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  1. Monkey Lover

    Qualifiers away games

    Nope just his name. I think Cousin Eric told him what to post in the early days.
  2. Monkey Lover

    Qualifiers away games

    Ask Jonah about it, I am sure he will tell you? I've got some nice pics of him from his whats app profile. Bit of an odd looking character but each to their own.
  3. Monkey Lover

    Qualifiers away games

    I was just calling him by husband name and pointing out that given his position he has access to information.
  4. Monkey Lover

    Well done Pellisier!!

    Before Sammut came on they moved the team around the park nicely in a game that was always going to be tight knowing that at some point Widnes would tire or change tactic and Sammut would come on to find holes. Worked a treat and he was left on because of the problems he was causing. Think it will be the same until the end of the season now as seems to be the favoured option.
  5. Monkey Lover

    Qualifiers away games

    Jonah has all sorts of access to information.
  6. Monkey Lover

    Well done Pellisier!!

    Meadows is injured. Cunningham in the halves and Sammut on the bench works a treat to be fair. Cut up several sides since playing this way when Sammut gets on.
  7. Monkey Lover

    Leigh selling players now

    He isn't going to Widnes
  8. Perfect size ground for their current crowd, ability to use it for training pretty much any day/time they like, great relationship with the owners, lovely hospitality facilities, offices for 3 times the amount the Broncos actually need and genuinely making partnerships with local companies, schools and residents with the ability to expand by a thousand or so if ever needed very easily with temporary stands. But of course in some people's eyes they should be moving yet again. The same people who probably slate the Broncos for never settling anywhere! They are a Championship club with Championship crowds that are reducing overheads year on year whilst remaining competitive on the field with a Super League standard Academy providing players for the SL pool. I'm lost as to why people are so desperate for them to over spend and try and get back to a position they could not sustain without David Hughes throwing millions a year into it. He will not be around forever but the way they are planning the Broncos will be and in 2 or 3 years could well be self sufficient. They have made plenty of mistakes over the years but if anyone bothers to have a look around and speak with people at the club now they will soon understand the club is in great shape.
  9. Monkey Lover

    London Skolars funding (merged threads)

    Correct. No smoke and mirrors with Skolars.
  10. Monkey Lover

    London Skolars funding (merged threads)

    Skolars are far from skint. One of the best run clubs out there financially with the owner putting a substantial, but not much by RL standards, in each season to ensure they can compete. I believe this is coming down year on year as well whilst not stopping them being fringe of play off contenders each season. With the crowds and budget they have they are an example of how to grow a club organically. They pay their bills on time and are doing great things with the Under 20's, Academy and Junior set up as well as full time community officers. There are plenty of other clubs in the heartlands that could learn a bit from Skolars about how to work to your means.
  11. Monkey Lover

    Wolfpack new signings

    Yep, I agree. How is Andy Ackers getting on?
  12. Monkey Lover

    Club shop

    Scarves are being done, unfortunately they were overlooked when putting together the retail range. May as well be honest!! Hats have sold well online and some were put in store last week.
  13. Monkey Lover

    Hardaker Sacked

  14. Monkey Lover

    Merchandise Sell Off

    Tons more stuff going on this week including some very rare and unique items that were produced as samples so only one or two ever produced. Loads more fleeces, more player issue stuff too.
  15. Monkey Lover

    2018 shirt

    It wasn’t ready in time. Given his history of not paying bills I would imagine that was more down to the invoice for the hoodies being outstanding than anything else but who knows!! Shame he didn’t feel courteous enough to pay last seasons bill before he ordered elsewhere but I think we are all away of CH morals 🙄