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  1. If we're gonna have it for ordinary league games, then I completely agree with this - essentially the two teams have played out a draw so deserve a point each, but if you want some extra excitement, then by all means let them have up to 10 mins for an extra league point to the winner. Would definitely keep it for cup games - the days of replays are long gone now. Generally speaking, I'd prefer golden try to golden point - you could still play for a drop goal, because if no-one scores a try then the team with the most points after 10 mins would be the winner, but you'd also be givi
  2. What are we expecting? I think Price will put Mamo in at Fb, Lineham back on the wing and then everything stays as per the team that started vs KR.
  3. Yep, I can totally see what you are saying - two different arguments but I think both valid. The most important thing is the practical point of view. Any changes we introduce have to be to the modern game as it is. I wouldn't want to bring back the mess of 80s/90s scrums and as I say I don't think the modern "pretend" scrum does us any favours with any potential new fans either. I'm not convinced we could tinker with the rules/enforcement of scrums enough to make them really work. And from a practical point of view, as I say, I think SL this year has been better without them. And to
  4. I can get on board with pretty much all you say there... except I think RL scrums are probably beyond rescue and that embarrassing element definitely does us no favours with any newcomers.
  5. Yeah but the thing is RL has evolved so far away from that - the original PTB was supposed to be like a mini-scrum, but it's definitely not that now, it's an uncontested way to get the ball back in play. For me there's very little to be gained by bringing the scums back - the game this year is better without them in my view. (All that said, pretty sure they will be back - SL and/or the RFL said so before the start of the season, they will be there for the World Cup and SL pretty much copies whatever rules the NRL introduces a year or two later anyway... although hopefully not the
  6. While I would agree that the "go away and watch something else" line comes off a little unnecessarily aggressive, I gave Bostik's post a like because I agree with the rest of it. If you were creating a new sport from scratch, it doesn't make sense on paper to give the team that dropped the ball or put it out an undeserved chance to win it back. And in practice I think there's been a point in every SL/CC game I've watched this year when I thought, "wow, I definitely don't miss the scrums" (and the shot clock for the replacement handover this season). So as far as I'm concerned no scrums wi
  7. Aren't the play-offs top 6 this year, same as SL played last year? You'd have to be worried if the Broncos were *not* making that, surely?
  8. Yes, that last parag is exactly why I would expect Wire to sign up Wane or Brian Mac - the two guys who have a proven knack of getting that extra bit out of their teams at the right time to win the big games.
  9. Powell has undoubtedly done great things on limited budgets at Cas, and seems to be a very good coach... yet if the Wire rumours are true, I find it surprising. The thing that Warrington need is to get over the line - there have been 4 GFs now, but no trophy, so what Wire really need is a proven winner of a coach. Brian Mac and Shaun Wane seemingly both available for a club job next season, and both very much proven winners, the guys that deliver the big trophies. I'm surprised if Wire have gone for Powell and not one of those two.
  10. Surely that'll be sorted when Boris gets his roundabout built below the Isle of Man... On a more serious note... and it's all academic anyway at this point... but would the RU authorities that run the provincial ground be amenable to a new RL club using the ground??
  11. There's nothing inherently fair or unfair about having the Champ Grand Final at a neutral venue - it's just a choice we make. We are used to OT and Wembley as neutral venues for the biggest games in our domestic calendar, but it doesn't mean it has to be that way for the Championship playoffs too. We also play Challenge Cup semi-finals at neutral venue(s), but I haven't seen anyone suggest the playoff semis should be at neutral grounds. It's not even the case that we have neutral grounds for all our big events. Is the World Cup played at neutral venues? I sincerely hope for a very partisa
  12. There's a Warrington Wolves handball team. I'm presuming this is not a coincidence. PS Before anyone says it... 2017 actually was their year...
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