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  1. clogdance

    Swinton squad news for 2019 season

    Andy Bracek one of Leigh's 1st signings....?
  2. clogdance

    New Grounds.

    or even finish 6th in the table ? 😜
  3. clogdance

    New Grounds.

    Can they beat the mighty Leigh Centurions though ? 🤣
  4. If Derek Beaumont left Leigh Centurions, then we would have NO owner. It's in 'his right' do so, and what he does with his own money, and has nothing to do with anybody else.
  5. Brian McDermott believes Toronto Wolfpack can "change the face of Rugby League after being unveiled as their new head coach." I agree entirely with this, as they will always have a squad of 'overseas players'. Way to go, well said Brian.....this is the future ! 😂 😜
  6. Not according to the man himself..... "I am still the owner and majority shareholder. As long as that remains in place I have a responsibility to that. Nobody has come forward. The club may have serious issues. The club is operating in special measures which mean I can't appoint a coach or sign players."
  7. Surely the club is still under 'special measures' and cannot appoint any more staff right now...
  8. clogdance

    Leigh home

    Only 13 Leigh players turned up for training today. Also a few are 'out for a few beers' tonight, as youngster Sam Peet is off to Australia next week. Dewsbury should win by 20+
  9. Leeds cannot play any worse 2nd half....
  10. clogdance

    Leigh v Batley

    I agree, Batley played some great Rugby, scoreline flattered us. As for what is going on behind the scenes, that will remain private I guess.
  11. clogdance

    Leigh v Batley

    Leigh Centurions had 3 amateurs in their team yesterday, in the words of a scouser 'calm down, calm down'.
  12. Fair enough, let's see how we go when we play them yet again at Post Office Road. We will have Will Dagger back, maybe Jamie Acton, but not sure about Liam Hood or Nathan Mason.
  13. Harry Stottle is being very silly. Bet he hated us winning 54-10 today, v a Swinton side that gave everything !
  14. clogdance

    Hands off Cresta

    He's not. KP is 'out of contract' at the end of the season, and he said in the Leigh Journal that he is 'flattered' to be linked with them, nothing more. Wire already have Andrew Henderson, Lee Briers & Jon Clarke as assistant's, so unless one of them is leaving (it won't be Lee Briers) there is no story to tell. And like I have said previously, we currently have no owner for 2019.
  15. clogdance

    Hands off Cresta

    Why would he join us (Leigh) As it stands we have no owner for next season, and our only income will be season ticket sales. I can imagine other clubs might want Paul Crarey as their coach, but not us (at the moment anyway).