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  1. The challenge is very similar to CFL, which seems to now be working well after a few tweaks. It'll be interesting to see how coached use it in rugby.
  2. What are the rules on roster size? Is there something similar to say the CFL 6-game injured list for longer term injuries?
  3. It's in most sports owners interests to appear not to make much money.
  4. It would depend on the wording of the contract, whether it's "guaranteed" or not. I know CFL/NFL football contracts aren't guaranteed, you can cut a guy at any time, although usually the signing bonus is guaranteed since they already have it. As far as the SC, wouldn't only players playing affect it?
  5. Holy some of people have problems admitting anything is good if it isn't your favourite. Basketball isn't netball. Baseball isn't rounders. It takes great skill to be the best in the world at any sport. It's childish. For a group of people that can get fired up over whether someone uses "rugby/rugby league/league" , it's astounding the lack of respect shown to other sports.
  6. I'm not sure what I'm missing- is NY getting something in return? If not why would they sign anything with the NRL who has nothing to do with the competition they're in, especially one that limits them?
  7. You're right, it would be better for the players to not do anything.
  8. This makes tons of sense. They've been close enough to capacity this year, but it seems the same people who call for TWP to need a bigger stadium are also the ones criticizing ticket giveaways. They need to keep capacity relatively limited while demand for tickets builds up. When Lamport is sold out consistently with all tickets actually sold, will be the time to consider further expansion or relocation.
  9. Canada and the Netherlands. If extended to great grandparents then Scotland as well.
  10. Surely you mean Toronto home games and away games for the other clubs.
  11. You do this a lot, so I'm gonna give you these two links. Should cover most things between them and save everyone a lot of time in the future. Oxford English Dictionary Urban Dictionary
  12. I'm not talking about changing you. I'm not talking about you at all, I tried to talk TO you about what you think is so wrong with someone asking for what they want and someone else paying it. The answer is that there's nothing wrong with it. So you calling names to the player in question is unwarranted.
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