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  1. kev p

    TV Deal

    Unfortunately unless broadcasters have a product they can sell to advertisers, they will only pay what they need to.
  2. kev p

    Petition to Wind up for Toronto

    Holding company has complete control over the other, never understood how it works, but if a holding company has more than one company, debts from one company cannot bring the whole holding company down, just the one in question. Virgin do it with airline, media, records etc, if airlines go bust the others continue as usual, although all owned by same people/person.
  3. kev p

    Petition to Wind up for Toronto

    Most football clubs seem to run 2 businesses, one a holding company, the other the actual club. It’s to cover if one goes skint the other can continue! Not sure of the legal details, but as always lawyers make millions whatever happens. IMO more corrupt than those behind bars!
  4. kev p

    New NCL Teams

    When is it decided what new ncl teams will be for next season? Is it 4 divisions of 12 again?
  5. Was top 4 comp in Cumberland for championship or an extra end of season comp?
  6. Did the Yorkshire autumn Peter out to a no competition? Or will it get completed?
  7. what Was the score of the Cumberland league top 4 play off final? Can’t trace it anywhere
  8. kev p

    Summer Bash New Venue?

    York looks best, with Bradford & York playing on different days to help attendance. Shuttle bus service to & from town centre paid for by local council, this helps all. Supporters, local pubs, hotels etc.
  9. Perhaps a southern “premier” could be 2 conferences east & west prob 6 teams each with teams playing home & away in their own division & once against opposing division teams. Cutting down on long trips, but not playing same teams over & over. Would be 16 games max. Could play fewer cross division games if fixture list was deemed too long.
  10. Like it or not, sport is part of the entertainment industry, interest at league level generates interested higher up. Watching high profile games on tv gets kids wanting to go to games.
  11. kev p

    Grand Final Crowd

    We should not only be looking at GF attendance (but it should be marketed properley) & sold out. But also working on all clubs making efforts to increase attendance at all games. Not just relying on sky money, which may fall. But doing deals on less popular games, reduced prices of visiting season ticket holders. I’m an Essex ccc member & we get reduced or free entry to 6 other county grounds, when Essex are NOT playing there. There’s plenty of options to increase attendances, family tickets etc
  12. kev p

    Hunslet P

    WIthout clubs at the bottom producing players, there will be no players coming through to SL. Strengthen the grass roots
  13. kev p


    Why doesn’t the league play every other weekend? Harder to find excuses if you know months in advance to sort out other social activities. Games on “free” sats could be brought forward by mutual consent.
  14. What was the score in this years Yorkshire cup final?