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  1. kev p

    Barrow arl

    Thanks for your efforts, I have put the details in my records on computer. 4 divisions would be a pipe dream now.
  2. kev p

    Barrow arl

    I will check them out, thanks
  3. kev p

    Barrow arl

    Many thanks, fitzington is the missing team. Even though wins/loses do not balance. Not unusual though! Any more tables from other seasons welcome. Got some (mainly from you already!)
  4. kev p

    Barrow arl

    many thanks, more spaces filled on my quest to get as much of leagues history onto my records, still many to go. regarding 1983/84 cumberland div 2, on ly 9 teams shown but 18 games played by each. did the book missone out? it will be a team with 12 points to get the points to balance up. some seasone a league cup is shown, some with top 4 finals. are they one and the same as they do not both show in same seasons. great info though.
  5. kev p

    Barrow arl

    Many thanks, if the annuals show Cumbria/Cumberland league tables, top f 4 play offs & cup finals I would appreciate those also when you get time.
  6. kev p

    Barrow arl

    I am interested in the pages showing final tables & top 4 comp & cup finals please
  7. kev p


    Has divisions for this seasons pennine been decided yet? Did the short season get the go ahead? Must be due to start in a few weeks
  8. Does anyone have final league tables of Yorkshire league from mid 70s with league cup & top 4 scores up to 2011/12? Any help appreciated
  9. kev p

    Marwan's fixture proposal

    If they keep the super 8s, top 3 qualify for semis after 30 games with team with most points from super 8s only. So all get rewarded for all games. My personal preference would be reverting to 6 team play offs with loser of 1v2 getting 2nd chance with winner going to GF
  10. kev p

    Barrow arl

    Were the top 4 winners champions? Or was it just another competition?
  11. A double header will not have a full ground for both games. Neutrals (a minority) will watch both. Others won’t. But d/h a good idea. Next season advertise it from start of season, and sell tickets then.
  12. Agreed, only results on the pitch should entitle you to super league status. With stadium, youth set up & local league it should work well when/if you get there.
  13. kev p

    Barrow arl

    Definitely interested, could you email copies of the pages to me? Or post to me? I will of course pay all expenses. Your decision. thanks in advance kev p
  14. kev p

    New York - Gone a tad quiet

    MLS in its various guises had a number of boom & busts in the early years, with clubs folding or moving & leagues folding completely a few times. Personally if another NA club comes in why fast track them? Clubs know the visa/ travel issues, so if unhappy don’t let them in. Once enough NA teams get in they will form their own league anyway with no regard for the league {L1) that got them started. I’m all for expansion but be careful. Also any TV deals should be done by the league not individual clubs. The leagues own the rights to the fixtures. As Toronto & Catalans have their own deals, I assume this is with permission of SL & Sky. Some of their TV income should be shared with the rest of teams in divisions they are in. Clubs in uk can’t do their own deals so why should they.