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  1. Good on you. Keep the chin up.
  2. Bristol would only work if a rich investor came in and financed it, like what’s happened with Toronto. There would be no point in creating a new club for the sake of it because you’d just have another Coventry or Hemel on your hands - passionate people involved but a team that’s not competitive in League 1 and would be battered every time they face a half decent team. It’s a shame what’s happened to Oxford and the All Golds because they were fairly competitive on the field, especially the latter.
  3. Moscow01

    the female commentator tw v dews

    What a fantastic post. Very well said.
  4. All the best to you and the lads. I admire your efforts, you are certainly doing a hell of a lot more for the sport in Wales than that other team up in Wrexham who seem to be comprised entirely of lads from England!
  5. I sense a forum plunge incoming!
  6. Apologies if I’ve come across as blunt, that was not my intention. I’d love West Wales to do a number on Whitehaven but at their present level they’re miles away from beating Hemel never mind Whitehaven. Pob lwc to the Welsh lads.
  7. Very surprised to see the odds for the game. Skybet have England -2 at 10/11 which looks very appetising given NZ haven’t got Shaun Johnson or Roger Tuivasa-Sheck to call on. Time to get involved I think.
  8. I admire your optismism I really do. But how can you be hopeful when, in your last home game, you were demolished by the second worst side in the division, and then shipped nearly 100 points up at Keighley? As I said last week before your game at Keighley, a success for your team will be to keep the score below 70. Best of luck.
  9. Moscow01

    So where do you think we will finish ?

    Long way to go yet lads! Joking aside, you’re having a fantastic season. I can’t believe the improvement you’ve shown from last season where you looked a pretty average team. Good luck to you.
  10. London Skolars 24-22 North Wales Crusaders West Wales Raiders 6-58 Whitehaven Bradford Bulls 42-10 Doncaster Hunslet 16-28 Oldham Keighley Cougars 18-30 York City Knights Newcastle Thunder 66-6 Coventry Bears Workington Town 80-0 Hemel Stags
  11. I’m getting a bid fed up of hearing this ‘they never gave up and always give 100%’ tripe when West Wales, Coventry and Hemel are battered every week. Isn’t that the bare minimum, that the players try their best?! I’m an expansionist, I’d like nothing better than for those three teams to be competitive in League 1 but it’s about time people stopped patronising them (they never gave up nonsense) and the teams started performing. Lets hope that starts today. Good luck to them.
  12. Every week? Behave yourself. I wish West Wales well but for crying out loud they’re not going to go and beat Keighley when they’ve just been battered at home by the second worst team in the league are they? Get in the real world.
  13. Do yourself a favour and don’t hope for a result that will never happen. If your lads keep the Cougars below 70 they will have done well. Good luck.
  14. I think what’s worrying is that Coventry and Hemel are actually getting worse. I’m not including West Wales because they’re a brand new club basically. Last season Coventry ran Workington close, they lost by a point if I remember. They also beat North Wales. This season they’ve been comprehensively beaten every time they’ve faced a decent team. It’s asking a lot to beat an established club but to not even be competitive is pretty poor.