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  1. Interesting point of view.....
  2. Salary Cap?

    So do you guys have to play by the rules next year in the Championship and have to apply the salary cap the same as everyone else?
  3. Dave Taylor signs with Wolfpack

    Never did much against Barrow old boy! Got Battered by Big Joe!

    Great news! Everything David has done/does is always in the best interest of the club. Makes the club so much stronger.
  5. So do we have me second row... Morty acting halfback...Bearman kicking...and the tea ladies on the bench? Or do we send a full strength side? What's the best thing to do?
  6. york game

    Every minute of every game matters??????
  7. york game

    From the York Forum Page. Updated average crowds after the 3rd round of fixtures. Last seasons averages in brackets. League 1 + League 1 Playoff/Shield matches only Toronto 6639 (N/A) York 1078 (592) +82.1% Newcastle 923 (797) +15.8% Barrow 851 (967) -12.0% Keighley 822 (592) +38.9% Whitehaven 692 (N/A) Workington 647 (N/A) Doncaster 565 (614) -8.0% London 443 (445) -0.01% Hunslet 417 (451) -7.5% Coventry 383 (454) -15.6% North Wales 357 (430) -17.0% South Wales 223 (294) -24.1% Gloucester 203 (134) +51.4% Oxford 156 (163) -4.3% Hemel 116 (180) -35.6%
  8. York vs Toronto

    2600 at the York game. Impressive! Shame we have to play Toronto away twice! Eh! (That was for the Whitehaven fraternity!) ☺
  9. Knights 26 Wolfpack 16

    Ask a couple of questions please? Have York become a Championship side? Did Toronto play their full strength side? Great result whatever. Well done the Knights!!!!
  10. The Blue Phoenix Rises!

    It is unthinkable that we play so poorly again at the Rec Ground! Pride is paramount! Cresta will not accept that performance again! Nor the players. A professional display will be evident! I can only see a Raiders win that puts us into 2nd place. And the promotion play-off will be at Craven Park! Keep the faith!
  11. Money in Whitehaven coffers!

    Wasn't a pie in sight donald! Oh how you like to tease us Raiders! Much like the expectation we would turn up and win!?
  12. Whitehaven KO time

    Didn't matter. ..the ball would never have reached him! Shane Toal received the ball from the acting half back in the middle of the pitch at one point!
  13. Whitehaven KO time

    I've done two things today I haven't done for 10 years. Been to Whitehaven to watch the Raiders play and had a Doner Kebab for my tea. Neither of which has stimulated me to do either again. Raiders were: 1. Insipid 2. Lacking in any semblance of creativity 3. To be appreciated only by the stalwart fans Where as the Kebab was.......see 123 above! Dallimore....really? He does what? That performance wasn't acceptable today. Well played Whitehaven. You wanted it more.
  14. Toronto Again

    Highly unlikely we will beat Toronto on their patch Bearman! We may have to "Go West" but you are "The king of wishful thinking"! See what I did then! COYR! May be better sending a depleted squad and save the players for the other games as Whitehaven have to go there too and will probably lose.
  15. Money in Whitehaven coffers!

    Cheers Donald!