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  1. But still, the Wallabies sometimes win. England/GB never do, sadly. In addition to this, there are more top teams in Int RU than in Int RL. I'd dream having an Int RL scene actually comparable to the one RU has.
  2. But it would be good having interesting and actually watchable games. I'd go with Aus and NZ XIII (if players do want to partecipate).
  3. Not all players can switch. I'd go with Aus XIII and NZ XIII (as recently happened with Tonga), with the best player available. Normally I wouldn't want such teams in a WC, but these (pandemic, ARL and NZRL refusal, etc.) are not normal times. Having those invitational sides would good for the level of the games, too.
  4. https://open.spotify.com/track/6QOg1CWFpLAsIK7I54JX4G?context=spotify%3Aplaylist%3A37i9dQZF1DWTTqqNdOCTBs&si=gGqOdHToTcqSQjr0Q0DQSw
  5. Well, the GB squad was announced before the 9s, wasn't it?
  6. In rugby league, you play so few tests that even a tour is very very important. Ok the World Cup, ok the 4 N, but inventing ex novo 2 or 3 plastic trophies won't make the game any help, imho.
  7. He can play Origin and for England, can't he?
  8. GB / England whoever it is, a game vs Tonga in Auckland must be interesting after that semifinal.
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