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  1. If all you have to do to win best presenter 20 years in a row is present a knock off Noels House Party and do a few links for a reality show then where do I sign up?
  2. Kurt Haggerty has his say, although most people would say “yeah but he would say that wouldn’t he.” https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/leigh-coach-feels-rugby-league-would-benefit-from-return-of-licensing/
  3. This is why there should be more than two games a week on Sky. A wider range of teams to show at the weekend will mean that there is more of a chance to show a game like the one on Saturday. When Cas scores at the start of the second half I thought that was it so to find a way to get back into it and get the win boded well for the future. Dagger was a well deserved man of the match and I really want him to stay next year.
  4. So it’s four from Super League and two from the RFL. That would just lead to them being accused of putting Super League first.
  5. Even if the RFL ever had the money to invest in London the way that the NRL did with Melbourne they wouldn’t have done it. A competitive London team in Super League would be great for the league.
  6. Even though Russell Crowe makes out that he is a fair dinkum Aussie he was born in New Zealand.
  7. It is the best sporting way but RL has the problem of trying to square that with trying to raise its profile and maximising the amount of money Super League can generate, which with the lack of money in the game I’m not sure can be done.
  8. Michael K Williams aged 54. Famous for playing Omar Little in The Wire and Chalky White in Boardwalk Empire.
  9. After all the years of Maguire and Wane rugby they need someone that can bring some attacking flair to the club to try and get the crowds back.
  10. I’ve just seen the first two episodes of the new series of Money Heist and so far it’s been so intense.
  11. This is the final series as they have nearly caught up to where the comic books ended.
  12. I’ve seen some clips from the Saints Catalans game and there looked to be a decent crowd there.
  13. I’ve got too invested in it to give it up so I thought it was worth sticking with but there have been lots who gave up with it. If you gave up by season 8 then it probably wouldn’t have got much better for you.
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