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  1. Across the road from Eden Park. Wouldn’t surprise me if they look to take a game or 2 there each year.
  2. Sold out now, needs 26,430 to break the record that figure was incorrect. Unless a heap of members are no shows it should be a record.
  3. Depending on what the Olympic upgrades for Suncorp involve they could get their chance. They’ll have some competition though, even though I think they’d be the next best fit after Brisbane.
  4. You have to wonder if the respective stadiums are part of the reason 2 bids have popped up in Christchurch but no Wellington bid has come forward this time or since the 2007 bidding process. Wellington is still a decent option and hopefully will get a team eventually but playing at an Oval isn’t ideal.
  5. I’ve asked around elsewhere and searched the internet and I’ve never got a clear answer on what the plan is or if there is one regarding the stadium. I’m certainly no construction expert but it looks like they’ve boxed themselves in so not sure how much it could realistically get to with upgrades. Maybe 18-20k at best? The NRL have purchased a hotel next door and V’landys has said he wants to help them get funding for an upgrade so wait and see I guess.
  6. There is room for both. Perth should surely get one of the next 3 licenses if it goes to 20, they probably should get 18 but the NRL seems set on PNG. Adelaide needs more work so are unlikely to get 18-20, but if it ever goes beyond that they’re a fair chance. Assuming for a minute the next 3 teams are PNG, Perth & South Island that leaves Adelaide, Brisbane 3, Wellington, Sunshine Coast & Central Queensland on the table, even Melbourne or Auckland 2 depending how things play out. Comparing to AFL. They will have 20 teams, all from Australia with much larger squads, talent drawn mainly from Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia with a handful from the rest. Based on that the NRL having 22-24 teams with 3-4 from outside Australia and drawing talent from across the Pacific with smaller squads isn’t unreasonable.
  7. I think it’d be good if each of the 5 major capitals in Australia plus Auckland had an ‘event’ each year. Sydney has the Grand Final, Brisbane has Magic plus both get an Origin each. That leaves Auckland, Melbourne, Perth & Adelaide, one of the latter 3 will get the neutral Origin and Auckland should join the hosting cycle soon. The 3 of those that aren’t hosting Origin that year should get double headers at the big stadiums (Marvel/Optus/Adelaide Oval/Eden Park).
  8. That 2019 total has magic included. Their regular season average in Melbourne 2019 was 16,014. Hopefully they can get that even higher this year. Last year 2 games at Marvel/Docklands drew pretty good crowds to boost the average. Their average at AAMI will still their highest ever there I believe.
  9. That’s not correct. Storm averaged 18,264 from 11 games in Melbourne last year (20,924 if you include Magic). Far higher than pre-covid crowds.
  10. You said he wasn’t in the squad which hadn’t been name yet at the time. He was named in the extended squad btw, could still play. More likely to start in NSW Cup though by the looks, named at 6 for them.
  11. And the answer is…. Both! Well maybe not Wembley but somewhere in the 40-60k range could work for an NRL/SL double header. Play the same weekend as Vegas. The more big events the better.
  12. Mentions of triple header might point towards some English involvement next year. I think the WCC in Vegas might be the push, one more NRL team and some English fans to boost the crowd, “meet in the middle” type deal. While the NRL has an odd number teams the premiers can have the bye round 1 to make it work. Personally I’d prefer the WCC in England followed by an NRL/SL double header in Manchester or London the same weekend as Vegas, the more ‘events’ the better.
  13. Not announced until Tuesday 4pm AEDT. Unless you’ve seen something that suggests he won’t play?
  14. It would pretty much have to be on the “round zero” split weekend though, it would be a logistical nightmare trying to organise either mid-season. With different clubs involved I doubt you’d dilute the travelling market too much anyway, it should be a minor consideration at best IMO. The main goal would be to attract a lot of locals for each, the NRL wants new fans or “re-engaged” fans of these types of things. Providing more events for existing fans to attend is a side bonus.
  15. I’ve been spruiking that idea for years Now that the NRL has started the overseas games and split first round it’s a bit closer to reality. Timezones are an issue admittedly.
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