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  1. Barrow game sunday 11th feb

    I am following the thread in Barrow about the pitch inspection. I am thinking the game may end up being cancelled. I know it would be a disappointment for Barrow but if it is both unsafe for the players, and playing destroys the field, then cancellation is warranted.
  2. Pitch inspection.

    What did Cresta say? I see from perusing the forum one game is already off due to a bad pitch. If the grounds are bad I agree, call it off. I don't think its worth destroying a field in order to have a game.
  3. Season starts at Leigh

    LOL. Actually you need to view Kayman as being like our colour commentator. So he is enjoying hopping on the forum and tweaking everyone's nose. He is just having a bit of fun in the role of enthusiastic TWP supporter plus I assess taking a bit of extra joy in pushing back against some traditional attitudes and outlooks. As it is currently snowing buckets outside I thought I would share these images of Oakville, a suburb of 200K people directly west of Toronto. One is of the shoreline looking towards downtown Toronto (CN Tower is visible in the distance) and the 2nd is looking directly out across the east portion of Oakville from the roof of an 8 story apt building that is owned by someone I know in downtown Oakville. Notice the trees are as tall as the building, and you are looking out across over a thousand homes which are almost invisible due to the tree cover.
  4. London (H)

    In the R2 main match thread I called it for London by 14 as they did look reasonably strong last week, and the Dews highlights I did see did not indicate to me as formidable a team plus I paid attention to all your comments on what you thought you saw in your team. I think I will stick to the 14. But then I did call for TO over Featherstone by 10 and now I am thinking it might be the reverse...
  5. New York, Boston and Hamilton in 2019

    I don't disagree at all. I was thinking from further away. Its a bit surprising though - I have friends from Rochester who come over all the time and for them going to TO is like going to New York City, its a big thing, and they ohh and ahh at everything. They love the downtown core - Queen St, Yonge St etc at night, plus hitting the theatre and so on.
  6. Barrow game sunday 11th feb

    I added position and also a number count to help with perspectives: INJURED OR OTHERWISE UNAVAILABLE: Cory Paterson - 2nd Row Ashton SIms - Prop Blake Wallace - Half Back Adam Sidlow - Prop Tom Armstrong - Centre Josh McCrone - Half Back Ryan Burroughs - Wing AVAILABLE PLAYER POOL: Olsi Krasniqi - Prop Joe Westerman - Loose Forward Andy Ackers - Hooker Sam Hopkins - Prop Adam Higson - Wing Bob Beswick - Hooker Andrew Dixon - 2nd Row QLT - Fullback Jack Bussey - Loose Forward Jonny Pownall - Wing Greg Worthington - Center James Laithwaite - 2nd Row Gary Wheeler - Center or Half Back Richard Whiting - 2nd Row Ryan Brierley - Half Back Jake Emmitt - Prop Liam Kay - Wing Jake Butler-Fleming Nick Rawsthorne - Fullback Jack Buchanan - Prop Quinn Ngawati - 2nd Row More then enough talent for the coach to pick and choose a great squad for not only this week, but next week as well. I think anyone who has anything ailing, major or minor, can be sat. Be interesting to see who sits out.
  7. New York, Boston and Hamilton in 2019

    Exactly. I posted in the subforum that TWP should jump on this, and essentially the Ontario team could be very similar to an academy. I agree. This would turn that tide and give a lot more limelight at the amateur and university level to rugby generally, and RL format in particular. I also agree with a comment someone above made about union style in NA. It has never captured the imagination of the public at large, and I don't see anything they are doing even now changing that. Its like say cricket - its viewed as an oddity. And nothing RU is doing here is getting written up in any major media so its still not getting any profile. Vs TWP are being discussed in all major news outlets consistently. An Ontario team in USARL will bring I think a similar flavour to that league as did TWP did to L1. It will capture some heightened level of interest, and American fans like it when their activities merit enough that they start to obtain an international flavour. And Toronto is a very familiar presence. Its "foreign" and like all things Canadian (in the American eye) viewed as being a bit exotic, but in the same light it is all viewed as friendly and welcoming and not so exotic that it presents any element of uncertainty or danger. And were I to hazard a guess I would say that the number of Americans working in Toronto is in the tens of thousands at the very least. And all through the states there are Canadians living and working. So an Ontario addition to USARL is a natural fit, and given the exposure TWP have had in the NA media, its something all parties can build upon. As an aside - Perez has been a prominent presence at both the Bradford and Leigh game in full TWP garb. So I suspect this puts to bed most questions about he deserting the TWP ship...
  8. Toronto

    I guess this is going to be the match thread as well.... Some feel the Toronto lineup is looking a bit skinny as I read somewhere mention of only 20 bodies. But when I look at the talent, even without Cory Paterson its an extremely formidable squad. I don't think they will play Ashton Sims this week as I don't sense any urgency to rush him back. There is 17 high quality bodies to start on the TWP side even with both missing. I think our starting 17 will be identical to last week but with Paterson out and Butler Fleming in. Has Barrow announced its 17 yet?
  9. Ontario RL wants to play in USARL?

    I think this is a great idea. Were I TWP I would sponsor this team and essentially make it the equivalent of an academy team. It would shut up critics who don't think TWP is doing enough to sponsor development locally and it would really put a public stamp on pro development possibilities for amateurs in the Canadian university system. I really hope TWP see this for the opportunity it is and step up to the plate. So much can be done with this.
  10. Rugby league gave me brain damage

    It does remind us that it is important that correct tackling skills be taught for RL style and that there be no tolerance of high tackling.
  11. 9-11 Feb: Pre-Season Match Thread

    The bulls/cougars game will be a litmus test for 2 clubs expecting to challenge for promotion and i will be curious to see the outcome of this match. I tip to Bradford. I wonder if they will have any TWP players in the lineup?
  12. Barrow Raiders v Toronto Wolfpack - Toronto by 42 Dewsbury Rams v London Broncos - London by 14 Featherstone Rovers v Toulouse Olympique - Toulouse by 10 Halifax v Sheffield Eagles - Fax by 10 Leigh Centurions v Batley Bulldogs - Leigh by 18 Swinton Lions v Rochdale Hornets - Swinton by 10 "Do unto others what they do to you" or something like that so I one-upped Krzzy as he did to Daddy on the TWP - Barrow game score. Although it does not give me pleasure that Barrow will be fodder to that extent under the Wolfpack paws. I think the Fax vs Eagles game and perhaps the Rams/Broncos games have the most potential for upsets but I think TO and London are the stronger clubs at this time and so I called it that way. If I am wrong I will have been educated!
  13. 2018 Squad

    SK, what I don't understand is why he went to York in the first place? Was he simply an astute catch by the team? Given that he was a quality player in SL I am trying to understand the descent to L1 in the first place. I agree with Robert and K that its unfortunate for the knights. This particular move, more so then most, will provide some fuel for those who argue about TWP stealing from a limited talent pool although I think this is our first transfer from a team "below" vs above us or abroad. I hope the transfer fee helps but lets not fool ourselves, amounts in the thousands is really small change given the costs to run a club, even if in L1. But better funding for all is an arguement for elsewhere. Kudos to York for agreeing. TWP let loose a couple of players for family reasons a pat on the back and best wishes (now at Bradford and Leigh).
  14. london broncos

    Thank you for your insight. Its very useful for fans over here like me. When I first googled Barrow last year it struck me how remote it and Workington were. The difficulties in attracting talent I cannot imagine, especially when the purse strings are tight. Barrow reminds me much of many a community in say Newfoundland, but warmer. Remote, windy with a very "forthright" hardy people. I hope you appreciate my use of "forthright" vs some less delicate terms that come to mind! My intention with my comment about progression I perhaps should have stated better. I knew that Barrow is not full time. Let me rephrase, many of the teams in both L1 and Champ seemingly redoubled their recruitment efforts this past offseason. My impression is that even comparing to other part time teams I am not certain Barrow progressed forward at the same rate, or in step with its peers. I hope you all will advise back on whether my impression is accurate or misplaced. Your right, the full time teams have the rest of the clubs at a huge disadvantage. Its a discussion point I have never raised in any of the general forum threads given how contestable they often seem to become but personally I think a league structure that mixes full and part time teams in the same division is untenable in this age. And even more so simply unfair. It might not have been the case even a decade ago, but now... But as we can tell from those same threads in gen forum there are as many ideas and opinions on structuring, finance, and all the rest of the accompanying grist, that consensus on resolution is not yet remotely in grasp. IMHO, every aspect of financing, and how tv and other revenues are obtained and redistributed needs a total redo, but shhhh, don't let that thought out of this thread or I will be drawn and quartered. Barrow and its north west brethern seem to all be "faced with insurmountable opportunities" and no easy solutions. I will hope for a good crowd and game and the best effort Barrow can provide. They were deprived of a home game with TWP last year and the income benefit that might have provided. Someone must have listened to my comment last year that the first home game for Barrow should be TWP to provide some income impetus. Is anyone going to start a match thread where we can throw mud at each other with outandish predictions, and discussion on players, etc? Kayman and Krrzy are almost certainly to show up to provide some color, and some of my other fellow countryman to make less debatable contributions....
  15. 2018 Squad

    I also am thinking another Prop