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  1. So the NFL, probably the richest sports league in the world, whos popularity is growing rapidly in the UK, are paying the BBC to show a weekly highlights package in a worse timeslot than the SL show? Not buying it.
  2. According to Terry O' Connor there are no poor, average or even decent players in SL. The vast majority are excellent, but if you have genuine ability then that makes you exceptional. If you can manage to put your boots on the right feet but struggle to catch, pass or tackle, you are merely great.
  3. Nailed on top 4. Really don't understand some of these predictions.
  4. 2018 prospects

    I like Leeming but there are alot of good hookers about. It would be hard to make a case for him being any higher than 6th or 7th in the pecking order just now.
  5. Obviously I support Hull so I would say this, but surely going to Hull was always a good career move for him? I know he had doubts himself about whether he really wanted to leave Huddersfield but not sure how it could have ever been seen as a mistake.
  6. Everything he did just looked so classy. Something happened nearly every time he touched it. If he plays like like that with proper strike players getting on the end of his work instead of kids he will cause carnage. Even with not much to work with he had two tries, two assists, a 40/20 and another try came on the back a Logan break that he created.
  7. Was the crowd announced? Not exactly packed but I would say much better than that, 9000ish. Connor a cut above. Played centre and was the best player on the pitch, went to 6 and was still the the best. Miloudi showed promise but guilty of overplaying at times. Osbourne and Connor Scott really pleasantly surprised me. Loads to be pleased with from a very young Hull FC.
  8. The Albert Brothers

    Yes I thought that myself. Wellington was due to come over and share a house with Ottio wasnt he? What happened must be especially tough for him in those circumstances. Having his brother there they can help each other through it.
  9. 2018 Kits

    A problem with heritage shirts is the sponsors. You can design a tradional cotton shirt but it looks a bit naff with the sponsors plastered all over it, and when you have agreements in place you cant not do it. Last year (I forget which game now) Hull had a Jack Harrison memorial game and released a shirt for it. The reserves wore it for the curtain raiser and it looked belting. But put all your sponsors and SL badges on there and it loses some of its charm.
  10. Super League predictions 2018

    I'm just not quite sold on Wire. There are some outstanding players in that squad but a fair amount of bang average ones too. It also looks like a skinny squad. It won't take many injuries for them to be relying on rookies. I'm sure they will make the 8, but I dont see them as genuine challengers.
  11. Everyone loves a good comeback and we all like to see expansive attacking rugby being played. However when I am watching as a neutral I really dont get that much enjoyment out of a match that finishes 40-36 or whatever. My idea of a good game is one where every point is hard earned. I have been around the game all my life. I was a back row or occasional prop when I played. Personally I love a great arm wrestle where every yard is hard fought. 5 drives and kick can be a thing of beauty as far as I'm concerned, and pretty much every game you will ever watch is won and lost in the trenches. However I appreciate not everyone takes as much joy from that as I do and a balance needs to be found.
  12. I have huge respect for the top gymnasts. They really are as close to superhuman as you can get. But it really isnt an exciting sport.
  13. Well we havent heard any negative stories yet and it looks like he will make his debut at FB on Sunday against KR. So its a start I guess.
  14. Super League predictions 2018

    I don't think rudderless is the right word. Ellis never really gave us direction. The thing that was sometimes noticeable was that we seemed to play with more energy with Ellis on the field. He seemed to inspire that extra few % out of his team mates. There were exceptions. The Cas cup game for example was one of the most physically demanding games I've ever seen and we got through that without him. But theres no coincidence that alot of out flattest performances came without him. We do have alot of good pros with bags of experience in the pack though. Imo its still the best pack in the league even without him, so its not something I am too worried about.
  15. Dont pay too much attention to squad numbers. All teams will have players who get a starting squad number but won't play there/be first choice.