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  1. Donot think there is such a thing for dual reg for a month . On Leeds RL fans forum says loan. You are better with players on loan .
  2. Well played Thornhill you clearly were the better side. NickD do not give up the day job !!!!!!!!
  3. Is there any parking on the North Stand side of the ground ? Doncaster have named a strong squad , missing just a few injured players. Any ex pros in the Trojans side ?
  4. Sat 8/2/20 Thornhill v Doncaster Tetley Stadium Dewsbury 1400 kick off .
  5. We (Doncaster) have to go to Workington twice also.
  6. Doncaster are due to play Town away on 3rd of May & 2 August 2020. Help
  7. weighman

    The Final

    Well done , have you a different ground lined up for 2020.
  8. I hope you see a better Doncaster display than we managed in the league game played recently.
  9. weighman


    Both teams are very inconsistent , would not like to predict a score.
  10. London looked a decent side , fought back well after being 16-0
  11. Good win for Doncaster today 0-30 away at North Wales. 2 weeks off & then a home game in Doncaster !
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