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  1. I don't think it's a great logo at all. I mean... "number of players" isn't that an exciting thing to base your identity on. Other than soccer and American football having 11, what other sports have the same? Basketball 5, Hockey 6, baseball 9, Canadian football 12, RL 13, RU 15, AFL 18? Dunno about Gaelic or cricket... if everyone is unique then what's the big deal?
  2. A different startup American rugby team beat then to it: https://oldglorydc.com/dc-native-ryan-burroughs-signs-with-old-glory-rugby/
  3. There are kids in Canadian high school, right now, who will be in the NFL one day, who only started playing in high school. There are also kids in Canadian high school, right now, who will be in Super Rugby or the English Premiership, who only started playing rugby in high school. How do I know this? Because thats currently the case. Most people don't start playing either sport until high school, and a handful manage to make it. Not tons every year, but maybe one every couple of years. I think it's relatively arrogant to think that RL is so special it can't be done. But first, kids have to know the sport exists, second, have a pathway to get there, and thirdly, see it as worth the endeavour.
  4. Rogers no longer changes out of baseball configuration. It's why they kicked the Argos out.
  5. I don't think this is actually true. As far as I'm aware, all the press releases said "working with" OSEG, not that they were owners. And also mentioned a consortium of ~15 owners, without mentioning Jeff Hunt or the other OSEG partners. My own take is that is that the have a field and/or other facilities rental agreement, as well as probably a marketing agreement to access OSEG's fanbases. Which would make sense from OSEG's perspective, they would fill dates on the stadium they manage and benefit from larger attendances at those dates by way of controlling concession revenue. They're also probably hedging their bets in the case of the Fury being forced out of USL and not wanting to join the CPL.
  6. While you're right about the challenges of 3 teams playing there, I'm not sure it makes a huge difference if the Fury are in USL or CPL. Either way, I'd imagine that OSEG's own properties will get preference.
  7. Someone needs to coach those kids to go for the legs when tackling a bigger player.
  8. https://www.vice.com/en_ca/article/8xa9j5/how-the-sports-landscape-in-canada-is-changing Read this and come back and try to claim it's RU that RL has to compete with for attention. Or look at this: http://publications.gc.ca/collections/collection_2013/pc-ch/CH24-1-2012-eng.pdf
  9. I said that in relation to the part where you said you didn't have a clue. Maybe you wouldn't get shut down so much if you weren't talking out of your ass. I notice you've conveniently ignored the rest of my post. And yet you go ahead and demand "debate" again. You consistently ignore rebuttals when you don't like them, and continue to repeat your own view without addressing those, and then complain that others haven't engaged. Several have, repeatedly, but the cycle continues with your next post of the same old stuff followed by "discuss" But anyway, here you go: "But I don't........I only hold the simple view that TWP isn't working" It's working enough enough that they've been allowed to continue. It was announced from the start that it was a 5 year project. Nobody who wasn't part of that agreement knows what "working" does or doesn't look like. What was said in public by various parties is NOT necessarily what is actually required, just PR at the time of it happening. At most I'd give you "it isn't working YET" , but we're not at 5 years so that's perfectly okay. "it's a massive loss maker” I don't think that's anyone's business but the owners, and the RFL who vetted them. It is very, very common for new ventures to lose money until they gain a foothold. Especially in sports. MLR that just started - all the club's said they expected to lose money for a while. CPL just started here- they all said the same thing. "there's no player development" Not yet it seems. See 5 year comments above. Maybe they've been quietly trying a few things that we don't know about it. All we do know is that they haven't been kicked out for it, so it's not critical to the other parties yet. Would it be nice to see? Of course. But it's only an issue because all of the club's struggle with it, i.e. it's not easy. "it's highly inconvenient to clubs here" Boo boo? From here it seems like the game is dying a slow death, kept alive by the IV drip of TV money. If a couple 6 hour flights a year, a few games on TV at different times, and a considerate schedule is what it takes to improve that situation, it's worth trying. Going to the bank, post office, unemployment centre, or job interviews is inconvenient too. Doesn't mean we should all just stay home and twiddle our thumbs. "It brings no added TV revenue" Sigh.... YET. 5 years. TWP is obviously trying their very best to get to the top flight fast. North American TV is generally only interested in showing the best, certainly when it comes to a foreign sport. And that's because sports fans here generally only want to watch the best. The NHL has a 5 billion dollar TV deal in Canada. The next most popular level of hockey is major junior, and they get 50 games a year on local cable, with an undisclosed value - i.e. nothing to brag about. Figuring out a way to accommodate TWP and others is the only way a TV deal is going to happen. "every phoney NA club" Calling them phoney is pretty demeaning and bigoted. They are regular people trying to start a professional team, just like anyone else trying to start a professional team. They care deeply and work hard to try to succeed. "promotion comes with a real English club demotion" Hmm... wouldn't the English club be demoted anyway? Whether they're being replaced by a UK club or a NA one? They finished bottom. TWP still has to win the playoffs. To the English club that comes second... Wouldn't they remain in the championship, whether they lost to a UK club or a NA one? "A transatlantic league would kill the game here - care to discuss????" That's one possible outcome. The game might die without it too. It could very well work. Lots of people think it will. We'll have to wait and see. How's this for a scenario. TWP gets to SL. Sportsnet agrees to pay enough for the tv rights to expand to 13 with everyone getting the same amount, and Air Canada sponsors the whole thing by providing flights. Air Canada Super League. Toronto goes out and signs 25 Australians and releases all their Brits. Would there be any objections left?
  10. Is anybody actually convinced that zero interest outside the UK is better than any amount greater than zero? It's not like ESPN is gonna send a separate camera crew to film the game themselves. Whoever the UK broadcaster is will still be producing the games, and will receive something for that. I'm sure a cut of distribution after that, whether through the broadcaster or through SL, would make it back to them.
  11. Do you have proof of sky's opinion? Maybe they're thrilled with the opportunity, possibly a joint venture with an NA broadcaster? Maybe NA content comes back to sky? Would that be the Perez who is no longer at TWP and has no bearing on what happens anymore? The same Perez who has never been in charge of any TV decisions, and speculated on how many clubs would be needed to attract Maybe, maybe not. Unless you have access to that contract? It could easily be worded that participation is allowed, but not enforced. You have no idea what's in it, just like you don't know if they promised in writing to provide players or TV deals. I think it's more a case that he wants profitability for TWP, and that it can only (or only easily) be achieved by being in the top flight. Perez who's no longer involved? Just checking... Well, he can't. But if he says I'm not covering it anymore, and SL still accepts TWP, then they've agreed to it. By the way, the default for pretty much every top flight sport is for every team to pay for their own travel and accommodations (league wide sponsorship deals aside). TWP is currently the outlier in arranging for these costs to be covered. It was announced from the start that the arrangement would only be for L1 and Championship, why would there be any expectations otherwise? Haven't seen anything indicating they wouldn't. I'd assume they fully intend ti meet all requirements that are applied to the rest of the clubs Never been offered or expected... That could easily change, we all know nothing is set in stone in Rugby League. Maybe you should stop talking about it so much then? Probably because it hasn't been sorted out yet, and smart business people don't make announcements until everything is in order. Promises, or aspirations? No proof, you're just trying to repeat this until it becomes pseudo-fact. While Toronto pays for like 15 trips to the UK? Yeah, real disadvantage to UK clubs there... Sky would care, because those people watching means it's a valuable property to whoever is showing the games, which means they'll want to pay Sky for them. Or if Sky don't own then now, they'll want to buy the international rights in 2021, so that they can distribute them for profit.
  12. The bone you're looking to pick doesn't exist here. Sorry dude.
  13. Of people who play both or of the people who play league? Probably 75% of the league players prefer league, but probably less than 5% of TRU+ORL players would prefer RL. Given that there are 10's of TRU clubs and now one Toronto RL club. But which game people prefer to play is only part of the equation. I know a few guys who play league, and for a few of them, even though they individually like it better, they would never turn away from their original union club. They're loyal to clubs they've been at for years and years, and have tons of friends at. And for some with partners or kids involved, that isn't really happening in RL much yet, but the majority of the RU clubs have women or mini/junior teams.
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