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  1. Would the Wiggles fight a man with a perm?
  2. Parky is cutting and pasting all his old tropes right now in anticipation.
  3. Thought from the thread title that you were suggesting an op in the manner of Wayne County.
  4. Exactly like that. Basketball is an Olympic sport and netball is played in the Commonwealth Games.
  5. I like your manifesto, put it to the test though. Niall O'Flaherty is now a lecturer in the history of European political thought at Kings College London.
  6. He was a couple of places behind me in the queue for a pie at half time and seemed to have plenty of time for those who wanted a chat or a selfie.
  7. Had my tickets for a while in the hope that Wire would be there but fearing Saints v Wigan. I'm so glad after tonight that there's a team in the final I can get 100% behind.
  8. For my Coral wedding anniversary next August I've suggested the Great Barrier Reef. Obviously with a few days in Sydney and Brisbane on either side.
  9. If Warrington aren't going to win, and I really don't think they will, then there is no team I would like to see win more.
  10. It will probably lessen HKRs chances of a result but it won't have wrecked 'em.
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