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  1. clogdance

    v Leigh

    Just the Saints players....apart from Thursday - Sunday, when they are with us. 😎
  2. clogdance

    v Leigh

    Toronto, Toulouse, and I think Widnes still are.
  3. clogdance

    v Leigh

    Oh, I never count them...far too many for my liking. Who was your little half back in the skull cap, he had a blinder, despite playing behind a beaten pack. You had him long ?
  4. clogdance

    v Leigh

    Wasn't a dirty game, but there must have been about 30 penalties !!! 😣
  5. clogdance

    v Leigh

    Us Leigh fans don't like it either. The Leigh Sports Village get 100% sales from ALL food & drink, the club get zero. It's nice & sunny right now....bring your sunglasses !! 😎
  6. clogdance

    Emmitt to Leigh

    Welcome back Jake !!! 😎 As for Brad Fash, he's a tough little cookie.....great signing. We had him for a month back in 2016, will do well for you guys.
  7. clogdance

    Challenge Cup 4th Rd Draw

    Not without the Saints Dual Reg players it won't, only 20 Leigh players in the squad at the moment, including 3 hookers, and 3 youngsters yet to be given a game.
  8. Agreed, getting a little 'big for their boots' are York following there great start to the season....but they have yet to have a tough away game ! πŸ˜‹
  9. Where was the game played ?
  10. If Fev don't...."It's a Cracker" Budgie x
  11. Amazed they lost the 2nd half 40-0, that should not have happened with the players they have at their disposal.
  12. I know this is really bizarre/crazy, but why doesn't he 'start' a Canadian League ! πŸ˜…
  13. Bless, he should just concentrate on little Workington and their army of 800 home fans ! 🀣😎
  14. Wow...that is bitchy ! We had 4 Saints players today, but only 2 have ever been 1st team regulars. it was only the 4th time this side have played together, credit where it's due. Sorry we didn't get thrashed by Toronto, I can only apologize ! πŸ˜‹