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  1. It was sometime in the early 80s. I seem to recall that there used to be some sort of pre season competition at the Boulevard.
  2. I thought it was harsh as well and it was such a pivotal moment in the game as Cas then started to dominate field position and scored and then all the momentum was with them from then on.
  3. I enjoyed the first couple of episodes of the new series of Better Call Saul. There can’t be any more than a couple of series left as it is now catching up with the events of Breaking Bad.
  4. Plenty of effort but we are missing so many key players so we are lacking a lot of quality needed at this level. Our forwards were outmuscled again as well and at times we were having three or four defenders on a ball carrier and still struggling to bring them down. Four of our next five games are against Wigan, Warrington, Saints and Hull so the other game against Toronto really now is a must win.
  5. I came across a podcast that League Freak does and he tipped Catalans to win the title so that has to be a sign that they won’t do well this year.
  6. Sadly it it will keep on happening. People really think that they can say anything they want on social media.
  7. I was fearing that we would get steamrollered but we put up a great fight and if that penalty had gone over who knows what could have happened. After a full pre season under Smith we look like we will be a better team than last year and if we can keep it up throughout the year we will be safe. When Parcell is back we will have two good options with him and Litten.
  8. Great team performance from Warrington. Saints weren’t at their best and had to cope with Walmsley pulling out and losing Percival but for Warrington to keep them scoreless was a great effort. One thing I haven’t liked about Warrington under Price is how rigid and conservative they have been in attack so seeing them being more expansive will be good for them as they have the players for it.
  9. Not confident about Friday. We will put up a spirited fight but their size will be the difference come the last 10-15 minutes.
  10. Seen the highlights show and noticed on the 3rd and 15 throw by Mahomes that there was a hold on Bosa that was missed by the officials.
  11. I still can’t get over the play where Hill was clearly offside and everyone missed it.
  12. Lolohea is going to be in for a busy season defensively after that. There were at least three tries he was at fault for. Salford will improve and I don’t think that you can take too much about Salford’s prospects for this year from this game as Saints will win a lot of home games by big margins. Saints line speed was brilliant and stopped Salford from getting into a rhythm. They were flying into tackles.
  13. Great win to start the season. I thought we would win in a tight struggle so to win by that margin is very pleasing. I have always been confident that our home form will see us alright and after a full pre-season under Smith there should be an improvement on last year. Sad news for Danny Brough for his career to end like this as he is a class player and it is a huge blow for Wakefield as losing him will be a huge blow for their prospects this year and I think that they are going to be in for a long season.
  14. Cas to win despite all the injuries as I think it will take Toronto some time to get up to speed.
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