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  1. Meninga also famously said, "What's Rugby League ever done for me?"
  2. Burgess had 1 unsuccessful kick in Souths GF win. Probably the final conversion when Souths were up by 24 points. He kicked 5/8 for Bradford v Wakefield in 2007. Neither Deacon nor Harris played that game. Here's a real hardcore trivia question: Who played five-eighth that day? It was Glenn Morrison
  3. Jimmy Barnes was born in Glasgow. Diesel (Mark Lizotte) is Jimmy's brother-in-law and Mahalia Barnes is Jimmy's daughter. Diesel was born in the USA and migrated here when he was 5. The rest? who knows As for a battle of the West, Penrith and Parramatta are just outlying wannabe suburbs of Blacktown. They dream of glory only so they can sublimate their endless feelings of inferiority towards Blacktown.
  4. I wondered about Reilly but didn't know anything about his UK coaching history.
  5. I think you have to define success. If a team finishes on the bottom and the new coach gets them to 6th or 7th next year without any massive megastar purchases then I'd call that a success. In NRL, only Gould, Chris Anderson, Bennett and Sheens, have won GFs at more than 1 club. One obvious reason is that three of them have been around for 30 years so their chances of achieving glory are better. For the purpose of this thread I should also throw in Michael Maguire and John Monie who won in SL and NRL. Oddly, both of them had very short periods of glory, with GF wins only a couple of years apart, whereas Sheens had his 15 years apart and Bennett picked up 7 GFs across 23 years and got Souths to a GF in his 34th year as a head coach. The answer? I don't know.
  6. How many PNGers have played for Australia? or NZ? Justin Olam has made more money in a couple of years in NRL than he would have made in a lifetime in PNG. Would you begrudge him that opportunity? Of the squad just announced by Samoa, 10 were born in OZ, 12 in NZ and 2 in Samoa. Why shouldn't they play in the NRL? or for OZ or NZ?
  7. I'm watching the replay of this game and I have a question. At the start when the teams come onfield and line up with the kids in front of them, what club was that shirt the kids were wearing? Green, yellow and black horizontal stripes. Nice-looking sports club jumper.
  8. I hate to be pedantic (that's a lie, I love pedantry) but Jamie Lyon was technically a Manly player when he played in the 2006 Tri-Nations. NRL contracts start on 1 November and Lyon didn't play in the first 2 games of that tournament. His first appearance was against England on 4 November 2006. Obviously he was picked on the strength of his form at St Helens so you could say he was picked from outside the NRL.
  9. 80min: Cobbo try Addo-Carr misses the goal FT: AUS PM's 64 PNG PM's 14
  10. Daine Laurie finishes off a 70m move with Beau Fermor running 40m before passing to Laurie. Lomax goal AUS 54 - 14
  11. PNG cross but knock-on in leadup. Meninga has brought back some of his starters so he obviously wasn't happy with the trend of this half.
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