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  1. Squidward

    Duffy = Judas

    From an outsider looking in this all seems plausible to me, regrettably.
  2. Squidward

    2019 Squad

    You will not find anyone from Fev that will disagree with that. Enjoy their passion.
  3. Squidward

    2019 Squad

    I read this with exactly the same interest and jaw dropping surprise. The adult early bird price is £179, effectively 20% more than ours and on the above concession figures, 50 % more! Given our stadium, facilities and atmosphere I know where I would rather watch my rugby. In fairness the Eagles have put out a very good offer for juniors. Just £2 for early bird and £15 for post deadline compared with ours at £40 and £50 respectively. I have paid for a season ticket for my son who has just exceeded the age when I can legitimately lift him over the turnstile saying he is four or five (as my Dad did with me). He is not following the game yet but I'm sure he will be hooked within another two years. At the moment his incentive to go is to get a 99 from the Lumb's Ice Cream van. I think that for say under 10's the Eagles prices are more appropriate than ours.
  4. Squidward

    Reserve grade for next season

    Only agree with this to the extent that the reserve player is better than the DR counterpart or at least an equal. We have a great DR set up and it has served us very well in the past. In a perfect world there would be no DR but in my opinion it would be foolish not to utilise it in otherwise we would be cutting off our nose to spite our face.
  5. Squidward

    2019 Squad

    Wow. The Bulls are committing to some contract cash. They must have a great financial set up with income exceeding outgoings considerably. Wish we could be in that position......lol.
  6. Squidward

    In perspective

    Ok Colin you win.
  7. Squidward

    Reserve grade for next season

    Thats great news too.
  8. Squidward

    In perspective

    Before you say it Colin, there is something fishy about the 2 snaps and the change of attire.
  9. Squidward

    private equity company land plans

    All very interesting. Thank you LTS. it didn't seem like that long(ag)o - like that one Colin - that we were being told the club was in a good place with money in the bank. Lol
  10. Squidward

    private equity company land plans

    If we have £1.2m worth of debt can anyone confirm the amount of debt in previous seasons. I honestly and possibly naively thought we were holding our own and were prudently operating in difficult times in this industry. Those running the business seem to be doing all they can. Are we just swimming against the tide? You do wonder whether the introduction of these proposals have come about as a necessity given the magnitude of the debt.
  11. Squidward

    private equity company land plans

    Is this a fact or hearsay? If its a fact I would be interested to know how it is made up. I wouldnt have thought disbursements and Vat would have made up much of that figure so therefore somebody must have made a lot of money for a 'relatively minor change'!
  12. Squidward

    Dual Reg scenario for next year

    Multiple mass murders are okay though! Lol. Lets not take everything too seriously. Im sure everyone here shares yr opinions on murders and paedophiles saddleworth.
  13. Squidward

    2019 Squad

    Our Stand Gang deserve enormous credit and make people like me proud to be associated with the club but for different reasons, if the quoted figures are correct, and aren't skewed by other factors then Blues Ox is right to give credit. In this boom or bust era its refreshing that a club seems to operate with good judgement.
  14. Squidward

    2019 Squad

    Fantastic to hear. Not wishing to doubt you but will only relax about this when theres an official announcement.
  15. Squidward

    2019 Squad

    I'd agree with this in the main. Thackery has been the top player or at least a top four player in each of his three seasons here. He appears to be a good bloke off the pitch and well liked by the players. I hoped his signing would have been prioritised notwithstanding the new half backs already signed but I appreciate there is a budget and I have no idea if his demands may have been unrealistic. i share the fear though that the PNG players may struggle to settle on and off the pitch, Punchard has little experience at this level, Ridyard has a suspect shoulder and the versatile Wildie won't be around. Hope I'm wrong and we don't struggle for cover in this crucial area.
  16. Squidward

    2019 Shirt

    A great design. Both contemporary and subtly traditional to Fev at the same time. Well done to those concerned.
  17. Squidward

    M.O.M. Championship Shield Final

    1. Newman 2. Hardman 3. Robinson
  18. Squidward

    2019 Squad

    I don't agree.
  19. Agree with this. If the rules are being twisted to favour Leigh, the principle of which I don't disagree with given the circumstances, then it would only be fair to us to be given a similar dispensation bearing in mind our own chronic injury/suspension situation. I doubt that we would have had a say in this rule exemption but given our direct involvement we should have and as part of the deal to have it agreed we should have been allowed the same benefits whether allowing Spencer Darley to get a game or dissolving J.D. or Thacks suspensions. Reflecting on all the media interest in Leigh and their shortage of staff and the player welfare issues it pleases me that we haven't made any fuss over the fact that we have for the most part had no more than 14 fit players for the last few months going back to the end of the regular season.
  20. Hope this is a knee jerk reaction. It is an utter fiasco and the game is in a mess but boycotting the match will only hurt Fev so I hope fans will stick by the club and do the right thing.
  21. Squidward

    M.O.M. Rovers V Barrow (8's)

    1. Hardcastle 2. Cooper 3. Lockwood
  22. Squidward

    M.O.M. Rovers V Swinton (8's)

    1. Misi 2. Hardcastle 3. Cooper
  23. Squidward

    M.O.M. Rovers V Dewsbury (8's)

    1. Hardcastle 2. Misi 3. Lockwood
  24. Squidward

    Ridyard receives the all-clear

    We certainly need at least two decent centres, having only Hardcastle for '19. Do you think Fax would let Heaton go Blues Ox? Surely with your increased funds for next season you would want to keep him as he seems to continue to be a fixture in your squad when fit. Don't know if our funding would allow us to tempt him, particularly as it didn't last time. Would you like to keep him?
  25. Squidward

    M.O.M. Rovers V Sheffield (8's)

    1. Thacks 2. J.D. 3. Newman