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  1. Hardaker Sacked

    Probably the right decision although they did spend a lot on him. Might do him good going to wigan, I've heard he hangs around with some bad eggs in Fev so moving somewhere else may help him. I read somewhere that McClorum chose Wigan to get away from bad people in Leeds who could have tarnished his career
  2. League 1 cup 2018

    Clubs voted to scrap it along with the L1 Shield and super 8s
  3. OurLeague

    Is anyone actually surprised? That's just rugby league for you, loads of great ideas but never really follows through on them
  4. Proper Sport stream every Bulls games

    Wonder if any League 1 clubs will start streaming their own games in house after this
  5. Is this the beginning of the end for Cas then? How longs left on Hardakers contract?
  6. Sky pre match build up

    Makes sense. I don't see why they need to take presenters to every game though (obviously they won't be going to Australia). Surely it would be cheaper and easier to set up a studio at SKY HQ and have Carney and Wells along side pundits and players.
  7. The World Series is a waste of time.

    There was not Series this year, Wigan and Hull just arranged their own friendlies. I agree the 2 games before the WCC are a waste of time. The only way a series could work is if it was a knockout comp but we tried that in 1997 and it failed. Id play the WCC at a neutral venue such as Dubai, Toronto, NYC, China etc and play it under international rules
  8. Headingley redevelopment

    What's the new capacity of the South Stand going to be when complete? Was 6,000 before redevelopment
  9. Sky pre match build up

    No build up/ analysis before and after games this weekend.
  10. Headingley redevelopment

    Horsfall? Bradfords answer to Headingley
  11. Axiom. Junction 32.

    Good Public transport would be the answer to traffic and congestion problems but things just seem to get built without any thought being put into road networks and congestion
  12. Headingley redevelopment

    Leeds RLFC would never have built a new stadium. When YCCC we're going to move to Wakefield, Leeds RL would have moved to Elland Road and sell Headingley to pay off their debts.
  13. Proper Sport stream every Bulls games

    Rugby AM/ Freesports are showing NCL games so there's no reason why League 1 clubs can't do it. Proper Sport (previously Radio Yorkshire) asked the RFL if they could produce a weekly Championship highlight package but the RFL never replied so they've decided to do their own thing with Bradford
  14. Rugby League Championships Limited

    Looks like we may have a structure like football has with the Premier League and Football League, we'll have the Super League and Champinships as separately run leagues