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  1. I think the original poster is referring to Huddersfield's absence from the list of teams on the left hand side of the image.
  2. Moscow01

    A year and a day

    The man is a charlatan of the highest order. How he - and other figureheads at the RFL - are able to show their face in public is a mystery. Ralph Rimmer has the intelligence of a rock and the fact he is at the top of our sport is a damning indictment of where our sport is. Make no mistake, if Rimmer and his ilk are still employed by the RFL in three years’ time our sport will be on its last legs.
  3. They’ve brought in a handful of Aussies. Whether they will be any good or not only time will tell. I did laugh at a post I saw on Facebook from a West Wales fan who said they will win ten games this season! Their aim for the season should be to target wins against Coventry and London and not get thrashed by 100 points when they travel north.
  4. Moscow01

    Meet The Players Evening

    Hi gents. I worked with Lee for the duration of his time at Gloucester. He is a fantastic coach and a really good person. In his time down south he masterminded wins over the likes of Keighley, Workington and Newcastle with a squad of young, hungry players which looks like what you’ve got. The work he and Gareth have done with their academy is outstanding. They both know how to improve players. It will take time, but keep patient and I’m sure you’ll be a team on the rise in years to come. Good luck.
  5. They’d be 10,000/1 to get promoted.
  6. Moscow01

    Championship players average salary

    The likes of Rochdale/Swinton who are strapped for cash would be paying their players somewhere in the region of £200-£400 a game. The better Championship clubs have full-time players who would be earning considerably more. I imagine the likes of Gelling and Inu are on £30,000 a year or so, with a car thrown in as well.
  7. Moscow01


    Good news - a former Keighley player has just announced he’s been paid the money he was owed.
  8. Moscow01

    League 1 2019 table predictions

    I can’t wait to see how the bookies price it up. I imagine there will be 5-6 teams that really fancy themselves for promotion. I fancy Newcastle, but I could have four goes at picking the team to win promotion and not get it right, it’s that close! Should be another cracking season.
  9. Moscow01

    League 1 2019 table predictions

    Oldham will be playing in League 1 next season, no ifs or buts.
  10. Moscow01

    League 1 2019 table predictions

    For the first time in a few years there will be no ‘superstar’ teams like Toulouse, Toronto, Bradford & dare I say York, so the clubs that have played second fiddle to them will fancy their chances. There’s still a long way to go recruitment wise but if I was having a guess it would be something like: 1) Newcastle - they’ve made a number of big name signings and will surely add another few before the season starts. 2) Workington 3) Oldham 4) Hunslet 5) Doncaster  6) North Wales - They will have a very good season with a head coach who knows this league well. Recruitment has gone very well. 7) Whitehaven 8 London 9) Coventry 10) West Wales - They will be much improved from last season but hard to see them winning a game now Hemel have gone.
  11. Moscow01

    2019 Predictions

    Here goes: Super League: 1) Warrington 2) St Helens 3) Leeds 4) Castleford 5) Wigan 6) Catalans 7) Huddersfield 8) Hull FC 9) Wakefield 10) Salford 11) Hull KR 12) London Championship: 1) Toronto 2) Toulouse 3) Widnes 4) Halifax 5) Bradford 6) Featherstone 7) Barrow 8) Batley 9) Sheffield 10) York 11) Leigh 12) Dewsbury 13) Rochdale 14) Swinton League 1: 1) Newcastle 2) Oldham 3) Workington 4) Hunslet 5) Doncaster 6) North Wales 7) Whitehaven 8) London 9) Keighley 10) Coventry 11) West Wales
  12. Moscow01


    Keighley coach Craig Lingard has revealed that he will not continue in his role until the players have been paid. Steve Gill is also set to step down from his general manager role at the club. Simon Harrison and Neil Cullen resigned as directors last month, while Garry Schofield also left his position as club ambassador. “Players and staff have not been paid for nearly three months now,” Hawkyard, who has now moved to Oldham, told “They keep on lying to us and giving us false promises. Two weeks ago, they sent us all cheques but they all bounced. They banging our heads against the wall now and we don’t know who to go to because we’ve tried places already. They’ve also not paid anyone’s taxes all year but have been taking it off us.”
  13. Moscow01


    That’s peculiar, they had over 10,000 Facebook followers... Really sorry to hear this BD20Cougar. 😞
  14. Moscow01


    Christ, it’s not looking good at all. I tried visiting their Facebook page but for some reason I couldn’t access it. Could we be about to lose another League 1 club?