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  1. Fabulous work as always TPH. Many thanks for sharing.
  2. Tying Day down on another contract is a fantastic piece of work by Davide Longo. He has been very good for us. A hat trick of great players signed in a week or so. All popular players with the fans. Love it.
  3. It's all water over the bridge now Robin.
  4. Fabulous news. Seems like a great bloke and team player. Hoping Longo will get Day signed on the same terms.
  5. 1. Chisholm 2. Hardcastle 3. King Tough to leave out Bussey and Render in particular.
  6. As the season rolls on and injuries start to take their toll I think it will be highly likely that Reynolds will return to his parent club in the not too distant future. Similarly Holmes will eventually return to the Giants once he regains fitness and match fitness. The Giants will have handed him a lucrative contract for their benefit rather than ours. Thoughts of a long term Reynolds/Holmes partnership are pleasant but misconceived imo. I like Watson. He has good energy and appears to give his best. He's got a decent football brain with good kicking options. I think he will be integral to us and so I hope he doesn't miss his brother too much and settles ok. The warmer weather and lighter days may help.
  7. You've got to hand it to Davide Longo, contracting Bussey at £6K per year. Bargain signing of the season for me ... if you believe what people like binosh says lol.
  8. Great observation binosh. How did you work out the £3K a game though ? Just asking like.
  9. First class Colin J. For those who like the M O T M thing the updating and summarising is a nice touch.
  10. With ref to why bad boys get a stiffer punishment, it's expressly stated in the Rules. It's also in line with sentencing in the courts so it's hard to argue against it in principle however I couldn't see anything wrong with what Bussey did so maybe it's just that the establishment is against us as it always has been ! If we appeal they will undoubtedly reject it and add to the ban. Let's take the medicine. In determining the appropriate sanctions to be issued in the Penalty Notice, the Match Review Panel will, after grading an incident, consult the player’s disciplinary record. If the player has: - No record showing two or more offences in last 24 months, including one in last 12 months; and no similar offence (as defined in the Sentencing Guidelines) at Grade C or above in last 24 months = penalty at lower end of range (for example – one match for Grade - Two or more offences in last 24 months, including at least one in last 12 months; or similar offence at Grade C or above in last 24 months = penalty at higher end of range (for example – two matches for Grade
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