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  1. It's a shame. I think if they want to make rugby league something "European", SL should be legally watchable from all over Europe (as the NRL is).
  2. https://www.skysports.com/watch/video/sports/rugby-league/12764312/carney-feels-wanes-time-is-up-as-england-head-coach
  3. Five potential England coaching candidates to replace Shaun Wane including Eddie Jones I won't comment the Eddie Jones "rumour", but the other suggested names are: Lee Radford Ian Watson Brian McDermott Matty Peet England coach Shaun Wane concedes he got things wrong at World Cup but vows to carry on England rugby league chief Shaun Wane admits is still haunted by the World Cup exit, but has sent a defiant message over his future following calls for his head Not a proper SW fan, but if those are the alternatives... I think England should maybe look for a coach from Australia. But if they want to have an English manager, let's keep SW. + RL Today: Calls to hand Shaun Wane new deal
  4. NRL has the Watch NRL Overseas service. Not very cheap but it's worth the sacrifice. Some years ago there was a subscription with which you could watch SL games from outside England (and France). Is there something similar now? I'd be very interested. I "manage" to watch Challenge Cup matches through the BBC but would really like to watch SL games from here (ITA).
  5. Still, I'd expect any World Cup game (especially when there are the World Champions) to sell out in the so called RL towns.
  6. By the way, the idea is very interesting. I think it's been explored by the Italian federation in the past... Building a team with the best amateur players available and play a Challenge Cup tie away can be a great experience, maybe better than a test match.
  7. Being patriotic... What does it have to do with coaching?
  8. Seen the same scenes in rl after England lost their sf.
  9. I think having heritage players representing a country which had massive emigration is coherent with how the world is now. These people, imho, clearly identify with more than a culture and more than a nation. About the game Eng v Fra, referee has been simply embarassing. The best team lost yesterday but Fra seemed more used to winning big games.
  10. https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/list-of-2023-rugby-league-pre-season-friendlies/ Any chance some of these games will be livestreamed?
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