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  1. London v Hull KR next week is a massive game. With one of them certain to win and Leeds, Wakey playing Warrington and Saints the relegation battle could get even closer.
  2. FRIDAY 14th JUNE Hunslet 16 v 24 Doncaster KO 7.30pm SATURDAY 15th JUNE London Skolars 60 v 4 West Wales Raiders KO 3pm SUNDAY 16th JUNE Newcastle Thunder 28 v 18Whitehaven KO 3pm Oldham 36 v 12 Keighley Cougars KO 3pm Workington Town 38 v 12 Coventry Bears KO 3pm (at Borough Park)
  3. It seems the 3800 figure was taken from Wikipedia which has now been revised down to 2800. That seems much more likely given their usual crowds but it's still a rugby league record. I think the capacity of the ground is around 4000.
  4. The 3801 crowd has since been revised down to 2801 on Wikipedia. Given that their previous record crowd was around 2600 for Wigan I'd say the 2801 figure is much more likely, still a rugby league record though.
  5. This is why I'm not really a fan of the five team play off, I doubt majority of fans at any given game really know how it works.
  6. Nothing much really to add that hasn't been said. Not our best game but still won quite comfortably in the end. I wonder if the pitch has anything to do with the amount of knock ons but some of them were clearly just poor handling. On the ground itself, the complex as a whole is easy to get to but I have to agree the entrance to the rugby pitch doesn't stand out well. It's not really sign posted and there are no stands visible from the road. I did see quite a few people asking for directions. I actually enjoyed sitting on the banking behind the sticks in the first half but let's hope the ground actually gets built one day. The crowd was given as 1300 but I'd bet there were just as many Fev fans there as Sheffield.
  7. Leeds by ten. An off form (and injury hit) Wakefield will lose again and their promising season will return to lower mid table obscurity. Leeds will pick up a win and to most peoples disappointment will avoid a relegation battle. Having said that, come on Wakey!
  8. Planning a day out for this one. Taking the other half for a few drinks in Sheffield and making our way to the ground. Does anyone know if it's easy enough to purchase tickets at the gate and if there's a price increase? They're £15 to but online from the Sheffield website.
  9. Have you seen a Super League game recently? There’s more diving for penalties than any football match i’ve ever watched.
  10. I love Valley Parade and would personally be happy but I don’t think it portrays the right “image” that many people would want to go for. I really hope some day Valley Parade is renovated and parts rebuilt without it losing it’s character, it has so much potential to be an iconic stadium but unfortunately I don’t see that ever happening, it would probably be a logistical nightmare given it’s surroundings.
  11. My criteria would be: 1) 30- 40k capacity. A decent size without feeling empty. 2) Not too far from the heartlands. I know we need to try new venues/areas sometimes but I’m not sure a cup semi final is the right time. 3) A decent stadium/city that will be attractive to attend. With that in mind, Bramall Lane, Sheffield is the one that springs to mind for me.
  12. I agree with this. We seem to have this simplistic idea on this forum that if you tell people about something they’ll automatically go (and spend a lot of their hard earned money doing so.) The truth is I know about all sorts of ice hockey, motor sports events, womens netball etc. I just have no interest in going. The trick is to target the right people and give them a reason to go.
  13. Just out of interest, why did they stop? North America seems to have more success of people following teams they weren't previously attached to. There's probably a geographical advantage too. If Liverpool was in America then it would be a city of a couple of million with St Helens, Widnes and Warrington being districts, as it is, we are usually suspicious of anyone more than three or four miles away.
  14. I've never thought about it before but it is strange they don't really market the betting side of it. I'm not complaining because I know there's a bit of a crack down on encouraging people to bet recently but it seems like you can't go to a football match without being surrounded by people checking how their accumulators are going. I get messages every day about how much my mate has won betting on the Azerbaijani under 16 2nd division. There's a real gap in the market for Rugby League betting and I'm surprised the main sponsors haven't done more to tap into that.
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