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  1. Well said. Too many people in Rugby League have an attitude of 'why bother?' when it isn't actually them that has to do any of the bothering. Good on Valencia and all involved for giving it a crack.
  2. A result like this doesn't really prove anything and acting like it does is a bit ridiculous. Valencia aren't a current League 1 team so why would you expect them to show up as L1 standard for an exhibition game? If they ever got accepted in to League 1 everyone knows they'd have to pick off players from France and the UK. If they don't plan on doing that than they don't have much hope. They're not exactly going to sign these calibre of players for an exhibition match then a short Spanish amatuer season. I'm not convinced we'll ever see them in League 1 but you can't really base much off this result. I did say earlier in the thread that is was a strange way to "introduce themselves" with an inevitable flogging.
  3. Rugby League in England isn't big enough to sustain P&R in the modern sports environment. These days you can live stream pretty much any sport/competition on the planet from your own lounge room, what incentive is there for fans to be 'loyal' to a relegated club? Why would these people watch 2nd tier sport when they have hundreds of 1st tier comps at the click of their finger, let alone all other non-sport activities. Blind loyalty is a dying trend.
  4. There's a test cricket game on in Sydney right now. I don't think the fires will still be an ongoing issue in March. Like someone said Canberra and Woolongong would be worse at the moment. I travel to the Riverina region regularly for work, I was last there Thursday and the smoke was very thick even though the nearest fire was 150kms+ away.
  5. Fair enough, thanks. It'd be good to see some sort of follow up if it does go ahead. If the NRL, IRL, APRL or whoever wants to target the North American market pick 2-3 West Coast or Inner West cities and try and build a niche.
  6. Can't read but why Utah? Any of these ideas just seem completely random, see Denver.
  7. You could previously if it was an opposition player off an opposition kick, as long as you didn't get them in a dangerous position it was fair play. Fair enough, I didn't know that. So really this is the NRL changing one of their own unique rules back to the standard.
  8. It's always been a rule as long as I can remember, I can't say whether it was just an NRL/Australia rule or not. You still get penalised if the player got in to a dangerous position but you were always aloud to wrap up the player if they caught the ball. I'm surprised it's been different internationally all these years if that is correct. The rule as it was didn't really result any serious situations from memory, now though you can bet the NRL refs will over enforce it. We'll see I guess.
  9. I'm 99.9% sure you've always been able to tackle an attacking player in the air. It is in Australia anyway I'm not 100% on worldwide but I assume it would be the same.
  10. 20/40 - Will hardly ever be attempted, a but gimmicky but overall not fussed. No Tackling in the air at all - Will be a disaster, tall wingers will have an absolute field day and it will become the go to tactic for every team moreso than it already is. It will also result in some farcial sinbinnings and even penalty trys when the defending players tries to compete for the ball but makes contact with the attacking player. Challenge - Not bad but needs to have set guidelines on when it can be used. Scenario: Team A makes a break downfield with their player tackled 5 metres short of the try line. Team B defense is absolutely shot. Team A goes to play the ball for a simplw shift to score BUT Team B captain challenges saying he saw the Team A player knock-on. Play is reset and defensive line is reset.
  11. A few spare Billion and I might go down the David Argyle route somewhere that interests me. A few million? Wouldn't go near any sports teams, well maybe a bit more merch and a membership.
  12. I find it comical how in this day and age how people think people from England can't know about something that interests them in Australia, likewise the other way around. They're not exactly waiting for 3 month old newspaper clipping to travel over by boat. Also there are plenty of Australians on here. There is another Australian based forum where V'Landys is copping a lot of slack for his comments and rightly so. They are some of the stupidest comments I've seen from a chairman in quite a long time, especially about a city they are trying to sell tickets for their next "event" (9's). If the guy supports Brisbane 2 fair enough but for him to actively s*** on Perth in the process is extremely backward. Why not just talking up each bids positives and the competition for spots the NRL has? He has basically talked down his own code by admitting he doesn't think they NRL is up to expanding to Perth but blaming Perth for it despite some very good crowds and a lot of hard work from staff on the ground over the last 10 years. The WA minister of sport has replied by saying they're reevaluating the generous amount of money they put towards Rugby League if that is the stance the Chairman is going with. People arguing this as "tactics" I just cannot see it, and if it is I think his tactics are awful.
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