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  1. Matty Ashton straight out of the amateur game ripping up the Championship as top scorer (and featuring on OuRLeague tries of the week nearly every week) and earning a move to Warrington. It shows there is talent out there if clubs are prepared to take a chance and look outside the usual player pool.
  2. Saints deserved champions. Clearly the best team in a competition full of average sides. One of the commentators last night declared them the best Super League team ever. Relative to their contemporaries this may have some merit when you look at the winning margin but I'm not sure they'd have run away with the league had the overall standard been higher. I'd love to see them tested a bit more next season if others raise their game. The potential is there to be a truly great team.
  3. When attendances are part of the ROI formula for central funding it's no surprise to see nearly every Championship and L1 club report an increase!
  4. Ashton should have been up for the main award. First year as a pro and he's top tryscorer for the league playing for most people's tip to finish bottom of the table. Nailed on to win the young player award.
  5. They had longer than Swinton and it hasn't been a problem for the mighty Lions who are now level on points with Halifax.
  6. Good luck to Bradford, it's a dangerous move to leave your own town without a concrete plan to return and I say that as a 30 year-old Swinton fan who has never seen his club play in its own town. I get that the ground is a relic that has been a millstone around the Bradford neck for years but once it's gone it's gone. Pinning hopes on the council building something is fanciful when local councils have no money for basic services It's easy to say with hindsight but perhaps they should have had this sorted when they were in a position of strength with huge crowds and the UK economy was much more favourable towards development. Great news for Dewsbury though, they'll be able to spend a lot more next year with the additional income and it should see them well clear of relegation troubles.
  7. Whenever this topic is brought up people start talking about current crowds at Swinton, Salford, Oldham, Rochdale. They talk about how simply changing the name wouldn't add to that and would possibly detract from it. I don't think for one second that if the Lions were to rebrand in any way, that it would be a standalone action and that anyone at the club is deluded enough to think thousands will suddenly start flocking to games on the back of a name change. Yet this is what people always portray. The club is in a stronger place than it was two years ago both on and off the field but it can only be relative baby steps given the circumstances.
  8. Doesn't matter what we call it if we only play a couple of times a year.
  9. You make it sound like there are specialist reserve sides. I expect SL clubs will simply hold onto academy graduates for a year or two longer to fill their reserves. Remember academy age is lowering to 18 so there should be plenty of 19 year olds at the clubs. This could benefit late bloomers. They aren't going to be hunting out players who are reserves for Championship/League One clubs.
  10. I have sympathy with both sides here. Until the RFL give reasons I'm not going to be joining the lynch mob. If we want SL reserves to have some value they need to be playing competitive games. Are they going to get that against Keighley reserves? I'm not sure walkovers help anyone. I know Dual Registration isn't popular but it does expose young players to genuine competitive games and everything that entails. If the reserves is to largely replace that then it has to have as high a standard as possible. I could understand if they made the decision on this basis but it does seem a bit harsh on those clubs that have been running reserves up to now. In an idea world we'd have a two tiered system which keeps everyone happy if enough teams are interested. On the other hand, it seems strange to effectively kill reserve teams that are established and only serves to reinforce the SL v the rest feeling in the sport at the moment.
  11. You've won four games all season. To suggest the coach's position is in jeopardy because of a referee is quite the deflection.
  12. You twice took points off us last season by flopping to the deck on the hooter to con the ref into giving you a penalty. Can argue that these things even themselves out over time. We've been shafted a few times this season, on this occasion we got the rub of the green.
  13. So SL teams drawn in the same group would play each other twice in the cup plus twice in the league, maybe at Magic too and then could meet in the play offs? Also Championship has 14 teams, who are they excluding to get 12 entrants from the division? More holes in this plan than a colander.
  14. Perhaps there should be a ruling whereby you can only pick five players with squad numbers above 19 at any one time.
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