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  1. Only Connect was back last night and I managed to get the first two right. I felt really clever.
  2. If we can carry on playing as well in attack and keep up with the defensive improvement that we have been showing then I fancy a win.
  3. The article doesn’t really make it clear whether the RFL package is all together or if broadcasters can choose what they would like. If it is the latter than I’m not sure which channel will take the Championship and League 1 rights unless it is just rights for a weekly highlights show. The packages do show the problems facing the game though. Ideally there should be at least two separate SL packages but as there will be only one broadcaster who will be interested there is no point. Internationals should be a separate package but international games are so infrequent broadcasters won’t pay much for them so would have to go together with the Cup.
  4. Hull were worthy winners but they did concede some soft tries again. After the game Powell went on about how Cas did it tough but it was his choice not to rotate.
  5. Wrong decision for me. He has had to blood a lot of young players who have been holding their own well and I’m sure that under Woodford they would have improved.
  6. He has revealed that he has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Thoughts are with him. https://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/hull-kr-mark-broadhurst-dementia-4513628.amp
  7. Drawn games were never a big issue as it wasn’t as though there were loads of drawn games every week. There was nothing wrong with teas sharing a point after a hard fought game where neither team could be separated and is better than teams turning a game into a drop goal contest.
  8. First drive as a Buc and Brady marches the team downfield for a TD. A couple of PI calls helped but he still has the arm strength.
  9. Cam Newtons running game gives the Patriots something extra that they didn’t have with Brady. The Dolphins did give up a lot of running yards and they should be better than last season but I doubt they will be in the playoffs.
  10. I have watched the first three episodes of Money Heist. I’m really liking it so far.
  11. I’m looking forward to this. After the other game I would expect Rovers to target Saints right edge defence and after how well the left edge attack played last week v Wigan we should give Saints a much better game this time.
  12. They’re the teams who I think will be in the top 4 and as it is a simple semi finals and final it will be wide open and it could be anyone of them.
  13. What a result! Abdull ran the show and was my MOM. Litten played very well and our left edge caused Wigan all sorts of problems. The team is still a work in progress but there have been game by game improvements in the performances since the return and that will only continue as the season goes on.
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