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  1. Magic Weekend in New York

    Sorry, dupluicate post.
  2. Magic Weekend in New York

    Not a bad idea and a great stadium, perhaps a little bit far out of town for people to just come and go. I've always thought Blackpool is a great location for the summer bash with plenty to do for kids and adults to make a weekend of it. I'm not sure there are any coastal towns that tick all the boxes with a stadium big enough for magic weekend.
  3. I don't mean to take anything away from either team playing, they put on a great show and being the earliest kick off of the day they were always likely to be the one people missed.
  4. I imagine there were well under 30,000 there for the TO game but still great exposure for the French side. Their home games usually get around 1500 so this would need to improve greatly for super league but top division rugby in the same division (possibly) as Catalans would do wonders for their support. Isn't their capacity around 4000 though? Are there any other French clubs likely to follow Cats and TO into the English league eventually? What level are the top Elite one sides playing at?
  5. Magic Weekend in New York

    If we're serious about North American expansion then we should probably do something across there, although in my opinion it should be when the next American team is up and running and should be in that city. I'm not sure it needs to be the magic weekend, for a lot of people that's the highlight of the year and they simply can't afford to go across the pond, we need to keep existing fans engaged as well as reaching out to new ones. I'm sure something could be found to involve the new team, Toronto and a few of the English/French clubs. If it's marketed well enough it wouldn't necessarily have to be a regular season match since that doesn't mean much in that part of the world yet.
  6. Post Magic table

    Leeds play Catalans twice and Huddersfield in the next few weeks while some of the other top teams play each other so it's probable Leeds will look more in contention after that. I'm not saying they will make the top four but in my opinion they will be around there come the end of the season, they always win when it matters. Hull have Warrington and Wigan coming up so we'll see how they get on with a depleted squad.
  7. New Grounds.

    I quite liked the location of Bootham Crescent (i've only attended for the football), but this is mainly because I like getting the train and having a few drinks before/after whatever match i'm going to see, especially if it's somehwere I don't visit often. I would imagine easier road access and more parking would be beneficial to the majority of supporters though and is certainly needed if York have ambitions of seriously increasing their gates.
  8. Leigh by 8 Toronto by 2 Batley by 16 Halifax by 16 London by 30 Barrow by 20
  9. So you didn't have a player red carded when you were coasting to victory with 30 seconds to go? There wasn't a punch thrown when you were already coasting to victory? You didn't have three players sin binned when you were coasting to victory? You're right that it doesn't make much sense but they did it.
  10. It looked bad because their player stayed down as though he had a serious injury, I don't want to sound cynical but when he got back up he didn't even leave the field did he? If you're as bad as it looked initially he'd have at least gone to be assessed. As you say, had it been a bit later it would've been a legitimate tackle and while i'm sure their player felt it I don't think we'd have had the whole charade of bringing the stretcher on, exaggeration to try and get a red if you ask me . I agree yellow card would have been sufficient.
  11. New Grounds.

    I suppose it depends what definition of Wakefield you use, my council tax certainly goes to Wakefield council although in fairness, they don't seem to do anything round here! Just checked wikipedia and the 76,000 figure doesn't even include areas like Outwood, which is pretty central.
  12. New Grounds.

    I used to go watch Wakefield FC at college grove all the time. It seemed like moving to Belle Vue killed them off. Wakefield’s problem seems to go wider than the rugby, it’s a big city and they have loads of sports teams but they’re all based out of different surrounding towns meaning they can’t share facilities without breaking ties with their local community.
  13. If only for the few individual mistakes in the first 15 mins we could’ve really had them worried. We even won the 2nd half.
  14. M.O.M. Fev V Hull (Cup)

    Briscoe Hock Ridyard