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  1. Squidward

    M.O.M. versus BATLEY

    1. King 2. Cam Smith 3. Watson B. Day looks a proper solid player. Great signing and sure to be a fans favourite.
  2. Agreed save for Smith C in the second row and J.D. from the bench in his new canonball impact role.
  3. Squidward

    If being born in Whitwood is a Cas fan

    If she can't be converted get her to the vets to be spayed. There are enough Cas B......s already.
  4. Squidward

    M.O.M. versus BATLEY

    Thanks for making that clear Smith C.
  5. Squidward

    M.O.M Bradford v Fev

    1. Day 2. Briscoe 3. J.D.
  6. Squidward

    Correct ticket reminder

    I stand corrected paff. You can indeed take snap into this theme park, or at least it is not banned under their own rules. When we visited a few years ago we received unofficial verbal warnings from a few people and read tales of food confiscation on social media. We visited from just outside Paris though and were not stopping at a village hotel otherwise we would have followed the others in wrapping a few croissants in serviettes. It might still be of interest however to some that unlike Disneyland Paris, the Fev Gestapo haven't yet banned anyone on roller skates from taking a folding chair into the ground.
  7. Squidward

    Could we shock everyone this year?

    I cautiously agree with this. The acid test comes this afternoon. If we can get off to a winning start and gain some momentum then... Good use of the word schlep too.
  8. Squidward


    In principle that idea is excellent and I agree it would probably be acceptable to both sides with the exception of the few 'only happy if I've got something to complain about' brigade. Unfortunately it would have to rely upon the honesty of the fans and regrettably on that basis, in my opinion, it would be bound to fail.
  9. Squidward

    Rovers tv

    No probs with mine
  10. Well done '78. Hope you enjoy, as we will, seeing a fair bit of the up-and-coming Leeds Juniors. Yes I like the ground level shots on replays only. You lose perspective in normal play imo.
  11. Squidward

    M.O.M Bradford v Fev

    Bradford steward on gate 6b. He bagged a hat trick of thermos flasks, fourteen bottles of water, six pasties and one packet of extra extra strong mints. Sorry JC, couldn't resist. Well done for taking the mantle.
  12. Squidward

    Correct ticket reminder

    Rovers, just reduce the bottles of water to £1 and put me and my likeminded colleagues out of our misery. Those who need water, medically or just because they're thirsty can't grumble knowing that they are paying towards the next signing out of that princely sum (even though you can buy the equivalent, in bulk, at about eight and a half pence at Dransfields according to some outraged correspondents) For those who have that rare medical condition requiring them to consume something warm every two hours of each day I'm afraid you will literally be taking your life in your hands continuing to support the club. A price worth paying for some martyrs who object to paying a few quid for some chips. For the others who object to the thorough body searching and frisking by the 'Gestapo' which they now have to endure at each home game try having a biscuit or an apple/banana before going in. I bet you will make it back home without wasting away when you can eat some proper food than that being forced on you at the ground. Out of interest, how many of those affronted by the Clubs decision have visited another much bigger commercial entertainment complex, Disneyland Paris? The All Stars can compare some proper searching, proper fast food choices, proper food prices and proper Gestapo control when you are incarcerated for the day not just two hours. Theres a game on Sunday by the way.
  13. Surely you don't think that now you have seen the respective squads announced for this game? Personally I would be surprised and disappointed if we lost.
  14. Squidward

    Correct ticket reminder

    You were lucky..
  15. Squidward

    Correct ticket reminder

    Well said.
  16. Squidward

    Correct ticket reminder

    Absolutely spot on.
  17. Squidward

    Injury updates

    It's great news. He appears to be a sensible guy with a good attitude and given he seemed to be well liked by staff and supporters alike at Batley it would have been a blow to lose him for the season. Hopefully we may see him playing again in the not too distant future which could provide a mid season boost.
  18. Squidward

    2019 Squad

    That's great work Phantom. YouTube Reels can reel you in but on this occasion there seems to be sufficient material (evidence) to make one reasonably confident this is a good signing. He looks to be strong and fast with a good step. If he is a good guy in the Misi mound mentally then it could be a great signing. Hopefully Ryan will know his personality well enough to have engineered this signing.
  19. Squidward

    Man of Match Poll- Volunteer required

    For the two new players signed from the Spanish Fire Service, best also to call them Hose A and Hose B to avoid similar confusion.
  20. Squidward

    2019 captain?

    You should have. If you remove the meron K from his name and swap it with pta and then delete the g you are spookily left with 'captain'. Im sure Colin had spotted this one. On a more serious note he has a great Wiki page. I hope he's up for it. Well done to all those concerned for making it happen. Long live the King.
  21. Squidward

    Match thread versus Dewsbury Yorkshire cup

    He was very good imo. A year at this level. If he works hard you would expect him to progress and if he does he could become a sought after player.
  22. Squidward

    2019 Squad

    Erm, to Wembley and to win there. To Toronto, to win there. in fact to win just about all over the place and to beat, I think, everybody at least once. What about you ?
  23. Carlile was a good player for us. No doubt about that . I enjoyed his passion. You are good mates with him fev4 but I think your opinion about this subject might be slightly tainted. Who knows what was said between his agent and Longo except for just those two people. Longo saying he didn't rate him doesn't really fit with the fact that he was offering a contract to him. As said before though, Longo wouldn't be talking up Carlile in any contact negotiations in any event, as with any other player in that situation. Longo's budget would have been limited and the terms offered would have reflected that. You said he was a Fev lad through and through and was gutted to leave. It's a shame therefore that he didn't think that the offer was good enough to stay. Sad but I cannot blame Longo at all. Just doing what I think he believes was best for Fev.
  24. From an outsider looking in this all seems plausible to me, regrettably.
  25. Squidward

    2019 Squad

    You will not find anyone from Fev that will disagree with that. Enjoy their passion.