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  1. Slightly off topic but didn’t a Featherstone forward play against his son?
  2. I was just going to say Jason. When he got the ball no one, not even himself, knew what he was going to do.
  3. My first visit to a RL ground would be about 1964 at Belle Vue. My first visit to Wembley was the watersplash final of 1968.
  4. With regard to the latter bit of your post Robin then the coaches could do their bit, and the players of course.
  5. I can’t believe some of the comments on here. Do refs make a mistake, yes Is it intentional, definitely no Are they closer to the action than the crowd and have a better view, yes Do they know the rules better than the crowd, yes Some folks on here need to have a go at being a ref themselves. Leave them alone they’re doing a great job.
  6. Barrow Raiders v Coventry Bears KO 3pm. Home win Doncaster v West Wales Raiders KO 3pm. Home win Hunslet v North Wales Crusaders KO 3pm. Away win Newcastle Thunder v Workington Town KO 3pm. Home win Rochdale Hornets v Keighley Cougars KO 3pm Home win some excellent games there.
  7. Let’s see where the players stay when the SL clubs have to pay for accommodation themselves.
  8. After watching the Crusaders young side play at the weekend I’m now quite optimistic for the coming season. Cru to win by 10.
  9. That’s a good article and highlights many possibilities. I wouldn’t want a closed shop for the top flight but no doubts others disagree.
  10. I wouldn’t watch a game of union at club level but never miss the 6 nations, to me it’s one of the sporting highlights of the year.
  11. League Sailing model yachts Union - the 6 nations Ashes cricket thats about it
  12. My son introduced me to cold brew coffee a few weeks back. Very coarsely ground then left in water in the fridge for two days to brew. Absolutely amazing and full of flavour. The capsule machine is now redundant.
  13. Spot on mate. One girl who was sat next to me for a year asked to be moved when I told her I was struggling with depression. Just shows the ignorance and lack of compassion in some folks.
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