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  1. Personally, I would like to see the RFL outsource the whole commercial side of the game to Matchroom. Now that they have nice new digs in Manchester, it would be the perfect opportunity to bring in outside consultants alongside the existing team. That way you get the 'little magic sprinkle' allied with inside knowledge of how the sport operates. Give them a bunch of targets to have-at, linked to bonuses and see how they go for 2-3 years and then review it. This could also allow the RFL to focus on grass roots development and hopefully arrest the alarming fall off in participation at that level, after all, thats where our future players come from.
  2. After friday's performance I'm rather dreading this one. Only some rather profligate finishing and Liam Finn's wayward goal-kicking saved us from conceding 50+ at home to Wakefield. The prospect of Leed's potentially devastating left side against our out-of-sorts right edge defence is eye watering. Our long-term prospects this year probably depend on us picking up points early, but with several key players injured or lacking game-time on the back of closed season surgery; its all looking a little bleak. The squad we have - albeit lighter than i would have liked - can be a match for most teams in SL, but only when fully fit. Not making excuses - all teams suffer with injuries, can only hope we have got ours out of the way early this season. Leeds 38 Hull KR 16
  3. Flagedgetouch

    Toronto (Merged threads)

    A lot of if's but's and maybe's to mull-over there, but that's the beauty of this whole scenario that the Wolfpack and Perez have created. There is a whole continent to expand into, and if we can grab 5% of that market, f*** it, 2% of that market: it will dwarf anything that has happened in the sport in a generation. You make a good point with regards to central funding and rights etc. If (and at this stage it is still very much if) several North American franchises make it to super league, then the sensible solution is a breakaway league along the lines of Rugby Union's pro14; with all the 'non UK' clubs (assuming the Dublin franchise goes ahead, and is successful, then other European bids may follow). Under this format we could imagine a 'champions League' scenario with the top clubs from each nation competing. European cup competitions have been a major factor in the growth of domestic Rugby Union and i see no reason a similar format (including North American clubs) would not have a similar effect on Rugby League. The biggest obstacle to overcome, however, is not disgruntled fans in the Heartlands; it is the people in charge of the game. IF we get a new CEO that is progressive, market-savvy and driven, then light the blue touch paper...however, my money is on another introspective, conservative 'company man' who pisses the sport down the drain whilst lining his own pockets with silver. I could be wrong. I hope i'm wrong.
  4. Flagedgetouch

    Toronto (Merged threads)

    You're welcome mate! I only joined the forum last August myself, for various reason's mainly because i had got rid of my other social media accounts (also for various reasons) so it gave me an outlet for my rugby obsessed brain! So, i have experienced, or rather observed, what you are referring to; hence my post! Comp tickets are the norm for any new venture, whether that be a sports club, a restaurant or any other business; as another poster said above: even if half WERE giveaways that's still 3500 paying customers and only Hull KR, outside of super league, bettered that. So as a stick to beat the WP with its a pretty lame one. As for the 'banter' (ugh hate that phrase) with other clubs; well, rivalries are what sport is all about and as a new team you have a lot of catching up to do so its great to see those rivalries starting to appear (Leigh, Barrow, Whitehaven). As for your last point; never really thought about it that way, but: yes - you have shaken up the world of RL in the NH at least, its fantastic and long may it continue. Please Note: i will not be this nice to you all immediately before or after your 1st meeting with Hull KR!
  5. Flagedgetouch

    Toronto (Merged threads)

    Can you ask him if Hull KR are going to be there too, only i don't think i can take another million pound game defeat!!!
  6. Flagedgetouch

    Toronto (Merged threads)

    I haven't posted much on this thread either (or on this forum for a while) but all i see is some (legitimately) frustrated Canucks! Imagine you discover a new sport, fall in love with it - like we all did growing up in RL mad locations - you join a forum to chat to people who share this love, only to be met with a tirade of negativity and 'whataboutery' the likes of which you have never seen. TWP must be the most talked about Rugby League team on this forum. Easily in fact. And whilst a good amount of that is positive, there are some on here that jump on every TWP story and attempt to throw shade on it or engage in wild conspiracy theories. Yes, RL has form in this department. Yes there have been some shocking failures in expansion in the past, these are well documented. But anyone with half a brain can see that TWP are not Gateshead, or Paris, or Crusaders. I have little doubt that they will go from strength to strength and make super league in the near future and good luck to them. And if they don't? then they will have failed on their own terms and not be an expensive failure that the RFL has backed with its own money. I fail to see the downside here. The RFL and the super league clubs need to do something about the dramatic fall-off in grass roots rugby. That is what, above all else, is likely to kill the sport. That issue has little or nothing to do with TWP. Blaming one new club that has had pretty stunning success in its one year of existence, for all the woes of rugby league in the northern hemisphere, is like blaming the ice-berg for the Titanic sinking.
  7. Flagedgetouch

    Hull KR make two new signings.

    Meh' Two squad players when we are short on numbers due to injuries, can't say its inspiring but its definitely needed. Tickle has bags of experience which will benefit one of the youngest squads in SL but if he makes more than about 10 appearances then it will be because we are struggling for numbers. VaiVai is an odd one though. Last i heard (pre-world cup) he was playing semi pro in the US, might have been a year or so ago. He is explosive ball in hand, but he's never really made it anywhere, im guessing due to deficiencies in his game rather than anything off-field. Again, injury cover on a 1 year deal.
  8. A really good read. I've thought on several occasions whilst watching Argentina play rugby union that they would suit league very well. They always appear to have tall Athletic backs with good speed and handling abilities; and they like to throw the ball around a little.
  9. Flagedgetouch

    Mathew Johns talks international RL

    Definitely. But it will be a cold day in hell before the big 3 give up this particular cash cow.
  10. Flagedgetouch

    Mathew Johns talks international RL

    It's a no win situation in many ways. I completely agree with the spirit of what you are saying, the problem is that the big 3 do not take international competition seriously outside of world cups (and just barely then - motivated by the cash it generates) and playing each other. This attitude rubs off on the fans; hence the paltry attendances when England play France (wasn't it something shocking like about 3000 last time they played at Leigh?) Unfortunately there isn't much in the way of a spirit of altruism in the international game. Which is a crying shame, as I, like you and many others would love nothing more than to see England helping out the other European nations in this way. But they won't. And if they did: not enough of us lot would turn out to watch to make it a viable competition. Sadly.
  11. Flagedgetouch

    Mathew Johns talks international RL

    This falls just short of being a great idea. On paper this tournament could run biennially in between world cups and we could have a Lions tour every four years as they have in Union. The big problem here though is the relative strength of the club game when compared to the international game. Even in World Cup years many players are under pressure from their clubs to avoid the international scene and get a 'full pre-season' so cry offs from these tournaments would be massive (as happened with the European cup in its old format) Also, whilst the Southern Hemisphere tournament would be fairly competitive, even an England squad weakened by 'get a full pre season' would stick 60 points on Wales and Ireland, 40 on France and about 120 on Serbia. Scotland would give us a game though.
  12. Flagedgetouch

    Where next for Gareth Hock?

    Come to think of it, I'd probably rate scruton and kavanagh above him on current form.
  13. Flagedgetouch

    Where next for Gareth Hock?

    He's arguably better (when firing) than any of our props. Shaun Lunt is our best forward, but if you are exempting hookers (which is fair enough) then I'd argue James Donaldson is our best forward and I'd rate him above Hock. He's had a few injuries but watch him go in SL next season. It's a tough comparison though as they are very different types of player...but I'm in a nitpicking mood! Also, as an aside, I think George Lawler will be one to watch in SL next year.
  14. Flagedgetouch

    Your England Squad

    I think scubby is right. I can see them picking Clark over Roby as Roby and Hodgson give you a similar dynamic whereas Clark is your broken field specialist to come off the bench. If that is the case I'd be gutted for Roby as he's been fantastic in the second half of this season. In fact, personally, on form, (last night notwithstanding) I'd pick mcshane over Clark let alone Roby. Tomkins will likely start at FB now, to be fair he has played well in a distinctly average Wigan side this year, but obviously he is less of an attacking threat than Hardaker. For me you can only take one from Ward Farrell and Bateman - England have prioritised size in their pack over the last few years - Ward would get my nod alongside S.Burgess, Whitehead, and Currie/greenwood (I think wardle has a chance too given he plays in the NRL and has started most weeks) Sean o'loughlin is probably the first name on the team sheet. Centres: I'd start with Watkins and Percival, I think Shenton has to be on the plane too. Gale, Williams, Widdop- one bad game doesn't make a difference, Gale is our best 7. Props: Warmsley, G, Burgess, Taylor, Hill (I think Bennett will pick Tom Burgess and possibly Chris Heighington) wingers: Mcgilvary, Hall, Makinson. I think lomax might get the second full back slot.
  15. The most excited I've been by a grand final in years. So it shows some pretty serious parental dedication that rather than watching it I am instead taking my offspring to Hull Fair....totally my decision.....completely not bitter that I now have to go on a 24 hr media (including TRL) blackout and tell all my league loving friends/relatives not to message me about the game so that I can watch the BBC highlights tomorrow without knowing the result....completely ok with that...😡 Anyway, good luck Cas, nothing against Leeds but it would be nice to see a new name on the trophy, and let's face it Cas' have been a joy to watch this year so it would be fitting for them to take out the big prize.