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  1. kev p

    Nou Camp

    If marketed properly in Barcelona it could get a good crowd. 30k would be good. If you think 50k wake up!
  2. kev p

    Nou Camp

    90k inc top tier. Similar to Wembley. Top tier at Wembley is 40k
  3. kev p

    NCL Season

    Are there any ncl cups this season? Or none as last season? Any charity shield also?
  4. kev p

    Balkan Super League 2019.

    What is theixture format? Just playing teams in own division? Or cross division fixtures also? Looks like a international league growing at a sensible pace. Automatic p/r or not? Not always best if standard is too great
  5. kev p


    If there signed on with the league, they can enforce club B not to sign them on, however they can’t make them play for team A. The sensible thing would be to let players move as there must be a reason why they don’t want to stay. As it’s late in season they would be unlikely to join the league anyway. If it’s a summer league they should be able to move before games get played
  6. kev p

    Match ticket prices

    When I was in Canada for a holiday, I never knew what I was going to pay for anything! You saw an item with a price then state tax added then VAT, & if in a restaurant tip was almost compulsory! So a ticket would have both taxed & ticketmaster theft also!
  7. What suits TWP may not suit sky. In that case sky have casting vote! Games do not start in Canada till about May I believe. Are they playing away for first couple of months or moving home games elsewhere?
  8. If sky pays, games WILL be changed with schedules. Happens with ALL other sports
  9. Was the recently completed “Yorkshire cup” regarded as a new competition or a revival of the old Yorkshire cup? As it was played pre season & with non top tier teams. No preseason lancs or Cumbria cup? Or will that follow next season?
  10. GF in Toronto would be a bad decision. Needs to be neutral & marketed early. If by the odd chance Toronto did not make it, would there be much interest in playing it in Canada? Doubt it. Headingley best, week before SL GF. Perhaps discount on tickets if buying both GF tickets
  11. kev p

    South West Rugby League 2019

    Hopefully the 6 teams are evenly matched. Mid matches would be a step backwards
  12. kev p

    South West Rugby League 2019

    A 10 match season is a step in the right direction, a longer season with no more clubs would be more games against the same teams.
  13. Probably right, but would be entertaining!
  14. It’s like the FA charging lower league clubs a bond to enter the FA cup? Scandalous! If clubs are in the league system they should be allowed to enter the CC. The RFL should be selling the final early in the season with packages to include GF & internationals, all season ticket holders of all clubs should get a discount for tickets. You can’t sit back and expect tickets to be sold! Perhaps Alan sugar should have RFL marketing on the apprentice! They’d make a better job