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  1. I might be in the minority in thinking that the Riley Dean loan is a bad move. Nothing against him personally but any loan with a 2 week recall or the like has little or no benefit for the loanee but significant benefit for the player and the parent club. I would go so far as to say it may even have a negative effect for us. Apart from that I'm really happy with the coaching team and squad that has been assembled.
  2. He's a young player who has improved a lot. I wonder if his decision to move to Wakey might have been partly to do with his omission yesterday? This is a blow.
  3. Definitely keep Hall and Hepi needs to be given a chance
  4. Well done Batley. Deserved winners. Poor discipline early on but more pertinently we were just too conservative until the game was virtually lost. Jacks was anonymous until then. Is this his doing or the Coaches. His bombs are on the money but catching practice for full backs. No height and never long enough in the air to allow a contest. No adventure. Wildie was workmanlike but two first half kicks just handed the ball over. It's as if we're scared to take chances. As was said yesterday Hardy should have been in the centres. Broadbent was poor. Feel for Mac. He tried his best I'm sure but he's got to take responsibility.
  5. Didn't really understand the Ford signing. He's a maverick. Similar to Chizzy in many respects both offensively and defensively. Mac didn't appear to fancy Chizzys style (unlike the majority) so I was surprised a non pragmatic type like him was hired. It's taken a few weeks through lack of fitness and injury but today bar a couple of mistakes his game was pure class. To make up the difference with Leigh his involvement looks essential. He seems a decent guy and team player. Hope he stays fit. Having cut Chizzy and lost Killer a gamebreaker like Ford is a must to have any chance of ending the season as champions imo.
  6. He's always given me the impression that he plays at 75%. Maybe he doesn't have the lung capacity of Luke or Hardy or even Lineham who's grown on me. Or maybe I'm being kind to him. Having said that I feel that for the big game he's capable of producing at a higher level. I hope so.
  7. Agree with these comments. Hardcastle back in the centres. I agree. Leilua to the bench. Had two positive games but normal service resumed today. Always waits for the ball to come to him. Never hungry to come inside or take the ball out of his own 25 to make hard yards a la Hardy. Either slips Luke a great ball or a speculator. If Hall threw these wonder passes as much he'd be dropped again or moved on. Chizzy played off the cuff a lot and that seemed to do for him. Still don't get it with Gaz Gale. Lineham did OK today to be fair but certain players may have a right to feel hard done to. Interesting to read Rowleys comments about how far leigh are ahead of us now and that with all the chopping and changing how he thinks that this may have affected the team camaraderie. Must agree. We decided from the start not to use DR and bring in Leeds players, instead relying on our own squad. It seemed to work until we then decided to move players out cut players and bring others in. All of a sudden the make up of the squad was totally different. Whether this correlates to results/performances?
  8. 1. Briscoe 2. Wildie 3. Hardcastle Overall. No passion. Little organisation. Some bad decision making. Gone backwards post Chizzy.
  9. 1. Springer 2. Leilua 3. Briscoe Smith the only other to deserve a mention.
  10. Now that Wakey have a bit more salary capability after releasing Lineham they should be set fair to land him. I can't see any value in us having recruited Lineham. Gale for me any day.
  11. If Wlidie has gone it would amaze me but I should not be surprised given what has happened already. Hellewell thought good enough for Salford but can't make our squad. Strangely I thought he had been playing his best rugby and was a bit of a Mac favourite before being left out. Hall. Made a couple of bad footballing decisions. I could have understood it if it had been an effort or attitude thing but don't believe it was. Chizzy. Don't go there. I don't want to think about it. Then there's Tom Holmes. I can understand a few tweaks and the chance to improve when the opportunity arises. Killer being a massive plus before his awful injury. But the chopping of the squad can't do anything for morale. It's hard to believe the players can consider that they are part of a tight group. Camaraderie can't be great imo.
  12. My reference to Chizzy was "totally irrelevant " according to LTS. Supported by bemoaning Chizzys performance at Batley. Yet Chizzy was completely unfit in that game. He was blowing after 20 mins. I think he hadnt played much before that game. Les Tonks you must have erased all the fantastic performances Chizzy gave us. To reference that one game where he wasn't fit is poor imo. Also I find it hard to read comments criticising Moor for his pass at the end with some saying he should have tried harder to score himself. I thought he and Luke were our best by a long way and both gave 100%. As for the pass he was brought down half a yard short and therefore the pass was difficult but the only chance to score. BTW Rod Lamberts comments are just about spot on imo.
  13. Sorry its off topic but can someone confirm the date of this year's million pound game. Tried a few Google searches but got nowhere.
  14. Still undecided about making the trip to Leigh. At £23 I would probably be tempted if I knew fev might get a cut so using the Fev Twitter link I tried to book online tickets hoping that would be the case. I then get an 'Oops' from Billy. So I signed up with them but still can't find any tickets. I'm just asked to create a link. The wonders of modern technology. Is there a way to successfully do this?
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