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  1. Sad news, Condolences to Harry's family.
  2. We were until the virus struck, young team playing entertaining stuff. We're you enjoying the Championship. Looking ate the attendances its evident not many were.
  3. Yeh good to see the great relationship they have with the Cricket club, should be a good crack, fingers crossed for the weather.
  4. 2 years Didn't need a crystal ball to predict no points after losing your 2 easiest home games. Great to have you back, cheered me up no end.
  5. It's been a while I suppose, but it's good to know these brain dead trolls are still with us. Just be thankful the season was binned and you didn't have to suffer the indignity of going the full season without a point.
  6. Sincere apologies mate 120 miles round trip you have to be a true fan.
  7. Not quite but not knowing such an high profile flop is a bit suspicious. Hope I'm wrong and you are a true supporter of the club. My apologies if you are.
  8. A Town fan who doesn't know the name or nationality of our most expensive Flop. Mmmmmmm
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