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  1. Hi TMF: btw I always read your comments with interest on the rare occasions I have been able to visit the forum. I see your constant contributions down in the TWP threads and as a fellow fan thank you for your general positivity. My understanding is TWP is working to have RL Rugby officially recognized by the govt organizations that sanction amateur sports and direct the govt funding portion of sports that are sanctioned. Once that occurs then the high schools and universities can commence RL teams and insurers would be willing to recognize RL leagues more easily and underwrite them for insurance. The Canadian way typically (I am not saying written in stone but more the standard practice) is for our athletes to come up through the University system and then turn pro. Upon turning pro they sometimes go to a farm team (a semi pro team) and sometimes they go direct to the big leagues. As Loup said below Toronto FC has an academy. I had also forgotten that in Quebec their are a couple of colleges which are focused on hockey, there is a golf academy out in British Columbia, a college in Alberta which focuses on volleyball, and most likely a few other ones here and there - they are the exception. But most pro athletes here come through the university system - in fact in some NA pro sports its almost a prerequisite that one have graduated from university in order to be eligible to turn pro. Perhaps TWP may look at an Academy, I am not in a position to rule that out. But I suspect they more likely want to encourage the post secondary system to create an RL league, and perhaps one or two of the post secondary schools focus their sports program (with some extra funding of course...) on developing RL players. They do have a lot of irons in the fire. They are sponsoring even union events, virtually everything that touches on RL, Rugby in Jamaica (Canada has strong connections with the country), etc. I do not think anyone needs to fear they are just sitting on the sidelines with their thumbs in their butts. It will take a bit of time to turn more of the Canadian psyche to RL, but it is noticing it more every day and I think that will pay great dividends as TWP become more entrenched. Hi Loup. Thank you. I grew up in a non-soccer environment (the 60's and 70's in Eastern Ontario) and never took to the sport and so am completely oblivious to all things soccer to this day. I don't think I had even heard of it until post university. So I am completely out of touch although of course I know Toronto FC exists.
  2. I believe TWP will be disappointed but not disheartened by the game. They did not play their best game and it had nothing to do with the opposing club IMHO. I think it was more the player mix - whom they played. I saw nothing in this game that changed my mind about Mccrone, Sims or Lussick that I posted earlier in this thread. McCrone lacks creative playmaking ability, I don't see what I need from Sims either as a Prop or as Captain, and Lussick is not living up to the hype as a beast who can forge out those extra yards most carries like FFMM who would drag 3 guys an extra 5 metres every carry and make them pay the price as well. I think Jack Bussey gets more out of a typical ball carry then either Sims or Lussick. Despite what I thought was maudlin play they still took it to HKR far more then the latter took it to them. But TWP passing, for the 2nd in almost as many games, was rather shoddy and they paid the price and it ended up being the diff maker. IT should be noted TWP played 2 men short of 17 for most of the game due to injury. Losing both halfbacks and already having lost 2 excellent wingers previous to this game (with both these out for the season) means that Matty Russell and Mason CB as well as Chase Stanley are really going to have to step up big in some of the next games. The team is heavy on props but light on fleet of foot creative players - we better hope Blake and Ryan can come back. This could be a factor in their placing in the top 3 vs having to fight it out in the MPG. I see some comments above about Rowley but in game, its not the coach, but the team capt and the asst coaches who make or break the game. The time for adjustments from Rowley is at half time, and I thought TWP started the 2nd half better then the first. IF the team really does possess fortitude, they will come out of this stronger. It certainly is an exciting Super 8. I feel for Halifax and hope they throw a surprise at someone but even if they get skunked in the 8's they should be proud. I was underwhelmed by the ref. Very underwhelmed. I saw some business on the forum about the lines on the field. I shook my head in amazement - an issue beyond trivial. If we are going to worry about something trivial it should be the fact that every time a game in the UK is broadcast we are treated to the verbal spectical of countless fans shouting " Your a f##$ing C#$t" and other such abusive language. The chances of hearing that in a Toronto crowd vary from Nil to None. Why are people in some other threads not thinking Toronto is not working to grow the game when they are in fact sponsoring stuff left, right and center over here? They will never do an Academy at least on this side of the pond as its not how sports are developed here. Right now they are working to grow the overall profile so that young people will take an interest. They have done a number of youth activities and I think are close to getting a small junior league up and running, on top of several more notable sponsorships at the adult level. More people then ever before are not going "who" when I name the team in a conversation. Sorry, I could only comment on one thread and then I have to boogie so I crammed it all in this one.
  3. Been away for awhile due to work. My first comment in some time although I have checked the forum on my phone when I could. I am surprised no Olsi Krasniqi in the lineup as he is a quality player and I am not aware of any poor performances since he joined the team. He is a SL quality player so wonder why he is not in the lineup? I am a bit surprised Busey is not in the lineup since he is not easy to take down and tough defensively although i have been concerned about dirty play in the past, but even more surprised Matty Russel is not playing given his quality and past experience. I hope Darcy Lussick, Josh McCrone and Ashton Sims all step up their game - I have been underwhelmed by all of them to date. I want to see Lussick get FFMM yards per carry - that is why he was brought here and I don't think he is living up to it. I also thought Sims would be better ball in hand then he has - he gets hit and drops usually IMHO. I am clueless as to why we are playing Gary Wheeler. Chase Stanley has been IMHO one of the best acquisitions - his joy on the field is obvious, his level of play excellent both ways - he is definitely SL quality. Its the job of the captain to keep the team both motivated and inline on the field. If they start getting loose or uppity he is the one on the spot who has to put a stopper on it. If he can't then he does not deserve the job. IMHO the jury is still out on Sims - he talks a good talk and interview, but I want onfield leadership, not sound bites. Control the players and make them toe the line or kick their asses. Although TWP ended up getting hammered in the Cup by Warrington they were dominant for the first half until it fell apart, and I felt the ref contributed to that - part of me thought SL was attempting to channel a message in that game. Well that is past and done and not worth rehashing, but TWP if they come out on all cylinders firing can win this one big. Play smart and play tough and they have what it takes to win this one. I just don't know enough about Hull KR to say much more. I saw the game with Natalie in the booth along with Brian mid season and I thought they did a much better job then most of the games called since then even though Natalie was still learning the ropes. Brian does a good job of calling a spade IMHO and is quite funny as well. I could understand Natalie which was a pleasant change plus she came across well. Some of the combos since then have been "put one to sleep" dreadful - truly tedious and boring. There was a fellow last year, Canadian but lives in the UK (Dave?) who was great in the one game he called - he did some sideline work in other games - what happened to him? Put him with Natalie please as I can understand there is a perceived conflict of interest with Brian calling although Mr Noble is far too ethical IMHO to not call it as he sees it. I think TWP has enough to progress to SL although my knickers will not be in a knot if they don't but to me they should. It would be good for the sport if they do. The 8's are very exciting this year - great for the sport I think and it seems attendances are trending positive. I hope TO and London can surprise and make the leap as well - it would be a very good for RL if they do although London needs a much better field. A lot of money in NA is currently sitting on the sidelines while waiting to see what SL does - SL has really made a mess of things from a management perspective - I already know of some potential bids that have walked as they perceived them to be mickey mouse (I retain many of my high level finance connections from my corporate banking days although that is not my life anymore but word gets around). TWP is something being watched very closely. Not sure when I will get to return to comment further and sometimes the same old back and forth on the forum from the usual suspects that I did view is not very insprirational but I do love the game and retain hope....
  4. Captain Survival

    Swinton Game

    Robert, there was a comment made in the Batley forum (Toronto thread) indicating Swinton had some problems and was quite unhappy about some matters, but no details as to what. To the point they were intending to complain to the RFL. Any ideas from the Swinton fans you met with?
  5. Captain Survival

    Toronto Wolfpack away

    What happened? I live in Toronto (although about 75 km from where the game was played). It looked like a good crowd on tv and I did not see any unhappy fans. Toronto got wiped off the map Friday evening by hurricane force winds. At the time the game was played there still might have been a quarter million people without power. I was surprised anything was even left standing although it was worst closer to Lake Ontario. Or was it player accomodation and other related matters? This was a one off use of this stadium while waiting for the City of Toronto to get its toothpick out of its ass and complete the renovations on the stadium TWP normally use. The new fieild should have been done last fall, not now. Typical municipal mismanagement. If there were Swinton issues I think most TWP fans would like to know what they were and would be sorry that any occurred.
  6. Captain Survival

    5th/6th May : BetFred Championship Match Thread

    Its one off. or so we are told. They travel back to your neck of the woods for Challenge Cup. Then they have Toulouse and Leigh respectively for the various tourneys, coming back to commence the balance of the home games starting July 9. It they are still on top at that point then I think they will coast to winning Championship. Its a smooth, easy drinking beer. Its not a heavy beer and I suppose some die hard beer conniseurs would probably turn their nose down on it. But its perfect for an afternoon outing like this. I used to live only a block from the Amsterdam brewery on King St. If they are not sponsoring TWP they should be. Or at least a player. The attendance given the location was amazing - I was shocked when I watched on TV. TWP pulled out all the strings to make it a success. I was surprised the grounds were still standing after the windstorm Sat evening. The fans appeared to be having a ball. I was insanely jealous as its pretty nigh impossible for me to attend most Saturday games.
  7. Roch does not seem to have played a good game since their close one with TWP. It seems they shot their bolt int the TWP game, as they have not since played close to that calibre of rugby.
  8. Captain Survival

    Raiders v Toronto

    TWP posted the following on their website (abridged): Toronto Wolfpack beat Barrow Raiders in the 5th Round of the Challenge Cup in a hard fought battle at Craven Park. ... The game was a tense end-to-end battle with some incredible last gasp defending from both teams
  9. Captain Survival

    Raiders v Toronto

    HI. I came to visit and find out the scoop as all we got in Canada was a twitter feed which of course tells us almost nothing. I get an impression reading the comments above: - Barrow played well - TWP played poorly - Ref - whom I thought from reading the TWP feed as it noted several tries called back might have ruled poorly against TWP, in fact may have put a stopper into the Barrow efforts. I am only asking as I have no info on what transpired other then the TWP twitter. No disrespect intended to either team or anyone on the forum. Just seeking some neutral observations from anyone who might have been there.
  10. Captain Survival


    Morley, I regret I do not understand what you are saying.
  11. Captain Survival


    Reading the twitter feed my first thought is that if there was ever an occassion that Rowley was going to have some pointed criticism of the refereeing it will be this match. I think TWP had 3, 4, 5 tries disallowed? I will have to go up to the Barrow thread and see how our friends there are reporting on matters. @TMF I am just seeing your comment after posting my words above and I get the impression that despite the disallowed tries we got the best of the refereeing?
  12. Captain Survival


    Morley, his remarks were made in jest. There has been a running humorous interplay between several of the forum members about the Barrow field and weather through a number of threads past and present, and attempts to have the Rugby gods even out the match via the turf. No one here disrespects Barrow, in fact quite the opposite.
  13. Captain Survival

    Joe Westerman....OUT

    Yes, sadly it appears that Armstrong has some significant injury issues. He has not played a game yet, and the TWP statement suggests that his playing future may yet have some hurdles. It was a nice statement by TWP overall - I certainly got the impression it did not have any animosity on either side. The Westerman statement was in comparison very succinct... Do we know if any fees were received by TWP? I saw no mention of money at all in statements. While the money is I think a drop in the bucket for TWP it would surprise me that they received nothing unless they were just very anxious to see him out the door. IF that were the case then he must have really been disruptive.
  14. Captain Survival

    Halifax predictions :

    I was not far off the mark with the final score: Dewsbury 18 - Halifax 46 QLT got his first Fax try. I forgot Fax has another ex TWP player as well Dan Fleming. How was the attendance? I went to the Dews site to obtain info and it both had not been updated and it did not have any social links that I could find! Someone in marketing needs a good kick in the keister....
  15. Captain Survival

    Westerman leaving TWP

    To me there is a world of difference in the formal statements put out by TWP on the release of each. The Westerman statement was short and terse and the Armstrong statement was regretful and complimentary. Given that almost all the other release statements (other then the 3 amigos after Portugal) were about equally effusive for the departing players I think it was "not soon enough" where Westerman was concerned. He may have great talent but I think my remarks above about a head that is to big to fit through the door may not have been far off the mark. I am equally sure that its "Rowley's way or the highway" but given that he is very much a "player's coach" I suspect TWP are better off without Westerman. Its unfortunate about Armstrong. The TWP statement gives an inkling that Armstrong may have a tough time ever returning to form. He never did play so we have no way to guage if he could have contributed.