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  1. That is the international rules. At club level in this country you can have even less.
  2. I agree, he is a bang average player, but that isn't really the point, it's another player lost to the sport and league because more money was available to him elsewhere. We need to get more money into the game so that we can increase the salary cap and keep the players that we want to keep. The only way we do that is by expanding the game into areas that sponsors and broadcasters are interested in. Otherwise we are going to be stuck with Uncle Jim's Chippy sponsoring professional clubs whilst the other sport keeps getting richer, and the moves will become more and more frequent. The game may have survived for 120 years without ever really leaving the heartlands, but the world is a different place now. The game will always survive as long as there are still people that care about it, but the slice of the pie will only get smaller unless we start to make advances.
  3. OK smart@r5e. We are looking for dispensation to include a couple of players from the COH academy.
  4. I tend to find that if you treat everything Phil Clark says as nonsense you won't go far wrong.
  5. We need more cash in the game. So obviously we need to prioritise small pit village teams over expansion, it's not working. 100 more fans coming through the turnstiles is far more important than silly things like TV deals and sponsorship.
  6. He has put his hand up but Radders isn't sure. 40 years is a long time without any rugby and he looks a bit rusty. If only we had a reserve team to get some minutes into him.
  7. Set to return tomorrow night so as long as he doesn't pull up again (he does play for Hull remember) I think he will be in the squad one way or another. Then it's up to WB. He did after all change the game when he came on at 6 in Denver. I think it will just depend on who else is available in those positions when the squad is picked.
  8. A bit more on Hull's injuries. Shaul, Houghton and Tuimavave are out. Radford says they have asked the RFL for dispensation to draft in a couple of youngsters from the academy who aren't part of the first team squad. He also says they are hoping to have one back who has been out through injury, and are hoping for the all clear today, so it sounds like the Kelly rumour has a chance after all. Anyones guess what our 17 will look like.
  9. He is back training though which is encouraging. It just depends when the specialist gives him the all clear for full contact. Connor is back though. He and Miloudi will make for an interesting partnership to say the least. I feel like we can compete if Connor is out there. He is the type of person that will have been pulling his hair out watching the last few weeks. He won't be afraid to tell people if they aren't pulling their weight.
  10. No but you have the LLS secure now, so it would make sense to rest a few players for a week or two. I am less apprehensive about this game than I was a week ago. We didn't disgrace ourselves against Cas, and Saints haven't been amazing lately. Also an outside chance of Connor and Kelly being available apparently, but we will see when the squads come out. Saints by 18
  11. MZH

    Season of the fake

    TBF there aren't many opportunities to cheat when you are stood behind your own posts.
  12. Don't think he has played centre. I like him alot. He will need to cut out a few of his mistakes and his defence isn't the best in the world, but he always makes things happen and his enthusiasm is great to see.
  13. I am being realistic. It was a game we were never going to win with that sort of team on the field. All I can ask is that they have a dig, and I think they did tonight. Too often lately the towel has gone in the moment we have been under pressure, but that didn't happen.
  14. Absolutely they shouldn't, but that tonight was the sort of performance that I would expect from that sort of 17. Lacking direction and quality, but putting in a shift and being willing to try things. We haven't had that lately. I thought it was a decent showing.