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  1. I feel that clubs outside Super League will end up in a catch 22 situation as if funding dries up as a result of a new TV deal then it is going to need something drastic for Championship and League 1 to continue but anything drastic will make fans of clubs in those divisions walk away.
  2. If fans were pandered to we would be having a 37 team Super League.
  3. I remember him saying that he always wanted to play in Australia so he can now say that he has been there and done that and even in these two years he has earned enough money to set his daughter up. It’s great for Super League as it needs the best players, especially the best English players to be playing their trade over here.
  4. I have seen plenty of trouble at Hull derbies and there was the trouble after the game at Craven Park in 2007 which was reported in all the national press.
  5. I must have pressed to hard on my phone as I was scrolling.
  6. If the championship clubs vote to restart then it can carry on with P&R between SL and the championship. If they vote not to carry on then the clubs that do wish to play games should be able to arrange a mini comp to do so. However I don’t see how any mini comp could be considered to be an official championship season when more than half of the teams would be sitting it out so I don’t see how there could be any promotion.
  7. What emoji? I have removed it as I didn’t mean to do that.
  8. What is about Wigan that has NRL clubs after their players more than they seem to for other clubs? You don’t hear of Saints, Leeds etc players been targeted as regularly as Wigan players.
  9. It must be annoying for Wigan fans to see so many of their players leaving but what will be worse for them is that Wigan don’t seem to even try to put up a fight to keep them.
  10. The padding and helmets can easily make you think that you are more protected than what you actually are. If they weren’t wearing helmets then they would be more aware about going into tackles head first. On a couple of the YouTube reaction videos I have see the person doing the reacting have mentioned that the tackling technique is better and NFL players can learn from it.
  11. There are plenty of videos on YouTube of Americans reacting to rugby videos and some of them completely lose it when they see the collisions. None of them can get their heads around nobody wearing padding.
  12. During one of the games I watched at the weekend the commentator said that it was noticeable that defences were content to give up a restart when in the other teams half. The rule was brought in with the best of intentions to speed up the flow of the game but I wouldn’t be unhappy to see it go.
  13. He will do well at Salford if he goes there. A good player who wasn’t given a chance by Lam.
  14. From the NRL games that I have seen there have been occasions where the referee has been a bit to quick to award 6 again and it isn’t always clear as to why it has been awarded. I think we should wait to see how it goes before bringing it in for next year if it is wanted but based on what I have seen I am leaning towards not having it.
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