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  1. Old speedway track needs tidying up but the rest of the ground is fine, it's certainly not a disgrace.
  2. Fans very quiet for this game. Hope the pitch is okay after the last couple of days rain. Predict a Town win by 35pts get yer waterproofs on and get down to DP UTT
  3. Hired a pump, drainage to be installed at the end of the season.
  4. We say goodbye to another Town great. RIP Bill.
  5. Front page of N&S says Town stay top with Derby draw they are useless.
  6. I wonder what a back line with Miller, Fieldhouse and Hewitt in it would have done with that possession
  7. Good effort Town why didn't we go for a drop goal at the end? Did we lose Penky?
  8. It's sounds like we've been the best team just need to cut out the mistakes and penalties. Can see somebody getting carded shortly. Bit of an a##e nipper for the haven fans.
  9. So do I Sandy that's why I'm not going
  10. I'm no snowflake Sandy but at my age I can't be arsed dealing with punchy ###### up teenagers, I doubt they are regular haven fans, none of them were wearing haven colours they were just there for trouble. Best of luck to the boys today. UTT.
  11. Dark fruits? I wonder who that could have been
  12. I haven't purposely missed a Derby game at the Wreck since I started watching Town 55yrs ago but I won't be going tomorrow or any time in the future. The atmosphere there for the past couple of years has been toxic and way beyond the banter that we used to have, the group of Town fans I was with at last years game all vowed never to go back and I don't know any of them that are going. If Town had to go there to win the league I still wouldn't go. I hope Town show some pride and put in a big performance, if they do then its anybodies game but haven are on a roll and I can't see them losing again this season. UTT
  13. FFS will you give over with the "we"and ""us" will you, do you think we are all daft.
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