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  1. I heard that also, they originate from Southgate, about 5 miles away, also harlequins match instead of London (Olympic) soulless stadium. Grass pitch slides out in 25 mins, so can play on Astro or grass!
  2. An amazing ground, been there for both test events & going tonight for league game. No bad seats, plenty of food outlets with great variety also. Brewery on site & good beer also, not just the usual rubbish! Choice of grass & Astro also! Grass pitch slides over Astro. Only 20 mins from main London br stations. Perfect for magic weekend, only a mile or so from skolars ground in white hart lane
  3. There seems little point with 4, let alone 3.
  4. How many teams in the hull league this season? What format? Play each other 4 times? Play offs? How many cups if any for hull league teams only?
  5. Aus t20 started with 6 teams, expanded to 8 with extra teams in places with teams already. Will rl do the same?
  6. Very American, getting clubs to up & move. When they spoke of expansion in Australia’s cricket 20/20 they just put an extra team in Sydney & Melbourne! Will they do the same in the nrl? Extra team in Brisbane where rl is strong.
  7. If the rfl bought Bolton’s ground & wanderers went under (hopefully not) so would the rfl.
  8. With a limited number of bidders, no other football team likely, or union team, it’s on rl or developers!
  9. You wouldn’t want to buy into a stadium like West Ham when the tenants (West Ham) are subsidised. Nowhere near covering costs.
  10. Irvin santons booklets are as they say a rugby league histories, each booklet one season. I have most but they do not cover 2nd tier comps. So save time & ignore them in your research! Sorry I can’t be of more help
  11. Sorry I can’t help. But in early days of football annuals, they included rugby union & rugby league also. Athletic news did. May be worth a look. The British library has copies, also the heritage at Huddersfield has a large amount of rugby league material and I’ve found them very helpful in the past
  12. Are you talking about the Yorkshire & Lancashire leagues? These ran from 1907 to 1970 & results were included in final rfl tables. These tables are in Irvin sextons rugby league histories, but I have all tables if required.
  13. Surely Barca & ncl should sit down together at the end of the season & agree dates for the following seasons Barca cup. Not rocket science, they should be working together. Preliminary & 1st round could be played just before ncl starts.
  14. If marketed properly in Barcelona it could get a good crowd. 30k would be good. If you think 50k wake up!
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