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  1. Ellie10

    Marwan Koukash & cumbria rugby league..

    Obviously him and Des, in the middle of Cartmel racecourse. With a football team “Ego trip United” managed by Sir Alex, instant hit.
  2. Ellie10

    Keighley Friendly

  3. Ellie10

    2018 Squad - Ins & Outs

    Wilkes another year. Might not be on paper, but will happen. 👍
  4. Ellie10

    It's Newcastle

    All well and good. But whoever gets promoted cannot get anywhere near the monies twp can generate. And what really p,s me off, on " the day " Barrow and Whitehaven potentially can get nothing, and be beaten by clubs on " the day " by a team ----- 13 -: and 10 -: points behind them respectively Wheres the logic in that. Sh#t or bust comes to mind. !!!!!!!!!!
  5. Ellie10

    Cup final.

    No show of our final, just championship games on sky. Or does anyone know different.
  6. Ellie10

    The Wolfpack

    Criminal records got anything to do with visas maybe. Surprising how many teams will suffer I would think