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  1. Joe Westerman....OUT

    I think Hull aren't so sure about his attitude, signed him for the 'rest of the season'. Poor effort by Westerman, saw 'the cash' then thought "I miss Super League".
  2. Albert Kelly

    Naughty Albert....such a gentleman (NOT)
  3. Joe Westerman....OUT
  4. Ryan Bailey to Leigh Centriouns
  5. Widnes - A Club in Limbo?

    At least our game should be 'exciting to watch'. At £10 a ticket, hopefully you'll get a bigger crowd than what you're expecting.
  6. Widnes - A Club in Limbo?

    Sad state of affairs, our crowds are only averaging around 3500 this season, because of our ST sales, on the basis that "we have a better squad than last season" Only 900 down on our Super League sales. But for those, we would be around the 2500 mark i reckon. Our home game against London in the challenge cup v London will reflect this. Who will get the lower crowd, us, or Widnes v Coventry Bears (With a combined total of maybe 50 away fans)
  7. Widnes - A Club in Limbo?

    A good run in the Challenge Cup would surely help Widnes, and bring back a few fans..!. Back in the day there were so many competitions, John Player Trophy, Lancashire/Yorkshire cups. BBC2 floodlit trophy, and the premiership (top 8 play-offs) Now it's mainly Super league, and the challenge cup is very much 2nd best, until you get to the semi finals ! A sad state of affairs. Even though I'm a Leyther, and when we were rubbish (it did happen honest) I used to enjoy going to Naughton Park in the late 70's/80's, watching the likes of Sorenson, Offiah, Jonathan Davies, Tony Myler, Elwell, Mick Burke etc, and even Brimah Kebbie (ha ha) Widnes were pioneers of RL back then, signing some fantastic players from Rugby Union, and also producing their own talent...and even my old school buddie Darren Wright.
  8. Widnes - A Club in Limbo?

    Think Widnes fans are bored of being in Super League, and just 'making up the numbers' never challenging for the top 4, or even a decent challenge cup run. They used to get over 3K when they were in the division below....The town has lost interest, when I used to go to games with my Dad in the late 70's & 80's, Naughton Park always looked at least 3/4 full. Glory days I know, but still, 3700 ?? Bradford Bulls are getting bigger crowds in the 3rd Division, and my team Leigh are averaging around 3300 v championship sides, with no away support.
  9. Dewsbury Game

    Are you going to the 'summer bash' at Blackpool ? If so, be prepared. Pack an anorak, when the weather is bad on the Fylde coast...IT'S SERIOUSLY BAD !
  10. Dewsbury Game

    Indeed, I'm going to post a photo of our 'Labradoodle' puppy......his name is Barney.
  11. Dewsbury Game

    Do all Toronto Wolpack fans, have their dogs imported, and can they spend as much cash on their doggy as they want. or if not, they send one 'out on loan' and then buy another !!! That would make sense....
  12. Jordan Lilley on a 4 week deal, but got injured in his 1st game when Halifax stuffed us. He's now back at Leeds.
  13. We don't care.....bye !
  14. Batley

    46-22 right now
  15. Batley