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  1. fevtom

    Hull Kingston Rovers

    How many Hunslet fans turned up? I would imagine if TWP went up next and they played Leeds in Super League with plenty of time to plan, the match not falling during the expensive holiday season, and not clashing with an important Leeds United fixture there could easily be 1000+ rhinos fans take the trip across the atlantic.
  2. fevtom

    Hull Kingston Rovers

    Leeds and most likely KR should make the top three. I see Salford and TWP competing for the other automatic Super League place. Either way Wolfpack will atleast make the million pound game.
  3. fevtom

    2019 Season TIckets

    I agree, although it’s somewhat ironic that I was reading this just as I was pulling into Cas train station where I saw a man eating a dry pot noodle kick a pigeon and tell it to **** off.
  4. fevtom

    Hull Kingston Rovers

    What was the crowd yesterday? I checked the TWP website but they haven’t added it. I did hear someone mention 8,000. I’m not one of the conspiracy theorists that think the attendances are faked but wouldn’t that be not far off capacity? There looked to be plenty of space left. I would’ve guessed 6,000 - 7,000 which is still better than a couple of Super League teams. EDIT: Wikipedia has it at 7,500.
  5. I expect you're right, but do we think they'll let us know what the plan for 2020 onward will be or will they wait until this time next year to have another meeting about it?
  6. That might be a bit optimistic, looking at the 2014 Super League season for example they got 1,377 against Warrington, 1,268 against Leeds and a season high of 2,013 against Wigan. Even at The Stoop the year before only the Wigan match exceeded 3,000 and the average was around 2,000. There's no reason they shouldn't aim for 4-5k in some matches but I tihnk they'd have to do a lot of work to get there.
  7. fevtom

    2019 Season TIckets

    Surely the minimum ten home games can only be the regular season? Otherwise they might as well just be called the Wolfpack Globetrotters.
  8. Have the Broncos sold 2k tickets or have the Rhinos sold 2k tickets?
  9. It depends what you mean by most trouble. I still see Halifax as the least likely to be in the Super League after the 8's but that was expected to be the case anyway. Worst result of the week would either have to be Widnes or KR.
  10. These first two results in the middle 8’s really have pulled the comtest wide open.
  11. Widnes v London should really give us a good idea of how things might pan out. Bottom of the Super League v one of the three evenly matched championship sides. Widnes by 6 Hull KR by 18 Leeds by 26 Toronto by 12
  12. fevtom

    Falling Gates in Rugby League

    Toronto, London, Featherstone, Leigh would've been the top four. I suppose some would say they only have themselves to blame as they were all playing promotion rivals (you could argue with the exception on Leigh since Toronto was probably a more difficult match.) I do think this needs to be looked at, especially in Super League where the fixtures are more obviously unfair.
  13. fevtom

    Tattoos in rugby

    I wish i’d have heard thid advice before I got Paris Saint-Germain and Gateshead Thunder till I die tattoed on each buttock.
  14. fevtom

    Falling Gates in Rugby League

    As said before, the gates aren’t really falling that much when you look at te actual figures. Certainly a couple of clubs are slightly down, Cas amongst some others are up. Losing Bradford has had the biggest impact. Overall they’re marginally down from 10 years ago but quite a bit up from 20 years ago. Some such as Wigan v Saints etc are concerning but generally this isn’t as bad as people make out. Falling participation is the biggest worry although this is the case in every sport, even football which is more valuable and attracts bigger attendances than ever. I’d like to see stats that compare % losses of participation but I feel almost all sports are suffering equally competing against more modern hobbies.