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  1. Like it or not, sport is part of the entertainment industry, interest at league level generates interested higher up. Watching high profile games on tv gets kids wanting to go to games.
  2. kev p

    Grand Final Crowd

    We should not only be looking at GF attendance (but it should be marketed properley) & sold out. But also working on all clubs making efforts to increase attendance at all games. Not just relying on sky money, which may fall. But doing deals on less popular games, reduced prices of visiting season ticket holders. I’m an Essex ccc member & we get reduced or free entry to 6 other county grounds, when Essex are NOT playing there. There’s plenty of options to increase attendances, family tickets etc
  3. kev p

    Hunslet P

    WIthout clubs at the bottom producing players, there will be no players coming through to SL. Strengthen the grass roots
  4. kev p


    Why doesn’t the league play every other weekend? Harder to find excuses if you know months in advance to sort out other social activities. Games on “free” sats could be brought forward by mutual consent.
  5. What was the score in this years Yorkshire cup final?
  6. Are there no semis in the championship shield this year? Can understand if not though,
  7. You don’t “find a place” for Toronto, they have to earn it like anyone else! Otherwise why bother with the MPG
  8. The old Yorkshire “war cry”
  9. kev p

    Yorkshire men’s play offs

    Back to my question, are play offs for championship or just a top 4 comp in addition to championship?
  10. kev p

    West Bank Thrown out of NW Premier Comp

    What league will be silly enough to take West Bank in? If they do get into a league, a league official should attend as a neutral at each game to verify the tactics. These issues deter players from playing, and kids will not take up the game, and I don’t blame them
  11. Couldn’t agree more, a condition of entry to super league must be an academy. Sharing academies in championship & league 1. Is ok, even if shared by 3 clubs. All championship clubs should have a shared academy at least
  12. kev p

    How clubs fiddle attendance figures

    Years ago when cash was paid on gate, often a lower attendance was shown as a tax fiddle (as if) I’m sure we’ve all been to games and having to squeeze through turnstiles which have not turned the full quarter so gateman takes more than shows on counter. Surely an attendance is in the name, attending! All cricket clubs have most members not attending on county championship games, so if an attendance was given it would show pretty much a full house instead of the few hundred there!
  13. kev p

    Yorkshire men’s play offs

    Are top 4 comps for championship or just an end of season comp?
  14. kev p

    Yorkshire men’s play offs

    Are play offs in div 2-5 & alliance?