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  1. The Dogs are the perfect example of many bottom-half teams. They can move the ball upfield OK but once they get to the 20m line they can't construct a try. They don't stretch the defences out of shape. Their set plays are too predictable. Their backline moves are too slow to force defenders into indecision. There's no precision in their short kicking game. They look most likely to score on kick returns. If DWZ can run it back hard and spin the ball wide they seem to make 50m easily but then they don't follow up with another wide play immediately to take advantage of the stretched defensive line. The player most likely to get there to take the pass is someone like Fualalo who's just gonna take a hitup, allowing the defence to regroup. There was perfect example of poor decision-making at the end of a set in the second half where Brandon Wakeham had the option of kicking either side of the ruck and he chose to go to the short side. Now every player on the short side was in front of him so nobody could contest the bomb and they had to stand back and watch Oates take an easy catch and a free 10m run. What coud have been an attacking kick from the 40m out became a simple handover with the tackle on the 20m line.
  2. 78min: Penalty try to Rolled Oats? Bunker says Oats would have got there first. I agree. McCullogh tales the kick and nails the conversion. Broncos 28 - 6
  3. 73min: Broncos take a penalty kick ?@??#?$?%?^?%? They're 14pts clear and Dogs don't look like ever scoring. Staggs kicks it. Horsies 22 - 6
  4. 62: Staggs over for another try. Misses the kick. 20 - 6
  5. 52min: Oats rolls over for a try. Staggs misses the kick. 16 - 6
  6. 47min: Staggs penalty from straight in front. Bronx 12 - 6
  7. So, it wasn't a HIA for CHN. It was a free interchange because the player in the tackle - Staggs - was put on report. The sideline official used the wrong card.
  8. Corey Hairy Weirdo Nyra (who got kneed in the tackle) came off for HIA but then Napa came off for interchange but Dogs were 1 short so they put CHN back on until they got a replacement. Wonder if they get a fine for that. Meanwhile, at the other end of the ground, Meaney kicks a penalty. 6 - 6
  9. 30min: refs desperately trying to avoid penalising Horsies for raised knee in tackle when it was one of the most blatant you'll ever see.
  10. The Milf to HIA, Montoya getting a knee strapped after the collision with Milf.
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