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  1. Liverpool is a ridiculous concept. Firstly because it's 2 x suitable stadiums are way too big. Secondly because it's been tried and failed several times before Thirdly because, yes, RL fans do exist in Liverpool but they already follow Widnes or St Helens and for that reason these Clubs are likely to strongly object a membership application from Liverpool.
  2. What we are witnessing is the very beginning of a recovery from massive decline and damage, caused mainly by not having a FAIR, simple, clear and easy to grasp promotion system for many a year. We will see season on season gradual strengthening of the Championship so long as promotion and relegation is maintained at both ends....This having a positive knock on effect for both the SL & League 1.
  3. No we can't see that, there's little to no private investment into NSW Cup & Queensland Cup Clubs precisely because there's no access to the top tier. Those Clubs are funded by their respective State Bodies whom are funded by the ARLC, and also by elaborate Dual Registration and Partnership Systems with the NRL Clubs themselves. Furthermore crowds are anywhere between League 1 & Championship level with the exception of PNG Hunters obviously, also probably because there's no hope of promotion.
  4. It is in the Rules, after all, hidden away, unless otherwise determined by the RFL....
  5. That's correct, unless otherwise determined by the RFL, well spotted, ridiculously hidden away that info.....
  6. It seems either the RFL told only Kyakman & Martyn Saddler about this or they made an official statement and only them 2 were listening......then, after, decided not to inform fans and clubs who didnt catch the initial announcement by not putting it on their website (nor any clubs website)
  7. The only time you'll hear the Super 8 system described as clear will be to discredit Featherstone Rovers
  8. Yes probably operate in SL spending about £2m to avoid 12th place and sticking the other £1m into a Futures Fund
  9. What other costs are significantly greater than a Championship Club must pay out? Away Travel?.....Probably about the same.....Playing and Training facilities?.......already own both. Many SL Clubs central funding goes on servicing debt & buying in marque players, hence why they need the money man to pay the salary cap instead.
  10. People conveniently forget the £1.825m Super League Funding becoming available + at least an extra 1,500 people through the gates on matchday.
  11. 1st place in the regular season is rewarded with a bye in round 1 of the play Offs and a home game in round 2.
  12. To quote Kyakman 'No......the decision was formally made and announced at a meeting a long time ago' in response to an earlier suggestion of mine. Then to quote him again on the same topic responding to someone else 'that is my understanding.....but I could be wrong' IF the Championship Promotion Final is NOT at a neutral venue then it will be at the home ground of the winner of Game D which is the 2nd Semi-final in Round 2 of the play Offs. Which is nothing to do with ranking / final league position it is simply by virtue of winning game D (I.e any one of 1st, 2nd or 3rd placed teams as a matter of fact could earn home advantage for the final) It seems no definitive statement has been made as of yet, unless Kyakman, you could please post a link for us. Many thanks.
  13. Not been officially announced. As usual they'll be waiting to see whose in the top5 and book the cheapest option.
  14. https://www.rugby-league.com/2019_structure Full details of all tiers.
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