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  1. Auntie Ruth

    Player of the season awards

    Think Luke could have ‘scooped the pool’ this season....I agree with H10, I wonder if he’ll get a mention at the end of season awards, for me the RFL should acknowledge his achievement somehow....
  2. Auntie Ruth

    2019 Squad

    He wasn’t the only one.....
  3. .....that’s what I thought.....
  4. I think it was a good victory too, just a poor game.....
  5. OK I’ll consider myself reprimanded!! I haven’t been negative about our team, I haven’t disputed the effort, I just think Leigh were chronic and it wasn’t a good game of rugby, but I’ll try and remember to agree with everyone’s name future, I obviously haven’t got the hang of the ‘forum’ yet.....
  6. That’s my point I don’t think Leigh looked like scoring, even the ref gave up trying to get them over....if it was Rochdale or Swinton, with respect, we wouldn’t have even been bothered that we fielded 14 players, it’s because it’s Leigh that there’s all the emotion. Keeping you quiet might be a bigger feat lol.....
  7. Auntie Ruth

    M.O.M. Rovers V Leigh (8's)

    1. Hardcastle 2. Davies 3. Thackeray/Knowles thought Misi and Lockwood were very close too.....
  8. I thought Leigh were terrible, Reynolds and Hutchison didn’t look interested, It was a great effort with only 14 players from us and I thought some of our players were brilliant, but not all, but to be honest I always thought we’d win, it’s only because it’s Leigh that makes it a bit more special and I get the enthusiasm, but they’re not a patch on what they were last time out, for me it was a poor game of rugby!!
  9. Leigh were chronic today, they looked totally disinterested, I thought our desire was greater than theirs, but overall a poor match for me, let’s hope they don’t wake up for the final either, £50K’s not to be sniffed at.....
  10. Auntie Ruth

    Duffy wants Leigh job?

    ...neither did Sharpy to be fair and you’d say with probably not at much ‘talent’...
  11. Auntie Ruth

    Fans' Forum 23rd August

    Just want to say thanks for the updates TPH, much appreciated.....
  12. Auntie Ruth

    Tom Holmes

    Tom won’t look out of place in SL, very unfortunate to get injured when he did, best player for me this season, good luck to him.....
  13. Auntie Ruth

    Gaz Hock

    Neither do I (wear rose tinted specs) it’s simple really, like I said, money = fans, fans = revenue, 2 things Fev don’t have in abundance, more than the teams you quoted though, fans that is!!
  14. Auntie Ruth

    Gaz Hock

    Exactly, Fev have been trying it for = revenue end of!!
  15. Auntie Ruth

    Gaz Hock

    ....with no strings attached! Someone who could throw money at the club and money is no object, who has an interest in the club, not just for financial gain and without the present structure or even with the present structure, unfortunately we can’t compete with the Toronto’s of the world because we can’t complete financially. I remember the Faisal era very well, unfortunately he had strings attached, Mark Campbell has an interest in the club, but without sounding disrespected, not enough money in his bank account, even Beaumont, who apparently is Leigh through and through struggled to keep up financially, obviously the same would happen to Fev if we were in that position, we need a consistent fan base which we’ll never get, like to see how many Leigh bring, probably more flags than supporters unfortunately.....