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  1. I remember suggesting they should have just drafted him in to the Great Britain squad last year when they were short. He wouldn't have been a bad option then and he'll be a certainty for England by the World Cup if all goes well for him.
  2. If we compare results from Knights V PNG in 2018 and Great Britain (England) V PNG in 2019 the Knights would annihilate England..
  3. It was England for the sake the gameday 17, England coach as well. They are tier 2 under the eligibility rules, playing standard obviously they're up there with the best now. PNG only had a small handful of NRL players the rest were Hunters or lower league players and they convincingly beat Great Britain. I'm not so sure about France being stronger than PNG domestically either, but both should be looked after a bit more as 2 nations that can bring in a crowd and produce players. NZ are taking it on themselves to play a test in PNG this year when they don't have to, England should be playing European nations as well, at the very least France.
  4. England are coming off 2 straight losses to tier 2 opponents. Whilst France might not be as strong a Tonga or PNG I don't think England are as strong as they and their fans believe themselves to be. England have a new coach and 1 year out from a home world cup they should be desperate for games, they should be playing 5-6 tests this year yet I wouldn't be surprised if we see 3, maybe 4.
  5. Wales have more than "a few" Welsh born players. They shouldn't be grouped in with Ireland (or Scotland) in that regard.
  6. I don't think Brisbane 2 will be unsucessful if done correctly (not Redcliffe). I was just pointing out that any team will struggle if they don't get crowds and sponsorship, who's to say Perth won't? Oh I get Super League was a disaster, but still using it as something to hold against Perth when all of those people are long gone is the stretch of all stretches. Using a club's failure during the chaos and fallout of Super League as an excuse and not looking at the here and now is something I see a lot of as to why the NRL shouldn't expand, which is ridiculous. None of those articles really suggest they're going broke. They might be on shaky ground if their owners pulled out and they weren't replaced but the same could be said for several clubs, it's a big if.
  7. Do you have any link to the Warriors supposedly going broke every year? I don't seem to recall anything like that. The billion & multi-million dollar businesses (NRL & Clubs) can't afford domestic flights once a year? Brisbane2 and the majority of existing clubs are also likely to fold if they don't get decent crowds and sponsorships. The ARL, Super League and Reds as they were are all long gone. Might be time to move forward, not just keep grumbling about it.
  8. Not confirmed yet but it was mentioned in a French article a few weeks back that France were playing the Knights later this year. At this stage England don't have a game the weekend that game was rumoured for. Make of it what you will but if England don't have at least 2-3 other games planned this year they're not doing themselves any favours.
  9. Until you play less Super League games a lot of Super League games are a waste of time.
  10. If.. France didn't speak a different language. Making it harder for young players to come across. & Rugby League was as popular in France as it is in NZ. & Super League had as much money as NRL. & French Onion didn't have so much money. & Super League clubs scouted France as heavily as NRL clubs do NZ. It may be a fair comparison, unfortunately there are quite a few factors that make it a bit less realistic. Not to say the situation can't be improved.
  11. I can see it maybe being played in Auckland like you said. Maybe at a stretch Asia or the absolute stretch of all stretches Hawaii or West Coast America. Only then if someone throws a lot of money at the NRL. I do think the neutral venue should remain an annual event. I never agreed with 1 team getting a 2-1 home advantage every year.
  12. The 9s started at 4pm on a Weekday on Valentines day and the first day crowd reflected that. The second day got a much better turnout, big surprise there isn't it? The way the 9s was handled you could make a damn good conspiracy that the NRL wanted it to fail.
  13. If Redcliffe is admitted without expanding their brand in 10 years once the novelty has worn off they'll be a Brisbane version of Manly. An isolated 'suburb' many of whom don't consider themselves as living in Brisbane at all. Something like: 'Moreton Bay Dolphins' playing 9-10 games at Suncorp with the rest split between Dolphin Oval & Sunshine Coast stadium. Targetting not just Redcliffe but North & East Brisbane, Moreton Bay, Sunshine Coast and up the coast towards Gympie & Bundaberg. That would be a good bid, Redcliffe is not, no matter how big their leagues club is. A standalone Sunshine Coast club would be a better bid than one based entirely in Redcliffe. A decent South-West (Logan, Ipswich, Towoomba) bid would blow it out of the water.
  14. This is a good point. Perhaps a Lion logo could be used and a different nickname based on a Lion could be used to provide a point of difference. I can only think of England 'Kings' (of the Jungle) or 'Pride' which would probably see the team buried even deeper under other google results. May be something there though.
  15. Just call them England Lions and add a bit of blue. I doubt Scotland, Wales and Ireland will care much. Not like other England rep teams don't use blue.
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