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  1. Have a read of this bobbruce...before wading in with your size 9's.
  2. what a stupid comment...
  3. Leigh won't make the top 4, and we don't deserve to.
  4. Hope Batley don't get any injuries, they only have 38 years old assistant coach Danny Maun on the bench.
  5. why is that prospect so exciting ?
  6. Every club has sent over a 'weakened squad' or one with only 15 or 16 players, Seems like some kind of protest/statement to me. Even Leigh gave debut's to 3 players at Toronto, and used another 3 who had played less than 5 games for us.
  7. Mick, how on earth did you guys lose 80-4 at Fev. Great performance today, and Danny Yates did not deserve to be on the losing side.
  8. Franchising is 'the work of the Devil'.
  9. Thankfully, you're not Brian Barwick. What do you have to do to 'add something' to Sooper Dooper League ? If you're not a Wigan, Leeds, Saints, Gateshull, Warrington etc ? Be an 'overseas' club ! After all, that is so exciting, isn't it ? 😎
  10. It was a JOKE about his teeth (chill, it's not a political forum)...Almost unlimited overseas signings but then your club must produce young talent/or not not talented ?
  11. Well said, he/the RFL need to scrap 'dual reg' also then. I'm afraid Elstone is another Dick Lewis. Clever bloke, involved in other sports, but is 'out of his depth'. Guess It didn't start well when he announced the new format of 1 up, 1 down from Super League to the Championship, before the RFL (his bosses) had sanctioned this. And also his teeth are 'too white', don't trust the guy one bit ! 😂
  12. Bless....Robert the Dictator ! Just limit 'overseas signings' you silly man, then clubs will be forced into running an academy/reserve side. Double standards from a posh football fan.
  13. Nobody is getting promoted. Toronto fans don't realize, the likes of Salford, Widnes, Huddersfield play QUALITY opposition week in/week out. Championship clubs do not. The only advantage Toronto have (apart from an Australian multi-millionaire) is the travelling that clubs have to do to get to the other continent. PLANET EARTH RFL ! 😄