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  1. That was an amazing finish. I couldn't have seen the Sharks scoring 3 tries in the last 20 minutes. The Fox Sports winning probability at that point was Sharks 3%
  2. Gratuitous shot of our PM "dancing" in the stand. God I hate it when politicians attempt to appear human.
  3. 72min: Fifita try. Is this the comeback of The Fish?
  4. Penalty try? Dunno, that's what bunkers are for. bunk ...... ...... ...... bunkering ......... sent down as penalty try. Townsend converts his own penalty try.. Sharks 12 - 20
  5. Cleary converts. 20 - 6 I can't see the Fish getting out of this.
  6. Britton Nikora drops the ball just short of scoring.
  7. I assume the Sharks can't possibly be that bad in the seckern daff.
  8. The ground must be hard, judging by the bounce of that high kick
  9. It's not Cherry!!! It's Sherry. (I live in the Maltese capital of Sydney and I used to have a Xerri family as neighbours)
  10. 11min: Cleary converts the Grant try, Panthers 6 - 0
  11. You know there's an election coming up when the PM turns up to the footy.
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