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  1. If you define yourself like that, it will always remain the case. UK classism is mind boggling.
  2. See above for only one of many times this has been addressed. International viewers with a stake in the game means international visibility for larger sponsorship. Bigger TV rights from Canadian broadcasters than they currently pay (Sportsnet paid for SL rights before TWP existed. So there is a value there, and it is defintiely worth more now). It is potential. That money can't be guaranteed by any club, it requites all putting in the work to get there. Just because it isn't a cheque directly to their bank accounts doesn't mean it isn't real. Just because the short term cost is too much for the other clubs to stomach doesn't mean that it isn't there. Just because it wasn't in direct reply to you doesn't mean it hasn't been answered. You just need to read what's out there rather than demand it given to you. Just because you aren't personally satisfied with answers provided doesn't make them invalid. Note, I'm not promising anything, "hollow" or not, because I'm not the Toronto Wolfpack. I'm laying out where I see the potential for value. All business is about potential.
  3. Are you SURE you're not parksider? He also liked to repeat that nobody had satisfactorily answered his questions, so matter what had actually been said.
  4. The guy can't give money he doesn't have. The guy has actual major league management experience, it would probably be way worse without him.
  5. In the short term, absolutely. That can't be a surprise to anyone.
  6. Yeah that's been abundantly clear on here for a while. The sheer amount of aspersions cast on LiVolsi on this forum, based on what meetings he was or wasn't at and presentations that no one has seen, is kind of astounding.
  7. I'm not sure what point you're making here? I read that whole article, some interesting information but a lot of it seems to be tainted by sour grapes from Glendale and Kanaloa so it's hard to know how to interpret the rest of it.
  8. I get what you're saying, but even with the best planning - how would you be with 6 months of no income? I know I'd be screwed, and I do plan and save. And I make a comfortable living, by the sounds of it a lot of players make a lot less than me so it could be tough to save even without living extravagantly at all. If it was was 2-4 weeks and players were defaulting on rent etc I could see some criticism of money management. But not after months and months and months. Edit to add: I know the common advice to have a 6 month emergency fund. In an ideal world everyone would, but I'd guess it's a very small percentage who actually do. It's very hard to save when first starting out, and many won't have access to tools like cheap lines of credit etc.
  9. Something I've brought up a few times. If SL or the RFL truly wanted Canadian players brought through, any quotas, salary cap exemptions etc should apply to all 12 teams. Harry's precious competitive purity can't exist if teams have different rules... right?
  10. We produce some extremely good players who go on to play at very high levels in rugby union - Jeff Hassler starred for years at Ospreys, Van de Merwe at Glasgow. Wings who can play centre, arguably the easiest position to switch. Both in MLR now but at the time TWP kicked off pretty much in their prime. So no, just because we have players who could have switched decently well perhaps doesn't automatically mean that TWP would entice them.
  11. More relevant to TWP than a lot of stuff in this thread. Their fans came significantly from the existing union base, and if you ever want to see players come from Canada, they too will majority come the existing union base to begin with. How that base is formed, operates and is treated are all aspects that affect leagues chances.
  12. Basically any school that can't afford football equipment, rugby kind of slots into that space.
  13. Yeah I was thinking more about this, decided to go through my clubs starting XV: 1. Corrections officer 2. County work crew + Industrial cleaner (2 jobs) 3. Construction worker 4. Construction estimator 5. Auto factory + farmer on the side 6. Banking IT tech 7. McDonald's 8. Electrician 9. Pub owner 10. Mechanic 11. Construction estimator 12. Construction worker 13. Student/was in industrial retail 14. Welder 15. Cabinetmaker
  14. Could be different in BC, but that has not been my experience at all in Ontario.
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