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  1. I'm glad they mentioned the Luai No Try. I try to avoid all this post-game whining but I thought the Parra fans were a little hypocritical in complaining about that one incident with the trainer when they had no problem with the Mitch Moses "obstruction." As you can see on the replay, Matt Burton is already through the Parra defensive line before Moses decides to get "obstructed" by him. Anyhoo, the Panthers trainer was suspended for 1 game and the club fined $25K
  2. Earlier Pangai had gone off after a tackler was placed on report. That free interchange includes another free interchange to bring him back on - if he comes back. The free interchange wasn't so much Kenny going off the field, it was Pangai coming back on. If it had been any other player coming on it wouldn't have been a free interchange. If a trainer calls a halt, the injured player must be interchanged or leave the field for at least 2 minutes before coming back on.
  3. the lowest-scoring game of the year FT: Panthers 8 Parra 6
  4. 48min: Did Naden ground it? ... bunking ... ... .. Luai offside at kick .... plays a part in play. NO TRY
  5. Cleary kicks a penalty right on the siren. HT: Panthers 8 Parra 6
  6. 22min: Waqa Blake in the corner but the pass be forrard, yaargh!
  7. 20min: Panthers obstruction? Or Luai try? Obstruction but penalty for Parra offside at scrum.
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