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  1. Old standoff

    Tyllar Mellor

    Quality all the way that young fella great to have him back , great signing and a big well done to BOD for making it happen. UTT.
  2. Old standoff


    Great signing,quick strong and a real handful just the type we need and sounds well committed to the cause. Well done again.
  3. Old standoff


    Ye, If it happens I think CPwould be third choice at hooker which is the position he preferred before he went to Haven. Suppose he would add something at halfback but if the roumours were true when he left for our neighbors and some of the things said like we would never see him or his brother in a town shirt again. Personally I would think twice before re signing him.
  4. Old standoff


    Super signing , Great player and sounds super committed with that great band of brothers attitude which I think is essential in team sports for success. Well done. UTT.
  5. Old standoff


    Perry Singleton signed up.
  6. Old standoff

    Sorry 3 matches for FUI

    No can’ t see it either only way it might have been possible if there was any truth in the Sellafield roumours about him loving it up here and his wife wanting to live in Keswick. Maybe if we had got into Championship we might have had a chance if London didn’t want him . Would love to see it but it would be a big drop from super league to ours surely.
  7. Old standoff

    New Stadium for Workington

    Jeez, looks more suited to use by Labradors and Spaniels than Greyhounds nowadays, Think they could have found a better site for the much needed stadium low lying bit of ground prone to flooding river one side beck the other with our changing climate etc. I’m no expert but would think it going to take a lot of planning groundwork flood defences drainage before any actual building work starts.
  8. Old standoff

    Swinton v Town final, final, final

    Think it’s probably better to ignore him surely he must be a bit retarded or struggling to get his medication dosage right no body could be normal and behave like him surely could they.
  9. Old standoff

    Swinton v Town final, final, final

    And how you are you not locked up in a secure mental facility beats me pal.
  10. Old standoff

    Swinton v Town final, final, final

    Great effort from the lads today come away with heads held high,could have gone either way for most of the game but sure proud of our whole squad for a great climax to a super season. Heroes every one of them. UTT
  11. Old standoff

    New Stadium for Workington

    Ye, Artist impression looks great think it’s well overdue in the town too. Only concern is with the river on one side and the beck on the other does the reds and dog track suffer from flooding during the monsoon season I suppose all that will be taken into account though but but to look on the bright side if the worst happens we could maybe make some extra revenue by letting it out for aquatic events.
  12. Old standoff

    Swinton v Town final, final, final

    Yep,Goodluck to everyone today sure Leon will have the up for this match and hopefully can just light the touch paper about 2.55 and blastoff. UTT
  13. Old standoff

    Official Club Statement.

    More to the point old lad is the second tier of the game really the kind of league we want to be in if it’s full of stupid pricks like you.
  14. Old standoff

    Official Club Statement.

  15. Old standoff

    Swinton v Town final, final, final

    Old enough to have some knowledge and pride in the history of our country unlike a lot of youngsters nowadays Anok.