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  1. A - Leeds, Wigan, Saints, Hull, Warrington, Catalans = 6 B - HKR, Castleford, Huddersfield, Toulouse, Wakefield, Salford, Leigh, Featherstone, Halifax, York, Widnes = 11 C - Barrow, Batley, Sheffield, Bradford, Whitehaven, London, Newcastle, Dewsbury, Workington, Keighley = 10 Ungraded - Swinton, North Wales, Doncaster, Rochdale, Oldham, Hunslet, Midlands, London Skolars, Cornwall, West Wales = 10
  2. Wonder what nascars numbers on Premier are? Should imagine Daytona 500 was big Premier Sports properties wise.
  3. Yeah Clubs.....teams can vanish as quick as they appear whereas clubs can constantly regenerate teams and even hopefully put out an b side in East League and build towards an 'A' side in Southern Conference. Even build towards looking after some property, a clubhouse.
  4. Figures need to be a lot higher than latest numbers on FTA considering everyone is indoors due to storms......theres a danger when spring arrives these figures decline.....
  5. I feel Broncos is a rubbish brand in the UK anyhow, its only that because of a failed partnership with Brisbane Broncos isn't it? London Unbroken Horses or London Feral Horses would be a better effort.
  6. A true RL man. Wishing him a swift recovery.
  7. Bradford Bulls are still the 5th biggest Super League Club......
  8. Haha they'd have outback towns like Leigh & Fev from country rugby league rising to glory
  9. Wonder how many registered players French RL have?
  10. They'll still be big fans of Rhinos but a huge ask in time and money to attend both stadiums.
  11. I think that's cos many switched to United when they sniffed the rise.....
  12. No I don't remember them answering with Super League Rovers
  13. If you look at Army Navy in the states and also yawnion there is quite a thirst amongst civilians for inter service rivalry in full contact team sports...... I understand the Duke of Boots, now part of the Yorkshire Regiment were playing RL prior to the ban been lifted, obviously.....been a West Yorkshire Regiment
  14. Interesting points regarding passing the ball about
  15. Our fans can hands down beat the kick and clap prawn Sarnie eaters in generating a TV atmosphere. No doubt.
  16. 735k C4 v 750k ITV......sounds like our sport is already on the up Saints & Hull players must keep the show rolling and fans in fine voice, loud as can be.....let's gooooo......
  17. Filled out and signed up to the newsletter boss Really positive article that by the way
  18. Eh? Why Rebel? Rebel?......well, for very good reason.......
  19. Drops the word Rugby from the name solving Turkish and other efforts in the sport and could lead to a great story about the code.......
  20. If / when asked what it stands for....Rebel Football League
  21. Too logical. it's ready made, good to go and much like successful usage of 3 letters in other leagues.
  22. The much fabled duel reg will even things up, I'm sure........
  23. There's only Easts going back from Rugby League as far as I know? Think Union and football are in as well.
  24. None.....100% definately none that have regular home games at Stadium Australia, as SFS hasn't been rebuilt and reopened yet has it?....but since Stadium Australia got 85k capacity 15k through the gate seems like less than 6k
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