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  1. It shouldn’t matter. Whether it’s TWP, Feath or whoever the risk is the same. Unless the assumption is that a ‘yo-yo’ club would immediately go straight back down so everybody else is safe.
  2. It’s got to be TWP but Feath have pulled off some amazing wins in the past as underdogs.
  3. This thread has gone way off topic........and is much the better for it.
  4. To be fair to Gubrats he often states things that I don’t agree with but there’s always a logical argument to back up his assertion unlike some on here.
  5. A good defensive display by Donny, they did the same to us at the Queensway. Newcastle should have scored and consequently ended up chasing the game. Best team won
  6. Party you type the same thing over and over again. If you’re not careful you’ll end up with RSI.
  7. Wins for; Whitehaven Crusaders Hunslet Thunder Workington
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