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  1. Of course they don’t. They’ve listened to Farage say it and just repeat it like parrots. These people don’t understand facts. Who needs the opinion of professors of economics when some guy off Facebook says a WTO Brexit is a good idea?
  2. Name one developed country in the industrialised world that solely trades on WTO terms.
  3. I know it’s not a nice thing to stereotype large groups, but I’m going to because I’m fed up of the lies being told by the brain dead charlatans who think a no deal brexit is something we should accept. The damage a no deal will do to our economy would be devastating. This isn’t project fear as some of you lunatics like to say, it’s just a fact. In a no deal Brexit medical supplies would be rationed. Are you willing to put the lives of your own countrymen on the line so you can fulfil Nigel Farage’s vanity project? The level of stupidity for those banging the drum of a no deal Brexit knows no bounds.
  4. Moscow01

    Bookies corner

    Not York related but skybet have got North Wales Crusaders with a twenty point head start against Keighley which is madness. Crusaders should have beaten Oldham and they ran Hunslet close last weekend. Keighley aren’t up to much. I’ve had a fair chunk on.
  5. Batley Bulldogs 18-32 Toulouse Olympique Barrow Raiders 18-25 Swinton Lions Bradford Bulls 20-22 Leigh Centurions Featherstone Rovers 28-14 Dewsbury Rams Halifax 12-38 Toronto Wolfpack Rochdale Hornets 14-34 Widnes Vikings York City Knights 30-10 Sheffield Eagles
  6. West Wales Raiders 10-44 Whitehaven Hunslet 40-16 Coventry Bears Keighley Cougars 16-28 North Wales Crusaders Oldham 38-10 London Skolars Workington Town 20-26 Newcastle Thunder 
  7. Moscow01

    V Sheffield

    Surely the aim for this season should be avoid relegation and pick up a few scalps along the way. The time to judge the new head coach will be at the end of next season when he’s had time to mould the team into what he wants. As frustrating as this season has been I think you’ve got a wonderful head coach who is one of the leading development coaches in the country. Don’t underestimate his contacts in the game either - there’s a lot to be said for being friends with lads who are playing in Super League week in week out.
  8. Moscow01

    The new Alan Partridge series?

    The audiobooks of Nomad and I, Partridge are amongst the best comedy I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to. They’re available on YouTube - if you like Partridge they’re a must.
  9. As Director of Rugby. A great bit of business for Thunder who have also said Betts will be allowed to recruit players should he feel the need.
  10. Moscow01

    V Sheffield

    Bloody hell fire. Theres some Dewsbury players that need to take a good hard look at themselves after that. They’ve let the fans, and themselves, down. With a bit more composure Dewsbury could have won 5/6 games this season.
  11. Moscow01

    The 6 Nations hype...

    France and Wales are light years behind England. They would stand a chance if they faced England’s third or fourth best 13. England are an elite nation at rugby league. France have got potential and some outstanding players. Wales have a few good individuals, but look at the players who have featured for them in recent years - a lot from the Championship and even League 1.
  12. Moscow01

    Shaun Edwards

    The Rugby Union World Cup takes place later this year.
  13. Moscow01

    The 6 Nations hype...

    Rugby league is pretty much dead in Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Millions of people in those countries wouldn’t have a clue that they even have an international side that plays the sport. That has to change before we can even talk about increasing the profile of rugby league.
  14. Moscow01

    The 6 Nations hype...

    My friends and family, many of whom who don’t even like sport, watch the 6 Nations religiously. It’s about national pride. They don’t care about how long a scrum takes to form or the fact that the kicker can take an eternity to kick at goal. They cheer their country on and enjoy the spectacle for what it is. I imagine Wales could have sold another 200,000 tickets if the stadium capacity would allow it. When you compare that to the sorry spectacle of a few thousand hardy souls who turned up to see England v France last autumn or even the empty seats at Anfield for England v New Zealand, it paints a pretty pathetic picture of where we’re at. Theres no easy answers unfortunately. We’re deep in a tunnel and there’s very few signs of light.
  15. Barrow have actually won a game this season. Last season they beat Leigh and drew with Toronto. West Wales are going to have another season where they lose every game. It’s not a coincidence - they are a million miles away from the standard to even be competitive at this level. I want them to win a few games but that’s obviously not happening. Where’s the light at the end of the tunnel?