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  1. Tommy: That's why we couldn't find cause of death. She's still alive. Austin: Alive? We lit her on fire. We took out her heart. Tommy: There's something, some energy. Call it what you want, something is keeping her going. Autopsy of Jane Doe
  2. FB Coote 3/4 Hall Gildart Connor Makinson Halves Williams Widdop Front Row Graham Hodgson Thompson Second Row Bateman Whitehead Loose Forward S Burgess Bench Walmsley Watts Clark Lomax
  3. I know you gentlemen have been through a lot. And when you find the time I'd rather not spend the rest of this winter TIED TO THIS F****** COUCH!
  4. There is not a chance that C4 or C5 will host championship games, if they are interested in RL at all it would only be the big clubs that would attract the biggest ratings for advertisers. Super League is the only major sellable asset that the game has and you really can't compare RL with Football. In their Championship there is a whole host of clubs who fight it out for promotion to the Premier League and there is a huge player pool for clubs to draw on. The RL Championship has only a handful of clubs that could make a decent fist of promotion and our small player pool means that it is hard for them to put a SL competitive team together. 8 teams is a no go either. Playing each other 4 times a season with playoffs and Cup will make it feel like teams are playing each other on an endless loop and there would soon be calls to increase the league and what if this season London, Hull KR and Leeds finish in the bottom 3 and go down in your system? You would lose Leeds v Wigan x4, Leeds v Saints x4, Leeds v Warrington x4, Hull v Hull KR x4 as well as Super Leagues presence in the capital and all of a sudden Super League doesn't look that attractive to broadcasters anymore. We need to be looking to increase the league more of a national and overseas presence, not contracting it and running the risk of having 8 teams from the M62 corridor.
  5. They are professional players so professional pride should be driving them to avoid finishing bottom relegation or not. If players are driven by a fear of being relegated instead of a desire to be the best then they are in the wrong job.
  6. I'm not voting because it could be anyone out of London, Rovers, Huddersfield or Wakefield. I think Leeds will be OK. Huddersfield have collapsed and have a tough run in, Wakefield play Wigan and Warrington next two games which could leave them having to beat London, London have two huge games against Rovers and Wakefield to finish with and both are away. Hopefully Rovers have got their bad performance out of their system and we have done better against the teams in the top half then we have against the teams around us so winning at Catalans isn't impossible. London will be a tough game but if Rovers play as well as they can then it should be a win. I have a feeling that the Wakefield v London game will be the decider.
  7. Wigan are the favourites to finish second and I think they will. I have a sneaky feeling that they will go on to win the title.
  8. The RFL should do something about the penalty that he won in the first half that got Krasniqi sin binned. How could the referee be the only one that didn't see what he did?
  9. London stood up to the Catalan pack and took their chances. Catalans had taken the chances they had bombed they would have won. When Catalans are good they are great and when they are bad they are awful. It really puts the pressure on us to win tomorrow.
  10. I will be 43 this year and it seems a lifetime ago when Aliens came out. I don't think she did anything else.
  11. I thought he had a decent game last night. I did think that the pass for Leeds disallowed try in the first half wasn't forward but I thought that was the touch judges call.
  12. We better get back cause it will be dark soon and they mostly come out at night... Mostly.
  13. It was a tight first half but after the Taia tries Leeds just fell away. It was more down to that than Saints improving. Welsby is a very good player and has a great future in the game.
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