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  1. kev p

    Hull league 2018

    It’s the last chance saloon for hull league, need “A “ teams of ncl, or new teams next season or it’s all over. No point complaining about the committee if they’re prepared to stand down, but no takers.
  2. kev p

    Whitehaven Belgrade

    All publicity is good publicity! If players can’t get visas, publicity still done!
  3. So where are we on ticket sales at the 4 clubs? Would assume that 7,000 allocated to each club and any Catalans unsold tickets reallocated to other clubs if need be.
  4. kev p

    Lamport Stadium

    If was in Canada a couple of years ago and they’re like Americans (apart from not liking each other), that they are pretty clueless of the rest of World. Sports teams there come and go or move elsewhere. When twp get beaten regularly in super league, attendance will fall. Relegation is foreign to all n/American & Australian sports
  5. kev p

    General future of rugby league

    THE next change needs to be for the long term, far to many changes over the years. If p & r goes, even the n/American teams would not like the drawbridge pulled up for new teams. A n/American conference within super league could be the answer when enough teams from “over the pond”. Sooner changes are announced the better for all.
  6. Does anyone have play off & league cup final results? For season just finished
  7. kev p

    General future of rugby league

    If we go to 2 10 team “closed shop” divisions, with twp, Catalans, Toulouse & a few more n/American teams we could have only 5 English teams in top division. I’m totally against “closed shop” leagues (as n/American & Australian sports are) as they finish any ambition of any small club. It works in n/a & oz due to the size of countries.
  8. I thought we already had World Cup qualifiers. So what would change? Only making it a 8 team comp would make qualifying more interesting
  9. How many tickets sold so far? Catalans unlikely to sell out, so more available from them if needed.
  10. kev p

    Hull league 2018

    If anyone drops out now, it won’t last the season, shame but they need commitment from stronger teams reserve sides for next season now. 5 is too few already.
  11. Whatever the attendance it should be tried for 3 years to give it a chance. Not necessarily bwfc but ground should be decided before start of season. Hopefully it could be a 40k ground in future. Stadium will not be 70% full at any time due to many fans only watching their own team. Most people will be in the ground at the end of 1st game. What are ko times? Need enough time between games for extra time & warm ups etc.
  12. kev p

    Hull league 2018

    Nhk played on sat, so not folded yet.
  13. kev p

    BARLA Southern Cup

    Perhaps the southern cup should have dates set for rounds, it’s a year in advance so regional leagues could work round it. Teams could use alternative dates if mutually agreed, otherwise round dates would be the default. Cup unlikely to have more than 32 teams, so only a few rounds to fit in. Good idea though
  14. kev p

    Hull league 2018

    If nhk withdrawn, that leaves 4? If so needs a commitment of teams for next season ASAP. Looks like it won’t finish the season though. You can’t keep playing 3 teams over & over again
  15. League express has tables on April 30 issue has tables missing a few games in div 2 east & central. Not sure if they got played later, no fixtures shown on league express though