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  1. I'm not suggesting that men are deliberately gaming the system in order to win medals, more that women are missing out because their opportunities are being taken by men. Race is an interesting one. If I declared myself to be black and, as a result, became eligible for something I otherwise wouldn't, would people be quite so sanguine about that as they are women missing out?
  2. I haven't seen much in the way of discussion tbh. I do see vocal and aggressive Trans Rights Activists. And I also see men in positions of authority (like the Cricket Australia chief above) placing the rights of transpeople above those of women - but then that's the easy option for them given the potential flak they face for doing the opposite. And, of course, as men they have nothing to lose by doing so - they're not missing out on sporting opportunities, or losing the safeguarding protections that have been put in place for good reason. My description of the condition was simply for brevity, but it's largely accurate. I could describe it, accurately, as a series of inter-related mental health conditions, but then that would upset the TRAs.
  3. I'd love for there to be sensible discussion on this issue - unfortunately whenever a woman is brave enough to speak out on this she, at best, gets told to shut up, and at worst is called a bigot and attacked mercilessly. But when I see a woman like Caster Semenya being told she cannot compete against other women whilst men who "feel like a woman" are allowed to, then I instinctively think we're going down the wrong route.
  4. Well, that was a weird one! I think Danny Ward summed it up very well post-match when he said the game plan went out the window early on and it was just 80 minutes of guts and hard work. And the whole 17 showed plenty of both. Great to see young Hindmarsh come into the team and do well, he was excellent for us in the Championship last season but has found game time scarce this season, so I'm pleased for him. And the new boy Armitage showed up well too; carried the ball in, made some tackles, took a couple of high shots. Catalans are a club I like, especially being outsiders like ourselves, but they currently have a very unlikeable team. Lots of cheap shots, lots of niggle, lots of whinging - and not a lot of attractive rugby. They need to re-assess their approach to the game. One comment re the ref (which I try to avoid) is that I can discount the mistakes, we all make them, but I thought he was very weak today. That's a real problem, especially with a team like Catalans.
  5. It's taken Jamaica 15 years to reach the point where they can play England Knights, Nigeria are literally just taking their first steps in the game. The two just aren't comparable right now.
  6. Whatever (loaded) names get thrown around, I'll listen to women who speak up for women.
  7. With Cricket Australia announcing that transwomen will be allowed to play in women's cricket, the NRL has said it is in advanced stages of finalising its policy on this hugely controversial issue. https://www.smh.com.au/sport/cricket/cricket-australia-launches-its-transgender-and-gender-diverse-policy-20190807-p52eq9.html My own views on this topic are guided by feminists; this is fundamentally an issue of women being denied opportunities and, certainly in the case of a sport like RL, women being exposed to increased risk of injury by competing against biological men. I hope the NRL doesn't give way to the vocal trans rights lobby on this issue.
  8. Outrageous decision by the RFL. Whatever way you look at it, it comes across as blaming the referee for the players' behaviour on Saturday. Talk about hanging your own officials out to dry.
  9. In practice it amounts to the same thing - players who would have been playing in one, will be playing in the other.
  10. Super League clubs running reserves means taking players out of Championship/League One clubs. Championship / League One clubs running reserves just means taking players out of the community game. This much was obvious. It's also obvious that the community clubs cannot afford to lose players, they're already struggling for numbers as it is.
  11. This thread really is something else. Some people are just determined to death ride Toronto no matter what, and they won't be happy until they see the club disappear. So much for a welcoming, friendly sport.
  12. An abysmal performance from London. No-one comes out of that with any credit whatsoever, but noticeable that Mr Lamb doesn't like tackling much.
  13. I was just going to post this spud. We're blowing up 10 years of developing England just so some old geezers can reminisce. And even then the RFL can't get the details right to actually replicate the era they're obsessed with. I wholeheartedly agreed with Matt Shaw's twitter comments the other day, re negativity, but there are times the people running this sport deserve both barrels.
  14. So Ireland isn't part of this tour anymore then?
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