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    M.O.M. Rovers V Dewsbury (8's)

    1. Hardcastle 2. Misi 3. Lockwood
  2. Squidward

    Ridyard receives the all-clear

    We certainly need at least two decent centres, having only Hardcastle for '19. Do you think Fax would let Heaton go Blues Ox? Surely with your increased funds for next season you would want to keep him as he seems to continue to be a fixture in your squad when fit. Don't know if our funding would allow us to tempt him, particularly as it didn't last time. Would you like to keep him?
  3. Squidward

    M.O.M. Rovers V Sheffield (8's)

    1. Thacks 2. J.D. 3. Newman
  4. Squidward

    M.O.M. Rovers V Leigh (8's)

    1. Misi 2. J.D. 3. Hardcastle
  5. Squidward

    M.O.M. Rovers V Rochdale (8's)

    1. Davies 2. Thacks 3. Knowles
  6. Squidward

    Hock bought out of this contract?

    I agree with this completely. if we couldn't afford these types of contracts unless we made the top four then the contracts should have included contingency clauses. Without such clauses the contracts should never have been offered. There would then have be no need to "roll the dice" I say this however without any idea at all what the position is in terms of the content of contracts that were signed and the recent speculation. Holmes was great for us but given his injury prognosis we would never have offered him another contact. Ulugia would not have been offered one either for the same reason. Thacks is at the end of his contract. Hock's contract is rumoured to have been terminated. Moore is about ready for retirement and Misi can't possibly keep going. They continue to give everything but will their flesh let them 6 or 8 months from now? i'm thinking Brookes could go and with a reduction to the coaching team we might stay in the black. You would also hope for a modicum of loyalty with players prepared to stay for not quite as much as they have previously been used to. I would hope Thacks could be persuaded to stay in this connection if he remains in Duffy's plans, Wildie too and the rest of the players not mentioned above. With a strong DR from Leeds it shouldn't be all doom and gloom. Who knows if we made the four we might have "rolled the dice" more than once and then twisted several times before putting everything on black to achieve Super League.
  7. Squidward

    M.O.M Rovers V Batley (8's)

    1. Wildie 2. Walton 3. Davies
  8. Squidward

    M.O.M. Fev V Swinton (A)

    1. Davies 2. Thacks 3. Misi
  9. Squidward

    M.O.M. Rovers V Rochdale (H)

    1. Dwyer 2. Lockwood 3. Wildie
  10. Squidward

    New signings

    I know you don't like to count your chickens Blues Ox but I think you are knowledgeable enough to know that the chances of anything but a win for you in this fixture are slim to non existent. A raiders win would be a godsend for us but Barrow are nothing like the team from the early part of the season, failing even to put 17 players out in recent matches. I think the only competitive matches left for the top six teams are matches against each other. I don't really see these teams losing any games outside these four pointers.
  11. Squidward

    M.OM. Rovers V Sheffield (A)

    1. Thackery 2. Wildie 3. Cooper
  12. Squidward

    M.O.M. Rovers V Barrow (H)

    1. Lockwood 2. Carlile 3. Davies
  13. Squidward

    M.O.M. Rovers V Dewsbury (A)

    1. Thacks 2. Misi 3. Wheeldon
  14. Squidward

    Gaz Hock

    Agree with this. We have the best squad of players ever in recent memory imo but whilst there are no obvious weak links we lack a couple of top quality players to be able to complete at the level we want to be at. Watching the London v Toulouse game highlighted abilities of the likes of Sammut, Ford and Kheirallah. Hock almost won us the game but we need a couple of others of his quality. If M.C. And Duffy can find these extra players to add to such as Hock, Ridyard, Holmes and Briscoe and secure them within our budget ( a tough ask) then it could be Game On, if we have enough left to still make the top four.
  15. Squidward

    M.O.M. Summer Bash- Fev V Fax

    1. Hock 2. Robinson 3. Wildie
  16. Squidward

    M.O.M. Fev V Leigh (H)

    1. Hardman 2. Hardcastle 3. Walters Hoping to see a return of our two best players last year, namely, Thacks and Jonny D.
  17. Squidward


    Misi's case would be an exception to this but in principle previous convictions should carry some weight in the decision making process imo.
  18. Squidward


    Previous convictions are a cornerstone of any Criminal Justice Sentencing Policy and rightly so. We do seem to get the rough end of the stick though. Hopefully it might create a siege mentality within the club.
  19. Squidward

    Leeds QF CC game to be played at Fev

    Both teams are also playing away from home. If we were playing Leeds at POR I bet Leeds wouldn't bring more than 3 to 3 1/2 K. I guess more like 5 K. Whatever the figure, Come On Leeds! Dont really understand the postings advertising the availability of free parking. The deal struck to stage the game might involve Fev receiving profits from such sources as ground parking or other outlets under their control. Why, potentially divert people away from important revenue streams.
  20. Squidward

    M.O.M. Fev V Hull (Cup)

    1. Hock 2. Briscoe 3. Holmes
  21. Squidward

    Players' day jobs

  22. Squidward

    1983 final

    16 years old. Went down with my Mum, Dad and sister and an air horn. Along with one or two others was responsible for the honk honk, honk honk honk, honk honk honk honk, ROVERS. Used it at Craven Cottage in a match against Fulham sometime before or after the '83 final but got told by the met not to blast it again. Spookily with ref to this thread I saw it for the first time in 20 years or so when searching in my garage loft about two weeks ago looking for my completed Panini sticker book circa '79 to show to a mate. Happy days.
  23. Squidward

    M.O.M. Fev V Toulouse (A)

    1. Farrell 2. Wheeldon 3. Briscoe Pushed close by Misi and Carlile in particular.
  24. Squidward

    Players' day jobs