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  1. It will be tight but home advantage and bouyed by last week's win should see us squeak home with a win.
  2. There is a reason why the war of the roses never caught on and always died a death and the England-Exiles game is something that shouldn't be brought back either. There should be more games between England and France, one in England and one in France.
  3. Being a highly experienced journalist she won't be saying what she has without the evidence to back it up and as it is Banks that is taking legal action it will be on him to prove that she is lying. IMO it is an attempt to intimidate her to keep quiet as when the rich bring take someone to court like this it is usually to try to keep what they want hidden to stay hidden.
  4. Rugby League has always been a big part of life in Hull and with two clubs there is always someone who you can talk RL with. Now I live somewhere with zero interest in the game means I can't talk to anyone I know about it and when I mention that I watched a game on TV I get a quizzical "you watched Rugby?" response. There have been times when I have worn a Rovers shirt and someone has mistaken it for a Liverpool shirt . I do see the occasional St Helens shirts and when I was going into work the day after the derby the other week I actually saw someone who was wearing a Hull FC shirt.
  5. The way that the top 5 system is designed means that every team has to beat everyone who finished above them and I think that it is right that the top teams get two chances as it rewards their performances over the season.
  6. The Grand Final should be at a neutral venue IMO but as it was decided at the beginning of the season that it would be held at the highest placed team then that is what should happen. As it stands now though it is possible for Leigh to have to make three trips to Toronto in the space of just over a month.
  7. York do have the potential to be a Super League club. They have come a long way in a short time but with the board sensibly only willing to spend what they have they are going to have an injection of cash to be able to step up to the next level and compete in Super League, so improving the club off field is the next thing to do. It's going to be difficult to grow the fan base as it has been mentioned earlier on this thread about how it is a struggle to get people to take an interest in RL, I have found that people who are predominantly RL fans will follow football and people who are predominantly football fans have zero interest in RL but with York and the surrounding areas there must be people who might be tempted to give RL a go.
  8. She could be talking about the history of Britain there.
  9. Salford will have too much fora poor Huddersfield side. Salford by 12
  10. If they feel that strongly about the EU then they could have chosen to not take their seats in the EU Parliament in the same way that Sinn Fein refuse to take their Westminster seats, although I highly doubt that they will be as quick to turn their backs on their salary and expenses.
  11. Catalans seem to have a period in the season like this every year, whether it is complacency or a mental issue I don't know. As long as they are in the top five I think McNamara will be safe but if they fail to make the playoffs then he will be gone IMO. With the money they have spent and the players they have it would be a huge failure.
  12. After going 10 points up Atkin and Drinkwater taken control but they didn't. I lost count of the number of times Rovers players lost the ball in the tackle, although that was down to aggressive London defence which allowed them to control the ruck. There were times when Rovers tried to be far to fancy in their own 20 and nearly paid for it several times. Still it was an excellent contest and with some great play and big hits by both teams. We are away at Leeds in a few weeks and if we don't give them a head start like last time I am confident that we can win.
  13. Catalans seem to be struggling of late and Hull will be on a roll after last weeks win. Hull by 10
  14. it will probably be a game that is high on tension and low on quality. London will be difficult and be on a high after their recent wins but I think that we will scrape home. Rovers by 2. It's crazy to think that whoever wins though will only be 4 points off a playoff place before the other games are played.
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