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  1. Best of the season by far. Committed, aggresive and playing a sensible well controlled game. It's hard to pick any one player out but Maudling was back to his best today and Sam Hewitt was superb. Just hope Buffer is okay and we can get a decent squad out for the haven game. We'll done Chris and the boys. UTT
  2. Not a big hitter? I'm very surprised seeing how he's a top bat man
  3. Joe Sandwith would do a good job but there's a few who think he's Bats
  4. That was for you Brian... God bless mate.
  5. Over 800 there bloody unbelievable considering what was on the TV. Just think what we could pull in if were were good. UTT
  6. Terrible news he was a great bloke let's get down to BP today and pay tribute to a great Town servant. Rip Brian.
  7. Why does this go unchallenged by both clubs?
  8. Finlay gets his letter in every week when others supporting the stadium don't he's not local so no surprise he wants no development in the Area. He just can't except that Workington is the major Town in Allerdale with different needs to the likes of Hayton and Silloth. We have a ouncillor calling the shots who won a constituency with probably less than 50 in it.
  9. And to think his mother in law took to social media complaining about Bullying comments by disgruntled posters.
  10. Get yer finger out Foxy
  11. It's a good job most of us feel the same way but I know a few regulars who are contemplating giving it a miss tomorrow because of the cricket WC
  12. More lies again from the N&S Reds noy playing on BP is nothing to do with the Town game it's to do with the state of the pitch he won't let them play on it. Will they improve it for next week? I doubt it. Very nice of haven to offer Town their ground but I'm sure just about every Town fan would rather see it played at Seaton, Zebras or Grasslot.
  13. It certainly would be worse than both clubs have now with little or no atmosphere. It needs to be a modern development that Allerdales sporting youngsters aspire to play on, and also attract new fans. If the burden of maintaining both old and decrepid stadiums isn't taken out of both clubs hands, they will both struggle to survive IMO. Spending anymore on either stadium would just be papering over huge cracks and would be a waste of cash.
  14. No not its present state.
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