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  1. I don't think Rowley has any love for Toulouse - I remember him ranting about how Toronto had been badly treated over there - so I can't see any favours being given.
  2. I get that Damien, although I think the publicity in the build up is much more important in raising awareness of the event, selling tickets etc than whether nothing was going on over a few hundred yards of Winwick Road from the station to the ground on game day. It's nine years ago now, and my memory could be faulty, but I remember there being plenty going on in town centre on the day of the QF.
  3. I'm with Dave on this. You couldn't fail to see lots of stuff about the World Cup in and around Market Gate and Golden Square in the months leading up to it. When the tournament started the Samoan team visited schools - I remember seeing kids from St James' in Latchford doing the Siva Tau for them on YouTube - and as a result got a lot of support in their game against the Kiwis (which I didn't attend) and the Quarter Final which I did.
  4. Completely agree with this although I keep waiting for Unapologetic Pedant to point out he used the word benefactor in last night's commentary at Fax when he meant beneficiary.
  5. A repeat of the Floodlit Trophy final from 1975 with added golden point.
  6. I'm not sure that Manly would have the Hopoate incident included if they ever commisioned a mishmash
  7. Do you seriously think these names are bigger than a club that has been graced by Neil Fox, Rocky Turner and David Topliss?
  8. If all goes to plan, I'll have retired just before the tournament so I might just take you up on that Kiggy.
  9. They scored 78 points between them with their wins in the last round. It should be a cracker.
  10. You'd cheer for Satan if he could have coached Warrington to get a try? And you're a Widnes fan?
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