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  1. Ricky Wilby was never going to buy TWP, he just hasn't got the money. The idea was almost as ludicrous as his ongoing fantasy about New York. Out of nowhere we were presented with a chance to make a mark in Canada, but a long list of mistakes - from Argyle, the people he employed, the RFL and SL - have screwed that up. I cant see anyone buying the club without a firm decision regarding next season in place beforehand.
  2. Get used to it folks. The game in England is quite happy to be a small, local affair offering derbies against the historic rival down the road. This is the outcome. This is the future.
  3. Nah, this is rugby league. Everything needs to be shouted over the garden fence to the neighbours.
  4. The number of people that would pay for a SKY Sports subscription purely because a team from (used only as an example) Halifax rather than Toulouse is playing in SL would be double figures. If that. It's such an insignificant number that it's really just a nonsense argument. From memory RLs viewing figures are pretty static - worse than football, better than other sports. What we don't seem to be able to do, outside of set-piece events, is generate much enthusiasm outside of those who are already regular viewers. What broadcasters, sponsors, investors, players and even fans want is a vibrant competition that looks and feels interesting to viewers. That should always be the aim.
  5. It's a very good signing for the level they'll be playing at. Also strengthens the French influence.
  6. Really lost his way last year - in an attacking sense. From being very decisive with the ball in his hands he developed a habit of checking his running, heading down blind alleys, limiting the space of teammates and sending poor passes. His defending continued to be good (excellent under the high ball and a good enough tackler) but his attacking game was very poor by the end of the season. A confidence issue, no doubt, so hopefully he comes back from it.
  7. The sport is diminished every time people like Beaumont and Koukash open their mouths.
  8. There's absolutely no reason whatsoever they can't find a handful of players capable of playing in League 1. Wingers would be fine, a good FB should be able to adapt, a big, hard worker should be able to play prop, and maybe there's an outside shot at a RU scrum half playing hooker. But you'd need good coaching to make it work, by which I mean someone prepared to teach these guys and have the patience to see them make mistakes but learn from them. Basically, doing everything Brian Noble refused to do. League 1 is forgiving enough for that to happen - if the rest of the squad is good enough and has the right mindset.
  9. I've been thinking this for a while now too. Some people won't like Ottawa entering L1 but there's at least a club there. There's nothing about New York that looks or feels legitimate.
  10. In their email to season ticket holders, sent on Tuesday, London Broncos said: "It is worth pointing out that at this stage we have had no information on the 125th Anniversary competition so it is impossible for us to decide if we should enter this or not." So, I wouldn't expect any clarity on this competition for a while yet.
  11. It's actually worse than that. TWP get nothing from the UK TV deal, whilst the North American rights had already been sold (for a packet of monkey nuts), so TWP couldn't sell them themselves anyway.
  12. It's great to have the details out early so everyone can make plans and each town can push the games they're hosting. I would have preferred another game in London - perhaps the Australia v Fiji game on the opening day. Having it in Hull, with England playing in Newcastle earlier on means fans in that city will be forced to choose between the two and I fear both will suffer as a consequence. That said, we don't know the details on stadium availability in London, etc so it's wrong to knock them for it. Also, I think I might have switched the venues for England v France and Tonga v Cooks. We know games v France struggle to sell in heartland areas, whereas Boro feels like the kind of place that would buy into that fixture. At the same time, the chance to see Tonga would surely interest lots of RL fans in the north west. Only thing for me is, I don't know if I'll be back in England for this tournament. Will have to speak to the Mrs about it.
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