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  1. Merchandise Sell Off

    Tons more stuff going on this week including some very rare and unique items that were produced as samples so only one or two ever produced. Loads more fleeces, more player issue stuff too.
  2. 2018 shirt

    It wasn’t ready in time. Given his history of not paying bills I would imagine that was more down to the invoice for the hoodies being outstanding than anything else but who knows!! Shame he didn’t feel courteous enough to pay last seasons bill before he ordered elsewhere but I think we are all away of CH morals 🙄
  3. Dual Registration in 2018.

    Broncos with Skolars.
  4. Hummel

    No, but nice try.
  5. Hummel

    I know exactly what they are bringing to the table, it was disclosed at the recent chairmen’s meeting. Or are those sources not strong enough for you? Do you need a written breakdown from Ralph Rimmer?
  6. Hummel

    Not at all, nothing to do with the process. I’m also perfectly happy with my sources and the comments I’ve made. If people can’t see it for what it is then that’s not my problem. As I eluded to in my previous tweet, can you imagine the FA or RFU speaking to 4 credible candidates for 2 years and then suddenly when a decision has been promised a totally illogical entry is brought in that wins the contract? Or do you think maybe those governing bodies might have selected one of the best companies based on their ability to prove a track record of success?
  7. Hummel

    It was a Rugby union scarf and SKY Sports beanie, he is a real fashion icon.
  8. Hummel

    No Dave, you’re right, they were there all along and won the contract based purely on merit. I mean, who the #### are Canterbury anyway and why would the sport want rubbish like that as it’s National sides supplier.
  9. 2018 Kits

    The club sold around 500 shirts, hardly an issue of demand!! Perez was saying sales would be around 3000 in year one and that he wanted them in JD Sports and other high street retail stores! They had a 2 year deal with BSK Pro, nothing to do with Kappa. When BSK Pro terminated the deal in May due to non payment of bills Toronto went to Kappa and managed to get a bit of stuff until the end of the season for their Canadian store. Hence the reason they run out and have had an empty shop and no online operation for months other than hats which they have been able to purchase elsewhere. They still owe BSK Pro and I believe they also owe Kappa which is probably why the media and marketing machine that is TW has not bothered to bring out a single piece of merchandise or home/away shirt this season. After all, if you are no longer paying the 3 Coca Cola fans massive money you probably don’t need to sell much gear to fans!
  10. Hummel

    Yes I’m sure I it was all perfectly above board and the 4 companies in the process are just confused. After all there has never been any suggestion that Nigel is partial to a free lunch in exchange for something. And Hummel have such a rich history of supplying high quality Rugby apparel they simply had to be be drafted in at the last minute instead of selecting one of the 4 companies that between them pretty much make all of the kits for every top flight side both in Aus and the UK. Ive heard England Football are about to bin off Nike, ignore Puma, Adidas and Umbro to sign a deal with Aussie Rugby brand Classic. It’s all perfectly above board, Classic make lovely stuff and have promised to learn how to make football kits dead quick.
  11. Hummel

    They were rightly ‘peeved’ that a seemingly transparent process was taking place only to find a company that was not in the process suddenly wins the deal without any evidence to suggest they can produce Rugby kit to a high standard and hold Charlton Athletic as their only professional sports club in the UK. As I said, the owners and chairmen I spoke to were all quite keen to point out this seemed to happen just as Nigel was leaving. If we see him at London Broncos again this season with a Hummel Beanie hat on to replace his SKY sports one we will know it is all above board and he simply wanted a free beanie hat
  12. Hummel

    Yes think they have the UK license. As you can imagine it went down a storm at the clubs meeting when it was announced a few months back. They didn’t even have a picture of a team playing in Hummel to use (because they ain’t made a rugby kit since cameras became full colour I think) so used a picture of a Scandinavian soccer club to announce to the chairmen the deal. No idea what Elite are like, what I do know is established and experienced Rugby League brands X-Blades, ISC, Canterbury and errea all put an awful lot of effort in to try and get the deal only to lose out to someone who was never in the process and popped up out of the blue. Im saying nothing about how that could appear just as Nigel knew he was leaving though!! Maybe Hummel just offered to make him some big hoodies and it was all perfectly above board!
  13. Toronto (Merged threads)

    Jonah, how are you affected by the loss of the three players?
  14. Toronto (Merged threads)

    Just asked Argyle why Vickers hasn’t paid the thousands he owes me at the capital challenge today. Funny enough he had no idea. Absolute racket, poor sod has got no idea what they are doing with his cash.