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  1. That quote shows Samuels doesn’t understand how professional sport works.
  2. I trust that IMG will have clear goals to get an A grade so clubs like Keighley are probably more likely to get that grade and become a Super League club than at present. But if Keighleys chairman is happy being in the Championship and going no higher because they can never break the ceiling of the big Championship clubs steamrollering everyone else in the name of “sporting integrity” then that’s up to him.
  3. I have thought for a while that McIlorum would be in the squad. Full Back Halves and Hooker are possibly the main key positions in the game today and in those positions he has gone for players he coached at Wigan.
  4. There’s a reason Watkins no longer plays at centre at club level, yet it seems like he will do at a World Cup . Even with all the backs that won’t be there is it isn’t quite as weak as could have been in the past. The worry for me is Wanes rigid style of play as I don’t think it will be enough to beat the really top teams.
  5. I have a feeling that Sneyds long kicking will be seen as being even more important in the bigger games.
  6. On Twitter Rod Studd seems have become increasingly hysterical about it.
  7. The old “it isn’t proper sport if there’s no promotion and relegation.” Apart from all the sports leagues that don’t have it that is.
  8. Dolphins, Saints, Falcons, Ravens, Cowboys, Lions, Chargers, Titans, Giants, Eagles, Steelers, Panthers, Broncos, Packers, Chiefs, Rams
  9. It could be to make room for another competition to sell to TV. As Super League is going to remain at 12 for now there could be a Super League Cup with three groups of four playing home and away, with the group winners and best runners up in the semi finals. Home group games counting on season tickets so there is still around the same number of home games as now. After the final there could then be a two or three week gap before Super League starts.
  10. I think it will depend on what the fan survey says and it will probably be voted down by the majority of clubs.
  11. Where will the money come from to fund 20 teams? A 14 team top flight seems more likely.
  12. I remember Social Media being flooded with complaints over Camila Cabello and UEFA trying to Americanise football and turning the Champions League Final into the Super Bowl. The general opinion was that it wasn’t wanted or needed because it should only have been about the football and nothing else.
  13. The RFLS idea of good artists that were famous in the 80s would be 5 Star and Kajagoogoo
  14. With it being the 25th Grand Final you would have thought a big deal would have been made of it pre game, and with IMG on board now the RFL/ Super League should have been showing them what they can do.
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