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  1. Thanks for that Coolie. He was playing amateur last year and certainly shows a lot of promise. Our full back, Tommy Johnson, retired so Owain has taken his place. He normally would be playing in the halves and from what I’ve seen so far he’d be bloody good there.
  2. A fair assessment of the game and Rams were well worthy of the victory. From my point of view I was disappointed with some of our sloppiness which certainly didn’t help us but no complaints. We lost quite a few of our better players from last season and a few of the team were younger players stepping up to this level for the first time so we will improve as the season goes on. It’s a shame we all had to travel to Widnes instead of Colwyn Bay. Your fans really got behind your team and are a credit to you, well done.
  3. Any of the four games could go either way, it’s that tight. League one could be really competitive this year with sone close games. I’ll go all home wins but Crusaders with quite a good number of new players may struggle but I’ll let the heart rule the head.
  4. I hope you’re right Mark I really do I just think it’ll take a season for the younger players to settle in to it. Still I’ll be there Sunday with yourself and the rest of the Cru faithful.
  5. I admire your optimism Steve and Mark but I think we’ve lost too many good experienced players and that this year will be one of settle down and really push next season.
  6. There’s a dedicated car park for the ground Johnny so that won’t be an issue. There’ll be a kiosk selling ales and another selling food there as well. Most of the Cru fans like to have a few in the Park Hotel which is a short walk from the ground before and after the game, a warm welcome to all travelling fans. I hope you enjoy the game and our hospitality. keith
  7. Thanks for that Mark. No doubt they’ll be announced shortly as I’ve only seen about 18 named on our Facebook page.
  8. Thanks for that Mark, much appreciated. It looks like the new recruits are settling in but it’ll take a while to gel plus we’ve lost some very good players so I’m not expecting big things this year. It looks like we’ve got 18 signed on which is obviously not enough, have you heard anything else about more signings. keith
  9. Leave a slope on the pitch and that’ll solve the drainage problem
  10. 2000m3 is a quick estimate, short of doing a full blown survey I don’t know. But if it’s 3000m3 the costs will be about the same. It’s just to give an idea which is what someone asked for.
  11. It’s probably only moving about 2000m3 of muck. Two weeks absolute tops even allowing for working in a small area. Then you’ve got a couple of months at least to re-grow the grass. £30000 should cover it.
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