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  1. Nah, he'd have been cheering for Salford. He always preferred an underdog.
  2. I like Vermont, great for snowboarding. That said, I was there once and it hit -25. Managed one run before deciding it was too cold and joined the locals in the bar. That was the second coldest I've ever been, the coldest being at Boundary Park watching Oldham v QPR. Felt like I was being cut to ribbons by the wind.
  3. London and South East (and for a short period a few years ago a couple from the midlands when the RFL still employed development officers there). None of them come from the north England.
  4. London produce a lot of players and have one of the richest owners in the sport. London also has poor crowds (a direct legacy of ownership and successive CEOs alienating people for a decade or more - although this has changed a little recently) and not much of a stadium (although it has improved markedly). It's arguable either way if they improve the image of the sport or not. I think we can all agree some northern SL clubs produce no players, attract zero investors, have abysmal facilities and negatively impact the wider image of RL. I'm not fussed either way about franchising - there are pros and cons.
  5. Cannot believe it took a page and a half for someone to mention Slapshot. Love that movie.
  6. It's terrible how professional athletes expect to be paid a decent wage, train in good facilities and play in front of big crowds.
  7. Rabbitohs! I've got friends from Maroubra who are bunnies from way back when, so when I started watching Aussie RL it was the natural choice. That said, I'll also be giving the Warriors a big cheer this season - they've made a lot of sacrifices to get this show on the road. I hope they get some joy out of it.
  8. It does amuse me how people continue to propose the same solutions week after week, year after year. And that they always seem to best suit their own particular club. Like Leigh fans suggesting 2 leagues of 10, which co-incidentally works very well for the traditional yo-yo clubs (other fans/clubs/formats also available).
  9. I don't know where that response comes from, it doesn't connect to anything in my post. But carry on.
  10. Well, I can't speak for all union fans, but not so long ago I had one flat out lie to me about those fixtures. According to him Wigan only just won the first game, while the union version was a non-contest in favour of Bath - and apparently they took it easy on Wigan. Got very agitated about too. All because I had the temerity to state that I thought RL was the better game.
  11. My fairy obvious point was a simple one: the owners who have spoken out have all couched their opinions in terms of doing what's best for the game as a whole, and yet their proposals are all based completely on what best suits their own club.
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