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  1. Born in the west riding, lived in north wales for 40 years. Crusaders season ticket holder.
  2. Some good games there and all will be close, I’m going all home wins. Really looking forward to the Welsh derby as with Raiders recent improvement it should be a great game.
  3. It’s the Welsh derby next week at Colwyn Bay, Crusaders v Raiders. Should be a good game and hopefully we’ll see a decent turn out of supporters from the south. Really looking forward to this one.
  4. Definitely Donny but Cov are much improved and will push Cougars close. I’m going for a draw.
  5. Never mind mate, have a good break. The outer Hebrides is one of my favourite places
  6. Definite improvement from the Raiders, they’re getting there.
  7. All home wins Also I’ve just seen on Crusaders website that they have lobbied the council and attendance has been increased to 500 to allow away supporters who had booked accommodation to attend.
  8. The league gets better every year. West Wales are slowly getting there and we’ve got some bloody good teams in the mix. Very entertaining.
  9. Check Crusaders FB page Steve, there’s an announcement in next two days
  10. Hunslet Barrow Donny Keighley and I’ll be led by my heart and say Crusaders
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