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  1. I'm primarily a jazz fan so nearly all my favourite music is instrumental. There are a few non-jazz gems though. Vini Reilly proving that sometimes, less is more.
  2. It's hard to assess Brenko because he's never played in a winning team.(except Raiders 2016 where he was mainly injury cover for Edrick) I think he's adequate injury cover but I can't see him playing 15+ NRL games.
  3. Then, interspersed with the above, we have the comments from various geniuses around the World: "How about simply cutting wide fire trails, even add a stream running for a few miles, pumped from the gushing deltas of most of our rivers, if you can pump oil and gas...water is only free....if you want it." When the wind is blowing embers 10km ahead of the fire front, how wide would these fire trails need to be? "Add a stream... pumped from the gushing deltas.." Our second-biggest river, the Darling, has stopped flowing, forget about its gushing delta. And how wide would this stream need to be? Maybe as wide as the fire trails? If I was an Australian, I would just tell the sky to rain Yes, I wonder why nobody here thought of that. The world is silent over brutality by Indian Modi on Indian Minorities & Kahmiri Muslims Yes the only explanation I can think of is that this video is about people saving koalas from bushfires. dig a deep line of hole in strait from few acre front for save animals life But would a "few acre front" have stopped the 10 million hectares from burning? I'll have to get out my calculator and convert acres to hectares and ........ Only koalas? OMG! What do you think the flying and running animals do when they see fires coming? This very video showed someone rescuing a possum too. This video is only a minute-and-a-half long. Do you really think this is the entire extent of animal rescue here? australia must dig artificial ponds, where there can be a lot of water!!! Quick! Ring head office! I think we've found our winner! Oh-oh, spoke too soon. Here comes a new contender: At first...They are speaking japanese, aren't they? Errmmm, no, dude, that's a piano. Does the government leader regret or stand by his decision to ban pastor Steven Anderson from entering Australia and evangelizing by religious public speeches? I don't know but as soon as I saw this video about burning koalas that was my first thought. To quote John Oliver: The YT comments section: the most cogent argument ever for not learning to read.
  4. I'll be so glad when this is over. The level of hyperbole and misinformation from both sides has been annoying. The comments on YT videos about the fires have been so predictable: You're such heroes for saving all those animals 20% The fires aren't because of climate change. They were all started by arsonists who were mainly environmental activists - 20% Why are you shooting the camels? - 20% ?@?#?$?%?$?#?@?#?$? Sco Mo - 20% Climate change and/or God's vengeance will kill us all - 20%
  5. It's finally raining in a lot of NSW and Victoria. Not heavy enough to put the fires out but heavy enough to slow the spread. More rain is forecast in the main bushfire areas through to Monday. It's very fortunate that the rainfall and fire maps overlap so well.
  6. We have already had countless bushfire inquiries. What good will it do to have another? https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-01-16/we-do-not-need-bushfire-royal-commission-this-is-why/11870824
  7. I don't see how they could do it salary-cap-wise. They would have to release a player of equal value and who is that? Reynolds? Murray wouldn't be on that money yet. I think he's still on his first senior contract. It would be funny if, after Latrell talked up his friendship with Cody Walker, Souths had to let Walker go. The only player Souths could release to cover Arrow's bill would be Damien Cook and that won't happen.
  8. I don't think the Chooks have any leverage. They told him he was free to look around, They told him he would be in NSW Cup, meaning he would still be on their payroll. They told him not to come back to training. AFAIK, Latrell has never said he wouldn't play NSW Cup or come back to training.
  9. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-01-08/misleading-fire-maps-go-viral-during-australian-bushfire-crisis/11850948
  10. So we've reached the perversely "good" point in NSW that the main fires have burnt so much that now all they can do is run into each other, and mainly in very low-population areas. The main Victorian fires are heading to flat open grazing country, up into Alpine regions with sparse tree coverage or into the southern end of NSW fires.
  11. I have mixed feelings about this. His case is unusual and everybody knows why he might end up on $400K so it's not like Souths have created the situation where they get him at half-price. So what happens if Souths can't afford $800K and Wests offer $800K? The NRL can't make him sign with Wests so how can they assign a notional value when he signs somewhere else? If there's an auction and all the bidders only have $5 in their pockets then the true market value of the next lot is no more than $5. Unless the NRL can produce some evidence of under-the-table top-up, they should butt out.
  12. I've seen worse. Here's another potentially misleading article from the ABC. This map represents Forest Fire Danger Index (FFDI). "The FFDI takes into account recent rainfall, a drought index, relative humidity, air temperature and wind speed to give a value that reflects how dangerous a fire is expected to be once it gets going." For most of the areas marked as "Highest on Record," the correct fire danger is zero. The area shown includes 5 or 6 of Australia's main deserts. That map includes the Tanami Desert, about the size of Italy, as Highest on Record. Really? What would a forest fire look like in the Tanami Desert? It also includes the Gibson Desert which is more than twice the size of Ireland. I can't stand "journalists" or politicians sensationalising the already-bad. A lot of the coverage and opinions in the media this season has been dire. It is sad that so few Australians these days have been outside Sydney and Melbourne. Anyone who has ever walked around the Wollemi Range or Blue Mountains or the South Coast forests knows exactly why they can't be put out, regardless of which Party happens to be in office
  13. I understand that it's a "visualisation" whatever that means, but it takes a large degree of artistic licence. I don't recall the seemingly-huge bushfire in the Great Victoria Desert. Was it here?: or here? or maybe it was here?
  14. https://www.rfs.nsw.gov.au/fire-information/major-fire-updates
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