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  1. Thomas Minns Drug Test fail

    Obviously people deal which things like this differently. But Jake Livermore was tested positive for cocaine after his child died and he was let off....
  2. League One's Future

    I think mixed conferences would work in League 1, let's say two conferences of 8 with North and South teams mixed together with 1 up from each and 2 down from the championship. It could make the expansion teams more competitive as they've got something to play for in a smaller league but they're also being tested against good teams. So for example you'd have: League 1 A Workington Whitehaven Hemel Skolars Hunslet West Wales Crusaders York LEAGUE 1 B Doncaster Bradford Newcastle Coventry Oldham Bristol Irish/ Scottish team/ Manchester Keighley
  3. League One's Future

    Personally I think we need 2 entry points- one for teams like Toronto who are being bankrolled to SL and another for teams such as Bristol who are building slowly
  4. Leigh to sign ryan bailey

    Thought he was still at Workington? He's become a journeyman after leaving Leeds
  5. Lions tour 2019

    Yeah you'd think fixtures and all that would have been announced by now but tbh I'm not surprised, it's just what we've all come to expect. Any other sport would have released fixtures and new GB kit and really shouting about the return of Great Britain
  6. 15 Apr: The Betfred League 1 Match Thread

    Anyone going to Bradford V Leeds after the Coventry game?
  7. Safe Standing

    Petition going around to allow safe standing in football stadiums https://t.co/RFSjiVqYFW
  8. Jimmy Keinhorst goes on loan to Widnes..

    He's a better centre than Sutcliffe but I can't see Handley being dropped ATM. I agree he'll likely leave in the winter, rarely has a bad game but I can see him wanting more game time
  9. I think crowds decline because of the amount of games played through the season. If you had the playoffs after 23 rounds I bet there'd be a lot more interest. The 8s gives teams too many bites of the cherry
  10. 2018 Kits

    Very nice apart from the Catalans badge. Are York permanently reverting back to their original colours?
  11. Australia to Play Tonga in Qatar?

    I like money, especially when it comes from filthy rich arabs
  12. Workington & Bradford in live streaming beef

    I agree Workington are in their right to say they don't want the game streaming but why can't they record it and show the highlights?
  13. Lamport Stadium work

    Do they have any corporate facilities?
  14. RLWC 2021 Venues

    I suppose you'd have the big stadiums in the opener and knockout rounds. I'd have something like this: Group Stage- KCOM, Headingley, Halliwell Jones, Bristol, Middlesbrough, Workington, London, Bramall Lane, DW Stadium, St Helens Quarters- Elland Road, St James', Anfield, Richo Arena Semis- Etihad, Old Trafford Final- Wembley
  15. RL needs characters but I can't stand him, like Danny Brough always gobbing off to the ref when something dosent go Hulls way