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  1. Hope you kept your money in your pocket. As I said, Saints might play the better rugby but Leeds have endless resilience. Its very rare that they dont make a game of it on these big occasions. Regardless of the circumstances.
  2. Ah come on. People are always going to focus on their own team, and that wasnt good enough by a long way from Hull. Salfords forwards were very good. The game turned into a real arm wrestle early in the second half and Salford were very patient and just wore us down. They played error free rugby pretty much whereas we were wasteful, and the more time went on the more the daft errors started to creep in. As soon as Salford opened up that 6 point lead there was only ever one winner.
  3. Very poor tonight. No hope in hell of top 4 based on that.
  4. 10-8 to Salford HT Hull have probably had the better of it but not turned field position into points. A Salford try and penalty just before half time has punished Hull's wastefulness. All to play for in the second half.
  5. Saints play against meaningful opposition for the first time this season and find themselves being challenged for the first time this season. Who'd a thunk it?
  6. Oh dont say things like that. The Hudderfield fans will be upset enough at last night. I would rather have the Chuckle Brothers in charge.
  7. I kind of did actually. Don't get me wrong I would have prefered to see you get whacked. But some of your tries were a joy to watch. Thats the 5th time I have seen you now this year. Once in pre season when your kids did well but your first teamers were poor. Once against Leeds where you battled hard but lacked quality. Twice against Catalans where I have tried to erase both matches from my memory. That last night was 10 times better than your other displays. If you can get close to that week in week out there is no doubt you will be top 8.
  8. Both teams have surprised me tonight. Huddersfield haven't struggled for yardage or field position, their forwards have done ok. But when they have got in KRs 20 they just haven't had a clue. Hardly asked a single question other than the odd good kick. Rovers on the other hand have played miles better than I have seen them so far. Taken their chances, scored some really nice tries and been really organised in defence. Good performance and something to build on.
  9. Great effort by Mulhern. Seems almost inconsequential though. Don't think Huddersfield could score again if all the KR players walked off the field.
  10. Massive turnaround. Huddersfield really looked like they would blow them away early doors. Rovers have done really well since. Will be interesting to see if Hudds can regroup in the second half.
  11. Would you like me to tell you what this weeks lottery numbers are going to be aswell? Then you will know which ones not to choose.
  12. What a turn around that is. 15 minutes gone. They haven't have a sniff for 14 minutes 45 seconds of them and they lead 12-6.
  13. Good try that. They needed that, all Huddersfield up to that point.