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  1. unicorn106

    1895 cup

    Mickey Mouse cup we'll done Town.
  2. Proud of the team and the travelling fans, great effort, UTT
  3. Great effort by Town but Walsh couldn't tackle a Sunday Dinner
  4. Their do us a favour and and ztop the pretence, you protest too much.
  5. The truth hurts doesn't it, look forward to playing haven 2020 in a couple of seasons unless someone wins the lottery again
  6. Sorry but you won the league leaders shield, you've never won a final. Last thing we wo was the championship double in 94 but most Town fans don't even mention that because it was only the 2nd tier of RL and nowt to shout about now ####off.
  7. Well done youve won a 3rd tier of RL. Congratulations see you in 2021.
  8. Stop using the word "us" you pathetic troll.
  9. Haven probably the only other team I can remember who have struggled to put our a full team, so less of the pontificating.
  10. It's not just been the last 2 seasons I can't think of another team who have this problem. I feel sorry for the fans who once again are travelling in numbers and the 13 guys who are gonna have to put in a full shift. Best of luck, it could get messy. UTT.
  11. Good luck lads it's just a shame we are short of numbers again this has been the case for quite a few years now but we always seem to rise above it and tough it out. How many years is it since we beat fev with Jonno playing. I'm confident this will improve under Chris. UTT.
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