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  1. Crikey, what a terrible weekend. Swinton best Toulouse and Barrow do a number on Halifax.
  2. Could have done without Swinton beating Toulouse!
  3. Here to go: Imagine being a Rochdale supporter and seeing your team defend like that!
  4. As far as relegation goes it’s one from Swinton, Barrow & us now. Rochdale are definitely down. A win like that will obviously do wonders for the confidence. Important to keep a settled side now and build on it. UTR.
  5. People who make remarks like this might not be racist. It’s the kind of ‘joke’ people make when they’re trying to be funny. Obviously it was a disgraceful thing to say and I’m surprised by the amount of knuckle-dragging morons who have come out to defend Argyle.
  6. Clubs that don’t own their ground and have no source of income are on a very slippery slope. Look at Oldham - the other day they had less than 300 people turn up for a home game. They have no way at all of generating income. How can a club move forward if they’re paying rent to a local council to use their stadium and the money they take behind the par doesn’t go in their own pockets? Oldham are existing but they’re on a life support machine. The glory days are but a memory. It’s very sad but it’s the truth. You could say the same for Hunslet, Keighley and most of the teams in League 1 to be honest.
  7. Lee said when he took the job that he hates dual reg and wasn’t a huge fan of loans but I get the feeling his hands were tied really given the amount of players that left at the end of last season. I’m confident next season will be very different once he’s had a full off season to recruit and bring in his own players. Let’s just hope that’s for a team in the Championship, not League 1. I like York and wish them well but their use of the loan system is a bit of a joke. Bringing in the likes of Vaivai from Hull KR... it just doesn’t sit right with me really. Super League first team players playing against lads who are working 5 days a week.
  8. Swinton have signed Samy Kibula on a month long loan.
  9. Rochdale seem to be able to compete for 40-60 minutes but then fall apart. Their coach has made big changes and brought lads in from the amateur game. Their fans are resigned to relegation and I imagine a lot of their players are as well. The trick will will be making a fast start, and finishing strongly - not our forte. The players know what a big game this is and I’m confident of a positive result. It might not be pretty but I’ll go Rams 30-20 Rochdale.
  10. OK then, name me one other player that you would describe as not having a physique normally associated with a rugby league player?
  11. Mo Agoro (Newcastle) & Kadeem Williams (Coventry)
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