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  1. Presentation evening

    Yea well done doran. Found your level.
  2. Chris Coward

    Yes that what all the others wanted. Now total hypocrisy from havenhater. What a shambles on one off field. OMG
  3. haven v york

    Yea it is. But you jumped in and were replying to a question I asked Gary and your reply was aimed at attacking my comments with capital letters which indicates shouting doesn't it.
  4. haven v york

    Wondered when you would show up on this. He can make his own comments I am sure and doesn't need you to answer for him.
  5. haven v york

    Point is to understand if you still think he was a good signing on reflection. That's all. Nothing else. Don't say if you don't want too.
  6. haven v york

    And now on reflection ?
  7. haven v york

    Do you believe he was a good signing Gary ?
  8. The Truth

    Hi Billy, please let us know what finances are available to the club as a whole package. That way we can all input ideas. You seem to know what the actual situation is from your post. Thanks.
  9. new coach

    There are good and bad opinions. But all are valid. Some on here don't like home truths in their own camp. I was brought up on saying what I felt. It was discussed and sorted. All opinions considered. It's hard sometimes to accept that poor choices have been made. But be strong, accept the criticism if valid and change direction. Learn from mistakes. Oh by the way.....I don't enjoy the downs at all. I remember Bill Dobbie stepping in to secure the club. The BOD are not in that position (I hope) so let's believe they can do it.
  10. Statement regarding Head Coach

    Why swear. You no right to stop any continuing debate.
  11. new coach

    You know what Silver..... i made a decision to wave goodbye. What you just said there has inspired me to consider putting my hard earned not easy to come by cash into it again. A team player you come across as.
  12. Statement regarding Head Coach

    If that's true then I agree. But it's also s nice way to save a reputation for someone who may have been sacked. So that's well played by the BOD.
  13. Statement regarding Head Coach

    You have just gone over it again with your opinions. Put it this way, he left by mutual agreement so both parties thought he was not able to move the club forward.
  14. new coach

    The players achieved the goal with him and despite his bizarre tactics. DC was not the only factor. He lost the players. Was that also a goal ? Well an own goal on his man management ability. The BOD will get it right this time for sure. In their second tenature with a little more time to fully assess those that do apply and not just based on a CV
  15. Statement regarding Head Coach

    He leads from the front and gets respect from the players. Ours led from the stands and made bizarre decisions and lost respect of players and fans in general Ring a bell with you ?