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  1. This is what happened Sunday.

    In the first half of the game against Toronto the bar on the popular side ran out of both draught lager and/or either cider/bitter. The food bar ran out of steak pies in the first 15 mins. Leigh this weekend. Will probably bring 800 fans. Can we feed and watter them? Money to be made!
  2. Stardard set then?

    The exceptionally performance today has set the standard for the season? We now expect what? If that can be achieved today is it reasonable to expect that performance every week?
  3. Season Ticket

    Ok thanks Pete. That clears it up. End of discussion for me!
  4. Season Ticket

    So why is season ticket £180? 11 x £15 = £165. What am I missing TMF? sorry for being a bit slow! Advertised as 14 Home Championship Games. Where's the other 3?
  5. Season Ticket

    The £180 I have just paid for "14 Home Championship Games" does not include the 3 friendlies surely? 11 home games in the Championship is £165. Please tell me I am wrong! If I am not I will be cancelling the season ticket tomorrow!
  6. Final Position

    Stay up, be financially sound, and see marked improvement in the development of the young players and academy side at the end of the season would merit a successful outcome for the season.
  7. New York City RL

    Applied to join Championshjp. Not sure how that works? Barrow fans will have to join the frequent fliers club! Toulouse, Toronto (perhaps), New York, Catalans.......
  8. 2017 Championship crowds

    Don't know if you have seen this article Captain Survival? It shows the massive difference in revenue paid to the clubs. I wonder how some of the Championship clubs survive on there gates!
  9. 2018 Squad - Ins & Outs

    This Jayden Walker?
  10. Barrow vs Whitehaven predictions

    And the attendance has been estimated from 1400 to 3000+! That's just in the pub this afternoon! Old Friends Ulverston. Rammed watching the £1M game. Does anyone know what it wil be?
  11. Barrow vs Whitehaven predictions

    Appointed ref Scott Mikalauskas from Leigh area has Super League experience. Decent choice I would have thought.
  12. Cresta.....and a pat on the back!

    Whatever happens next Sunday against Whitehaven this season has been great! Challenge Cup run, League 1 Cup Winners, and finalists in the Promotion Play Offs. The job Cresta and his team has done deserves a mention. The guy is modest self-effacing and a true gentleman. We are lucky to have him, and he deserves all our appreciation. Thank you Cresta for a job well done! Just saying!
  13. It's Newcastle

    Keep an eye on Highlights usually on by Tuesday evening. Hope this helps.
  14. Interesting point of view.....
  15. Salary Cap?

    So do you guys have to play by the rules next year in the Championship and have to apply the salary cap the same as everyone else?