were to be on top unfortunately. Salford did get some decisions going against them though such not getting a penalty when Dudson was thrown to the ground, Naiqaima getting away with a shoulder charge on Inu, a high shot on Evalds when he collected a kick and I thought there was one time when Evalds was pushed when he had leapt to take a kick. It is a shame that Salford couldn't complete a fairytale ending but Saints are truly worthy champions after the season that they have had. 16 points clear at the top of the table and the style of rugby that they have played all year.
  7. Heart says Salford head says Saints. Saints to cut loose in the last 10 minutes and give the scoreboard a lopsided look and make the game look more onesided than it will be.
  8. I have read that he has been linked with Toulon. I thought he was going to the NRL but playing in the top 14 means he can double his salary without leaving France. I think that he would be a full back with his kicking game but I suspect that he will be back in Super League by the end of next season or 2021.
  9. The rugby played by Saints this year Salford reaching the Grand Final York finishing third after promotion last year London putting up such a fight in the relegation battle The growth of the Womens, LD and PD games Keinhorsts last minute winner v Hull FC
  10. You could try to sell an "event" as you say but there is no getting around that it would be a rugby event. You could put as much marketing into something as you want but if people aren't interested than they aren't interested.
  11. Trying would just be a waste of time and money. There is absolutely no interest in rugby of either code in Liverpool. None. And there never will be.
  12. I have only seen a handful of them. How can Team America be in the top 10? It is good but not that good.
  13. What would Workington be punished for? As far as I am aware playing in cup competitions isn't compulsory.
  14. It should be more difficult to get to the Grand Final the lower you finish but it should be difficult without it being impossible. If 1st played 5th then 5th would probably have to score at least 40 to win.
  15. Chicago have the best defence in the NFL IMO but going by today their offense will need to be better if they are to go far in the playoffs. In todays NFL having a great defence when you have an average offence doesn't get you as far as it once could have done.
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