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  1. We're slowing down people! We can't stop now! Let's get to 100 pages We can do it! What happened to the Quinn signing that was supposed to be imminent?
  2. I don't think how TWP got those costs covered really matters, it's that the fact that it's been put on them. If they didn't have that sponsorship, would the other clubs suddenly be offering to pay their own way? I don't think so.
  3. It's standard operating procedure that shares are retained after relegation. They do gradually go away if they stay down.
  4. I agree with that. You can't win every thing every time. Again, they don't have to be the best, but they could not be the worst. 2k of what should in theory be your core. Every sports number out of 6 million is modest. When it's 2k out of 9k, that's over 20% potential increase to attendance. That pushes the number well over sellouts which means ticket values increase.
  5. Fair enough. I agree, easily. Assuming 35 people/team for Marshall, TRU/NRU top divisions,and OWL, and 25 people/team for TRU/NRU womens, that almost 1800. Without including any juniors, lower divisions, friends and family. It's been mostly explained, it's when most rugby people are involved with rugby. It's when a lot of other people are doing a lot of other things. Most sports tend to vary their start times so that if someone can't make a certain time, there are games at other times, trying to make it available to as many people as possible at some point. My point was that while they may not be able to have the most ideal kickoff time, you'd think they would be better off by not being the absolute worst. And the primary reason IS small time - other teams don't want a later (FREE) flight, they want to hightail it outta there.
  6. I guess you missed the part I said I'm NOT saying it should be changed, and where I said the general sports fan is likely more valuable,.
  7. It seems pretty clear that the "generic sports fan" market is much larger than the "currently involved in rugby" market, so if you can't please both then catering to the larger one would make sense. But kickoff isn't 1:30 to cater to either, it's to cater to teams who ##### about taking an extra bus on the other end of their free flight. 1:30 pm is pretty much the only time that guarantees what should be their most open, involved and hardcore source of fans, can't attend. It IS the primary reason I don't have TWP season seats. I would miss 6 games - over half - due to playing on the same day at the same time. Compare that to my Arrows tickets where I don't miss a single game, my Ticats tickets I miss MAYBE 1 game if we play late into August, and the CPL schedule isn't out yet but last year I missed 3 Forge FC games. As a rugby player who follows four main sports teams, TWP is by far the worst one for me to actually try to attend. I'm not saying anything should be changed on my account. I'm just pointing out that it's specifically non-ideal, more so than even teams with absolutely nothing to do with rugby. It's worse than random chance.
  8. Which really sucks for anyone who actually plays rugby here. CFL teams get a round $5 million CAD. I'd consider that the ceiling until at least 5-10 years of consistent exceptional ratings.
  9. A timely analysis on the possibility of a Canadian RWC (union). http://www.americasrugbynews.com/2020/02/04/rugby-world-cup-in-americas-canada/
  10. NFL/CFL plays are 5-10 second bursts, so players train for that. They've been in professional training environments for at least four years of college. They know how to accept coaching and train for a specific requirement. Change those requirements, and provide the coaching, and they are some of the best suited athletes in the world to attempt it. As mentioned, many play both ways, many play other sports at high levels ti the point they're even drafted by multiple leagues, and many are just plain smart and skilled people. Denying that is ignorance fuelled by stereotypes and lack of exposure. We've had crossover guys go from NFL and CFL to international 7s, and vice versa. Not saying it would be easy, not saying the effort would pay off in a way that made financial sense. Most of all you need these guys to WANT to do it. You don't do that by nobody ever hearing of you or your sport.
  11. BMO isn't bad, I've enjoyed myself at Argos games when it's about half full. But if you're used to it packed out for TFC, or Lamport packed for TWP, it would definitely lack compared to that. Nowhere near as bad as say Forge FC with 5k in THF- that feels empty. But is seriously doubt NFL comes to TO.
  12. No way they can use "Bulls" playing in the same stadium as the New York Red Bulls. Rampage is pretty cheesy.
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