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  1. Aye winter rugby as well, certainly blew away the cobwebs...
  2. Auntie Ruth

    Fans forum

    Pretty much covered everything, I thought it was a very positive evening, made it feel a bit more real now hearing from the coach and the players said there was a more up beat feeling at training. Was pleased about the season loan players and Campbell seemed to think that Newman was a very strong posibility. Campbell mentioned the other candidates, no names mentioned and how Carr stood out as he’d done his research on the club and was very knowledgable of the players, which always helps.
  3. Auntie Ruth

    Jarrod S

    ...Tom Holmes, we took a risk, it didn’t pay off, all down to circumstances, if it had, we would be laughing!
  4. Auntie Ruth

    Duffy - I'm so sh*t I joined a sinking ship.

    Thanks, I think 🤔.....Can’t be as unenjoyable as Fax away and London at home last season, like to see how things would have been if Sharp had the budget Duffy had, but we’ll never know! Exciting times ahead despite everything that’s happening at the moment.....
  5. Auntie Ruth

    Duffy - I'm so sh*t I joined a sinking ship.

    Sharpy back for me!!
  6. Auntie Ruth

    Duffy - I'm so sh*t I joined a sinking ship.

    Bigger loss than the coach for me, class on the field, Holmes and Ridyard combo will be very hard to put together again, two quality individuals at this level....Sharpy back for!
  7. Auntie Ruth

    Disciplinary from Sunday

    Why would we be playing with 12 men, my unexaggerated point is that he wouldn’t get away with being his usual grubby self, he’d probably feign an injury and beg to come off!
  8. Auntie Ruth

    Disciplinary from Sunday

    Players need to take further action against him, it’s clear there’s something ‘amiss’, think he gets a buzz out of it, trouble is though he doesnt actual throw a punch or fight with anyone, he’s a cretin, let him go into SL, in fact put him in the international squad and let him loose on the Antipodeans, they’ll murder him!!
  9. Good, it looked like a bad one at the time....thanks!
  10. Auntie Ruth

    M.O.M. Championship Shield Final

    1. Newman 2. Dupree 3. Cooper/Brooke’s
  11. Anyone heard how young Whylie is, didn’t look too good going off?
  12. Auntie Ruth

    Million pound game

    ....on the players, not the family members! There’s always a way round it.....
  13. Auntie Ruth

    London then

    It was a difficult one to watch, I want Toronto out of our league, but I wanted London to beat them! How well does Josh McCrone fit with the Rowley lot, must be in his DNA 😏 ....
  14. Credit for what, supporting their team? I’m only interested in Fev supporters and how many of them turn up and I think we were immense today after the season we have had!
  15. Bu**er the Leigh fans, well done to the Fev fans for turning up!! Leigh fans didn’t give a ###### about us when they were on their way up, hope ‘Degsy’ was there today to watch his creation wilt, why all the sudden compassion for them? Well done the all the our team today, new and old......