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  1. In c1 Newcastle & Barrow may be .
  2. Wonder if there was a vote.
  3. Cost of Testing also & if played behind closed doors , again more cost.
  4. weighman


    Surviving the current situation is more important .
  5. Not in England , like French & Canadian clubs. Something to do with Club England ?
  6. I support a C1 club & fear for the future of C1.
  7. Well we know the |Summer Bash will not be played on the original date, but according to my clubs fixture list the match on the 3/5/20 has been postponed . My point was has there been any further announcement on the league situation .
  8. It didnt do the Dons any good getting promotion that season , although never forget the win at St Helens . Enjoy the game there was a fabulous atmosphere & a great crowd .
  9. Donot think there is such a thing for dual reg for a month . On Leeds RL fans forum says loan. You are better with players on loan .
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