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  1. What did he say? I absolutely love Mamo, he seems a genuinely top bloke. After the game at Trailfinders two years ago, he chatted with fans behind the goal long after most of the rest of the team had gone to the sheds. There was a thread about players loved at their own club but hated everywhere else; I suspect that Mamo is one of those players that no one dislikes.
  2. I would imagine Alex Murphy comes pretty high in this category. As well as Alex, in this country (and probably in Australia too), Les Boyd divides opinion to put it mildly. I can't really remember why, but I had a strong dislike of Len Casey in the late 70s and early 80s . I'm sure he was very well liked on Humberside.
  3. Yes he is. He's a second row and has a brother who plays for Skolars.
  4. Afraid so. In the early 70s at least.
  5. Yes, but he was spotted in there failing to hide the RU mags behind Rugby League World.
  6. Wire used to come out to that at Wilderspool too.
  7. Richard Agar must be incredibly impressive at interview.
  8. Agree 100 percent with this. Also I'd add, get a penalty, kick to the long side, miss touch and concede a try. Still, they were good in the first 5 minutes (after the injury delay, I'm not trying to be sarcastic), and it was great to be back watching live rugby. I had a good 40 minutes bike ride each way to and from the game and a nice pint too. Hunslet fans singing "Fiver a pint you're having a laugh." Come on it was only £3.50 for an Old Speckled Hen.
  9. Skolars were poor. If their defence doesn't improve dramatically then I fear for them next week against Barrow.
  10. I'm going to Skolars tomorrow for my first live match since last year's Capital Challenge and hoping for a Skolars win, but whatever happens it'll be great to be watching rugby in person again.
  11. There is no way on earth that Valery Borzov ran in the Powderhall, but Murray was certainly very quick. George McNeill won the Powderhall and Stowell Gift in Australia. Didn't he play for Barrow? EDIT: McNeill won the Powderhall in 1971, the year before Borzov won the Olympics, in the same year he (McNeill) beat 1968 200 metre champion Tommie Smith over a series of races at Belle Vue. Is that what you are thinking of?
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