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  1. I always think you have to give a bit more leeway to players like Kelly anyway. That might be unfair on the guys who work their asses off everyday and live the athletes lifestyle, but with some players that's the package and you kind of have to accept that and just do what you can to get the best out of them. Bags of talent, but a propensity to self destruct. Our game would be a worse place without the likes of Kelly and Hastings and Hardaker and the rest. Besides, he's not a monster, he just doesn't train very hard and is a bit of an ###### when he has had a drink.
  2. If that's true and Kelly is serious in that ambition then it's not a bad thing at all for Hull. He will have to bring his A game this year if he wants an NRL club to pick him up, and then if he does move on we have Connor to move to 6 and a good wedge of cap space to spend.
  3. TBF he is talking about players becoming first choice, not just playing because others are injured. So no, they don't count towards what he is saying. I think he is being overly harsh though. There are a few youngsters that might not be the first name on the team sheet but are developing nicely. I would certainly like to see Litten get more game time though. He could be a star.
  4. Ratu Naulago. On a trial from Saracens. 7's specialist apparently. Sounds like a contract could be on its way. Radford spoke very highly of him after the match.
  5. Bureta Faraimo was the 4th top scorer amongst wingers last year and 7th overall, that despite Hull being awful for half the year. Jake Connor will likely be his centre and he is 40/1 to be top scorer. Not a bad outside bet. I think the smart money is on either Eden or Johnstone though.
  6. I know very little about him but from looking at a couple of clips he looks a decent athlete. Big guy and seems to have a bit of pace as well. If it happens then and he comes with a good attitude then he could do okay. Plenty of uninspiring NRL signings have made good careers in SL. I just hope that we aren't looking at him to replace Kelly (with Connor becoming first choice 6) which is part of the rumour.
  7. Haha, yes. As you guys have proven in recent years.
  8. No one really giving Hull a chance at all. My only concern is injuries again. If we keep our key players mostly healthy then I think we will be in the playoffs for sure. Too much quality there to be as low as some are predicting, and there is a point to prove as well.
  9. MZH

    Leigh team next season

    If you can add a bit of decent quality depth to that then it's a team that should at least have aspirations of making the playoffs.
  10. For me it's an issue in society, not specifically in RL. Recreational drug use is much higher amongst young men than a lot of people realise. It stands to reason that this trend will be repeated in sport.
  11. MZH

    Toulouse Beef Up

    When you say know how, do you mean knowing how to cause maximum damage to a defenceless player?
  12. That was my immediate thought aswell. I think it would look better with white or maybe even yellow sleeves.
  13. When you have finished on 0 a points deduction is neither here nor there. I would imagine WW are just happy that it wasn't a fine instead. Yes it's just an administration error ateod, but there can't have been many occasions where a team has gotten away with something like this completely, so this is a decent outcome imo. WWR became something of a punchline in 2018, but I sincerely hope they can make strides and be successful. The mere fact that they are still going obviously means there are some committed people on board. I wish them all the best.
  14. MZH

    2019 Squads

    It completely passed me by that Catalans signed Whitley. Always looked a talent. Will be intereating to see how he gets on with better players around him in a team that should be challenging for the playoffs.
  15. MZH

    RL's longest hoodoos

    The worst thing about our losing streak at Headingley isn't the time or the number of losses, but the manner of them. We have competed more often than not, even been the better side on occasion, and yet you are always just waiting for the inevitable to happen.