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  1. I'd love to see that but with the speed T20 cricket is growing it would be difficult. I'd like to see us close the gap with union. I wonder what levels they're counting. Presumably down to League One in Rugby League.
  2. fevtom

    2019 Schedule

    Well spotted, the fixture must be on the Saturday then. Widnes fans on twitter that were expecting a trip to Toronto (or atleast Belgrade or Barcelona) don't seem too happy.
  3. fevtom

    2019 Schedule

    Newcastle Thunder play the day before the Toronto v Widnes at Kingston park. I wonder if they were tempted to make it a double header. Perhaps not enough of an "event" to make a day of it but it would be nice to see them do a "buy one game get the other half price" offer. The Batley game will surely be in London.
  4. fevtom


    That’s how bookmakers are supposed to work in theory but it’s not really relevant to championship rugby where there’s so little money put on that a couple of decent sized bets could make Barrow the favourites or the market could be manipulated. They have experts and statisticians who know Toronto are the best team in the league and the odds will already be heavily weighted in their favour before a penny is bet, these odds will then fluctuate a little depending where the money goes but again, with the small amounts involved at this level I can’t see anything radical happening. If you can let me know when the premier league betting opens and every team is 20/1 so I can lay I fair chunk on Man City I will bow to our superior knowledge. Perhaps I can offer to come back in twelve months and explain this to you again?
  5. fevtom


    Where have you found the odds? I can hardly ever find outright odds for the championship. Do they have them for League one too?
  6. I'm going to be the first to predict Newcastle won't get the top spot although I can't really provide any reasoning behind that. I just have a feeling. 1) Workington 2) Newcastle 3) Doncaster 4) Oldham 5) Hunslet 6) Whitehaven 7) North Wales 8} London 9) Keighley 10) Coventry 11) West Wales
  7. No confidence in Keighley then?I didn't realise how close it could be until I went through the teams. Newcastle have made a lot of signings but can they gel and go from a 8th place club to champions in one season? If not it could be any of six teams for me. I expect the bottom couple of teams will be more competitive even if they don't win many.
  8. fevtom

    Wembley Final

    Sorry if i've missed this but have they said what would happen if a team made the final of both? Unlikely but not impossible for Toronto or Toulouse (or even Fev with a good draw and the wind in the right direction.) The only thing I can think of is once said team makes the Challenge Cup Final they exit the other cup and the team that would've/did play them in the semi final of the new cup would be given a bye into the final.
  9. I can only make the Saturday, guess i'm a day tripper.
  10. fevtom

    2019 Predictions

    1. Wigan 2. St Helens 3. Castleford 4. Warrington 5. Hull FC 6. Leeds 7. Wakefield 8. Catalans 9. Huddersfield 10. Hull KR 11. Salford 12. London ---------------------------------------------------------- 1. Toronto 2. Toulouse 3. Widnes 4. Halifax 5. Featherstone 6. Bradford 7. Leigh 8. York 9. Batley 10. Sheffield 11. Barrow 12. Dewsbury 13. Swinton 14. Rochdale
  11. fevtom

    Duffy wants Leigh job?

    If he's even considering the Leigh job he must have assurances that it's not all going to go **** up for them next year. Listening to the doom and gloom coming from their fans it seems most of them would be suprised if they're still in existence come February.
  12. The middle sections are used for some sort of hospitality at football matches although not always full. I only gather this because they're usually full of suit wearing types that disappear at half time and often don't return.
  13. My prediction for the top five is... 1. Toronto - They'll have a similar season to last year. 2. Toulouse - Looks like they've strengthened and will probably be better that teams like Featherstone and Halifax that they've been on the same level as recent seasons. 3 Widnes - A bit unknown at the moment but should have enough to finish above the part time teams. 4. Halifax - As strong as ever but probably just a little under the full time teams. 5. Featherstone - Will not be as good as in recent years but should still have enough to see off the weaker teams. Leigh really could go in any direction so we'll have to see how the next few months unfold for them.
  14. I may be wrong but I believe at least for a couple of seasons Bates didn't want to pay for a safety license that was needed to open it (Or something along those lines.) So it wasn't even open for games even where more tickets could be sold. On a season where Leeds Rhinos played the world club challenge there and opened the East upper it was then used occasionally for football when it was worth paying for extra stewards. I wonder if there will be a few people up there anyway. At the football even when the east upper isn't on general sale the middle bit is used for some kind of corporate tickets.
  15. I've always found the shuttle busses to be a great service but then I don't think i've ever used a similar service to compare to. The last time I used them there was a massive queue and I was worried i'd miss kick off as i'd left it quite late. As it happened the queue went down at pretty much walking pace and within a minute we were on the way. £3.00 return or £1.50 concessions. Presumably this service runs for rugby matches too? Taxis aren't that expensive if there's a couple of you or it's about a 40 minute walk from the city centre. As ever a lot of the parking comes down to local knowledge but there's actually quite a lot if you know where to go. Coming from the south we park on Old Lane, or the industrial estate just off of it. You pass a co-op, the bookies and the white hart pub on the way to the ground and it's only a ten minute walk. The down side is it's all up hill on the way back but you get away straight away with no traffic problems.