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  1. Ellie10

    SQUAD FOR 2019

    George and Thomas, obviously. Any other rumours.
  2. Ellie10

    SQUAD FOR 2019

    Cresta doesn't deserve that !!!!! D.J would have done it , for short term glory, then left us in the sh*te again. Definitely no long-term sence in that sort of recruitment. Unless he brings Toronto owners millions with him, no chance.
  3. Ellie10

    SQUAD FOR 2019

    Half the team wouldn't of re-signed if they thought cresta was going. We'll see though. I'll be shocked (and worried) if he leaves.
  4. Ellie10

    SQUAD FOR 2019

    Great news. Get all the best local talent signed up, it's the only way to go. Cresta will bring them through correctly, and instill the pride to represent their home town.. I'm sure there's half a dozen local young teens will come through in the next year or two. 👍👍👍👍
  5. Ellie10

    Big signing Monday. ?????????

    Don't do / not gonna do Facebook. Oh well, sure see it somewhere.
  6. Ellie10

    Big signing Monday. ?????????

    Cresta, on the radio yesterday.
  7. Come on spill the beans somebody.
  8. Ellie10

    Hands off Cresta

    Only after some fool drove/sacked “whatever he would like to call it, after one of his ego trips “ him.
  9. Ellie10

    Raiders v Broncos

    So True. Absolute bo##ocks, to put it nicely. Find someone that eats sleeps and breathes rugby weather it’s Barrow, Dalton or any rugby league team /game, like Paul Crarey and you’ve cracked it. “Not a hope in hell “ That man gives heart , soul , blood, sweat and I’m sure tears into everything he does for Barrow rugby league, and for very little in return. Ask any body who knows him or has worked with him, player , training colleague or just a friend. As soon as them players cross that white line there’s not much more he can do, even though he’d like to. No other local coach is good enough, has the pull, or friends in the game that he has. No top coach from away will travel here and give what he gives, even for stupid MONEY, and we all know that is the crux of the problem. I would say you don’t know him or your after a passionate answer. Well there you go.
  10. Ellie10

    Liam Harrison

    2 yrs older. 2 yrs off the pace. 1 broken leg. Cannot see it working. Don’t do it Liam.
  11. Ellie10


    Aston ran the show, like he was at Barrow until Morrow hit him and he went off. Only reason we won
  12. Ellie10

    Marwan Koukash & cumbria rugby league..

    Obviously him and Des, in the middle of Cartmel racecourse. With a football team “Ego trip United” managed by Sir Alex, instant hit.
  13. Ellie10

    Keighley Friendly

  14. Ellie10

    2018 Squad - Ins & Outs

    Wilkes another year. Might not be on paper, but will happen. 👍
  15. Ellie10

    It's Newcastle

    All well and good. But whoever gets promoted cannot get anywhere near the monies twp can generate. And what really p,s me off, on " the day " Barrow and Whitehaven potentially can get nothing, and be beaten by clubs on " the day " by a team ----- 13 -: and 10 -: points behind them respectively Wheres the logic in that. Sh#t or bust comes to mind. !!!!!!!!!!