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  1. Awful lot of close games this week. Drop goals or drop goal attempts in the final minutes of 4 out of 6 games, and another with a 2 point margin.
  2. A good point for both sides of Hull. A rovers win would have been better, but I'll take it.
  3. Wire kick another penalty. Although this time it probably is the correct call.
  4. Good things rarely come from kicking penalties when you are in control of the game. Wakefield are battling back now. Game on.
  5. I think codhead would be more suitable.
  6. No he didnt. Our inabilty to keep hold of the ball cost us the game.
  7. I imagine it will be 4 by tomorrow. Fingers crossed someone can do us a favour. With our injury situation unlikely to improve any time soon we cant afford to slip behind the pack. We are still in the hunt, but a win tonight would have left us in a great position. Its a big chance missed.
  8. Hammer blow for our top 4 chances. Big mountain to climb now.
  9. I imagine a doctor would read this and cringe.
  10. MZH

    England Squad Announced

    Yes you are probably right, although my team would have been Widdop at FB and Lomax/Richardson in the halves.
  11. MZH

    England Squad Announced

    If he was fit I would pick Sneyd every time for the reasons you mention there. He is unflappable. But in his absence I would have much prefered Richardson over Williams. He isnt the finished article by a long way, but he has the potential to be anything.
  12. Everyone loves to bemoan the standard of refereeing, but in recent weeks I think the refereeing has by and large been very good, at least in the games I have seen (probably about 10 of the last 12 tv games).
  13. And so it proved to be. Even when scoring a try Ferres cant do anything right. Much much better from Leeds tonight. They should take alot from it. Although putting so much in and coming up empty could demoralise them even more. Will be interesting to see how they perform next week. That game could be massive in deciding who is in the qualifiers.
  14. Could Ferres actually have cost Leeds a win in scoring? Could have taken that ball much closer to the posts.
  15. Surprised to see a Saints fan who thinks that. No crusher there, contact with the back of the neck, but it was difficult for Lees the way Handley was being spun around. Penalty correct call, a card would have been really harsh.