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  1. It’s the fact that RL is like a ship without a rudder at the moment, with no one taking the lead, they are looking at the hearns for ideas. I think RL HQ are looking for anyone to sort out THEIR problems.
  2. A 14 team super league ticks all the boxes. 26/27 league season 5/6 team playoffs, or even dare I say, 1st past post! Works elsewhere! Bottom club relegated top championship up, 13th v 2nd championship to give championship teams chance of super league. Same again with championship/league 1. No p/r no hope for lower teams ever. N/a teams to fit in with system or form own league. They will accept promotion but want drawbridge drawn up after them. P/r is not n/a statement. You just buy in their sports
  3. Sky Sports

    £7.99 is ok for one game, if you want all sky rl matches it’s cheaper for full sky sports package
  4. Sky Sports

    They still use POV for boxing & wrestling, so it can still be used if the market is there
  5. Sky Sports

    I’m sure sky to create a package of pay per view for rl for those that want it, and include it in normal sky packages for those, like me, who want other sports also. The “rl only” fans would take up the rl package making an increase in sky subscribers. The technology is there to do it. Rl subscribers could do a game by game or monthly package. A win win situation
  6. Sky Sports

    A rl only channel makes sense, but encouraging fans not to go but watch on tv does not. I’m a premiership season ticket holder & county cricket member, and tv is never the same as being there. The Huddersfield game last night with 80% seats empty wouldn’t encourage anyone to want to attend, nor looks good for tv either.
  7. Totally relying on tv money is a dangerous thing. If sky drops rl there is unlikely to be a queue lining up to throw money at rl. Getting bums on seats in the ground is important. Any tv channel seeing stadiums less than half full will reflect their bid likewise. Advertisers want high viewing figures before they pay large sums. Market the game properly and it can grow. A rl “match of the day” prog on perhaps itv (not itv 4!) could get interest outside the heartlands.
  8. Regional leagues 2018

    The Cumbria league, is it a merger of the 2 leagues from last season? Or are both leagues still running?
  9. RFL to move to Etihad Campus?

    Seems to have come out of the blue this one! Don’t think anyone saw it coming. Do those at red hall know where it is?
  10. Regional leagues 2018

    Is west of England league part of south west or different leagues?
  11. Regional leagues 2018

    So how many premier divisions this year? London, east, south west & north east?
  12. Harry jepson final progs

    Any progress on harry Epsom progs?
  13. Regional leagues 2018

    Two what teams are in London divisions.?