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  1. Do you watch any NRL or do you just like lazy stereotypes? There's plenty of flair there without having to look too hard. Just yesterday the Jordan Rapana try that was chalked off had me out of my seat and Clint Gutherson's magic ten minutes this morning was as good as anything I've seen.
  2. As Deano would no doubt agree, people in North Yorkshire don't want RL. Sorry but true. The club have been going since 1868: do you not think it would have happened by now if it was ever going to happen? Just being realistic. Seriously, York over the last couple of years have been a real success story and came closer to beating Cats in the 2018 Challenge Cup than Warrington did. I hope they continue to progress.
  3. Titans. Holbrook is a good coach who knows the English game and the team seem to be on an upward trajectory.
  4. Allan Bateman. He never had the plaudits that Jiffy got but if I had to choose either to play at centre then I'd definitely go for Bateman.
  5. He looked handy in the Capital Challenge against Skolars. He's got a lot to live up to though.
  6. Cas - Millington Cats - Casty Hudds - English Hull - Griffin HKR - Quinlan Leeds - Myler Salford - Evalds Saints - Fages Wakey - Johnstone Wigan - Leuluai
  7. You got this week's lottery numbers? EDIT: that wasn't such an outlandish prediction. I originally read it that he wouldn't make it past three posts.
  8. I feel the same way as Browny and Cheshire Setter: I think Cas will win by 6 but would be delighted to be proved wrong. Second time in a week that Wire have been on Sky Sports Mix so looking forward to watching it.
  9. Tom Lineham had it early on - I think his wife was working on a Covid ward. He did a video piece about it on Warrington's website. From his description it sounded pretty horrible, but obviously no long term effects for him.
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