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  1. After watching the Crusaders young side play at the weekend I’m now quite optimistic for the coming season. Cru to win by 10.
  2. That’s a good article and highlights many possibilities. I wouldn’t want a closed shop for the top flight but no doubts others disagree.
  3. I wouldn’t watch a game of union at club level but never miss the 6 nations, to me it’s one of the sporting highlights of the year.
  4. League Sailing model yachts Union - the 6 nations Ashes cricket thats about it
  5. My son introduced me to cold brew coffee a few weeks back. Very coarsely ground then left in water in the fridge for two days to brew. Absolutely amazing and full of flavour. The capsule machine is now redundant.
  6. Spot on mate. One girl who was sat next to me for a year asked to be moved when I told her I was struggling with depression. Just shows the ignorance and lack of compassion in some folks.
  7. Started the decade with depression and struggled with it for four years making life miserable at times for folks close to me. The wife finally discovered the problem when she read up on the Statins I was taking and found out that depression was a side affect. A change of medication and I was back to normal after a couple of months. Unfortunately it was a rough time and a couple of folks still don’t talk to me which is upsetting. On a brighter note I took stock of my pension three years ago and packed in work. It took me a couple of months to adjust but now life is good. The kids have done brilliantly. One being a teacher and the other has a PhD in physics and a career to match. The only dark cloud on the horizon is the wife’s father has dementia and deteriorating pretty quickly. Sad to see but nothing we can do about it.
  8. I used to go watch Cas on a Friday night with my mates who were supporters. A hard man who was adored by the crowd. Great memories
  9. As a young lad I was a short bus ride from Cas, Wakey and Feath. I used to go to all three as pocket money allowed me to. Now I live two miles from the Crusaders and have been a season ticket holder since their inception.
  10. The way that a small number of fans will delve into this in great detail to try to find and highlight anything negative shows just why this great game is being held back in this country.
  11. I’m sure some folk used to argue that London must be kept in super league because of all the players that they develop
  12. It shouldn’t matter. Whether it’s TWP, Feath or whoever the risk is the same. Unless the assumption is that a ‘yo-yo’ club would immediately go straight back down so everybody else is safe.
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