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  1. West Leeds Riviera

    Cas stadium plans!!

    In a perfect world Wakefield Council would have funded it as a community stadium for Castleford, Wakefield and Featherstone (obviously before Fev erected the 2 Scarborough Athletic stands).
  2. West Leeds Riviera

    Most capped internationals

    James Graham will win his 40th cap for England tomorrow, he's already England's most capped player, Gary Schofield and Mick Sullivan both have 46 caps for GB and Darren Lockyer has 59 for Aus which I believe no one has played more international games than Lockyer?
  3. West Leeds Riviera

    Cas stadium plans!!

    Id have thought 12k would be good for Cas but looks like there's room to expand in the future
  4. West Leeds Riviera

    Kangaroos to play in New York

    It's gone from Qatar to Sydney to New York, where next Outer Mongolia?
  5. West Leeds Riviera

    PNG Players currently in the English Game

    Was tongue in cheek that. I think he's probably gone back to PNG or he's keeping a very low profile
  6. West Leeds Riviera

    PNG Players currently in the English Game

    He's in a U.K. prison
  7. West Leeds Riviera

    Sandow back to Wire?

    Can't wait to see Segeyaro back at Leeds and Solomona back at Cas as well
  8. West Leeds Riviera

    Briscoe off to Leeds...why?

    They can't send him to Leeds on dual reg and I'd assume you can't sign someone on loan for just 1 game so yeah you right it makes a mockery of the system
  9. West Leeds Riviera

    2018 Kits

    I really like that, probably my favourite England kit
  10. West Leeds Riviera

    2021 RLWC Qualifying Results

    Will be interesting to see if any of them can make the finals for the first time
  11. West Leeds Riviera

    2018 Kits

    Problem is most England kits look the same. 2017 was a rehash of 2008 and this new one looks like it's going to be a rehash of 2013. I'd like to see something different maybe a red V or hoops
  12. West Leeds Riviera

    League Restructure Discussion (Merged Threads)

    Relegation every 3 years would give the promoted team time to build a SL team and still ensuring the worst/bottom team went down. It wouldn't be like when Catalans were exempt from relegation and Cas got relegated after finishing above them
  13. West Leeds Riviera

    League Restructure Discussion (Merged Threads)

    Surely clubs should rely on home support for their match day income not away fans?
  14. West Leeds Riviera

    Denver Test - Ticket Sales

    I don't think anyone really knows what to expect. I mean 15 K in a 76k seater stadium won't look good but I suppose they want something to build upon for the next two years, like you say they had to wait for the game to be confirmed. Hopefully they will have more time to sell tickets and market it for next year
  15. West Leeds Riviera

    2018 Kits

    Ah didn't think about GB and totally forgot about the 9s haha so yeah I'd go with that, 2 England kits, 1 GB and 1 9s