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  1. I disagree, Toronto could not buy their way to the top....not under the current rules. In fact, they'll be at a serious disadvantage. However, the dynamics could change....they could gather consensus for serious raises in the Salary Cap should Ottawa & NYC follow them into SL......existing SL Clubs could spend themselves into oblivion trying to keep up or get left far behind......well Pro RL will be unavailable to watch live at grounds outside of Leeds & London but at least we will be able to buy Watch NRL & Watch Transatlantic as well.......maybe get a small discount if you buy both.
  2. RFL Governance Statement; - Provides financial certainty for the balance of the current broadcast contract; - Enshrines an automatic promotion and relegation mechanism between Super League and the Championship relating to on-field performance whilst ensuring the equitable application of minimum standards and support for all its competitions. This in turn will ensure that the RFL and the competitions below Super League are able to attract investment from those with the ambition of getting to Super League; - Includes a financial guarantee to the RFL from SLE beyond the current broadcast term;
  3. Hargreaves, Tedesco & Cordner are stand out players in a top quality side as well in my opinion.
  4. What were you watching it on? Sky Sports Mix didn't cut to the Hull Derby till after DG.......
  5. Great Game today, Golden point meant Sky had to cut first 5 minutes of the SL Hull Derby though.....AAMI Park needs a Seagull Solution, it's getting to the point flocks of them seem to be deliberately flying in front of the Cameras.
  6. They will be able to come over to the UK and do it, the Academy would be linked and partnered to a further education establishment. Your right, The young players wouldn't get sportspersons visas because they aren't at the elite level (full time contract in tier 3 or above) , they'd be able to get education visas.
  7. Surely the most important measure of expansion would be more nations able to compete with the big 3 in test matches? And I'm not talking about tiny islands, but important and viable national markets.....France? Canada? South Africa? Even the US?........
  8. Let's be honest, Wigan, St Helens, Warrington don't belong in a League with Toronto, NYC, Ottawa, London, Toulouse......theres only Leeds that does. Those 3 SL clubs and others both in SL & the Championship are realising this truth. If backers with double the wealth of Caddicks £200m such as Argyle and / or major sponsors are also coming on board with these big city names then I'm afraid they will outspend the medium sized town teams massively, the writtings on the wall, in every single way except salary cap...and that includes outspending on marquee players. Today's big guns will be left behind in a matter of years. Hence the chairmen are having a rethink.......
  9. There's been no split of SL & the RFL.......people seem to think that the Wigan, Warrington, St Helens, Hull FC group of Clubs derive their power from their SLE Ltd membership when that's not the case, they get it from being an influential & cohesive inner group within the RFL membership.....the other group, often at loggerheads with them being Leeds Rhinos backed by it's group of West Yorkshire Clubs of Featherstone, Batley, Dewsbury, Halifax, Keighley & Hunslet.... HKR, Castleford & Wakefield try to remain as neutral and independent as possible to maintain the status quo but HKR sides with Hull FC more often than not whilst cas & wakey have sided with the West Yorkshire faction on occasion. SL Clubs exercised their right which was already in the articles of SLE Ltd to put their ppl on the board, rather than having RFL & Independent directors....RFL and the two factions within it, mentioned above still holds the cards due to its special rights share of SLE.....
  10. When it comes to eric perez these forums are like scenes from the classic monty python movie, life of Brian at times.....
  11. Perez is the messiah.....?
  12. Good point.....C1:2:4 of the operational rules provides clarity on this point. TWP has exemptions with regard to Canadian, US & Jamaican players.
  13. Surely if both Sportsnet and TSN get rights, it'll include Toronto as well as Ottawa, and be something like 1 of them gets away games in odd years and home games in even years and the other vise versa on a 4, 6 or 8 year deal?
  14. The clue seems to be in the name! no one, not even the mighty NFL looks to be able to build a rectangular pitch stadium within the 5 boroughs (of NYC) Why on earth would association with a powerful brand put people off? That's like saying SL associated with mushy peas is causing low crowds. Besides they aren't just associated with RB they are owned by them as are several other football clubs, an ice hockey club and 2 formula 1 teams so not to be sneered at really. In my opinion the NYC RL team will have the same problems as the MLS team using that stadium. But it's the only suitable stadium that's decent. There are a few similar to Olympic Legacy Park and Trailfinders within the borough's though.
  15. It's always bemusing to hear Cas fans suggesting new Clubs could be accepted into SL based on criteria. Please, Enlighten us as to what criteria excepting on field success.
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