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  1. Brisbane semi

    In brisbane now. If you want to meet up my oz mob no is 0404 027244 Kev p
  2. Does anyone have a correct table from this season? All show points for & against do not add up
  3. Ncl cup 2018

    Perhaps ncl cup should be one each for div 1,2 & 3, and a ncl cup for all teams in all divs, which of course includes premier div teams. So everyone should have a chance in one comp.
  4. Brisbane semi

    I assume you’re going to Brisbane semi. Likely to be aus v nz by my calculations.
  5. Brisbane semi

    Sounds good. I’m at the ashes for cricket, so happy to meet up any evening. Will put my oz mobile no here when I get one. I arrive mon evening
  6. Anyone in Brisbane for the semi? Prob aus v nz, I’m at the ashes & semi. Anyone fancy a beer after? A few bars with decent beers in Brisbane. I’ve checked
  7. Doncaster Toll Bar

    Why do we not have leagues running summer & winter leagues? If NWML & YML ran both surely all could play who wanted to, also players who prefer summer could help out occasionally in opposite season & vice versa. One registration for both seasons. Better than summer OR winter.
  8. Regional leagues 2018

    If the CLS does reappear with east & west divs, I can’t see enough teams left to form leagues.
  9. Any ideas on what teams will be entering regional leagues next season? A number of teams struggled this year. What will be the set up? Scot league fell apart, midlands fared badly, Wales also struggled. Only north east & London looked strong. East & west leagues just completed. No league can afford to lose any more teams. Will conference south reappear? Doubt it
  10. just seen rl express, showing set up for 2018, millom & salford City Roosters not shown in any division. have they left the league or is this an error?
  11. Ok meet up in barmy pub in Brisbane, pig & whistle, eagle street. At cricket then rl then pub! Meet for a beer?
  12. Blackbrook 2017

    Ok that's what I read but things change!
  13. I'm following the cricket & will be in Brisbane for semi there. Anyone else doing the same?
  14. We're blackbrooks record in div 1 expunged or were the last 2 games awarded to their opponents? Seen 2 tables, one in league express showing table with blackrook record included (20 games) other on rfl site with record excluded. Are they in div 3 next year or not in ncl?