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  1. Blueprint for SL

    Manchester Rangers sorry. MCR abbreviation of Manchester
  2. Ifollow idea or Suggestion

    I think this has been discussed by the clubs. They want to show their games when their not on Sky. Lots of clubs are able to show games themselves, they only need one camera and can stream it on their websites. Many clubs stream highlights anyway even TWP post full games on You Tube.
  3. Blueprint for SL

    We need to decide where new clubs start as well. You can't start a club with significant financial backing i.e. TWP in the same league as a community club building bottom up such as MCR
  4. Catalans situation it makes me laugh

    The McNamara affect
  5. Playoffs

    I think having playoffs after 23 rounds is the way to do it. The Super 8s gives too many opportunities to teams who haven't done great in the regular season. Saying that the top 3 has stayed the same im going Cas V leeds
  6. Playoffs

    Cas V Saints (as long as Wigan don't beat Wakie 90-0) Leeds V Hull Who makes the Grand Final?
  7. The 3 man of Steel contenders

    Gale for me. Not sure why Kelly's there, had a good season for Hull but could easily have put in 3 Cas players
  8. Cas sign Garry Lo

    He's only 23, you'd think training in a pro environment would improve him
  9. Bradford signal intent for next season

    Be interesting to see what happens in 2019/2020 with 2nd Canadian team coming, could see a return to licensing in some form?
  10. Wakey to stay at Belle Vue, redevelopment plans

    Great news for Wakey especially staying at belle vue
  11. Home Internationals

    Can't we just have SL based players play France? Like we did against the exiles
  12. I agree it been exciting this year, I think the qualifiers have been great each year but the SL Super 8s have been exciting for the first time, but I'd still rather see less games being played, just have a 22 game regular season with a top 5 playoff
  13. Catalan v Widnes

    Tough one to call, I'll go Catalans by 4. Widnes V Leigh in the MPG, another tough game to call 🤔
  14. SKY's crystal ball.

    It will be a Leeds V Saints Grand Final
  15. Does the League One Shield work?

    The clubs voted to keep it because they want the extra 7 games rather than the L1 Cup. Alternatively they could just play each other home and away which would produce enough games for them. Both the Championship and League 1 shield are pointless comps, jlthere just there to Pro long the season for clubs who have bothering to play for