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  1. TWP's black shirt is lovely, the white one is not.
  2. Watched Aussie RL as a neutral for a long time. Then started cheering for Souths, thanks to some close friends from Maroubra.
  3. 100%. I was going to post similar a week or two back but couldn't be bothered in the end.
  4. I've been to Salt Lake City a few times and never had a problem getting a beer. In fact, there are lots of microbreweries.
  5. The ARL losing money when owning the Warriors was obvious to everyone when the buyout was taking place a year ago. McGregor and the ARL had no business getting involved - just focus on their real job. Thank god a couple of proper businessmen (and RL fans) have stepped in to take over. The game would get a huge boost from an improved Warriors, but it's going to take some work.
  6. Take a day off BP, you're turning into Parksider
  7. Souths need to lose the piping on the sides and shoulders, and simply have the hoops go uninterrupted all the way round. And, of course, reduce the oversized logo. Wests' home would be awesome if they lost the collar and cuffs (snigger!).
  8. That's not a strategic vision, it's simply a series of answers to questions from Twitter. A strategic vision is a defined position you would like to see your organisation move towards within a set period of time. You would define it by talking to the members of that organisation (in this case national bodies, players, broadcasters, sponsors and fans) and by honestly assessing your own strengths and weaknesses to comparable rivals, where your future successes might lie and who is best placed to move you in that direction. And then by linking your activities to that vision. Nigel Wood, in fact the game of RL, has never done any of that. Wood merely bumbles along from one idea to the next, hoping that something works (immediately) and then moving to the next idea if/when it doesn't. He sometimes even ditches successful ideas (the 4 Nations for instance) so that he can find space for his new pet plan (the return of old-fashioned tours).
  9. Most of us on here have been listening to Nigel Wood say a lot without ever actually saying anything for 20 years now.
  10. Damn right they do, I'm supposed to be working right now and yet I'm on here...
  11. It would be an utter waste of time travelling up north for midweek fixtures, for a tin pot competition that costs the competing clubs money, when the Broncos' sole focus is quite rightly getting promoted back to SL.
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