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  1. Another tough match for Doncaster . A much improved performance required !
  2. Retired as a player but we have a assistant coach vacancy !
  3. Match could be in doubt , Fev run out of beer.
  4. Keep up the good work Rob. Hope to see everyone in May . COME ON YOU DONS. Noticed no ex Dons players have made the 17.
  5. To answer my own question , League 1 starts 20th / 21st of March.
  6. Some of the guys have to miss out . We will see what happens pre season .
  7. Rob you spotted my mistake meant Johnston .
  8. Rob we may be in the championship yet
  9. Rickett on the wing . Bravo in 2nd row. Another mobile forward on bench. Leave out halliday , Wilkinson & misi. Hardcastle at full back.
  10. weighman


    Yes they are free agents .
  11. He came to you guys at Batley from Doncaster , we know how good he is .
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