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    Rugby League has great pedigree, great history, don't throw it away, always refer to it, cherish the past, create the future.

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  1. Leeds to win, I was looking at tea leaves last night and 3 rose to the surface, which obviously meant a victory would make 3 out of last 4 played...this was from proper tea and not those things that look like drowned dead rats (tea bags) yuk...
  2. Not sure why M j M...possibly because of the cricket just before Friday, staff numbers?
  3. Great times on the Western Terrace, leaning against a Stantion, shades on, beer in right hand, sun cream in left...danger of sunburn from the setting sun, it's like the beach in Malibu.... Lots of HKR people in the North Stand concourse on Friday, big queues at the bars...
  4. Back from Headingley and congrats to HKR...much deserved victory, much stronger than us in all departments, if they play like that they would beat most teams in SL, no danger they will be relegated on that performance...they forced the Rhinos into abysmal, thanks to conductor Mr McGuire,...the goal kicking was terrible from both sides...well done HKR you certainly rose to the occasion...
  5. Very interesting to see that Trotting track in Springfield Park, that sport in U.K not such a rarity in those days, nowadays it is a rarity, there's a track in Wales and one at Green Hammerton, North Yorkshire. Trotting never took off in GB I don't know why so everyone just concentrates on the flat and jumping, point to point racing. It's a major sport in Europe, America and Australia/NZ...I take an interest in Trotting and Pacing as well as Horse racing in the U.K and Ireland...
  6. Hawks are a bring problem to pigeon fanciers, another sport like greyhound racing dying on its feet...a sign of the times, a shame in my view.
  7. What a smashing subject, brings back lots of memories of Elland Road greyhound stadium as a lad growing up. Went there many times late 50s and early 60s, never paid, ahem! Climbed fences at the back of stadium with 3/4 other lads then made our way to the main grandstand for a good nights racing! The area of course was demolished and developed as the HQ of West Yorkshire Police, a grey piece of buildings and car parks, a blot on the landscape! I had a peripheral interest in greyhound racing ever since those early days, but the victories of Westmead Hawk, a beautiful greyhound, in the Derbies of 2005 and 6 rekindled my interest...if the Leeds stadium had still been open I would have gone, so watched on Tv...I was interested enough to subscribe to a racing monthly mag, they sent my money back and told me they were stopping publication. Thanks for the original article Agbrigg!
  8. Thought Ferris had a decent game, tackling wise anyhow...ok get my coat! Thought Myler had a very good game deserved MOM The 2 most maligned players in the team...
  9. "Bellendery" ...great word, if there isn't a patent on this, will use it on Sunday at Headingley! Thank you dkw...
  10. Yeah I can see the exchange should hopefully work out for both Parcell and Lunt, we are badly in need of leaders and strong voices, as you say...
  11. "Toxic" is the word Sinfield used to describe the situation and atmosphere at Leeds, speculation about players leaving and coming in the media would hardly help the team squad, team spirit very hard to see in most games...I think all the speculation has been very difficult for players to handle...inevitably some players have suffered with form, Parcell being one of them, inconsistent but I rate him on his best form, in a more stable environment he will get back to good form.
  12. Here's one Leeds fan sorry to lose Parcell...think he will do well for you.
  13. Rich Ricci the man who managed the Lehman Bros overtake is a very popular guy in horse racing, providing many jobs and stability in that sphere, he's very much in demand!
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