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  1. Cracking player, and will only get better. One stand out moment for me, during our last SL season, we were winning a game by a couple of tries only to allow the other team back in with a really sloppy try. From the kick off Butler sprinted like a prop has no right to and threw himself like a missile at the player catching the ball. Smashed him. You could see how upset he was about letting them back into the game, and how determined to change the game back our way. It really said something about him and his attitude, especially at a young age. He's going to be a big miss for the Broncos though. Getting a bit fed up of supplying northern clubs with players tbh.
  2. He's been hanging around at the Roosters this past year, but I've no idea what he's actually been doing there.
  3. Absolutely. I'd encourage any player with the ability to take the opportunity. If it works, you'll earn multiples of your potential salary in England, get to play in the best rugby competition in the world, with great facilities, a support network, and be recognised for the elite athlete you are. And if doesn't work out you can always return to England and earn a decent wage in SL.
  4. Nope. Next time someone wants to resurrect this team, based purely on nostalgia and (an admittedly lovely) badge, I'm going to loudly remind everyone of what an absolute disaster this tour was. Speaking of which, have the financials been announced yet?
  5. Why have they put those white shoulder patches on it? They add nothing to the shirt.
  6. One of my bugbears with shirt design in the last few years is that they seem to be designed without considering the impact of all the sponsor logos. In that, if you're going to have 8 different logos spread across the shirt, you really need the base design to be a very simple, almost plain one. Because if you have a shirt with hoops or a chevron, and then different colours on the collar/cuff it all looks to busy and disjointed once the sponsors have been added. That's why I think the new Wakefield shirt works pretty well. I could have done without the collar/cuffs but otherwise it's a very simple design. It doesn't look too cluttered.
  7. A great player to watch, he did everything you could ask of a LF. Lovely hands, ran the ball in hard, tackled even harder, and always came across as both a model professional and a man respected throughout the game. What a fantastic career.
  8. Exactly. If fans of heartland clubs want to start going down this road I think a great many of them will come out the worse for it. There's a good number of teams who exist only because of SL and, in and of themselves, bring little or nothing to the competition beyond fulfilling fixtures.
  9. I believe it was Robbie Paul, brought in around the time Koukash was setting up the Trust that owns the club.
  10. To be clear, the private equity route is not one I would support either. Regardless of the figures involved.
  11. That's the idea, yes, but how likely is it? Just to put the figures into context, the rumour re SL investors was a £50m payment for a 51% stake and a 30% cut of the central revenue. Each SL club currently receives £1.8m p/a (i.e. £21.6m in total) from SLE. If the investors take 30% of that, each club receives £540,000 less each and every season. In order to stand still, the new investors would have to increase central revenue by £6.48m a year. Do you think that's likely? As it stands, everyone seems convinced we'll shortly be signing a broadcast deal with SKY for less than we currently receive. SL's current naming rights sponsorship with Betfred is worth around £2m. Where exactly do you see these investors raising £6.48m pa in new income? What properties do they have to sell, and in what markets, that will bring in that revenue? So, yeah, I do think the clubs will have less income. A substantial amount too.
  12. No, they haven't. They paid £120million for a 28% stake in Premiership Rugby. And they'll be taking 28% of the centrally generated revenue going forward, meaning the clubs - who already lose millions each year - will all be receiving much less income. The clubs have largely used the money to pay off some debts to owners, but they'll have to increase income enormously just to remain in their current position. To answer the OP, the rumour on this board earlier this week was that a private equity firm had offered £50m for a 51% stake in SLE. If true that would value SLE at around £100million. But, again, the clubs would see reduced income in future years.
  13. No, you're the one who's being dishonest here. NRL scouts are constantly watching NZRL rep teams and events, and generally sign Kiwi players aged 16-19, almost all of whom have played club RL right through the age grades. Slightly older Kiwis head over to Australia to play in state comps (which is a constant drain on Kiwi player resources but a separate issue to that being discussed). Your argument would mean that if Player A goes right the way through the domestic RL club scene from U7s upwards, and signs for an NRL club in his late teens, but because he's played 2 or 3 years of schools union as a teenager (as mandated by school curriculum) he'd be considered a RU developed player. It's just not true.
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