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  1. Next week there will be a LISA justgiving page "help us bring back Martyn Ridyard to the club" ! 😂
  2. LISA secretary Lynda Pike has confirmed on Facebook that Greg has signed for us. They will sponsor his shirt, and part fund his contract. This despite raising just 4k, of the 15K that was allegedly needed to sign McNally. 🙄
  3. We have only 19 players, but obviously some players won't be cheap, like Ian Thornley, Stefan Marsh, Martyn Ridyard, Tom Spencer, Micky Higham etc. Our spending budget was solely the 200K from the RFL, looks like they have spent their limit, so out come the buckets. Also playing at the Leigh Sports Village is not cheap. Stewarding costs over 50K a season, and they also receive 10% of ticket sales. Look, I'm not slagging of Derek Beaumont for what he has done for our club, I'm not stupid (honest). But as for the 2019 season, we have an owner who is not getting involved in his club....but that doesn't stop other director's/local business's doing so, rather than expecting fans to do it. We've already done our bit with season tickets and merchandise sales.
  4. Got told it today by a guy who has sponsored one of the other Leigh players.
  5. McNally has already signed 2 weeks ago. The club & LISA are using Gregg to 'get money in' as it will tug on the heart strings' of Leigh supporters. I don't hate Beaumont. But why is he still here ?
  6. Rupert, we have an owner who isn't spending a penny this season ( I agree he has spent a lot of money, but also wasted a lot of the club's cash). We also have other 'board of directors' who obviously haven't got a pot to pee in between them. The club has sold over a 1000 season tickets. All shirt sponsorship has been sold. Each player already has it's own shirt sponsor. So why is there a 'begging bucket' to help assemble a 'part time squad' ??? Answers on a postcard to......
  7. Wildcat, it was a reference to our owner being on a safari in South Africa, whilst the club are having to have a 'bucket collection' to sign a player. Like Paulwalker71 stated, 20 players is not enough, so what happens when we want to sign any more players ? I know DB has invested a lot of money in the club, but right now he is nowhere to be seen, apart from stroking Giraffe's ! 😂
  8. Agreed, surely we can afford to sign him. Season ticket sales going well, shirt & player sponsorship has been excellent, yet the 'begging buckets' are out !! How long is it going to take to raise 15K, meanwhile McNally is maybe hoping another club (near home) come in for him. I feel the club/beaumont are taking the ****, you're not telling me that they can't afford 15K.
  9. Leigh Centurions owner Derek Beaumont is currently on a safari in South Africa....meanwhile back in the 'real world'. Leigh Centurions Look To Raise Extra Funds To Sign Gregg McNally Leigh Centurions can confirm that they are in discussions with Gregg McNally following his release from Bradford Bulls. The Club are hopeful of securing Gregg's services but face competition and are unable to extend beyond strict financial budgets which do not afford the full space of value to finalise the deal. The Club therefore needs the support of fans and businesses to raise the money required to finalise the deal. In light of the playing budget and the Club accounts, the Club needs to raise an additional £15,000 to be in a position to finalise a deal.
  10. clogdance


    No they won't love....
  11. clogdance

    2019 ins and outs?

    Agreed, but I think it's the only one (that I know about, anyway)
  12. clogdance

    2019 ins and outs?

    Please see link below Mr Magpie !
  13. clogdance

    Australian schoolboys UK tour

    Oz's right winger is a BEAST !
  14. clogdance

    Beaumont leaves Leigh

    Sorry to disappoint the 'haters' but as Marrklaspalmas 'alluded to' Derek Beaumont is still the owner of Leigh Centurions. In the words of Chairman Mike Latham (who I spoke to earlier today) he is 'taking a break'. He has financed the squad for this season, but he won't spending any more money this season. We don't know how long he will be away for, but I'm guessing he doesn't want to be competing with David Argyle, who unlike him, is not a multi millionaire. ROLL ON NEXT SEASON ! (Yes, I do know some of the signings yet to be announced) 🤐