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  1. boat builder

    Squad numbers and name.

    Numbers released Yesterday!
  2. boat builder

    Squad numbers and name.

    Does anyone know if there is a definitive list of the 2019 Raiders squad name/number allocation anywhere?
  3. boat builder

    Featherstone on Sunday

    No 35 was obviously on loan. We can't pay the wages of any one that good! We are not SL.
  4. boat builder

    Bristol RL Club?

    Cheers for the info Toby. 👍
  5. boat builder

    Bristol RL Club?

    With the announcement of the new structure, was just wondering what happened to Gloucester All Golds and Oxford joining forces and becoming a Bristol based club ready to re-join League 1 for the 2019 season?
  6. boat builder


    Not stupid at all TMF. The more these issues are discussed the better the understanding. If all the debentures threw a £1 in the pot........
  7. will someone let the supporters know.... then we dont all waste our £15 and time! And now I get crucified by Bearman, TMF, etc...Today was awful! Toal and Fieldhouse turned up. Argue that. Ì dont care!
  8. Talking to some of the regular supporters of the rugby. The consensus of opinion was that next Sunday’s game against Rochdale is HUGE! If the team doesn’t put in a good shift many of them said they will not be going again. They can forgive the results against the full time teams, as we are still establishing ourselves in C1, but getting beat against the bottom 2 teams at home is unacceptable. If the worst happens I foresee gates of 750. We really do need a stellar performance. All the effort happening off the field to stabilise the club needs to be mirrored on the field by our boys. It really is squeaky bum time! When the flag drops....... No more excuses. It's time to turn up! Survival is not mandatory!
  9. boat builder

    8's fixtures

    Well we won't be winning the Shield this year I guess. There again, neither will Batley, Sheffield, Dewsbury, Swinton or Rochdale! 2 team competiton! What kudos! Guess the money helps! 😂😂😂😂
  10. boat builder

    Raiders v Broncos

    And so it begins! Let's crucify the Coach! Yet the plan was to stay up this year. That is still very much achievable. I agree effort was questionable today. If we don't beat Rochdale and Swinton at home in the 8s....
  11. boat builder


    Postion Home Away 1 2356, 478 2 3467, 158 3 4578, 126 4 5681, 237 5 672, 1348 6 783, 1245 7 814, 2356 8 125, 3467 Summat like this. From a previous post.
  12. boat builder

    Club Statement

    Something really stinks here! When David and Dawn left last time, the club was almost debt free. The debts had been paid, new floodlights paid for, and there was talk of being able to pay off the mortgage on CP. We were living within our means. Who the hell has spent so recklessly to get us into such a mess again! It is the fans money! If I was David I would walk away too!
  13. boat builder

    Club Statement

    Is this excerpt from the statement from Keighley true? Are Super League taking over the running of Rugby League? And has the proposal any chance of becoming reality? "As a club we need to bear in mind that from 2021 that the Super League will be taking over Rugby League and the proposal is that there will be 20/24 clubs forming a Super League and a Super League 2 with those not involved being moved to the National Conference League as an amateur club."
  14. boat builder

    Read this!

    At the latest meeting of the RFL Committee it was brought to the attention of the members that the odds of a team outside of the Super League winning the Challenge Cup was 500/1. The shock around the table was palpable upon the realisation of such short odds. Therefore after discussion, The RFL have confirmed the following staged changes to the format of the competition presently known as the ‘Challenge Cup’. 2019 - No amateur teams to be included. The RFL concluded that this would be beneficial in two ways. Firstly, it removed the obvious false expectations of the junior teams in these clubs that one day they too may play and test their prowess against a professional club, secondly it removed the onerous burden of managing the extra revenue. 2020 – Only teams in the Super League plus 4 others as selected by the RFL Committee (perhaps Toulouse, Toronto, New York etc.) will compete for the trophy. The quarter–finals, semi-finals and final to be played in a neutral country over a 2 week period. Jamaica or the Seychelles have been mooted. It will of course be necessary for a full compliment of the RFL Committee to oversee the successful implementation of the event. 2021 – The trophy to be re-named ‘The Sky Super League Cup’. The competition will consist of the League Leaders Shield Winners Vs The Grand Final Winners. In the event that it is the same team the trophy will be sent by Parcel Force to their ground. 2022 - Trophy to be awarded at end of the season to the club that has sold the most pies based on pie/attendance ratio. (Please note. Quiche does not qualify as a pie.) The RFL believe these changes will once and for all remove the unhealthy expectation that the competition belongs to the fans. And will finally enable the total and absolute degradation and annihilation of this once proud competition. Having finally achieved our goal after so many years, the RFL Committee believe it reasonable to award themselves a substantial bonus relevant to their performance. Seriously though, why can't we have a full blown all inclusive cup competition? Qualifying amateurs and all teams from the 3 leagues go in the hat at the same time?
  15. boat builder

    Cup Draw Rd 6

    Whitehaven away to Catalans! What a bloody awful draw! And we missed a cracker by the skin of our teeth! Warrington at home! The format still seems inherently unfair. The top eight SL sides play 4 games to win it! Is it really winning it in spirit?