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  1. This is becoming a common phrase on Hull's match threads. If both teams play to the best of their ability, Hull will win. I don't think too many people would argue with that, even Huddersfield fans. But we just don't know what we are going to do from one week to the next. We are starting to get towards the business end of the season now, so I would like to think we are going to get our heads down and start stringing together some performances. We played pretty well in the cup and backed it up with probably our best result of the season against Warrington. But following that up with a half hearted effort and a 30 point defeat at magic sounds like exactly the sort of thing we would do.
  2. Both of these statements are true, but I will also add that what can be achieved with modern medicine is absolutely incredible.
  3. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.hulldailymail.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/rugby-league-news/jansin-turgut-positive-injury-update-2897366.amp He has such a long road ahead of him, but that's great news that he is fighting hard and making good progress.
  4. Surely Leeds will put in a performance eventually? On paper they should win comfortably. Can they really continue to be as bad as they have been? At least with London you know that they will be 100% committed to the cause. Maybe that will be enough against a very fragile team? London by 2, but if I'm honest thats more in hope than expectation. If I was staking my last tenner I might edge towards Leeds.
  5. Savelio update is that he is available for the magic weekend. Hopefully he can get a run of games together and start getting some match sharpness back.
  6. We had to dig very deep against Warrington last week, and it will have taken a lot out of the tank. If this was just a regular game I would be worried about us looking a little bit tired and off the pace. Hopefully, the occasion and novelty of playing at Anfield will make it a little easier to get up for it. I'll go for Hull by 12, but it's a game that we could lose very easily. Huddersfield aren't a bad side at all, and if our intensity isn't quite what it needs to be then they are good enough to take advantage.
  7. I had almost no interest in watching this one for that reason up until I watched the cup game, and now I have warmed to it a bit. Repetitive or not, that was an excellent game. Hopefully we get more of the same here.
  8. Mixed news I would say. The extent of his injuries sounds shocking, but bones heal, the good news in there is that there doesn't appear to be any lasting brain damage. Keep fighting Jansin.
  9. So the disciplinary have spoken and no punch was thrown at all. "Opponent pushes player. Player promotes open hand towards opponents face." Sounds like it was kicking off a bit, Connor was just doing Connor things and goading Bryson Goodwin, and was unfairly carded. If only they had looked at the screen.
  10. Firstly. Let's not turn this thread into an argument. Secondly. Just think that one of his friends or family members might end up reading the comments on here. It's not fair to be speculating on what might have happened based on a couple of tweets you might have seen.
  11. Pleased that this has happened. Wasn't in favour to begin with. I don't think it has failed, but I think the academy is a part of a clubs identity. It also creates complications when deciding which players are going to end up at which clubs. It would make financial sense to continue sharing things like training facilities, but absolutely the academies should be separate.
  12. It's an easy conclusion to draw given recent developments. Jansin's last few tweets have been mental health related aswell. But as you say 2 + 2 sometimes equals 5. It could well have just been an accident. Whatever the circumstances I have everything crossed for him. Really sad news.
  13. They usually do a little injury update when they announce the 19 man squad each week. Savelio (ankle) has been listed in the players unavailable for the past few weeks. Not sure on the time scale though.
  14. He isn't. Played a couple of times and went ok but been on the treatment table since. The good news is that it isn't a recurrence of his knee injury. Really pleased with the Jones signing. Very powerful guy. Should suit us well and is an upgrade on Minichiello (the 2019 Minichiello at least).
  15. The strangest of the lot for me would be Parcell. He is a decent enough player, but why would we use a quota spot (and he won't be on peanuts either) when Houghton is going to play 80 minutes week in week out anyway? It also sounds like Litten is going to stay. Cuthbertson of 3 years ago would be a great signing, but has he still got that sort of form in him because 2018/19 Cuthbertson would be a total dud? Hampshire would add something to the squad, but he wouldn't be first choice in any position. Is he really going to go to Hull to play reserve rugby when he could be an important player for another team? I would be surprised if any of the 3 are true, but to be fair to Hullfan, he(?) has been right about things in the recent past when I had just dismissed them.
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