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  1. Interesting to hear Nigel Wood say on Friday night that whenever a SL club fails to get a crowd of 10k then someone is paying for the shortfall Usually the backers, if they don't then it's a gradual slide into debt. Frightening.
  2. I remember when Town and haven went down to champ 1 the crack was that they both lost £120k with no parachute payments. Has the amount they get changed?
  3. I remember some Town wag mocked it up with Disney characters on it instead of haven players. It was brilliant.
  4. Not a patch on the haven one with the ex players faces on that looked like dinner medals from a distance, that was class.
  5. Great speakers last night, all different but riveting listening to them, very enjoyable, well done to all concerned.
  6. Is it a lighter blue than normal? Looks good.
  7. It's a awful journey whichever route you take.
  8. We could provide you with a map Morty, free of charge.
  9. I have, and you won't travel.
  10. It's the lowest form of wit they say, but I'm no Oscar Wilde.
  11. They obviously don't like travelling, we've probably played our last 5 pre season games down there.
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