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  1. Scotland drew with NZ, etc. World Cup proves that heritage players are helping the game having a proper Int scene. Plus, having heritage players doesn't forbid local development.
  2. Not saying WB was right, but I find it hard to believe an Int coach, who is actually doing his job, doesn't follow games.
  3. Having more than 4 teams playing international rl worth watching?
  4. I used to love and respect my nun's culture and heritage, but it can be a Latin attitude
  5. Ehm, money and resources are often put by heritage people, living in Australia/England.
  6. No. What I wanted to say is that players and supporters love International RL despite the presence of the heritage players. It's their presence itself that gives us some kind of watchable Int game.
  7. I don't think hosting England and the other games would generate such money.
  8. Small federation sometimes struggle to afford having players in camp every 2 years (World Cup qualifications and World Cup).
  9. I don't think we'd never see an homegrown Welshman wanting to play for Eng. Though he'd play for GB.
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