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  1. So unless they play England every year the rest don’t bother? Weird take. I am all for full Euro Cup featuring England going forward but England aren’t going to be able or willing to play all of France, Wales, Ireland, Scotland & Jamaica every year unfortunately. I do think they should be playing France & at least one of the others annually to help develop local competition.
  2. Week 1: Warm Ups Wales V England France V Jamaica Ireland V Scotland Weeks 2-3/4: Mini-Series England V France x 3 Scotland V Ireland x 2 Wales V Jamaica x 2 Would be reasonable. If all we get is the 3 games mentioned in the OP it is probably major warning signs.
  3. Not bad for the first weekend, what about the 2-3 weekends after that?..
  4. In the absence of a tournament at such late notice I’d love to see a few mini-series like this. England V France, Wales V Jamaica & Ireland V Scotland all in 2-3 game series plus 3 mixed warm up games.
  5. After the events of the last month this should be looked at as a “fresh start” for the England V France rivalry with both sides fully buying in to it. We need France to be at full strength and England not to hold any games in Leigh, 20k minimum. Same if England play a game Vs Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Jamaica or anyone else at home. These games would get 20k easily at the World Cup, need to make that the expectation for every England home international, not just Aus & NZ games.
  6. Personally not interested in combined teams. Jamaica with heritage players would be reasonably strong but if blowouts are a concern go for Ireland who can probably put out the strongest team with heritage players.
  7. It’d be good for England to play at least one home test this year. Great news if theres 2-3 tests Vs France as the minimum. Maybe a Jamaica/Wales/Ireland/Scotland game as well as.
  8. Absolutely. I’ll be very disappointed if England don’t play France at least once this year and twice next year.
  9. Agreed none of the Pacific nations will be going over this year. I think it’s a good opportunity to start establishing some local competition. Firstly start playing France at least once preferably 2-3 times a year, secondly start a Euro/Atlantic Cup (better name needed) system. Tier 1 - Top 3 Euro, Top 1 North America. (England, France, Wales, Jamaica). Under that 2nd tier comps for Europe & Americas. Under that regional comps for Europe and in time Americas.
  10. England Vs France, Knights Vs France A & Under 18 test triple header, twice a year every year get it started.
  11. No matter what they organise England should be aiming fairly high no matter what opposition they can get in place. If anything International RL needs the support more than ever so hopefully a lot of fans will still be eager to get to a game against France, Wales, Scotland, Jamaica, Ireland, Italy or anyone. If it’s an England home game they should be aiming for at least 20k no matter the opposition. No more Leigh Sports Village games and no more “what’s the point?” or there really is no hope.
  12. Not sure what’s possible at this stage , could it be an option to keep some existing venues bookings and offer to transfer ticket sales and play some home games? I’d look at a 4 or 6 nations involving France and 2 of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Italy and Jamaica. 16/10 France Vs England - Toulouse (One off test, never a better time to start playing France regularly) 23-24/10 England Vs Ireland - Newcastle or Hull England Vs Jamaica - Bolton or Leeds England Vs France - Leeds or Sheffield Final - Anfield or Hull
  13. That is laughable. Australia V NZ V England twice in 4 years? Is it 2003? We are finally in a position where Tonga, Fiji, Samoa & PNG could spring upsets against ‘the big 3’ on their day, a position we could only dream on 10 years ago. Should be a 4 nations at the very very least. In saying that I think England should focus closer to home for a while, try and play 5-6 internationals a year in 20k+ stadia. Aim to bring France along with at least 2 games a year in the short term and put plans in place to help Wales and other promising European nations (and Jamaica) develop players long term.
  14. It’ll always be a recurring problem with NZers and Pacific Islanders as long as the RL International game remains a shadow of what it could be. All the emphasis is on Origin in Australia so I could imagine the ineligible players feeling left out. Unless they play for a Grand Final making club then they would rarely ever play in front of big crowds & great atmospheres let alone travel to different places to do it.
  15. That’s fair enough. I’ve always been the type to hang out for the internationals so I’d still watch as many as possible to support it.
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