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  1. Ok hands up might not have read correctly Blame the T & A's flipping paywall that only gives you one attempt before reaching 'your free article limit '..
  2. Firstly before anyone slates me as an M62 luddite then take last 4 seasons watching expansion clubs (stags , All Golds . Bears n Crusaders )..erm clearly not ... But our Bulls new honcho takes the biscuit for insulting our current teams in this missive ... https://www.thetelegraphandargus.co.uk/sport/18034949.perez-keen-highlight-importance-northern-bulls-heritage/?ref=rss&fbclid=IwAR3fblj8gH88AKXI1rwDqt4AASS7I6XrxZXPtLIyKZSNGtk_zhVUJSYU-FI So respecting our former players is something we don't do as a sport ?? Want to view the Hall of Fame 's at Keighley ( since the late 90's ) , Barrow , Hunslet . Batley , Whitehaven , Workington ,Widnes ,Featherstone , Dewsbury etc etc All compiled by volunteers interested in preserving our games heritage .but your Hall of Fame is something you are bringing to game ?? no doubt its all something new if Toronto have overseen it .. All for growing the game but take the proverbial out of those that have given to the sport of their own volition n you are on dodgy ground ..
  3. He wasnt the only one - Errol Carter from the Bears made the trip to play for Turkey ..
  4. You've blown your own argument out of the water there on several counts ... 'or of those who provide less quality of entertainment - want to be treated in a similar way as those of a higher standard.' just because the skill level is less doesn't mean the entertainment level is less - I can watch an under 8's game between two equally matched teams and find it far far more entertaining than a mis match between a highly drilled NRL top of the league v bottom of the league fixture , With regard to the Women's RL, what has got to be remembered is that they are just amateur players yet are being given preferential treatment more than the equivalent standard of teams in the men's amateur leagues.- but they aren't the same, are they - ? those players for the Women's SL Teams are the best female RL players in the Country - Leeds Rhinos Ladies team whether or not they are amateur are in the Women's Game equivalent of the Rhinos 1st Team in the SL Structure - providing international players and bringing in new players from other clubs to strengthen in the same way as the mens side do .. Yes, I understand that the women's game is trying to get itself promoted more but I do feel it is a bit unfair on those teams (yes, male) who are possibly of a better standard but do not get to play on professional grounds nor are seen on tv. - Players in Amateur Mens Team have had their opportunity to play on Pro Ground or Play on TV - its called being playing at a level to be able play in an SL Mens team - in the same way any young lass playing for a club in the Women's Bottom Division has the same opportunity to progress to the Women's Bottom Divison . As for attracting few spectators - I played for many years in Askam Ladies Team and unless my Grey matter is totally giving up on me, we always drew a healthy crowd . Keighley Albion Ladies have on an amateur ground been pulling in 200/ 300 crowds this season in the Women's Bottom Division . Cas , Wigan and Leeds Rhinos Ladies have been attracting decent crowds all year to their games .
  5. Spot on comments @The Blues Ox i said on another thread the irony in Schofields initial comment was that it's attitudes like his that have held back the Women's Game for years , A lack of access to facilities ,development opportunities and funding caused by the ' Old Time its a mans game ' mentality - not always openly but rippling under at many an amateur club and RL Governance board level has dogged the sport for years ..
  6. As a 20 year veteran of the women's game , What Schofield doesn't get is that is the irony that it is the antiquated and misogynistic attitudes that he's displayed in his initial tweet that have held back the women's game in the past ....not the efforts of the players on the field ...
  7. Just a thought - Will the Clubhouse at Skolars not be showing it ? Or if you are North London-ish sure there will be a gang watching at Hemel's Pennine Way Ground
  8. A couple of years back but makes you think xx
  9. Keighley stalwart and Hall of Fame member Phil Stephenson passed away at an incredibly obscene young age of 47 yesterday after battling Motor Neuron Disease for a number of years .. Stev played over 300 games for Keighley , beginning his Pro Career as a centre at Keighley under Peter Roe as part of the 1993 Division 1 winning team , after learning his craft at Clatyon RL in Bradford . Moving to Prop a position he played till his retirement in 2006 , Phil was an integral first name on the team sheet part of an Keighley team of that era ,staying loyal tp the club when it endured massive financial upheaval and playing a huge part in the teams 2003 League 2 championship title success against Sheffield at Widnes's Naughton Park . Phil after retirement took on a youth coaching role with Silsden Storm n also put on his boots again playing at Pennine League level to support his local open age team . Since Phils diagnosis over 30k has been raised by various events for the Motor Neuron Disease Association by family and friends including last Sundays match at Cougar Park between Stev's 2003 teammates and a team from local Rl representing Josh Lynams Testimonial Team .. Mins silence at the Grand Final ??
  10. get yourself down to Cougar Park . As part of Josh Lynam's Testimonial Season , Josh's invitation Team( featuring players that have come through Junior RL in the the town plus a few recent ex Cougar Favourites ) will take on a team representing Keighley Legend Phil Stephenson bringing together the vast majority of Keighleys 2003 Championship 1 winning team. 'Stevo' is battling against Motor Neurone Disease and todays game is one in a series of events that have been organised raising funds for the The Motor Neurone Disease Association . Entry is only a couple of quid , with a great afternoons entertainment guaranteed! Kick of 3pm See You There !
  11. Cant comapre the two - both Dewsbury and Keighley have played in their 'home' towns for their lifetime , The Lions have been away from Swinton for at least 20 years ....
  12. Seriously ?? My lad from a heartlands club due to university commitments h has played all over the 'expansion game ' over the past three years and as spectators we've loved every min .At clubs aways from the heartlands the playing strength is always going to be fluid dependent on' traditional' players who may have moved for work or education or on local produced players who may or may not make the grade as Pro's . The Fev standing joke that you could call down a pit head and find a new prop is evidently not going to work in Wood Green , Coventry or Llanelli but yet we suddenly expect our expansion clubs to be competitive ..why ??\ So Londonfan whilst I appreciate your support over the years ..tell us how the Skolars can grow , without resorting to name calling ...??
  13. Negativity ...when the boring farts that write to the RL Papers at length moaning about everything and nothing then yes ... But 3 examples from my RL Weekend .... FB posts from friends who are Barrow Fans loving their trip in Toronto ..one describing it as their best ever RL experience ever Keighley Fans despite the result going all out to party at Doncaster celebrating a season that 10 months ago looking like wouldn't happen My own experience at Newcastle watching the Cru on Sunday . Thunder playing some classy rugby in front of a knowledgeable crowd , kids and ladies games on beforehand as well , Cru Fans accepting of defeat but still getting behind a team missing a fair few regulars , who were giving it their all . Look further than the negative headlines , lots of positivity going on around us if you choose to look Footnote - For Positivity read Dave Mussons 'Forward excellent year in the life of Coventry Bears Book - compare n contrast with the Leaguers letter page or Gary Schofields Column
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