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  1. I recently spoke with someone with close connections to the club who told me they’re going to be bringing in half a dozen experienced players. I assume that means 5-6 decent Australian lads.
  2. SATURDAY London Skolars 16-34 Oldham Coventry Bears 28-26 Hunslet SUNDAY Newcastle Thunder 104-0 West Wales Raiders Doncaster 18-25 Workington Town Keighley Cougars 16-30 North Wales Crusaders York City Knights 42-10 Whitehaven Bradford Bulls 98-0 Hemel Stags
  3. If you get within 70 points of them I’ll buy you as many beers as you like when I visit Stebonheath Park next year. Good luck to you.
  4. Give it a rest will you? Stop being so antagonistic. Attendance figures are never accurate. Some teams in this division claim they average 400-500 yet the actual attendance is half that.
  5. The fact that John Kear is nominated for League 1 coach of the year and Forster isn’t is laughable. The Bulls play a very boring style of play and, despite having the best squad in the league, might not even get promoted.
  6. For West Wales to finish top of the table he’d have to bring in 6-7 NRL players. The absolute best case scenario for next season is that they somehow manage to bring in some better players and maybe finish above Hemel.
  7. Their new Australian coach flies into Wales next week. A penny for his thoughts. Unless he’s bringing half a dozen very good players with him you can write off next season as well. I support expansion but you have to admit this season has been a total disgrace. The damage they’ve done to themselves will take years to repair.
  8. Moscow01

    Crowd V Hemel

    The last three times I’ve been to Hemel I’ve counted 23, 17 and 9 home supporters. Since their move to Sheffield the home fans have given up, you can’t blame them really.
  9. Moscow01

    New league structure revealed

    From Matthew Shaw’s Twitter: Advisory board suggest a Championship club told by their SL partner if they don't pass the vote they will lose DR, the right to use training facilities & an arranged pre-season game. Board asked if the clubs are Warrington and Rochdale, Kevin Nicholas insinuates that's the case.
  10. West Wales Raiders 10-50 Keighley Cougars Hemel Stags 0-84 York City Knights North Wales Crusaders 14-34 Doncaster Oldham 14-28 Bradford Bulls Workington Town 48-10 v London Skolars Whitehaven 50-10 Coventry Bears Hunslet 18-30 Newcastle Thunder
  11. If the RFL had even an ounce of common sense they’d give the 70 grand that Hemel receive to Coventry or Skolars.
  12. When Newcastle are good, they are very, very good. Their backline is probably the best in the division, they’ve got so much pace. If they can get 3/4 experienced lads in the pack for next season they will be a real force.
  13. They’re an absolute shambles and it’s only the fact that West Wales are an even bigger shambles that more people aren’t scrutinising Hemel’s disastrous last couple of seasons. Quite ironic that they’re one of the only a handful of teams outside of Super League that own their own ground. They’re contributing next to nothing to the sport and should be thrown out of League 1.
  14. You’ll have a great time John. A very nice ground is Stebonheath. The pitch is one of the best at any rugby league ground in the country.
  15. Newcastle Thunder 16-28 Workington Town London Skolars 38-14 Hemel Stags Coventry Bears 16-36 North Wales Crusaders Keighley Cougars 14-36 Doncaster West Wales Raiders 0-98 Bradford Bulls Whitehaven 23-22 Hunslet York City Knights 30-10 Oldham