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    Horse racing, pigeon racing, the pedigrees and strains, the histories. The Leeds Rhinos, chess and art history.
    Rugby League has great pedigree, great history, don't throw it away, always refer to it, cherish the past, create the future.

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  1. East of the Moon

    2019 Predictions

  2. East of the Moon

    Not a major sport according to Talksport

    Yeah, make rugby league so good and organised, an aficionados dream, as it were, let the public find us and want to be part of it, not consistently begging for customers and approval, as it quite often seems to be...
  3. East of the Moon

    Not a major sport according to Talksport

    Rugby of both codes, soccer, horse racing, greyhound racing, yachting, rowing, basketball, motor racing, athletics, cricket, snooker, darts are all minority sports in Belgium.... the major sport is pigeon racing!!! Wahay!
  4. East of the Moon

    furner speculation

    I like the cut of your jibe! 😎
  5. East of the Moon

    Is Elland Road Sold Out Yet?

    There are streams of buses to and from Elland Road on match days...trust me I've been riding them since 1956...to catch a bus going to the ground, they depart from near the Dark Arches, 5min walk from train station, or Scarborough Taps pub.
  6. East of the Moon

    Channel 4 to Leeds

    The first point was a hard fact, wasn't a case of admitting anything. the second point you make is ambiguous comment, nothing like hard facts. the other points you made were speculation and not facts, you presented them as facts, I wouldn't think you have a clue on when or where the ch4 executive will travel to and from London or Leeds...it's mostly speculation your opinions. as regards HS2 it will be probably be more than a decade before it becomes operational at the Leeds end, I would imagine ch4 in that time will have to make do with normal arrangements to Leeds....a decade is a hell of a long time in the media world.
  7. East of the Moon

    Channel 4 to Leeds

    Sheer ignorance of the facts as usual from you, the building will in all probability be south of the river, Hunslet, thereabouts. as above do more research!
  8. East of the Moon

    Channel 4 to Leeds

    Your opinions are just subjective speculation but you present them as facts, the only facts you present are that the government wanted ch4 to move away from London and the rest is your biased perceptions...you need to do more research. your 3rd point is just sheer blind provincial bias...a daft comment made just for the sake of it.
  9. East of the Moon

    Channel 4 to Leeds

    Crikey...why haven't you mentioned this before...now you tell us!
  10. East of the Moon

    Channel 4 to Leeds

  11. East of the Moon

    Channel 4 to Leeds

  12. Here are a few general observations from someone who has played and watched soccer over many years and never played rugby but watched for many years: soccer is the simple game and rugby league is much more complicated...rugby league can be complicated with far too many pedantic rules, which the casual observer at a game or watching on TVs finds hard to follow, quite often not only the casual observer but the seasoned and experienced aficionado asks "what happened there why has the referee penalised that player?"...I think the game of rugby league could simplify the game not only for the spectator but the ref and players, this would make a dynamic, exciting and unpredictable game even more attractive...from a spectating POV rugby league is the best game in the world, having never played rugby league myself I can't comment whether it's the best to play, but I would imagine it is, just my opinion. If rugby league could get the attention of an oil rich Sheikh (s)...like horse racing did with Sheikh Mohammed and select soccer clubs have, then imo rugby league would take off in the UK and France, and the sporting public would see the sport for what it is...exciting, unpredictable, confrontational, strategic, the raw courage of the players, the toughness and athleticism of the players, the unpretentious nature of the game compared to many other sports...just the greatest game in my opinion.
  13. East of the Moon

    Agar in! (At Leeds)

    A good example of wishful thinking from opponents!
  14. East of the Moon

    Leeds New Signing

    Great signing can't wait to see him...
  15. East of the Moon

    Good things about this season

    From a personal POV...the emergence of my 8 year old grandson as shining star in junior rugby league, everyone who has seen him play say he's designed to play rugby, even so young...he has a file thick with MOM certificates, still a long way to go though, my fingers are crossed he keeps developing. my son and father of the above, has just qualified to be a rugby league coach, he has no background in rugby but was inspired by his sons love of rugby, so now his father coaches juniors.