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  1. Batley by 12 Dewsbury by 12 Featherstone by 20 Leigh by 6 Toronto by 4 Halifax by 10 London v Toronto and Leigh v Toulouse will be interesting.
  2. Crowd for home opener

    It will be interesting to see what kind of crowds turn up this season. Do you guys think being in a higher quality league will directly affect crowd numbers? Surely most without a rugby league background most won't really consider there to be much difference between league one and championship rugby. What was the average crowd last season? Is there any information on how many season tickets have been sold so far and how many were last year? From what I remember season tickets were quite a small fraction of overall sales, but I suppose that's to be expected with a new team. Anyway good luck for the season guys! Who knows, maybe i'll manage to get over to Toronto when Featherstone play there.
  3. I'm neither for or against this until I find out more information. I wonder which teams would make the cut. Let's say, just for example, Salford and Catalans end up in the 2nd division. Leigh, Toronto, Toulouse, London would be nailed on meaning only another 4 teams would be needed (assuming this follows the two divisions of ten that's been mentioned before). As it stands my beloved Fev should also make it but depending on how they allocate places that might not be the case and presumably there would be one eye on further expansion clubs. Either way two current super league clubs plus Leigh, Toronto, Toulouse, London, Featherstone, Halifax, possibly a rekindled Bradford plus one more would already be a decent and more competitive 2nd division. I'm assuming this system would leave no room for promotion from the third division (that would defeat the object of two professional divisions if they could be replaced by semi-professional/amateur teams) I would worry about these clubs, i'm not a fan of locking them out but how do we give smaller clubs something to aspire to while keeping the leagues competitive.
  4. What would an appropriate punishment be? If I were a Newcastle fan i'd probably be wanting the points but that would be unfair on the teams competing with Newcastle that have to play for theirs. A financial penalty probably isn't smart when league one teams already struggle with funds. A two point deduction perhaps? A slap on the wrists? Rearranged match to be played away?
  5. Stadium's.

    Don't worry, Wakefield council will make sure Belle Vue never sees redevelopment. I count myself lucky that I get to see most of my rugby at Post Office Road.
  6. Toulouse by 14 Leigh by 20 Toronto by 14 London by 8 Dewsbury by 8 Swinton by 4
  7. Rochdale Hornets

    Amazing when you consider how much Leigh got after getting relegated from Super League (I’m sure the podcast said 1.25 mil) and Rochdale in the same league have a crowd funding page set up for £5000. No hate towards Leigh or any other side but the disparity is frightening. What a shame it would be if clubs like Rochdale went under.
  8. I was hoping so, but you can never be sure on this forum these days...
  9. I've never heard that one before. All you have to do is compare the atmosphere of Fev v Toulouse this weekend with Fev v Halifax last weekend. One of the greatest things about English sport is the masses of travelling fans. I'm becoming increasingly less bothered about football/soccer, but taking 10,000 down from Leeds to London for a decent FA cup tie, taking over the pubs and having a police escort to the ground beats any home game. The magic weekend is special for a different reason, without so much hostility.
  10. Rochdale will still be finishing their season next February at thid rate.
  11. Agree with the branding point. (As much as I hate sports clubs being referred to as brands.) Greenbay are one of the most famous NFL teams despite nobody outside of the States really knowing anything about the place. Chelsea, Tottenham etc are some of the most famous football teams without having to change their name to London and Arsenal are known all around the world despite not even being a place. On a smaller scale Aston Villa are much more famous and a much bigger club than Birmingham City. Teams like St Helens being known as the Saints already has an American ring to it.
  12. An earlier post suggested with two smaller confederations There would be a north west team and a north east team. There’s another thread where multiple people have suggested five English teams in the super league along the lines of Manchester, London, Newcastle, Wales and Birmingham. Im not arguing against the North American expansion, I think thats a good thing. Just that losing the big English clubs (as has been suggested on multiple threads on this forum) would not help grow rugby league in the UK.
  13. The Broncos only drew a crowd of just over 700 against Toronto last season. There were over 1200 against Hull KR who aren’t even one of the giant clubs so I don’t think fashionable cities are a major drawing factor. If they were I’m not sure Toronto would be in the top 5/6 fashionable cities in the Americas anyway. Hamilton certainly wouldn’t. Toronto have been very successful for a number of factors. I hope the American expansion is successful but the answer for the UK game is not to put brand new cities who don’t have an interest in rugby league straight in the super league. It just doesn’t work like that here. Also, why are so many people obsessed with scrapping Leeds and having a Newcastle team? Leeds get bigger crowds than anyone in the northern hemisphere, have an incredible history and are based in one of the biggest cities in the UK.
  14. Great idea, lets get rid of the only teams with a chance of crowds of 20,000 and replace them with teams who would struggle to bring in 1000. I'm all for expanding the game to other areas of the UK, i'd love nothing more than a London or Birmingham team to bring massive crowds but throwing them in a league to play each other right now just won't gain the interest that the Americans on this forum seem to think it would. We should encourage teams like London Broncos to expand their base with good marketing but the draw for them is to play against the big teams like Leeds and Wigan, I doubt there's much interest in them playing Coventry and less so Buenos Aires who could next year disappear to be Birmingham and Mexico City. Perhaps it shows conflict between the UK / American way of doing sports. Look at how Wimbledon football club were franchised to Milton Keynes. Wimbledon fans started their own team, earned promotion five times and are now above MK Dons who play in a 40,000 stadium that's empty every week. I've seen some ideas floated that we could have a super league with London, Birmingham etc and St Helens and Wigan etc could continue to play in local leagues. That would just mean that sell out games in the local league while the "big city" teams played in empty stadia. Let's expand the game to as many areas as possible, but destroying the handful of successful clubs that have been around for over a hundred years would only kill the sport.
  15. Toronto by 30 London by 12 Toulouse by 8 Halifax by 8 Leigh by 16 Swinton by 4