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  1. Gonna be a big disheartening, motivational effect on the organisation, players and fans, aside from the deductions and monetary aspects. I'd say it now isn't nailed on for those two to be in the Promotion Final.
  2. Big of you to say so......appreciate the feedback.
  3. Its 13 pages of Fev bashing basically, I'll put my 2p in, cheers.
  4. Credibility. 1977 Champions 1967, 1973, 1983 Challenge Cup Winners 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 Championship League Leaders. Super League formation; thrown out of top flight when mid table to make way for SL giants of the game Paris & London. This season speaks for itself, last season undefeated, last proper season 2019 playoffs, Leigh away, victory, York away, victory, Toulouse away, victory, Toronto away, fell but in the last 20 minutes.... They own those bars in that Clubhouse, and several other bars around the ground, the ground they own that includes its Club Shop and 8k capacity, mostly under cover from weather and seated. Also on owned land that adjoins the stadium, seperate outside and indoor training facilities + several acres of unused land which has new housing and brand new streets built around it. A club that gets between 2k and 4k of its own fans to its home games consistently for the last 25 yrs. In tier 2....... Takes between 500 and 900 of its own fans to every away game, no matter where in the world these games are, Catalans, Toulouse, Toronto, London, even Valencia for a friendly...... Featherstone High School - amongst precious few that play Rugby League Featherstone Lions - one of the best amateur Clubs about, adult and full Juniors.... There's credibility and then there's credibility. & then theres envy........ All we want is a crack at Super League, justice would then be done. We were unfairly excluded at the start, then out of 25+ years, more than half the time it's been a closed shop for one reason or another and so have been denied again and again..... Once we have the crack we will probably quietly disappear like many many fans over the last couple of decades, make way for the big clubs, Newcastle, York, London, Toulouse, that will surely save the game. Probably why we never get a crack because that sense of injustice is what drives us.....once that desire to right wrongs has gone we might fade away like the rest in this very ill sport of ours.
  5. Got off lightly, £10k! Enough to put a lot of RFL Clubs into administration on top of the last 18 months covid economy.
  6. A series with 4 x 16 team tournaments, if its 2 x 10 league structure then each club plays 3 and has a bye. Probably have a Finals day as well, top six 9s teams qualify.
  7. I was against nines, but.... Compared to Loop Fixtures, a nines series is a superior product.... The last nines series tried had potential but it lasted one season shock....& was mostly depth squad players, reserves & academies, no 1st team players really.
  8. That's what I mean, think only about 5k a day turned up....
  9. Gonna need more than one event a year to make it stick anyway, gonna have to be a series and the best players will have to play in the series.
  10. If there are only 18 or 19 League games then Clubs can commit to putting out their best sides in a 9s Comp, a series with several tournaments, I'm seriously coming round to the idea so long as they don't drop it after 1 or 2 seasons and they have less league games which would enable them to chuck out decent 9s matchday squads.
  11. You'd get full houses for Playoff games. You'd get Clubs working harder at selling games individually rather than just settling for selling joblots when fans are consumers and they really should be selling retail anyway. People who can't commit to season tickets but could come to half the games don't, they end up coming to just a handful because they feel they are paying well over the going rate that many attending are paying. Basically devaluing the game to the price of a season ticket, casuals won't pay more....even season ticket holders won't pay more (as can be seen at playoffs)
  12. More severance pay to fork out?.......
  13. I'd suggest there is a link between the two anyway. Regardless they'll fall due to the general trend, cut the cord myself today, virgin media fibre optic, all the sports channels, gone.
  14. Sky will match the effort that the game puts in...... If the game puts no effort into new media.....why would Sky.....Sky is a partner, if Sky sees the game going above and beyond, then Sky will match those efforts. If not it will assume the game is happy and work with those of its partners that are grafting and striving to achieve better.
  15. I've got an idea, but to find out for sure why you'd offer a season ticket in those circumstances ask MUFC and several other Premier League Clubs and NFL teams, probably because they want to help lifelong fans and not price them completely out of the game. You are acting much like the RL Clubs, simply not willing to look at ideas that take you out of that comfort box. It's just human nature, no dramas.
  16. Season tickets imply the season is the event, each and every single game needs to be treated as an event in its own right...
  17. There's a need for the Clubs to get outside of their comfort zones and start thinking outside of the box. Sell a few season tickets, it's just too easy. Come Playoffs, the climax of the season, no one turns up, gotta have people at the Playoff games, can't be having repeats of 2019.
  18. There are about 800,000 people in just the Wigan & Kirklees borough's. That content has been up 2 weeks. They only need to watch about 30 seconds of it to register a view....I hope its geoblocked to the UK otherwise the figures are even more dire, there are 68m in the UK and as I say its been up two weeks. 200k 30 second views is very realistic.
  19. In short, For the sponsors, for the broadcaster. That'd why.
  20. Live & free Wigan games should be hitting similar figures to the lions union highlights, no ifs or buts. Once you know you are going live on youtube you gather the troops (club & league social media peeps) all around a table and have brainstorming sessions, fling ideas about......willing to bet no such thing has happened.
  21. To be honest I'd consider scrapping season tickets. Season tickets are for when there is far greater demand than available space. Do memberships instead where you buy a membership and with that you can then buy matchtickets all season with 15% off.
  22. The Netball was also live on Sky Sports mate.
  23. It's not about subscribers, it's about delivering the game to the masses and here we are again looking a gift horse in the mouth and throwing away opportunities, not a great deal been done to seize the chance by clubs or the League, might be something on the back-burner, they might get around to promoting it eventually but yet again it'll be too little too late......not a clue to be had.
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