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  1. Keighley, Newcastle, Workington, North Wales cru, Doncaster. Some tight games here .
  2. Great Britain to tour , then back to own nations .
  3. Kendall only one who could not see Warrington players trapping Cas player in to get a penalty , all clubs going to be doing this now if that how easy it is go get away with it , poor from Kendal.
  4. What's the old saying , don't argue with the referee he won't change his mind , lol that's gone out the windows.
  5. London , Newcastle , Doncaster , OLudham , (Crusaders here's hoping)
  6. What a stupid idea , the ground is no where near the city center or trains, not enough bars or resterants, not enough taxis back to trains or hotels, Anfield is a great ground but not for this .
  7. Yes watched it on my I pad , gutted seeing all the Cru fans in the crowd , but great result , John Kear is a great coach.
  8. No cannot get train in time for kick off or home again
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