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  1. This guy has been very Sydney centric since he started, I dare say his plan for the international game is "deal with it".
  2. Does anyone know if Harry Grant is eligible for England? I'm sure I remember seeing somewhere that he was but can't find anything to confirm it, may have just been my imagination.
  3. I'd add Fiji to that too. Kikau, Vunivalu, Sivo, Ravalawa, Blake, Kamikamika, Montoya, Vuniyayawa are all Fijian born. Other players at NRL clubs like Valemei (Raiders, named in the 21 this week), Lovodua (Dragons), Vudogo (Broncos), Ravutaumada, Junior (both Warriors). Probably at least a few more I can't think of, plus ones we've unfortunately lost like Radradra & Koribeite. I remember Kikau being interviewed after a test last year and crying when he was asked what it meant to him to play for Fiji. Fiji is all about Rugby, admittedly more Union than League but with the Silktails starting and more players being signed to NRL it's really looking good for Rugby League there.
  4. Maybe not, but if any year they should be aiming for it it's next year. Add a pre-season game and it's only a matter of 2-3 more mid-season and before the World Cup. Debatable, if ever they're going to revive the concept it would be with SBW, Folau, Inglis & Maloney all in Super League.
  5. I'd say given the highly probable lack of games this year it wouldn't hurt to play 3-4 before the World Cup. Playing pre-season could work as a way to kick start the year with the best English players in Super League playing the best of the rest in Super League. It gives 17 English players another big game and a few test players from France, Ireland, the Pacific Islands etc get a game against high quality opposition in World Cup year.
  6. They're not mutually exclusive. England should play France every year. Given the circumstances this year there could be a spot for a game against Exiles as playing any Southern Hemipshere team before the World Cup isn't a guaranteed option at this point.
  7. I used to be against it but I think with a few tweaks it could make a comeback. I think pre-season could work, they have a perfect excuse to trial it in that spot next year. I probably wouldn't call it a test or 'England', market is as a showcase of the English club competitions and trial the 'all stars' name or something similar. English All-Stars Vs World All-Stars. No point leaving out French and European players like last time. I'm not sure a quota system is the way to go but having representation from France, Ireland, PNG, Fiji etc would be good.
  8. As a one off why not try it pre-season next year like the all-stars in Australia. Even if it isn't 'England' having a good handful of likely World Cup players getting another rep game in can only help given the circumstances this year. Best 17 English Super League players Vs the rest. As far as the exiles go there probably isn't a better time than now commercially with SBW, Folau & Inglis in the mix.
  9. Yeh he'll be on the radar for Australia unfortunately, not a lock by any mwans though. Front row is where Fiji have some decent depth at least.
  10. I've lost track but are England planning any internationals later in the year? A Southern Hemisphere team is next to no chance but maybe a Super League based England team Vs Ireland, France or Wales. Probably low priority this year I guess.
  11. A fair few of the Fijian players aren't eligible for Origin because of the 'lived in QLD/NSW before the age of 13' rule. Semi Radradra for example got selected for the Roos on the residency rule which was 3 years at the time, he couldn't play Origin though. Kikau, Sivo, Ravalawa, Vunivalu would all be the same. Hopefully in 5-10 years with the Silktails running and Fiji firmly on NRL club's radars they'll be able to put together a strong team using mostly homegrown players.
  12. If Titans can trim some dead wood or turn them around they're shaping up pretty well. Peachey, Cartwright, Taylor, Shannon Boyd, Rein, Wallace and Peats would all be on big money and doing not much. If Holbrook can clean that mess out there are some promising signs there with players like Brimson, Sami, Fotuaika, Thompson, Tanah Boyd, Fermor, Spry and Fa'asuamaleaui coming next year. By cleaning out I don't necessarily mean cut them all loose either. There are quality RL players to be found in Peachey, Taylor and Cartwright and they age on their side. Hopefully a good coach can bring out their potential.
  13. We'll see where he stands this week or maybe next as Staggs is named in the 21. I wouldn't be surprised if he gets dropped to the bench or reserves and they go with Staggs & Boyd in the centres. Broncos fans have been pretty vocal about a time for change and Boyd & Milford in particular deserving to be dropped, whether Seibold will have the guts to do it is another matter.
  14. Wakeham has looked decent in a weak side from what I've seen of him. He was dropped earlier then won his way back and is just starting to string some games together now, he only young I don't think anyone should write him off as average yet. As for a 6 Moceidreke has played there and is in the Storm system so I'm sure he could do a job.
  15. Backs are missing an obvious 1 & 6 option but there a few who can be switched around. Also I've heard rumours Vunivalu may stay with the Super Rugby situation up in the air. Those forwards plus (off the top of my head) Campbell-Gillard and Vuniyayawa who's played a few games for the Warriors this year. Yeh I get it from a commercial point of view, but Fiji got shafted a bit after 2017 in my opinion. For one there was no playoff game to see which of Fiji or Tonga would take place in Oceania Cup tier A. Not a massive deal but if they were being 'fair' they should have had a playoff game, but then technically based on World Cup placings it should have been Aus, Fiji & Tonga so that was never going to happen.
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