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  1. If we all spread out a bit more, we might tempt that guy back who rode his chopper up and down the popular side terrace in the mid eighties.
  2. We won Callum, get in. ???????????
  3. Just seen this, is it possible for me to buy some tickets still, please let me know. ?
  4. Probably the best game I've seen him Ref. ?
  5. The inside pass from Horton was a thing of beauty. ??????
  6. Agree, we were awful first half, Tyler Hepi should have seen red mind. ?
  7. On Sky Ports Arena at 12.30pm. Cmon Town. ?
  8. Interesting to see footballs 2nd division calling a halt to the season and promoting teams at the TOP, Reds had the same amount of games left with a 12pt lead and it was called null and void. ? I don't think there's any chance of any games taking place below super league behind closed doors, it's not economically viable. Let's just hope we can get started next season. UTT.
  9. Great bloke and what a club man he was. Condolences to his family, RIP George.
  10. Very sad news, a true supporter and benefactor over the years.
  11. Weren't we 18.0 down in that one after about 15min ? Baildon was some player. ?
  12. Was playing for the Zebras at Whitehaven, in the bar after the game we were all giving it large when the the score came up on grandstand. ??
  13. Just bought 10 pints, it's what I would spend on a match day, only Town are getting it all rather than Station Rd club. UTT. ????
  14. Why don't they appeal to the fans to buy tickets for the next 2 home games. If the season resumes they can be used when we start playing again. ? Just a thought.
  15. Got 12 months left on my contract I'm not sure I can cancel ?
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