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  1. Eddie the intention is to run a bus from Wrexham so a match day ticket plus transport would be about £17 say. Season ticket holders would be asked to make a donation, we’ll have to see how it pans out. For me i travel 10 minutes to the Queensway now it will be 40 minutes to Eirias Park, not the end of the world. No doubt a few won’t travel and unfortunately will be lost but I think we’ll pick up a lot more support from the move. With the squad we’ve got for this year keep an eye out for us mate.
  2. It was a deserved red though, a high tackle. I think that’s the first time he’s been sent off. I don’t even remember him getting a yellow before. That’s two friendless that we’ve lost now and I’ve been very happy with both performances. A good season ahead for the Cru!
  3. A good game both teams obviously rusty. Crusaders shipped in three tries in the last ten minutes but they actually played well up to that point. A pleasing first run out.
  4. Looking forward to the first game for the Crusaders. With the players that we’ve retained and the ones we’ve added we will surprise a few this year.
  5. The RL should sign him up when he finishes playing on a PR type role. He’d spread the word in the Valleys
  6. Absolutely brilliant, that certainly brought back some memories. Thank you.
  7. Good on you Steve, I paid for mine a couple of weeks back. Looking at our squad we’re going cause a few surprises.
  8. Slightly off topic but didn’t a Featherstone forward play against his son?
  9. I was just going to say Jason. When he got the ball no one, not even himself, knew what he was going to do.
  10. My first visit to a RL ground would be about 1964 at Belle Vue. My first visit to Wembley was the watersplash final of 1968.
  11. With regard to the latter bit of your post Robin then the coaches could do their bit, and the players of course.
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