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  1. 2018 Season In's/Out's

    Naughty boys ! Montyburns knows his stuff, he announces Leigh signings, before they are officially done so. He also announced on RLFANS.COM about this Wolfpack 'incident' before the news had broken officially.
  2. Toronto

    What an extremely UGLY chap he is.....
  3. Toronto

    Keiron Cunningham is to blame....competitive of course we can be with Leythers, But KC wants players who he feels can do a job in SL in 2 years time....
  5. Leigh vs Toronto: Where to Watch

    I wonder if (Mr Morals) Rowley will be making any comment on Fui Fui Moimoi, Dave Taylor, and Ryan Bailey being sent home from training camp for being naughty boys
  6. Hock

    played a lot more than 14 games for Leigh ! More like 40+
  7. Hock

    Ben Reynold's (Leigh) Dad reckons he is....hope he does sign for you guys, far to good to be 'unemployed'
  8. Leigh Centurions sign Kurt Baptiste

    The reason we got him was that we offered him a one year deal. Raiders reluctantly released him due to salary cap reasons. He’s back at the Raiders in 2019 when a few of their higher paid players are off contract. Warrington wanted him on a two year deal.
  9. Leigh Centurions are delighted to confirm the signing of Kurt Baptiste on a one year contract until the end of November 2018. The 26-year-old Papua New Guinea international hooker will join up with his new teammates in early January as preparations for the 2018 season intensify after the successful conclusion of negotiations with head of rugby Keiron Cunningham.
  10. Toronto vs. Leigh...Biff expected?

    3 players now, along with Sam Hopkins
  11. Toronto vs. Leigh...Biff expected?

    Thanks Kayakman !
  12. Toronto vs. Leigh...Biff expected?

    Thanks....sadly Ted died earlier this year, aged 13. As for the travelling support, there are a lot of Leythers interested in going, so I'd guess at least 500 will be there.....Merry Xmas !
  13. Toronto vs. Leigh...Biff expected?

    Sounds like Toronto is a 'very naughty' City, how many brothels does it have ? tut tut
  14. Toronto vs. Leigh...Biff expected?

    Lopsided fixture list, 11 away, then 11 at home for them. Anything to accommodate Toronto I guess, by the RFL.
  15. RLFans/Leigh Centurions

    ha ha...Indeed it does Kayakman !