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  1. Difficult to draw too many conclusions about crowds in 2021. I think NSW had Covid restrictions at the start of the season when Qld didn't and I think a lot allowed for only 40% capacity at games. In Round 10 of 2019 the total crowd was about 112,000
  2. POLL: 1-2 teams Knights Manly Raiders Souths Roosters Parra Storm Panthers Points: 331 AWAY WINS: 5
  3. Don't want to drift off-topic but your mention of Dale Copley caught my eye. I've always thought of Copley as a squad-filler, injury-cover, type player but he has played 144 games for 56 tries. Now if you consider that includes 4 seasons with the Titans, that's a very good strike rate. And he only played 1 season with the Roosters when they came 15th. It might be interesting to see him play an extended stretch in a strong team.
  4. Stop getting injured you players!! Just get this game finished so we can stop watching.
  5. Dogs try converted so it's Dogs 12 St George 32 with 6 minutes left.
  6. Matt Feagai off with probably an ankle injury. Nick Meaney grabs an intercept and runs 50m to score for Dogs.
  7. 67min: Renouf Atone try for Dogs. He had an odd start to the game - two tackles and two on-reports. Flanagan kicks the goal. Dogs 6 - 28
  8. Norman try in 61min, Dufty in 64min. Norman 2 goals. St George 28 - 0
  9. Now Paul Vaughan crosses but ref suspects obstruction. Bunker says TRY.
  10. So, if Bird was close enough to knock on but his run was obstructed, isn't it a reasonable assumption he could have grounded it correctly if he wasn't obstructed?
  11. Bunker checking the try .... knock-on. NO TRY. DWZ will feel a lot better now. Hopoate gets 10 mins in bin for obstructing chaser.
  12. Dreadful blunder in the in-goal by Dogs leads to a Jack Bird try.
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