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    Horse racing, pigeon racing, the pedigrees and strains, the histories. The Leeds Rhinos, chess and art history.
    Rugby League has great pedigree, great history, don't throw it away, always refer to it, cherish the past, create the future.

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  1. Come on Wigan!! Me and my 37 year old son are rooting for you.... like me he's a rhino but a couple of days ago he said I've got a confession to make "lve a soft spot for Wigan ever since I saw that Irish bloke play, Martin O' Fire" I think he needs to get a life!
  2. Well as I wrote previously any other suggestions how Tomkins sustained severe concussion?
  3. I think the 'high threshold' is Tomkins sustaining severe concussion, how did this happen, any other suggestions? Never mind implying Maguire is lying, can you be a bit more objective in your judgements....instead of towing the party line?
  4. Austin is a dirty bar steward, he did the same arm elbow action when Hurrell was on the ground, which caused a fracas...hope other opponents note Austins disgraceful behaviour....
  5. East of the Moon

    Who is your 2nd team?

    My 2nd team is Trinity, blame Neil Fox!
  6. East of the Moon

    This Forums Members age

    Mind your own business what my age is....int it cold, let me see what's on telly tonight...would anyone like a biscuit, got some figs, custard creams....
  7. East of the Moon

    Which NRL team will you follow in 2019?

    Yeah, very disappointing, hoping after some rebuilding they can recapture some of the sparkle they've showed up until last season...love watching them though, will have to get used to them without Thurston!
  8. East of the Moon

    Which NRL team will you follow in 2019?

    Has to be the Cowboys for me, Thurston and the rest of them at Headingley a few years ago blew me away, as well as the Rhinos that night...thought they were a fantastic team! My team in the NRL.
  9. East of the Moon

    Old grounds

    Snap!! Those photos of McLaren Field certainly brings back memories and of Barley Mow, also went to the Greyhound stadium a few times too, used to breakin at the back of the stadium without paying, as a young lad and watch the racing, hope the police don't read this!!
  10. East of the Moon

    Those nice tories

    Give it a rest mate....have a lay down
  11. East of the Moon

    Those nice tories

    I worry that some can't differentiate between an extreme right wing fanatic and Leavers? Think you're using too much licence here trying to link the two...
  12. East of the Moon

    Those nice tories

    Mays deal is a major disappointment for me, so not sure how you come to that opinion? you must be quite desperate to link the murder of an MP to a Leaver, really!!
  13. East of the Moon

    Those nice tories

    "Remainers"? Shouldn't that word be crossed out of the political lexicon by now? Its after the fact isn't it....a more accurate word now would be "Losers" As to your question, think you're using tragic event for your own political purposes, cheap stuff!
  14. East of the Moon

    Those nice tories

    The United States of Europe Army will be the militant side of the Remainers! take that! 😎
  15. East of the Moon

    Those nice tories

    "A Remainers version of the EDL is..." don't think I will add to the absurdity!