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  1. To survive in the Championship you either need loads of cash or have built a team over a few years good enough to compete like York have done. Unfortunately haven have neither of these, last season was great for them but it came out of the blue, nohody expected it and they are paying the price for that success. Its a bit like you're damned if you do and damned if you dont. The step up is too much for most clubs, that's why I would like us to go back to 2 divisions with the funding equal for all. I quite enjoyed last night's game, 2 evenly matched sides with Dion and Abram the stand out players on the field. Dion needs to stay clear of injuries if haven are to survive. It was a poor crowd last night but what do you expect with a Sunday night KO and the game being streamed, the likes of Batley, Dewsbury, Sheffield and Swinton might have pulled in less.
  2. Sunday night certainly doesn't help, most clubs would struggle. The attendance for the Swinton game would have been more worrying.
  3. Would guess it was more than at the Wreck tonight.
  4. It's the middle of winter you clown, what do you expect the pitch to look like after 2 weeks of storms.
  5. The programme at the Zebs is part of the entrance fee. They aren't given out for free, they are black and white and won't cost half of what of what it costs to print the Town programme. Town have been losing out on programme sales for years, it makes sense to pull the plug.
  6. 3 weeks without a game, awful conditions ans against a team who played out of their skin. Well done West Bowling you were superb.
  7. That's typical of the N&S they are useless, a mickey mouse outfit.
  8. I would call it speculation rather than negativity, won't make a difference to the attendance IMO. Maybe we should put some fake news out there predicting spring like weather.
  9. Cant see them making Bowling travel midweek. Probably would be put back to the following Sunday with the next round (if we win) being played the week after. I think it will be on., worst of the storm is Saturday.
  10. Dispite what Jenkinson said, the last one wasn't going to be a burden on Allerdale rate payers due to the rented out office space. Will this still be the case
  11. I think rucking and mauling were the words he was looking for.
  12. Some games can be boring but I've seen plenty ###### RL games. I warch England a couple of times a year and I think you have to attend a game to appreciate the sense of occasion and atmosphere, the top RL games can't compete with this. They nust be doing something right when they can charge £120 a ticket and they could fill the stadium 4 times over. TV audiences are enormous and are up there with football. My Love for Town is obviously more than for RU, that's why I will be standing on my own next Sunday at a cold and windy DP instead of sitting in front of the telly with a noce G&T. I must be mad Let's not get into a RL v RU debate, it's a Town RL forum and we've done this to death in the past.
  13. England v Ireland Six nations that day, gonna record it and stand well away from anyone with a phone, probably where the old scoreboard used to be.
  14. Wasn't aware that the cup takes priority.
  15. Sensible decision, I wonder when we can fit this in with the second round being in 2 weeks time.
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