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  1. Admittedly I’ve only had the chance to watch a couple St Helens games this year but surely Welsby starts in the halves if he’s half as good as he’s been hyped on here. No point “easing him in” if the alternatives are older and not all that great anyway.
  2. So assuming all the Fiji side bar NRL grand final players are the ones that have arrived already. Sivo, Kikau, Turuva, Blake and hopefully Koroisau and RCG to join.
  3. Unfortunately this is still a problem, especially for 2nd tier nations. Even the Kiwis lack depth in certain positions as evidenced by players like Nikorima & CNK making the extended squad after spending the year as fringe NRL or on the bench.
  4. Coates may get an Australian spot if that’s his preference but hopefully the rest are good to play along with Biondi-Odo, Martin, Simbiken, Derby, Alick etc.
  5. Looking forward to seeing what PNG can do in the World Cup at full strength. A handful of this side should make the final squad, hopefully their NRL & England based players are all set to play.
  6. I’d love to see a few Digicel Cup teams included in this proposed second tier knockout comp if it ever happens. As for the result of this game, not unexpected. Fair chance here are more of the Australian side that make the World Cup than PNG. Throw in their NRL & English based players and other NSW/QLD Cup players who missed out like Alick, Simbiken, Derby & Biondi-Odo and they’re looking alright for the World Cup.
  7. I said centre options so I’d have him over Crichton, Tago and whoever else personally. I wasn’t aware Staggs is out, when did that happen?
  8. I’m sure I saw somewhere recently Jai Field was eligible under heritage. Old article but it says he’s eligible Here.
  9. I didn’t think this was allowed but just checked and yes a player can switch tier 2 nations once every 4 years but never between tier 1s. Not a fan of that rule at all really, certain players could play for 3 or more nations over their career going by that, Frizell might be the first.
  10. Myler and Keary have said they’re playing. They have quite a lot of eligible Super League players and some NRL players like Finucane, Nikorimas, Harper, Joliffe, Curran and a few others eligible but not sure how many will commit to playing. Here is a decent write up on possible players.
  11. I’m 100% sure I’ve double/triple checked it before over the last year or 2 and it’s always said that the Aus/NZ/Fiji side doesn’t cross over with the England/Tonga/Samoa/PNG side until the final. Weird.
  12. A 3 test series Vs NZ is a decent start but it needs more. Tonga, Samoa, Fiji or PNG coming as well and playing a few games would be better. Hopefully at the very least France get a game against England & NZ to beef up the schedule a bit and give them some profile games in the lead up to their own World Cup.
  13. Central Queensland is virtually no chance, compounded by the fact that Mackay is very solid Cowboys territory and rightly so. It’s the start of North Queensland, nobody really considers it CQ. I don’t think would many switch to a CQ team when Townsville is just as close as Rockhampton.
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