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  1. It doesn't matter what team sport you care to mention - football, cricket, rugby league, union, anything else - the numbers are falling year after year. People just don't want to play team sports anymore. They like going to the gym, they like taking classes, they like occasional, casual sports events like softball and dodgeball and tag rugby after work. But they do not want to commit to a team where they have to train twice a week and play on weekends and be committed to something for 8 months of the year. They just don't. And it's even harder for a sport like RL where the risk of injury is high. You can criticise it. You can complain about it. Your can talk about how it was when you were young. But it ain't gonna change a thing. It's the way the world is now.
  2. Not really, he does say they're missing. But he seems to be suggesting that the named players are part of a wide pool of talent, which just is not true. It's likely only one is ever going to play a role for us again.
  3. "That dialogue has started and been ongoing for some time. What's important is, Wayne is here as Great Britain head coach, but we should really take into account his performances as England head coach when we decide what happens over the next couple of years. He got us to a World Cup final, we won the Test series last year against the Kiwis, and although there is disappointment this time with GB, it's important to understand the changes and the transition that has happened." - In other words, it's already been decided that he'll remain as England coach. "Look at this series and the players that are missing," he added. "There's Sean O'Loughlin, Sam Burgess, James Roby, Luke Gale, Kallum Watkins, Tommy Makinson, Mark Percival. There's a handful there of top international players - our pool is getting bigger and better." - Nonsense. O'Loughlin and Burgess will never play for England again. Gale and Watkins have essentially missed 2 entire seasons of rugby, and we have no idea if they'll ever play for England again. Bennett has made it perfectly clear that he doesn't rate Percival in the slightest. Roby will be 35 by the next RLWC - are we pinning our hopes on him? So that only leaves Makinson, an excellent player but as a winger he won't be solving our creativity problem. Perfectly obvious from that interview that Sinfield is in Bennett's camp. He's just making excuses for the awful squad selections and terrible performances on this tour. The only chance of him not receiving a new contract is if GB lose to PNG next weekend.
  4. Agree with a lot of posters on 2 points: we're all critical of the RFL when they mess up so we should say well done for getting this arranged nice and early, and that Bolton is the only bit that feels underwhelming but it's probably not a huge deal. I have to be back in London at the end of October anyway, but there's very little chance of being able to extend my stay until the 3rd test. A double shame if the rumoured Jamaica game also comes to pass. I might be able to sneak in one of the northern games though, so fingers crossed.
  5. Well the signing of SBW has made the sports pages in Singapore, which was unexpected.
  6. Do you think they budgeted for 9,000 v Tonga and 25,000 for the triple header?
  7. Either way, the NRL will probably announce it before the competition organisers do.
  8. You're all insane. History suggests the RFL will look at the losses made on this GB tour, panic, and restrict next year's games to the heartlands. If they stick the games in Wigan, Huddersfield and Hull then there's no need to spend any time or money on marketing the fixtures. 75,000 tickets sold + no work required + cheap and easy = a good day's work as far as the RFL are concerned. The idea that the Kangaroos will play anyone else in Europe is nonsense. They'll probably look to play Tonga again, most likely in Auckland because that means they can rely on the local Tongan supporters to generate a crowd and some money without having to do any work themselves.
  9. A cost-saving exercise for a tour that is going to lose a lot of money.
  10. This whole sport is such a joke it's scarcely believable.
  11. Bennett's preferred style of rugby league is, frankly, turgid to watch.
  12. I hate Wayne Bennett-style rugby league. Luckily, it's lunchtime here in Singapore so I've got something else going on whilst the game is on.
  13. He's got a nerve, Mascord is as much to blame for this GB nonsense as Nigel Wood.
  14. Samoa have always flattered to deceive. I love watching Fiji play, it's joyous. For my money, Fiji have more potential than Tonga. They produce their own players, have an established and steadily growing club and schools game, plus a much bigger population and economy, and the new NSW Cup team should see them push on even more.
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