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  1. There are the International games, thanking God. In every sport, Supercups/Community Shield etc. happen at the beginning of the season.
  2. Well, what you say is true, but I'd keep the more money/better International scene etc. option if you ask me why players don't switch from ru to rl.
  3. More money, a better International scene and continental competitions for club. As much as I love our code, I just can't see the likes of Owen Farrell switching codes. Though SBW, Ben Te'O, etc., who already played professional rl, could realistically.
  4. He can play Origin and for England, can't he?
  5. Read again the posts. I wasn't the one who posted about changing the structure, putting a limit to heritage, etc. But ok.
  6. I'd pay to watch a channel like this in Italy...
  7. Well, my dream would be actually being able to discuss about a topic (e.g. WC qualifiers) without having to discuss again the issue of heritage teams, etc. etc. You may say I'm a dreamer... By the way, once again, while it is true that some people consider heritage teams "a big issue", it is also true that lots of people actually love just to enjoy games and RL being able to stage some kind of high level and worth watching top tournament, such as the World Cup, etc. And once again, without heritage players (and, by the way, I can tell you that having been involved as a volounteers in a World Cup team, heritage staff, proud of their roots and involved all year long in developing league and keeping legacy alive), we'd have a World Cup with cricket scores, amateur players playing professional, etc.
  8. Is it becoming a thread against heritage players, etc.? Again?
  9. For those who mentioned the Italians getting recognised by CONI, it's simply not true as rugby league is not in the list of sports recognised by the Italian Olympic Committee. What happened is just that the rebels have been "recognised" by the rugby union federation. So, they just made our game be considered just a version of rugby union, like 7s. If this is what you want for our game...
  10. And to do so we'd actually renounce to any chance of having interesting and worth watching games in international rl. I can see the thousands of people who will attend world cup games in the system you're proposing. Pushing the game in France, etc, can be done without renouncing to the World Cup being actually decent.
  11. Nobody would watch such world cup. Come on, people complain about origin being considered the pinnacle of the game over international and you want the system to go back to a 3 nations. Because that's what it is.
  12. And when will this money come from? The only countries willing to pay to watch rugby league are those where rl is actually followed (Aus, part of Eng) and they want to see decent players with professional and semiprofessional players.
  13. You can't compare rl to a sport like football. 2013 and 2017 have been entertaining World Cup, with several close games.
  14. To be a World Cup it needs to provide high level games
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