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  1. Absolute privilege to have seen a player of Harry Archers calibre real nice fella as well not to mention the standard of his pies RIP Harry.
  2. Jeez, what a load of rubbish usual thing get a good gate every one trying to get a friend to come down and that’s what we serve up to encourage them to return.
  3. Jeez, Maybe could con the other councillors to go for the new stadium if he is such a expert for a brown envelope backhander maybe.
  4. Ye, welcome young Marwood if you can come anywhere near the quality of Dean you will soon be a favourite at DP , good luck son and give it your best shot.
  5. Christ, Absolutely pathetic watching that so called defence after the heroic’s of last week you would think they had been doped or something attitudes need to change ASAP or heads need to roll if they don’t give a s- - t.
  6. Absolutely embarrassingly pathetic performance.
  7. Jeeez, Promotion material??
  8. Don’t come any better in the day with a shortage of caps than local lad Sol Roper in my opinion.
  9. Ye, all good for me too Jim don’t get me wrong I am pleased he is here I think LP tenure had run its course and this fella could be great for us but just seems a bit of a temporary lash up and we could have done with something longer term.
  10. Tool?. I have no doubt he is a great bloke and could be just what we need but my post was not about him being half arsed but an opinion on the deal that is being quoted as to the terms of his signing only to the end of the season and his involvement with YMCA RU at the same time.
  11. Incredible performance by 14 players, heroic performance by every one of them and a great start for our new coach wouldn’t like to try and nominate a man of the match from that team performance.
  12. Christ, sounds like he could be on basic minimum wage and one of them zero hour thingy’s , sound a right f- - -k up of a deal if it’s true.
  13. Ye, Seem’s a good appointment with a good pedigree welcome Chris and good luck . Hope he can live up to his reputation and be just the man we have been looking for. Will reserve judgment till we see how things shape up but live in hope and wish him well. About time we had the real article isn’t it?
  14. Bitter , Twisted and a complete F - - - - - g Tosspot me thinks.
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