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  1. Was playing for the Zebras at Whitehaven, in the bar after the game we were all giving it large when the the score came up on grandstand.
  2. Just bought 10 pints, it's what I would spend on a match day, only Town are getting it all rather than Station Rd club. UTT.
  3. Why don't they appeal to the fans to buy tickets for the next 2 home games. If the season resumes they can be used when we start playing again. Just a thought.
  4. Got 12 months left on my contract I'm not sure I can cancel
  5. It's a lot worse for lower league football clubs such as Carlisle paying big contract money with not much income. If you haven't got a rich owner you're in trouble.
  6. Elliott ot has had shocking luck for most of his career, has he ever played a full season? I seem to remember he lost a lot of game time when at haven. Such a blow for Elliott and the club, a fit Elliott would rip this league up. All the best El hope you heal quickly and we see you back in the Town shirt soon.
  7. No chance of the RFL making clubs play behind closed doors, every single club would probably go to the wall if that happened. I can see the government shutting all games down before the next game, this still leaves most clubs in financial peril.
  8. Newcastle just beaten Dewsbury, puts our effort last week into perspective.
  9. Chris just been talking. Elliot out for up to 8 weeks and O Brian going for an ankle x Ray. 2 of our best players, When are we gonna have some luck with injuries.
  10. It isn't just us, he's the same when Haven play.
  11. Hope next week is still on, for the first time in ages I'm actually looking forward to watching us play.
  12. Good second half, we would have folded 2 yrs ago. We'll done boys, great effort. UTT.
  13. Town about to score ball intercepted and Sheffield score.
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