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  1. Brilliant opportunity that the whole sport needs to get behind. We can't be having empty stands behind blowout scores. I hope the coverage is good. The last sport I saw on C4 was cricket last year they had one or two of the tests from India and it was just a feed of Indian TV. Whether that was their intention or it was forced by Covid I don't know but it felt cheap, the dark studio looked rubbish too. If the RFL/SL need to put towards costs I would say it is well worth contributing to have the best product we can. I believe the NFL have had direct involvement with the BBC's coverage and it always looks fantastic.
  2. Why would City even consider it? They don't need the money or the hassle.
  3. I've read the article they published which didn't really say a lot and watched the video of air raid sirens and seen the logo. Coventry is a clearer brand than Midlands. The Black Country is quite clear and strong. It has an identity. The Midlands is far too vague. Ricky Hatton didn't take tens of thousands of fans to Las Vegas by promoting himself as the North West's fighter, because it's a weak brand. Yeah it would have encompassed more people (which seems to be the logic they are using) but it wouldn't have built that fervent following.
  4. Have any of the clubs people are slagging off as insular actually made official comment on Cornwall? Or are people putting words into mouths? A journalist used Keighley as an example and now the Cougars are getting stick for it.
  5. I have to say I am baffled by this. In terms of regional identity and developing passions/loyalty or whatever you want to call it, Midlands is incredibly weak. It's not like Yorkshire where people from Sheffield, Halifax and Harrogate are united by pride in their shared county. What's the old joke? 'How do you know someone is from Yorkshire? They'll tell you within two minutes of meeting them'. I don't think anyone from Derby will look at Coventry and see them as being fellow midlanders and brothers in arms. By its very nature the Midlands is a weak and poorly defined region. To people in the north it's just the South, to people in the South it's just the north. Whatever you think of Cornwall, it has a strong regional identity that people understand. From the outside it seemed Coventry were a modest success for recent expansion and slowly growing but this just feels like 'last throw of the dice' and it's sad to see.
  6. I wish them luck but would like to place on record my prediction that this club will not exist as a professional outfit in five years time. Are they throwing darts at a map?
  7. Have a league table. Play the other teams in the league home and away. At the end of the season the team that finishes top is the champions and promoted. Second promotion spot decided from a simple play off series between 2-5 with semis and a final. Does it need to be more complicated?
  8. How many home games clubs will play is fairly high up the list of questions when pricing and selling season tickets.
  9. It's absurd that clubs will be starting pre-season in the next few weeks not knowing what they are competing for, how many teams/what teams will be in the league and what format the fixtures will be in.
  10. Interesting to read your views on Woods. He was good for us at Swinton and I thought he played well against us for Newcastle this season. You may be right about him not reaching SL heights again, his kicking isn't brilliant and he perhaps lacks a yard of speed but he's young for a HB and I think he'll be playing at a good standard for many years. Would take him back at the Lions in a flash.
  11. Good luck to both teams. Whatever the result I hope people who claim to love our sport will cease talking Fev down with sneering comments. They're a well run club which has improved it's ground and is at the heart of its community. If you think we should have a SL made up of big city clubs or lots of foreign teams that's fine. I happen to agree that Toulouse in SL would be good for the game as a whole and has potentially bigger benefits than Fev going up but we don't need to put Fev down to make that point.
  12. Would certainly be a strange final for players from those clubs knowing that if they win there's a fair chance they'll lose their job.
  13. The poll was 20 years ago and has little relevance today. I doubt it would make the top 100 if the poll were repeated today.
  14. Your average Joe Public under the age of 50 has never heard of Don Fox. It might be iconic for RL fans of a certain vintage but in the wider public consciousness I'd argue it's way down the list.
  15. I wouldn't be hugely enthusiastic about Ford if I were a Salford fan. With the resources he has had this season at York they've had a very poor season truth be told. And from his point of view, I don't think it's an attractive time to move given the general direction of travel of the two clubs.
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