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  1. Toulouse and London are further East than all the teams in your East division. If we're doing East/West they go in East.
  2. The journalist who posted it has since deleted his comments. There was a survey of supporters covering all aspects of the club and branding was a small part of the survey. Somehow that morphed into a story that Swinton were definitely rebranding at the end of the season put out a few days before they played the team the journalist covers.
  3. 10th place finish for the mighty Lions. Every single pre-season prediction had us bottom. I'll be honest even as a fan I didn't see us winning many games having been last to recruit coming through the play-offs and probably the smallest budget in the league. Some big scalps too away at Batley and Halifax and beating Sheffield and Toulouse at home. Tough on Keighley but you have to say they caused their own problems. All that negativity from the board around IMG and sacking the coach has come back to bite them.
  4. Halifax v Swinton KO delayed by 15 minutes. Could be very interesting if it's tight.
  5. Still raging at York turning down an easily kickable penalty against Whitehaven in the dying moments of a game they lost by 2 points!
  6. Whitehaven will beat Toulouse. Good fixture to have last up for them. Toulouse have nothing to play for and probably feel it's a trip they could do without.
  7. Lack of consistency is an issue. Chopping and changing formats and rules doesn't help. We're quite innovative and willing to try new things but we don't stick with anything. We do something and inevitably it isn't perfect for everyone's needs so we scrap it and do something else instead and when we realise that also doesn't suit everyone perfectly we bin that off and try the next new thing.
  8. Fully expect 'Haven to beat Toulouse. Swinton's two defeats to Newcastle looking very costly at this point. Another potentially significant moment in the season was York rejecting a penalty in front of the sticks in the dying seconds of their game against 'Haven to try and win it rather than draw and not scoring.
  9. Don't think anyone has much to lose do they? Gale gets one last crack at SL, Keighley shift wages off the bill, and Wakey couldn't get any worse than they are currently.
  10. Bottom end of SL the worst standard it's ever been. Some awful teams this year.
  11. York aren't going to be popular with the other sides in the relegation fight after rejecting an equalising penalty at the death!
  12. I wonder how they will audit attendance figures. I have doubts on the accuracy of some as it is and this seems to incentivise inflating your crowds.
  13. If that is correct, why are they being allowed to play there?
  14. Arguably Swinton's worst performance so far with several first team players missing, concerning for Barrow who don't look to have replaced the strike the had from Ritson.
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