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  1. From the outside it has appeared for a long time that Parish is out of his depth. That's not the issue, it's more that everyone seems to be assuming that because Johns/SBW were great players they'll automatically be great coaches (or even just better than Parish) when there's no evidence for that at all. As to your claim re: respect, well, we only have rumours from Johns' friends in the media for that.
  2. Right, and three men who have never coached a team anywhere in the world are going to jump in and do a great job?
  3. As I said above, Johns is using the same playbook Walters used to get the Broncos job: get friends to publicly badmouth the incumbent, make it uncomfortable for him and his bosses, get questions asked of one or two players, and then slip into the job. Unpleasant.
  4. Matty Johns using the exact same tactics that saw Anthony Seibold forced out of Brisbane and the coaching job given to the inept Kevin Walters. None the trio involved have ever coached, beyond a few skills sessions with individual players, and as much as I think Parrish is a poor coach there's no evidence whatsoever that any of them would do a better job. The public reaction is just the usual 'good player = good coach' nonsense.
  5. There was a time when the club just didn't have a local player pool to access, because schools and junior development was in its infancy. SL offered a dispensation re the overseas quota, but then we finished second in 1997 and everyone started complaining about the make up of our team and we were forced to reduce it pretty quickly. So we had no option but to sign northerners and, as I said before we had to pay over the odds to get some fairly mediocre players. Frankly, them turning tail and fleeing was far from a one off. It was a regular occurrence.
  6. ! SL and the championship clubs are full of players London have produced. It's a very cosy relationship - the Broncos / David Hughes find the youngsters, introduce them to the sport, develop them into fully-fledged RL players (often representative players), and then watch on as they get signed by northern clubs.
  7. I've spent the past 18 months 11,000 miles from home. I flew back into London in January just in time to be at my mother-in-law's deathbed and attend her funeral. While I was in London I didn't get to see my own parents, who were shielding, until the day I was leaving. My wife had a few days mourning with her sisters. And I know there are people who've had it much much worse. I really don't intend this to sound like a competition, I hope it doesn't come across that way, but I honestly don't have a great deal of time for sportsmen complaining at this point.
  8. Northerners really are a bunch of wusses. We've seen it for years at London Broncos; forced to pay way over the odds to get them to move only to then see them whinge and moan incessantly before returning to mummy a few months later. Williams has the chance to play a leading role in the best rugby (either code) competition in the world, as part of a very short career, and he wants to turn his back on it? Ridiculous.
  9. Championship TV rights have consistently been worth £0 - going right the way back to the days of the Northern Ford Premiership asking to exit the Sky TV contract. And please don't try to tell me Sky paid X amount for them in the current deal, the sum announced (or rather, leaked) by Nigel Wood was the clubs' distribution not the game's income. Anything above £0 is a bonus so, as others have said, for that sort of money you'd have to start considering the future development of OurLeague instead.
  10. I mean, that was literally what I said in the first post...
  11. Go back and look at Samoa's performances across a period of time, they consistently underperform.
  12. On paper Samoa look very impressive, but they have a poor coach and a track record that suggests they're more interested in hanging out with their mates than taking the games seriously. We'll have to wait and see if any of that has changed, perhaps seeing what has happened to Tonga will encourage them to raise their aspirations a bit.
  13. I coached football teams for near enough 15 years, and the club I was at had a very strict policy in place: no pay no play. You can't have some paying and others not, it's simply unfair to expect some players to effectively subsidise others. Everyone accepted it, and it was certainly not a wealthy part of west London, but it needed people to enforce it early on and not let it slide. Out of their subscriptions (payable annually or in instalments) a set amount went straight to the county FA who ran the leagues, refs, etc. I'm not entirely sure how this situation is any different - it may simply
  14. You mention heartlands clubs getting nothing twice here, which presumably means you think non-heartlands clubs are therefore getting something the heartlands clubs are being denied. I don't suppose you could expand on what that is?
  15. My view of this may be coloured by being a QPR fan and having a circle of friends who support teams outside the scab six, but every football fan I know - people who buy tickets and regularly go to watch their team - wants this league to start up and the 6 English clubs involved to f off and never come back. At some point it's going to happen, we would all be better off if they just did it now.
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