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  1. Very true...our owner is a strange and unpredictable chap. The way he treated his players last season was horrendous. it worked well for certain players who went straight to another team. But having said that, a few of them who were told to find new clubs, or 'accept my pay off or else' have returned to us.....Jordan Thompson, Nick Gregson, Liam Hood, Mitch Cox & Micky Higham. I'm sure things have been done differently this time around....else they would have not returned.
  2. Who knows what any of us would do in a similar situation i.e. resort to violence, ignore it, report it, let social media know....etc
  3. Leigh 62 Workington 12 Oldham 12 Doncaster 24 Dewsbury Rams 44 Swinton Lions 26 York City Knights 30 Newcastle Thunder 16 Batley Bulldogs 38 Rochdale Hornets 18
  4. I doubt AB Sundecks outbid Coca Cola, Emirates, Carling, or even Sherpa Vans !
  5. Hi Townies, here is the link to download the digital version of tomorrows match day programme. Safe journey folks ! Leigh v Workington Town Matchday Programme
  6. Agreed, but they have all the fixtures from this weekends footie in the Swedish league, in case you're interested !
  7. Cheers Roughyed34, same to thee !! Dec O'Donnell (our 2nd choice hooker, before we borrowed the 2 from Saints) was available, but we've loaned him to Workington for a month !
  8. I have no idea why our 2 clubs have agreed to a Dual Reg deal at the moment, this from our coach in yesterdays Leigh Journal ! “We might need to bring someone in because we are depleted with our numbers,” said Duffy. “We always have been but we’re a bit worse for wear at the moment.”
  9. Time will tell....personally we don't need another forward, it's backs/pace we're short of. Maybe Gaz will play on the wing !
  10. Toulouse's performance v Toronto was 'half hearted' at best. The BIG game for them was at home to the team just below them in the table.
  11. Signed for us (Leigh Centurions) for the rest of the season....
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