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  1. Puletua brothers at Penrith - Frank and Tony
  2. The Walker brothers at the Broncos - Chris, Ben and Other
  3. They made Puig Aubert turn his name around when he registered because the team already had too many Puigs. Were any of them brothers? Aubussons - Mitch and James at the Roosters Wynns - Peter and Graeme at Thirroul Mata'utia - Sione, Peter, Pat and Chanel at the Knights. I don't think all 4 were ever on the field at the same time but various configurations were. Saifiti - Daniel and Joseph - Knights In 2016 the Knights fielded (at least) one team with 2 Saifitis, 2 Sims and 2 Mata'utia's In 1910 Annandale fielded four Normans - Ray, Rex, Roy and Bernard. It's confusing because Ray's real name was Hugh. Rex's was Hercules. Roy's real name was Joseph and Bernard's real name was Hollester. ?!?@?#?@?1 Dunno what was going on in that household.
  4. Moses takes the penalty goal kick in the last minute. 46 - 6 and 9/9 for Moses FT: Eels 46 - Titans 6
  5. Moses converts from the sideline. 44 - 6 and 8/8 from Moses.
  6. One scary thing is that, with Mahoney off, Gutherson has been playing at 9 so there's no sweeping backline moves. Now Dylan Brown gets a second. Perenara checking onside in the kick chase. bunk, bunk, TRY
  7. 70min: Peni Terepo try. His first try since 2014.
  8. Nice move from 40m out by Eels produces a Sivo try. Moses now 6/6 Eels 32 - 6
  9. 56min: Dylan Brown try for Eels. Moses converts. Earls 20 - 6
  10. 54min: Sivo try then bunker to check everything in the last few minutes ..... .... ... .... ... looks like Sami and Watkins have held the ball up. No Try. Parra 6 again after Moses kicked the ball straight into Ash Taylor's face.
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