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  1. Bradford Bulls.

    I agree, I do miss them, we don't really have a proper local derby anymore. Cas have wakie, Saints have Wigan, FC have KR
  2. McGillvary NRL poser

    Aren't Warrington intrested in him?
  3. I think England have had English refs and Australia Aussie refs is because their used to reffing their respective players. England all know Bentham and child and how they Ref games
  4. England will be in the final

    It's most likely going to be Australia V England in the final. The question is can England beat Australia?
  5. Any plans for the current redevelopment? Can't find them
  6. More Super League sides may play in Australia

    Wasn't Magic Weekend supposed to be a vehicle to expand the sport outside the heartlands? Why don't we to balance out the fixture list add a round 24 on the road where clubs play in Australia and USA
  7. Pacific Cup PNG, Tonga, Samoa, Fiji, Cook Islands. Each teams plays each other once with the top 2 teams making the final European Cup Wales, Scotland, Ireland, France, Italy, Lebanon Each team plays each other once with top 2 making the final The winners of each comp qualify for 6 nations with England, Aus, NZ and have the winners of the North America Cup qualify
  8. 2018 Series v NZ

    What about Olympic stadium, Etihad and St James' Park
  9. 2018 Kits

    Yeah I'll agree with you there. I'd love to see Leeds play away in yellow again. I don't mind something non traditional one year but not every year
  10. I don't think him, Sandow or Sollomona will ever play SL again after waking out on their contracts. If segeyaro had stayed his contact would be up this time next year anyway, so he may as well have stayed, made an impact and left at the end of his contact
  11. York Community Stadium update

    I believe the new stadium at Cas is opposite Xscape,l which has a station next to it
  12. What will the reception be like if England win the WC? Will they be mobbed by the national newspapers at Leeds Bradford airport? Knighted? Will the RFL be able to build upon the success?
  13. League 1 Fixture Delay

    So they can't find a sponsor for a comp played in England, Wales, France and Canada but can for SL played on the north of England and one team in France
  14. WCC to go ahead

    I don't think Cas would be very happy missing out