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  1. So Ryan Hall finally gets a run and the other winger gets 5 tries. Even weirder, Ikuvalu gets 5 tries and probably is NOT the MOM
  2. Poll: 4 Roosters Titans Wests Panthers Broncos Raiders Knights Manly Points: 327 3 home wins
  3. Poll: Storm v Roosters Winners: Roosters, Canberra, Parra, Cronulla, Warriors, Wests, Manly Souths Total: 341 3 away wins
  4. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-06-27/nrl-broncos-lose-to-titans-cowboys-beat-knights/12400302
  5. I wouldn't blame the pitch. In neither case did the players' feet dig in to the surface. It was just the weight on the knee as they stepped. With Radley gone maybe Ryan Hall should make the move to the forwards.
  6. Poll: Dogs v Wests Winners: Panthers Storm Roosters Knights Broncos Parra Manly Wests 321 points 6 home wins
  7. Now Rapana grounds it in the corner but foot on sideline. 10 mins left Morning G
  8. Croker takes high ball but drops it when he hits the ground. Almost try. (J Croker, since L Croker is playing today as well.)
  9. Now T-Turbo comes off with an apparent hamstring complaint. He was grabbing the hammie even before there was any force in the tackle.
  10. 37min: Tevita Funa try. Garrick converts. Manly 12-0
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