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  1. fevtom

    Nou Camp

    Do the Catalans not have to put down a £500,000 deposit in case this doesn’t sell out?
  2. While we're on stereotypes, did anyone see the Cas Tigers tweet the other week asking if someone had lost a ferret in the ground? Now that's rugby league!
  3. HKR by 20 I don't want to be a negative Nancy, I think the Wakefield result gave us hope that London could compete at this level, but I don't think it will last.
  4. SATURDAY 16th FEBRUARY Newcastle Thunder 30 v 16 Doncaster KO 2.30pm SUNDAY 17th FEBRUARY Coventry Bears 36 v 12 West Wales Raiders KO 3pm Oldham 19 v 18 Workington Town KO 3pm Whitehaven 42 v 10 Keighley Cougars KO 3pm
  5. It's early days but this already looks like the two favourites for promotion clashing. Widnes have had a tough start to the season but after beating Halifax quite easily and then getting the better of Toulouse away they'll be confident they can beat anyone. Toronto have had a somewhat easier start to the season but blew Rochdale away last week. £20 for a double header with Newcastle v Doncaster is as good value as you'll see for Rugby League all year. Let's hope plenty stay for both games.
  6. fevtom


    If I were a player reading this thread i’d definitley be swapping my boots around at half time!
  7. You can sit or stand anywhere you like, you just pay for entry.
  8. I think the fact that people are getting e-ticketing mixed up with online sales shows that most clubs don’t offer this. In fact I would say most premier league football teams don’t offer e-ticketing.
  9. There could quite easily be 12 home wins here. In fact I'm going for Lock Lane to be the only away team to go through. York Acorn v Featherstone Lions and Skolars v North Wales are too close to call.
  10. fevtom

    R2 Attendances

    It's be interesting to see a breakdown of away fans as a percentage of home crowd compared to football. I bet those kind of stats just aren't available with rugby though. You couldn't compare like for like with Leeds Rhinos v Leeds United anyway as the latter pretty much always sell out away and the tickets go on a loyalty basis. I imagine this is true of Huddersfield now they're in the prem. I wonder how the Hull or Wigan compare with the respective football teams.
  11. fevtom


    "Viagra, proud sponsors of Saint Helens - For those who can only make a semi."
  12. fevtom

    R2 Attendances

    Anyone know how many were at Wakefield v Saints? I've heard they've sold a lot of season tickets this year.
  13. fevtom

    Rochdale Hornets Away

    I think it's just a case that Rochdale are a small club in a small town with a small rugby league following. They'll hope they can find ways to grow but it won't happen for a one off match. Probably not a good advert of the game for a Canadian audience but I think in the UK there's an understanding that it's semi professional level which to Rugby League's credit is actually more successful than second tier Rugby Union. The Widnes game next will be really tastey. From what I can tell, Newcastle are charging £20 the double-header with their game. Great value, really wish I could make it.
  14. Exactly this. Any team paying half a million bond would be looking at getting into Super League ASAP. Is it really such a bad thing if a Manchester team (or any other prospective newcomers) had a medium term goal of laying foundations and becoming a competative League One/Championship team perhaps like Newcastle or even York?
  15. fevtom


    I'd rather sit next to someone who's had a joint than someone who's had too many beers. If I'm paying money to watch rugby though I'd rather be (almost) sober personally. Im just relieved this thread wasn't about another player being caught on the old Colombian marching powder.