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  1. I can only assume those suggesting 9s are joking. It would void all sorts of commercial and broadcast contracts, it's a different sport!
  2. My stream keeps cutting out for this Bradford game. Anyone else having problems?
  3. I haven't been to either of those but sounds like a low bar.
  4. Is BC Super League standard? If not, why is this being allowed? If it is, then SL needs to up its standards.
  5. Can't have any complaints with the red card. Hung his trailing arm out long after the ball had gone. Deliberate and high. Newcastle look like in better conditions they'll be a very good side and capable of blowing teams away.
  6. Sinfield one of those whose high water mark maybe not as high as others but for consistency over a long period he's up there in the British game. I suppose it depends what you are picking things on.
  7. Example, Warrington reserves picking Kyle Shelford formerly of Swinton who was released at the end of last season after a spell at Rochdale. As nice a guy as he is and a good servant to Swinton, I don't imagine Wire have any plans for him as a first team player. Is the sport better served with him as a specialist reserve or playing at a lower level? There's plenty of players when you look through reserve line ups who have clearly been brought in just to fill a spot. They aren't future first team players or recovering from injury. They are fodder to fill a spot in an arbitrary team and league. DR of reserves is being sold as giving fringe players game time but really it just exposes the lack of players we have in the sport when SL clubs are having to DR with Championship sides in order to fullfil fixtures. They aren't doing it as a favour to the Championship, they're doing it because they don't have a big enough squad to run three teams.
  8. Looking at lineups from the much vaunted reserves league, clubs are bringing in players who have zero prospect at first team level to fill out their squads and using Dual Registration of fringe players too. I see the benefit of the latter but the former raises questions about having reserves for the sake of it.
  9. I understand the desire for character and history over identikit grounds but you only have to look at Manchester City to see the benefits a blank canvas can have. When they first moved to the City of Manchester Stadium it was all grey concrete with nothing around it for people to do and it was surrounded by old Industrial wasteland. The modern stadium and land potential around it was a major attraction for investment. The Etihad Campus is now a world class facility with a secondary stadium for the academy and women's teams which is better than most grounds in pro RL. That investment is on a scale we are unlikely to see in our sport but the principle stands. It wouldn't have come with City playing at Maine Road surrounded by terraced houses no matter how much nostalgia or history there was at the old ground. If we want to attract new people to the sport, people with money, they aren't interested in how much history a ground has if the roof is leaking (or there isn't a roof), the terracing is crumbling and the 'toilets' are just a wall. People want to be involved in sport because of the big moments which generally come from investing in the first team. If you have to spend millions on making the stadium passable before you can max out the salary cap it's a big turn off.
  10. Only one game but I think Whitehaven are in for a long season. Expected to go up there and have it tough in wet conditions with the crowd egging them on but it was really flat from the home team and Swinton were quite comfortable. They will have been targeting today as a 'must win' but it was very strange how flat it all was.
  11. Am I missing something? Guy believes in God so he's bought into all sorts of nonsense that belongs in a bygone era. As far as I can see his 'crime' is saying homosexuals will go to hell. It's the equivalent of saying if you pull a face and the wind changes it will stick that way. Utter tripe and not worth the attention it's getting. If we really want to start vetting players based on their views on a range of topics we are heading down a dangerous route. As far as I can tell he hasn't broken any laws and as such I don't think the RFL legally can ban him. It would be different if he was contracted by the RFL and breached a term of his contract. The best thing we can do as a sport is show how inclusive we are and I like Wigan's idea of a pride day when the sides meet albeit a bit of a cynical marketing/PR ploy given they happily employ Hardaker who has been banned for worse than Falou.
  12. Finished 10 points clear of the drop last year, level with Halifax. Not sure that classes as clinging on. Guesswork indeed.
  13. I'd be very surprised if that's true. If that is correct, it would suggest Rochdale had no idea who they were signing.
  14. Matty Ashton straight out of the amateur game ripping up the Championship as top scorer (and featuring on OuRLeague tries of the week nearly every week) and earning a move to Warrington. It shows there is talent out there if clubs are prepared to take a chance and look outside the usual player pool.
  15. Saints deserved champions. Clearly the best team in a competition full of average sides. One of the commentators last night declared them the best Super League team ever. Relative to their contemporaries this may have some merit when you look at the winning margin but I'm not sure they'd have run away with the league had the overall standard been higher. I'd love to see them tested a bit more next season if others raise their game. The potential is there to be a truly great team.
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